YAL: Team Meeting
Rplog-icon Who: Ben Reilly, Billy Kaplan, Eddie Resilver, Jocelyn Stream, Kate Bishop, Kiden Nixon, Lor-Zod, Robbie Baldwin, Terrance Ward, and Xavin De'zeanspawn
Where: The Terminal (The Young Allies Base)
When: 2013.04.24
Tone: Social
What: A meeting is held, decisions are reached, and new members are introduced all around.


The Terminal.

To some this could be considered the 'Headquarters' to a group of super powered Teens. A group known as 'The Young Allies'.

To others, this place is a spot where they and their friends can hang out and relax.

But what ever it is, to who ever you are, for the moment it is one thing on top of that. It is a meeting place. Simply put, one of the Young Allies brought up some issues, and another thought it'd be best if the whole team talked them over. Thus a 'meeting' was called.

And as the time approaches, some people arrive, while others are already here.

Kiden who has recently claimed a spot for herself in the subway car that serves as a girls' dorm of sorts, has already been present, catching a nap in fact. The sound of people arriving for the meeting alerts her it's about time, as she takes a few moment to use her fingers to fix her hair and steps outside. "Yo," she calls out while waving at the people she hasn't yet had a chance to meet.

Oddly enough, Robbie Baldwin is one of those who's been here. He's gone through his school day, and pretty much came to the Terminal straight from there. He then beat feet to the rec room to deposit his backpack, then actually get his books to do some homework. For a little while. Then there was something on TV. Then, he was thirsty. Then, hungry, but there's not a snack he could find that was something he was really itching for. Then, there's a blond girl he doesn't know, that being Kiden. "Hey," he says. "You're new here, right?"

Following the directions and time Ben gave him, which he holds in a note in his hand, Lor-Zod arrives pretty much exactly on schedule. Once again wearing the civilian clothes Ben gave him, he steps down into the Terminal and looks around with obvious curiosity. In just a moment he realizes there's others already preset, waving to them as he steps over closer, "Hi."

As soon as his GED class ended and he finished a quick patrol and homework, Eddie Thorson...still getting used to the name...rushed right to the Terminal that used to be his home. In jeans and a Fantastic Four t-shirt, he's been hanging our with the others there and waiting for the meeting to start. He's got a notepad and his StarkPad with him to record things for anyone that couldn't make the meeting too.

Meetings. There were always meetings, no matter what organization you joined up with. Sometimes they were called 'classes' and sometimes they were called 'get togethers'. At least this one was actually called a meeting. Channel had debated long and hard about wearing her mask or not. For that matter, should she wear her x-suit, since she still didn't have a non-x costume? After thinking it over, Channel had decided to arrive in her x-suit, just to be certain. She was wearing her leather jacket, covering part of the suit, and had a black messenger bag slung over her shoulder. She spots the others already gathered. "Evening all. I'm not late, am I?" Channel asks.

"And if you think your mailman is a spy then destroy him. No blankets or pajamas they can choke you in your sleep. Two words about furniture, killing machines!" Scarlet Spider sings in a low voice as he makes his way toward the terminal. A white chord runs into the mask and appears toward the neck, clearly someone has the mp3-player in his hands going full tilt.

Walking into the base of operations he lifts the black mask upward to pull out his ear-buds carefully. Turning off the Lonely Island on the device he pockets it on an ankle bracelet that gets used sometimes. Today it's an MP3 and ear-buds carrying case.

"Marco?" he cries out. Flicking a switch the accent lines on the black costume come to life showing a scarlet spider-symbol on his chest. Seeing a few faces he gives a wave then suddenly yells, "FISH OUT OF WATER!" Maybe that would bring someone out, or at least get their attention. "What's shaking today? How are we this evening?" the questions are for everyone.

Also among the people who are here already is an archer. An archer in purple.

Yeah, Hawkeye is here, in costume. And is sitting by the computers. All thought between the people who are here, she doesn't react much. Instead she just silently waits.

Or she tries to anyways, because between Kidens sudden appearing, Lors entrance, Robbie being Robbie (which is a good thing!), Eddie and Channel coming in, and then Ben doing that...

The girl in purple tries not to facepalm.

"Hopefully we're good. And hopefully you're ready Spider."

Kiden nods at Robbie as she looks him over briefly, "pretty much, at least on a trial basis, but I hope I can stick around, I really love this place."

Kiden turns to look at Lor-Zod and Channel when they join, waving at them, "hi, don't worry, you're just in time...I think?" Then Scarlet Spider makes his own entrance, and Kiden jumps at the yelling, "hey! Tone it down..."

Lor-Zod is still a little behind on catching up with some parts of human culture. Evidence by the fact that, after Scarlet Spider's shout, he spends a moment quickly looking around for a fish. Then he looks back to the others and hangs back a little still.

