Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ants in the City!
By Lois Lane

In Metropolis today, a crazed madman known to the media only as 'Terminex' caused great havoc among commuters trying to get home this afternoon. In a bold attempt to make off with millions of dollars in gold bullion from the Metropolis Gold Depository, Terminex used genetically altered ants, among other tactics, to take the stolen gold to the streets and attempt an escape. Unfortunately for him, his small army emerged from beneath the sidewalk directly under the noses of known superheroes, the Phantom, and Laser. Having taken place right outside the offices of the Daily Planet, our award-winning reporter, Lois Lane,


was on the scene in an instant, braving the dangers to bring the facts of the story to our readers. She is currently recovering from wounds incurred in the pursuit of this story. There are also conflicting accounts of one or two other people helping the heroes dispatch the giant insects, but nothing more can be confirmed there yet. As a side note, the ants under Terminex's control were freed when his device was destroyed. The Phantom worked closely with police to show the creatures' docility, and made sure they could be taken to a secure portion of the Metropolis zoo for further study. An anonymous contact at MPD suggests it most likely that 'Terminex' will be transferred to Arkham Asylum in Gotham after his trial.

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