Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

By Lois Lane
  Wayne Tech is making moves on Metropolis.

In an exclusive interview, CEO and billionaire Bruce Wayne sat down with Daily Planet's Lois Lane to talk about the upcoming Delaware venture frm the New Jersey based company.

"Metropolis seems like the natural place for our new line of smart technology," stated Mr. Wayne as the two sat down together to talk.

"(We'll be) working in conjunction with Delmont Enterprises and Calahan Technologies, respectively. Delmont will be handling distribution in Metropolis and New York, while Calahan is going to be tapped for manufacture," Mr. Wayne went on to say.

The CEOs of Delmont and Calahan confirmed that Wayne Tech has begun conversations with both of their companies about this move into the Smart


Tech market in Metropolis, and both companies look forward to a long term contract with the business giant.

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