"Welcome," Xavin solemnly states as she just--/appears/ near an entrance. She's squinting in Ben's direction initially, but soon enough, her attention is turning towards Kiden. Vague ripples and flickers of blue briefly distort the air around her, but by the time she follows that greeting by dipping her chin towards the time-bender, they're gone. She glances around to the other Allies gathered in the Terminal, and then stiffly raises her hand to about head-height to wave while flashing a tight-lipped smile.

"Hey, Spider," Eddie chimes cheerfully. Kiden and Lor's reactions get a blink from the booster but he lets it go. Xavin's appearance makes him jump but Eddie's quick to wave a greeting over. "I'm d-d-doing okay," he chimes, a delayed reply to his question.

A shake of her head is given as Scarlet does his entrance. Some people just had to be flashy. "Good, glad I'm not late," Channel responds. "Hey Spider. Axiom. Everyone," the woman says, deciding it was easier just to say hello to everybody at once. She then looks around and finds herself something to sit on. She certainly didn't have any business to bring up, so she was pretty much here to see what all the issue was. She'd heard some things, but figured she'd find out more at the meeting. So, here she was!

"Is this all of us sans-four fingers?" Scarlet asks looking over the room. Seeing Zod hanging back a little Scarlet speaks up, "One of our newest members back there is Lor-Zod. Or you can affectionately call him Albert like I do," he even points to the little Zod too. "He's kind of like everyone else here. Needs a home, hoping to fight the good fight, that sort of thing." Smiling underneath the mask he's happy to see the large numbers and all of the costumes.

"It's a fun spot," Robbie admits, not realizing folks might actually live here. "I'm Robbie. Good to meetcha," he adds. Secret Identity? Pfft. Not in this place. As the purple archer speaks up, he gives the X-suited (Not that he knows what that is) teen a salute, and turns to Hawkeye, then to Scarlet Spider. "So, what's the haps?"

Kiden looks curiously at Xavin's special effects, "that's pretty trippy," she remarks, grinning at Xavin, "you should totally come with me to a rave, you'll be a hit." When it seems like everyone's made it, Kiden calls out loud enough to be heard, "so like, I'm Kiden Nixon, and I'm here on a trial basis, so I hope I don't disappoint. Nice to meet you guys." Kiden of course stands out by the fact she's just dressed in civillian clothes, ruggedy ones at that. Having spoken her introduction, Kiden turns to look at Kate who is keeping silent, "so...Kate? Is it safe to assume you're the boss lady?"

There's almost a grin at Robbie, even as Hawkeye lets her gaze drift to Xavin, before nodding in her direction.

"And this is Kiden." is said by the archer as she jerks a thumb at the time manipulator. Or at least that's before she takes a deep breath and glances at Robbie.

"You mean besides introducing the new people? Kind of checking to see who'd show up if there was a call. And more importantly..."

There a nod towards Ben.

"Spider here has a couple of things he mentioned. Things that really should be mentioned to the team as a whole she we can decide on them as a group."

Then, there's a wince at Kiden. After all, she did make it a point not to mention her name, but considering one or two people know it already...

"No. but if you want to bring that up, then Spider can say that as his first bit. Or he can mention his 'fantastic' thing."

Lor-Zod waves with a smile as he's introduced, and says, again, "Hi." He does step forward to take a seat, now, though comments to Ben, "I think I need a new Earth name. Al is too close to El. My mother would freak if she heard anybody calling me that." Then he quiets, though, as Kate begins to speak.

Scarlet looks over the group, "I think we should introduce ourselves properly first before there's business. Some of us may know this person and that person, but not know a few others. We're going to be working and doing things together for a while." He shrugs a little hoping this will buy some time to fend off sudden nerves.

"I think Wiccan had to b-b-babysit his brothers. I sent texts to the others b-but I haven't heard back yet," Eddie speaks up when Hawkeye mentions who would come. When introductions begin and are suggested, Eddie nods. "Umm, hi. I'm Eddie but my c-codename's Axiom. I think I've worked with everyone here," he adds.

"A /rave/." Xavin lets the word roll off her tongue as if trying it out for the first time, and then as her taut smile softens, she gives Kiden a firm nod of acceptance and taps the side of her nose.

As far as the Skrull is concerned, raving is an /inevitability/.

With that out of the way, she wanders away from the entrance to explore the rest of the meeting area while keeping an ear open for Kate and Ben. It's not her /first/ time here, precisely, but--she isn't a frequent visitor, and there always seems to be something new to see.

"My name is Xavin," she calls out before squatting down to jab one PC's CD eject button, then startling slightly when the tray pops out.

"Channel," the woman in the x-suit says. She reaches up to pull her mask off, revealing her face and her long red hair. "Though Jocelyn will work when we're not out in the field". She glances over at Kiden. "Good to see you again, Kiden," she adds to the girl, remembering her from their previous encounter out on the street, back when Kiden tried to steal from her. "I think I've seen most people here in the field once or twice at least, but I'm one of the newcomers, obviously".

