Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

By Lois Lane

The next time you hail a cab, be ready to jump out of its way.

Driver #1148 of the Metroline Cab Company was fired yesterday for wreckless driving. He was talking on the phone during his shift, when he was hailed from the sidewalk.

"I didn't mean to run anyone over," the driver said, asking that his name not be revealed.

Philanthropist, Selina Kyle and Reporter, Lois Lane were in the path of the otherwise out-of-control vehicle, but were saved by a Mr. Kurt Wagner, who also does charitty work.


"We greatly apologize to both Ms. Lane and Ms. Kyle for the fright this careless driver gave you," a representative from Metroline said in a phone interview. "And we commend the quick actions of Mr. Wagner."

The proveyor of the Pho King Noodle Stand, Yung Seng Feng, 48, was also saved by Wagner's actions.

"When I see (this) young man (again), I (will) give (him) free noodle," Feng stated when his stand reopenned two days later.

Next time I think about taking a cab, I think I'll just walk.

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