Monday, August 27th, 2012

Slum Like It Hot
By Ron Troupe

After almost an entire month of non-stop work, LexCorp has finally revealed to the public their project down in the heart of the Suicide Slums: the Lena Luthor Community Center.

While not open to the public just yet, the community center seems to boast state of the art equipment, as well as promoting Lex Luthor's special design and detail. The community center is said to offer year round services and events,


including Summer and After School programs as well as a host of others that will see the light of day.

This community center is a project that strives to build a future for those that may not believe they have one. Applications are being accepted for a host of positions.

The Lena Luthor Community Center is set to open, officially, to the public on September 1st.

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