"Great to see everyone," the blond boy adds with a wide grin. He appears to be pleased to meet bunches of new people, especially since some of them are of the XX-chromosonal persuasion. He backs up a step, arms wide. "I'm Robbie, known as the Spectacular, Stupendous, Speedball!" He asides. "Autographs are free, line forms to the left, and please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times."

Ben Reilly says, "Scarlet Spider. I'm like that Spider-Guy but without the baggage," Scarlet smiles sweetly under his mask. "I've met most of you but to those I haven't, it's an honor and privilege," there's even a subtle bow after his words. Hearing Robbie's words Scarlet asks, "Where's the line for high-fives?""

"Scarlet Spider. I'm like that Spider-Guy but without the baggage," Scarlet smiles sweetly under his mask. "I've met most of you but to those I haven't, it's an honor and privilege," there's even a subtle bow after his words. Hearing Robbie's words Scarlet asks, "Where's the line for high-fives?" **

"Ah, yes!" Xavin blurts as she pivots towards Channel; she's wearing a bulky headset over her ears, now. Nevermind that the computer it's attached to isn't turned on. "We--/fixed/--a world, no?" Her tone is wistful and a little distant, as if remembering a sad, beautiful movie, and not the end of a dead world.

"Hawkeye." is said as the female archer gets up, to move out of Xavins way. After all, if they want the computer, then Kate is not going to block it.

Then though, there's another near facepalm at Robbie and Xavin.

"I'm one of our resident archers."

Noting the expression on Hawkeye's face when she speaks to her, Kiden realizes something she said was wrong, but not what. At least she has enough sense not to press this with question before everyone. Instead she just turns to look at Lor-Zod, "sheesh, you let your mother decide stuff for you? What are you, 8 years old?" It's not so much a direct insult as a push for him to man up and decide what's what for himself. Kiden giggles at Scarlet Spider's suggestion of introductions, even though she introduced herself first, and quips, "so, first day in high school, huh?"

"Ha! Didn't expect to run into you here, Jocelyn! Awesome, you're a cool girl, thanks for the meal!" She waits a bit to hear more introductions, grinning at Robbie's boisterous one. "Why would you introduce yourself as stupid?" Kiden asks outright, was the fact she dropped out of school ever brought up? Stay in school, kids, education's good for you in situations where you need to know fancy words. Kiden then sets her blue gaze on Scarlet Spider, " got stuff to share? I hope it's a bunch of creeps that needs a fist of justice in their face."

"No faces to smash today. Not yet anyways," Scarlet pauses looking toward the room. Breathe in, Breathe Out, he's thinking inwardly. "We're a team and a damned good one no matter what the media or the other teams may or may not say. However, we don't officially have a leader. We should end that today. My first proposal is a vote, probably anonymous using pieces of paper and a pen. Unless everyone's cool with just going around the room, once we have a leader we can be more coordinated on the field. We'll need that given our expansion," he eyes the room trying to get a general feel of what everyone is thinking as the notion is brought up.

Lor-Zod, when it comes around to him again, waves once more and says, "As Ben said, I'm Lor-Zod. I'm Kryptonian... but I've never seen Krypton. I just got to Earth a few weeks ago, and I'm still getting used to it here. Ben's been helping me try to fit in as a human." He looks to Kiden then and grins, "You haven't met my mother. Even my father tries not to get her angry, and he was one of the most powerful Generals in Kryptonian history."

Jocelyn nods to Xavin. "We did, yes," she responds to the woman. "One of those future worlds during that entire series of events". She'd been to a couple of them, and had run into some possibly stranger things since. She was a great magnet for weird things. Kiden gets an easy grin from the girl. "No problem. Glad to see you here". She wasn't going to out the girl's past. That wasn't fair to her.

A look is given to Scarlet Spider as he makes his proposal for a leader. "Not a bad idea; I assumed there was one. Would we consider an organizational leader and a field leader? Or just one overarching leader?" the woman suggests.

Since Hawkeye has heard what Ben has to say on the issue of leadership, she just remains silent for now. After all, this is something that /the team/ needs to decide. If there's something she feels she can add to this, she will.

Eddie just ends up frowning at Kiden. "Hey...t-tone it down, please. We're all on the same side here," he says. Sticking close to Robbie, Eddie quickly takes out his notepad and pen to scribble down some notes. Ben mentioning the need for a leader gets Eddie pausing and looking a little worried. He doesn't want there to be any internal conflict among the team so the prospect of anyone fighting over leadership positions has him slightly concerned. "There are enough of us that w-w-we should have one or two people organizing things," he speaks up softly.

"Awww," Kiden seems disappointed that the Scarlet Spider isn't suggesting to bash any creeps' face tonight, but at the question of leadership, she immediately points at Hawkeye, "I thought she was boss lady around here, am I wrong? Because if you guys, I mean, we guys, don't have a leader, she'd be awesome. Even though she can chill a bit now and then." Kiden winks at Hawkeye, and then turns to look at Lor-Zod, looking all kinds of confused, "Krypta-wha? Does that mean you're a vampire? Or undead or something like that? You do come from a land of crypts, right?"

