Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Rise of the Mole! (Daily Planet)
By Ron Troupe
  Today, spurred to action by human encroachment on their subterranean lands, a mysterious underground mole-race attacked The Field of Tomorrow. Their terrible monsters came from below the field in the middle of the Metropolis Sharks football practice, terrorizing players and observers. One, later identified as Tricephalous, is a three-headed, flying, fire-breathing monstrosity. The other, Giganto, is an exceptionally-strong tunnelling beast over twenty feet tall.

Heroes in the area and members of the JLA rushed to handle the terrifying assault. The Daily Planet has been able to identify that some of the heroes are members of a newly-formed team, The Wardens: Lady Daze, Bullhead, and Stockpile.

A last minute offer of negotiations swayed Mole Man, the leader of the Moleoids, and the assault was suspended. Repairs to The Field of Tomorrow are already underway thanks to the Moleoids and Mole Man has accepted the role of Ambassador of Subterranea.


There were only minimal casualties and even the Subterranean beasts were tamed and returned to their underground lairs unharmed. This reporter is proud to be a citizen of Metropolis today.

The Wardens Plot

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