Cutscene-icon Who: Phoenix
Where: Space
When: July 17, 2012
Tone: Classic
What: The Phoenix awakens.

They open their eyes. (I open my eyes.) They have been resting here, near the corona of the sun, soaking in the power of solar flares for some time. (Hours? Days? Weeks? Months?) They were badly damaged and needed to repair. (I was dead, or almost dead.) They are one now, where before they were two. (Something offered me a chance to live. I took it. It's inside me but it IS me. Who am I now? What?)

Something has awakened them from this healing sleep before they have completed their rest. (Something is out of whack nearby. Though what is near anymore? Distance seems like a changed concept, but I know something is wrong.)

A month ago, a remote probe launched from China, en route to Mars. Something in its circutry malfunctioned. It had a power surge and bolted past Mars orbit, into the asteroid belt beyond the red planet. There it impacted and detonated, causing a chain reaction. Several asteroids were thrown out of their orbits, and the kinetic force has sent a band of them heading towards Earth, striking other space debris along the way. Most are tiny and will burn up in entry, some will be the size of a pea or a cherry tomato when they strike, doing minimal damage. However, some are larger and will make significant impact. The trajectories of the more dangerous ones are centered on Westchester County, NY. One in particular, 2008 HQ3, is the largest among them, 10 meters, or over 32 feet in diameter. It is large enough not to lose much mass to reentry. It is aimed right at the Xavier Institute.

It is the passage of HQ3 that wakes them. (Us. Me.) They realize that the space beneath is important to them. (To me. To me. To who I was was, were. Now I am something else, something more. But I'm still /ME/.) They straighten out of the tight, fetal ball they were curled into, and extend the vestigial wings of their aura around them. They head for Earth, with a scream that echoes not in space, but in thought.


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