At Eddie's comment Kiden turns to look at him as if he was talking gibberish, "huh? Did I say something offensive? Is this about Robbie? Because he totally introduced himself as the stupidest Speedball. He said it on his own!"

"One is too few," Xavin agrees, eyeing Ben with a quirked brow. "It would leave us vulnerable--all that it would take is an opponent with the presence of mind to dec--" Beat.

"/Subdue/," the dark-skinned alien quietly amends, "our one leader, and we would be rudderless."

There's a wince at the whole 'I thought she was our leader' thing. Because much like Eddie, that is one issue Hawkeye has been trying to avoid bringing up, because it could lead to too much conflict if handled wrong.

And yet as Xavin says his thing on top of what Kiden says, "But there's still the risk of 'too many cooks in the kitchen'. Multiple leaders means the chance for a power struggle, or drama if things go wrong. And I'm not just talking if it's out in the field while taking on a criminal either."

"She's right, I kinda did," Robbie says, then finds himself thinking about it. /Did/ he say stupidest? It would be just like him... His eyes widen a touch at Lor-Zod's explination. "Kryptonian? Like...him?" Maybe he's heard an urban legend that if you say Superman five times while looking in a mirror, he suddenly appears. The subject of leadership seems to take him by surprise. "Not it. So not it," he says, before rubbing at his chin. "Axiom knows a ton of people, so, like, maybe he can handle publicity stuff or talking to other groups? Most of the folks I know I know through him. Hawkeye...I know we talked about the leader-ish thing a while back, but I do think you're the one who has their head most consistently in the game, especially in the field."

Lor-Zod blinks at Kiden and shakes his head, "Krypton. Superman's home planet." Then, though, he nods in agreement with Xavin, "It's best to have a second in command too, a backup or somene who can lead if there's need to split into two teams for some mission. Not a second leader, just second in command."

Nabbing an office sticky pad and a pen. "I wouldn't be opposed to multiple. I say overall leader, then a backup. Clarify who's doing what. If you don't want multiple leaders put 'Obstain' for your second entry," he writes down two names on his own piece then hands off the items. Grabbing a simple walmart bag his nominations fall inside. Handing the bag to the person who takes the goodies next Scarlet waits around. Hopefully no one would look at Zod too strangely given that tidbit of information.

Once the notepad and bag reach her, Jocelyn scribbles down a couple names and then passes the bag around. This was a pretty simple and informal process, all things considered. Now was just the matter of actually doing it.

Speaking of magnets for weirdness, there is at least one of the founding memebers of the gorup that had made it known he would be at the meeting that is not there. Billy Kaplan to those that already know his civilian ID, and Wiccan to those that do not yet, had not show at the teams Headqurters when it was time to kick things off.

There is a slight flicker in the lights a small crack of electricity in the air and a muffled crack of some kind from the tunnel leading into the Central Park terminal. A few secodns afterwards the costumed figure of Wiccan comes currying into the main area, only wiht pink and blue hair and leaving behind him a trail of sparkling moats of some kind that fade quickly after comming off of his head like the tail of a comet. For anyone that knows him the new look is proof he has at least a fairly entertaining reason for being late, and the annoyed look on his face says he is probably not in the mood to talk about it at the moment.

"Sorry, sorry about being late I had...a run in with things and it took a bit longer than expected." He starts off hurredly while his brain processes most of what he has heard while comming through the door. "Who is putting up names for leader or second in command? I missed that bit."

And as Hawkeye accepts the pad and the bag, and starts to write down her choices, she... Grins at Billy as he arrives?

"I'd suggest everyone is a valid option. Including the newcomers. After all, who knows if some dark horse that no one was expecting, but would do a good job, will win. Someone who probably wouldn't have a chance if people were nominated or volunteered."

"Oh come on, Xavin, one of my supreme talents is not to do as I'm told, I never needed a 'leader' to do the right thing." Kiden boasts, before looking awkwardly at Hawkeye, "not that I'm saying I'll defy whoever is our leader after this is all said and done. I just don't think anyone can take us down by taking just one of us down." When Robbie affirms what Kiden says to Eddie, she flashes a feigned angelic smile at him, "told you so!" Looking at Lor-Zod, Kiden blinks, "Superman?'re Superman's buddy? Does that mean he's going to help us? Talk about heavy air support! Awesome!"

Kiden might have said something else, but then Wiccan makes his arrival and her eyes brighten at the sight, "oh my god! Wicked!" She rushes over towards Wiccan, a complete stranger, and despite the fact reaches to touch his hair, "that is amazing! Who does your hair?"

And yes, Kate is not reacting to the kryptonian bit. At all. It's apparently not a surprise to her.

Lor-Zod shrugs a little, and says, "I know him, but not really. He's letting me stay at the Hall of Justice for now, but I hardly see him." He looks back to the others, and when his turn comes around he very quickly writes down a couple of names, putting in his vote and passing it on.

"I'm just saying," Xavin--well--says as she looks frok Kate to the incoming bag and paper, "that an army needs lieutenants as much as it needs generals, and with so many new faces..."

