Friday, August 3rd, 2012

By Lois Lane

Yesterday, the Olympic photoshoot for Victoria Secret's new line was interrupted by a meta-human attack. A presumed rival model, Lauraleigh Baker, transformed in the middle of the gathered onlookers into a creature made of magma.

"I know -of- the woman who attacked. I've worked with her on a job here and there. But no, I never met her in any capacity beyond professional. I had no idea that she was a metahuman," Covergirl said in an interview after the attack.

A professional rivalry that went too far sparked this battle of the models. When asked for her immediate reaction to the attack, Covergirl stated, "My first thought? Well, I'm a bit weird, so my first thought was... okay, so she -is- hot."

Two other heros responded to the attack.


A young Robin look-a-like in white and blue, worked on crowd control, moving people away from the magma model. His actions can be attributed to the lack of severe injuries to innocent bystanders.

The other was none other than Gotham based vigilante, Robin, who was instrumental in finding a nearby water source to douse the flames of this super-model street fight.

Neither Robin, nor his understudy, the boy in white and blue, stayed around after the fight. When asked what she would like to have said to them, Covergirl replied, "Say to them? You mean aside from 'Thanks'? I'd love to know who they were, maybe invite'em to another shoot sometime. Everyone needs heroes, right?"

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