Outside Interference 1.5
Cutscene-icon Who: X-23
Where: Undisclosed HYDRA base
When: Sometime between 2012-11-20 Outside Interference 1 and 2012-11-27 Outside Interference 2
Tone: Gritty
What: Laura wakes in captivity and receives a visit from her captor, after being kidnapped from The Outsiders.

Laura was not really having a good couple of days. Waking up on the VTOL transport far in advance of her captors' expectations had resulted in two fatalities and getting re-drugged back down with enough tranquilizers to stop an angry rhino. Waking up for the second time in a featuresless cell SHOULD have sent her into a rage, but it had instead settled her into a sort of calm patience. She didn't know where she was, and while this was a very lab-like setting... it didn't feel quite right. There was soemthing else going on here, and she kept telling herself that she could be patient for an opening. She had once been told that an animal caught in a trap would chew off its own leg to escape, but a human would endure the trap until the hunter returned to remove a threat permanently.

Laura was, after all, trying to learn to be human.

She wasn't sure how long she was there before he visited her. The man was tall, imposing, possesssed in the kind of way that implied a very high measure of confidence and superiority. Yet he hid himself in a lined mask, which Laura found an odd detail.

"Well, I see you have chosen to behave yourself, my dear," he said. The voice was urbane, polite. Deceptive. Heavily accented, with overtones of the Rheine. She waited for him to get on with it.

It must have shown on her face. "Relax. We are not your Weapon masters-- oh yes. I am well aware for whom you and your friends work. It is no wonder you were able to take that silo for your own uses. I am quite a fan of your dossier especially... X-23, I believe? That business in Siberia... that was quite exquisite."

"Get to the point," Laura ground out. She caught a glint of metal at the man's breast, amde out the rest of the logo as he moved slightly. HYDRA. That explained a lot. Including this otherwise strange conversation.

"The point is you are an outsider," he replied smoothly. "An expendable resource, that is all your masters think of you. Highly effective, but they will not shed tears for your loss."

"I, on the other hand, have many wonderful plans for such an unexpected treasure."

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