The Skrull takes a moment to scribble down a couple of names, and then she concludes, "... we are /rapidly/ approaching 'army' status." With that, she tugs the headphones free, tosses them atop the PC tower they came from, then walks the bag over to Wiccan, who he squints at for a good three, four seconds before just shaking his head and looking away to offer, "Maybe not, but I'd wager you could use one to see to it that you don't die while /doing/ the right thing," to Kiden.

Still scribbling down notes, Eddie just frowns deeper at Kiden's reply and how Robbie reacts. He starts to say something to explain the Kryptonian situation but others handle it so he falls silent. "Then we j-just make sure no one does it," he says to Xavin as if it were the simpliest thing in the world. He's incredibly protective of his frieneds and willing to give his all to protect them...even if he doesn't think his all is all that impressive. "Superman said he wouldn't interfere with us and that we were d-d-doing good," he chimes in when he overhears the Man of Steel mentioned. Yes, he remembers that meeting well. Wiccan's arrival just gets Eddie staring and giving Billy a 'what happened?' look. He's still not sure who he'll be voting for when the bag comes his way, glancing around the room at each of his teammates.

"Hall of Justice? Is that place really awesome? If it is, can you take me there Lor?" Kiden asks Lor-Zod with a bit of excitment, liking how it turns out this group of young heroes have so many connections. Snorting at Xavin's words, Kiden snaps, "trust me, I won't die, they can't touch me." Hearing Eddie mention a meeting with Superman, Kiden immediately turns to Lor-Zod again, "so when do I get to meet Superman?"

Billy Kaplan eeps as he is suddenly rushed by Kiden, he knew there would be new people he had not met but getting rushed by one just to play with his hair is still a heck of a surprise for him. At the question about his hair he does his best not to growl or make any annoyed noises but does end up sighing. "Just...bit of advice, no matter how nice they act don't trust pixies. And if anyone has been looking into a series of minor thefts around the north end of the park that mostly include costume or just particularly shiny jewelry I am pretty sure that is taken care of now." Once the bag reaches him he takes a second and scribbles a couple of names, stops, scribbles some more, marks out a name, then adds another or possibly the name marked out back.

"Ease off Zod, gang. And," the Spider looks to the thirteen year old, "We should come up with a code name for you too." The name "Zod," doesn't sit well with Scarlet. There's an incident concerning a Kryptonain invasion and Scarlet got a small taste of someone named "Zod." Things did not go well for the heroes that day.

"But their dust--it's so /sweet/!" Xavin exclaims without an ounce of sarcasm, whipping her head towards Wiccan with a look of shock.

Having ended up with the bag, Jocelyn reads out the vote. Out of nine total votes, eight of them are for Hawkeye as leader, with the other vote going to Scarlet Spider. For second in command, five votes are cast, though Jocelyn doesn't read them off right away.

"Congratulations Hawkeye. You're the boss," the woman comments easily to her. "More than half of us voted for the second in command. Five out of nine," Jocelyn adds. "Those who didn't vote for a second command. Do you want a chance to vote for one?" she asks. She offers the bag around again, in case people want a chance to vote in a second in command.

"Superman? Met him a couple times, when I was first starting to learn how to use my powers," Jocelyn chimes in. The Man of Steel had not been terribly impressed, but she doesn't include that bit.

"Wait," Eddie glances at Robbie, eyes wide. "Me? Publicity?" he squeaks. He stares at Robbie a moment and tries to process that concept. Kiden pressuring Lor gets a sigh. "I m-met Superman before I met Lor-Zod," there's a slight pause from Eddie since that doesn't feel right but he shakes it off. "Pixies?" Eddie offers his friend a sympathetic look. "Is this g-g-going to be like that time your hair ended up like Speed's?" he asks. Of course Ben mentioning a new codename for Lor-Zod gets Eddie looking at the young Kryptonian curiously. "Superboy is t-taken..." he trails off thoughtfully. "And Superkid sounds k-k-kind of silly," he adds. Yes, he's in thoughtful fanboy mode. The news of Hawkeye bring chosen as a leader gets a careful smile from Eddie and he glances around to check reactions.

"Pixies!?" Kiden's full attention is given to Billy again, "like fairies? Can you take me to see them!? Please?" Kiden squeezes Billy's hand as she makes her plea. Kiden's head swivels at Xavin when she speaks of fairy dust, "seriously? Can you get high off fairy dust?"

But then results are announced and Kiden claps her hands for Hawkeye, "I thought you were boss lady," and then she turns towards Channel and grins, "you know my vote for second in command!"


And as that announcement is made, Hawkeye blinks.

Yeah. It's a good thing that she's wearing her sunglasses, since that helps hide her reaction, especially as he expression goes somewhat neutral.

And yet...

Before she speaks up, she casts a sidelong glance at Billy. yeah. There's something she wants to say in regards to Pixies. but doesn't. Instead there's a neutral sounding.

