Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Community Service
By Ron Troupe
  LexCorp has done it again. For the last 48 hours LexCorp representatives have been in serious negotiations with the Metropolis Zoning Committee in regards to a "shopping plaza" that they have been trying to acquire for the last six months. Just last night, the request to purchase the properties located within this plaza was approved and LexCorp Construction has already sealed off the former shopping area located in the heart of the Suicide Slums.

A spokesperson for LexCorp had this to say about the project and the secrecy behind it: "Mr. Luthor has requested that the extent of this project be kept under wraps until construction has begun in earnest. LexCorp Construction will be working around the clock to take this old shopping plaza out of the picture and replace it with something a bit more useful to the community here. We at LexCorp understand how bad the Suicide Slums have gotten in recent years and we are excited about this new venture and the doors that it will open to the residents of Metropolis."

While secrecy seems to be the order of the day in regards to the project, the construction itself suffers the same fate, due to the way that the entire shopping plaza has been quarantined off. One can be assured that LexCorp has something amazing


up its sleeve and that when the time is right, all will be revealed. Experts are already estimating a decrease in crime and increase in property value, simply due to the arrival of LexCorp as an entity in this heinous Metropolis borough. Could it be that just the mere presence of Lex Luthor is enough to spark a new beginning in a place that has been forgotten by capitalism itself? Could this be a new start for the Suicide Slums community? In time, the answers to these and many more questions, will surely be answered.

Lex Luthor could not be reached for comment.

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