"I'll try not to let anyone down. Thanks for believing in me."

Taking the paper back Scarlet writes down a name then hands puts it in the bag. He smiles underneath the mask. Nodding to Hawkeye in congratulations for a moment before just seeing how the second vote goes. They talked a bit ago and Scarlet always said Hawkeye is the boss in his mind.

Reading off the names, Channel announces a single vote for Channel, a single vote for Wiccan, and then 3 votes each for Axiom, Xavin, and Scarlet Spider.

"Okay. Axiom, Scarlet Spider, and Xavin only this time," Channel announces, sending the bag around again.

Lor-Zod blinks as Kiden pressures him on meeting Superman and going to the Hall of Justice, "I.. um..." Thankfully, Scarlet Spider stands up for him and he relaxes a little. To Hawkeye he says, "I wasn't part of the team then, but you did great in that battle in Times Square. I was kind of busy fighting but I heard most of what was happening on your side of the fight too." He quiets again as the count for the second-in-command is read, and the revoting commences.

Smirking under his make Scarlet puts in his vote. Looking about the room he's trying to get a feel with everyone's thinkin. Deep down he likes Kiden. She's all spunky and in your face, she'd get along great here.

"You got it, Hawkeye, it's only natural you win the vote," Kiden nods as if to further affirm her words. Then given the three choices for second in command, Kiden just crosses her arms, "I don't know any of them, not really, so I can't make this vote."

Eddie almost falls out of his seat when he hears he got any votes at all for any position. Turning red, he glances around and gives Robbie and Billy little 'was it you?' looks. Shaking it of, Eddie casts his vote again. Once that's done, he adds more notes to the ones he's taking for the Allies that couldn't make the meeting.

There's a nod at Lor as well as a "Thanks." as Hawkeye jots down her vote.

All though as she thinks about the people who tied, there is a slight frown, if only for the briefest of instants.

A tie like that? yeah. While the others talk about Superman and The Hall of Justice, their new 'Leader' is already wondering how this could impact the team.

Thinking about it Scarlet puts in a second piece of paper into the basket.

Crossing his arms, Robbie gives Kate a surreptitious thumbs-up sign as she's announced as the team leader. His eyebrows raise at the mention of a three way-tie, and as Eddie looks at him, he just shrugs his shoulders with a neutral expression. Then the papers are passed to him, he writes something and drops it in.

"I wouldn't know," Xavin thoughtfully replies. "/I've/ never felt the urge to fly after eating--"

When the tie is announced, she cuts herself off to squint in Channel's direction briefly, then leans against the nearest surface and sticks a hand out to receive the bag when it's her turn. Thanks to the announcement, her shoulders are squared a little, and her chest puffed proudly.

"Congratulations," she asides to Hawkeye once she's written her vote and passed the stuff along.

Billy Kaplan sighs and eyes Xavin. "The candy is ok, the creatures are...they did this to me even before I figured out what was really going on." He says pointing to his hair, and the sparkly motes comming off it. He eeps again at Kiden's reactions and frowns a little. "Yes, no, and I really hope not. There are probably others still loose int he city but the group I ran into I back where they belong." As the vote for second in command comes up Billy hmms and, frowns agian. "Wait, why would someone vote for me? I can't organize my way out of a paperbag half the time." Dangit, it was the three people he could not choose between that would make great seconds that all got equal votes and now he has to choose.

"Should said Not It," Robbie murmurs in Billy's direction.

Getting the results, Channel tallies them all up. "Scarlet Spider has received three votes. Xavin has received one vote. And Axiom has received three votes. Two members abstained from voting," Jocelyn responds. "Also, a suggestion has been made, and I think is appropriate, that in the case of a second tie, Hawkeye should make the decision," Jocelyn offers, looking over at the woman. Of course, she could choose to have both of them as lieutenants, or she could pick one. Hawkeye was the leader. Or she could make them all revote once more, taking Xavin out of the equation.

"I still totally want to meet the pixies," Kiden remarks even as Billy doesn't seem too thrilled about the idea, "and your hair is wicked awesome like this." Giggling at Robbie's pro tip to Billy, Kiden quips at Robbie, "I'm so good I didn't even need to say Not It, people naturally fear me."

Looking toward the leader of the room then back to everyone. "Thanks for everyone that voted for me. Just getting that out there," Scarlet says honestly meaning it. He thought there would be a few votes but not enough to create two-ties.

Billy Kaplan gives Robbie a small look. "Not helping." He mutters before smiling at his friend. At the mention of another tie he can't help but laugh a little. "Well, whoever wins is going to be someone good for the job. And for those of you I know are dying to say it thank you for not making comments on me fighting fairies." Billy says the last good naturedly as he pulls his feet up under him and ends up sitting lotus position floating in air with his head still about the same height as it was with him standing.

...And right off the bat, it's time to juggle explosives for Kate. So to speak.


"I'm tempted to try and buy time asking for campaign speeches, but I doubt that will actually help in this case." Hawkeye jokes. That is before she glances at Kiden.

"Oh really? I think you could make a good XO. But since you're not an option..."

There's a deep breath.

"This is the type of politics and drama I was trying to avoid." she finally admits. "Because everyone here, not just Xavin, Axiom, and The Spider can do the job, and do it right in my eyes. And no matter who I choose, or what I choose there can be issues. If I choose someone that a certain someone doesn't like? I keep them both and then something happens to me, then who's in charge? This is a thorny issue. So while I could ask the two of you to jello wrestle for it, since that would be a fair way to decide, I won't."

"Instead, I'd like to follow up on something from earlier, and alter it slightly. Axiom, I'd like you to be our public face so to speak, when we need one. Our spokesman if you will. /BUT/... Spider, I think you may be better as the XO."

"BUT that is only if both of you agree. If not, then it's a vote. Or jello wrestling."

"I have /officer's/ training," Xavin exhales as her eyes go ceiling-wards. She folds her arms, too, but she doesn't press it any further--or even sound too badly put out. Given a couple minutes of sulking, she'll probably be over it.

Kiden turns to look stunned when Hawkeye suggests she can be a good XO, she's not used to having any kind of trust shown towards her when responsibility is on the line, and so she winds up staring at Hawkeye in utter confusion. "You're just saying that, right?" To say Kiden is shocked would be an understatement.

Kiden does snap out of her shock the moment Kate suggests jello wrestling to determine who wins the XO position, "oh, hell yeah! Totally go for the jello wrestling, I wanna see that!" Kiden cheers, "that's why you're an awesome leader, Hawkeye."

"I kind of want to see the jello wrestling myself, just so I don't have to count votes again," Jocelyn responds with a smirk. She certainly wasn't insulted she didn't get any votes. People here didn't know her well enough, and she wasn't sure she could manage leading the team anyway, even as a second. Instead, she waits to see what Eddie and Ben have to say about Hawkeye's offer.

Without saying a word Scarlet reaches into his ankle bracelet. Pulling out his MP3 Player and then sifting through a box Scarlet pulls out a chord with two plugs. One goes into a computer's audio component the other into the MP3 Player. Without a word Scarlet flicks a switch to his costume turning off the lights. First goes away the chest portion of it. Carefully he sets it down on a flat surface. Next come the pants, and away they go. Luckily he's wearing some gray boxer-briefs. However most people wouldn't think the overpowered nerd would work out much, but Scarlet is different. Having house mates and teammates in the forms of Ben Grimm and She-Hulk, Reed Richards has more than enough toys to push Scarlet Spider. The body of a runner with trim muscles adorn him, carefully the pants, once off, are set with the suit. If there is going to be jello-wrestling it would be very bad to get the HIGH-TECH suit gunked up with Jello. Still Scarlet is being silent even when he removes the mask. Underneath is a second mask that just covers the lower half of his face. The mask is set into the same pile with his uniform. Off go the webshooters and ankle bracelet.

Dark brown eyes look ready, despite his previous jovial demeanor. Reaching over to the MP3 player Scarlet hits the first song for his workout routine. Loud guitars blare after a small speech. Drums pound and the familiar sounds of Living Color's "Cult of Personality" plays. If anyone's going to wrestle they have to have an intro music in Scarlet's mind. It doesn't matter that he agrees to the terms, everyone seems to want to watch them jello wrestle. Also, if people could examine Scarlet's suit they could get a better idea of what is to be talked about next. So there is indeed a method to the madness. However, he will stop if people start screaming to stop once the top is removed. Really it's on everyone else.

Billy Kaplan laughs agian at the mention of Jello wrestling. "Your just sugesting the jello wrestling now that I am here because you know I can make that happen right?" Then, Scarlet Spider starts to strip. Billy starts to blue and closes his eyes a second to try and recenter himself before he does fall out of the air. "Someone, get a camera quick. Hulkling is not here and I don't think he would forgive me if I get to see this and don't at least get him some pictures of it."

She brings her fingers to her lips and trills a sharp, high-pitched whistle.

By the time the music starts, her attention is turning towards Eddie, who she just regards with folded arms and an expectantly quirked brow.

Eddie's still blushing as he writes notes down. "Thanks for v-v-voting for me too," he murmurs, smiling even if he is embarrassed. He glances up as Kate begins her juggling act. "Scarlet Spider w-would ki-" he stops when he notices Ben stripping. Eddies eyes go wide and his face turns about as red as Wiccan's cape. His jaw drops and he looks much like a deer in the headlights. "I...umm...I..." he rambles a little, wondering what's going on and if he should hide before someone tries to get him to strip too.

Looking at Ben as he undresses, Kiden opens her eyes wide, and then moves a bit closer to stare at him unashamedly, clearly appreciating the view. "I'm cool with voting for Scarlet Spider after this show," Kiden says loud enough for any who care to hear.

There's a snort of a laugh from Robbie at the possibility of Jell-O wrestling. Eddie gets a smile. "Don't sell yourself short, man. You seem to have contacts everywhere in the hero community, you know most of them by sight, and that was before you got adopted." Looking between the bows, Robbie cocks his head at the Spider. "Easy, CM, I think it's a good compromise."


And Kate just snaps her head around and glares at Billy.

"Actually I was /joking/." is said before she closes her eyes, reaches up, and massages her temples.

"Spider... Clothes back on. Please." is said before she slips her 'sunglasses' back on.

"Guys, let's get serious!" is all but shouted, and probably has to be said that loud due to the reactions like whistling.

"In fairness," Xavin notes as she glances Kate-wards, "Trial by combat is a perfectly fair way to decide on a leader; how /else/ are we going to make sure we have the most suitable one?" She is, at most, maybe halfway joking.

Laughing, Jocelyn just shakes her head a little. "Yeah, yeah. Just kidding around. Seems like a good decision to me, to split things up like that," the woman says to the group at large. She glances around to see if there are any other issues that need to be raised, aside from leader, though she was pretty sure there was at least one, from what she recalled.

Sorry team, Eddie's stuck in 'blush and stare' mode. Give him a few moments to reboot his brain. He'll be back from brain-broken land soon enough.

Billy Kaplan lowers his legs and gives up trying to flaot. Usre its easy and relaxing for him but with people stripping and stuff going on he is nto sure he will stay in air for long. Especially not if he keeps laughing like he is now. The laughter at least is doing a little good for him, because the more he is laughing at the whole situation the more the strange pink and blue streaks in his hair and the little motes of light comming off of it seem to fade. "Aww, not even one picture?" He asks his voice just slightly teasing in tone. "Ok, but this does prove why you got the lions share of the votes at least."

Lor-Zod just looks totally confused as Ben starts to strip, but he says nothing, just looking around at the various reactions. He'd probably get the joke if he had any clue what jello-wrestling was about, but instead he just seems lost. Ben's uniform gets his curiosity, though, for a few moments. (Yes, he's far more interested in the tech than any stripping.) He sits back again, though, and nods quickly to Kate and says, "I think your idea is good."

Nodding to the boss, "And this is why I shouldn't be the PR guy," the tones are happy and a wink is tossed out. Slipping on the pants and boots Scarlet leaves the rest off. "Okay so there's a method to my madness. Our second piece of business revolves around my suit. Pass it around, look at it, put it on if you're brave enough." Handing the suit off to the first pair of hands everyone can give it a gander if they want to.

"I accept the position and appreciate all the cat-calls. Thank you, thank you," he holds his hands up just to get people to quiet down. The suit weighs a little bit, easy to guess it can probably stop some bullets. "This is hardware straight from Reed Richards, my boss from the other team I'm on. He's agreed to provide costumes to anyone that may need them. All designed to personal specs. No strings attached. This is optional but is available resource to us."

A moment goes by as Scarlet waits for the words to sink in. "The mask will read into a system that will pick up any others in the system on a personal radar. The suit held its own against a flying Kryptonian that slammed into me. So it can be resilient if you need it to be. Not enough to stop a tank, but enough to act like Kevlar. Nano-tech goes into it, some other goodies. Channel and I have spoken about it. So have me and Kate, but every Young Ally has a shot at this if they want it."

"Reed Richards? For real?" Robbie does look and play with the mask a little, and is aware enough to listen to all the little tech goodies it comes with. "I wish," he says, but shakes his head and passes it on to the next person. He slams his fist into his opposite palm, activating his powers again. "Costume sort of comes part and parcel with the bubbles," he admits.

"Well, like I said when we talked, I'm interested. I'd rather not be sporting the X's when I'm running with you all. Might cause confusion," Jocelyn responds. She didn't need that headache, and she really shouldn't be doing PR for the X-Men in that manner. "Though I'm not sure what all is possible for additions for personal specs," Jocelyn adds with an easy shrug. Though she and Ben had talked a little bit about costumes, so she doesn't repeat some of her previous questions.

Billy Kaplan blinks as the spider suit starts to get passed around. "Wait, your offering us tech from Mister Fantastic" The stripping spider may have broken Eddie, but the idea of wearing something made by Reed Richards no strings attached is what has an effect like that on Billy. The specs on the costume take a second to sink as his brain reboots and then he sighs a little and shakes his head. "And this comes after I finally get the magic figured out so that my costume is already that tough. Although, something like that would be awsome to have reenforced with magic..especially in case I wind up someplace where the protective spells on my gear might be sucked dry or turned off..." Billy starts to think hmming a little wondering about if he really should take up the offer or not.

There's another deep breath from hawkeye, before she offers Xavin a slight grin.

"Maybe. But I'd rather not risk either of them hurting each other. Or worse someone pulling out a camera phone so the footage can end up on The Internet of their fight."

And then as Ben brings up his next subject, there is a frown, but she doesn't speak up about it. not just yet. Not as she instead glances at Eddie and waits to hear what he has to say regarding what she suggested, if not about what Ben's offering as well.

As soon as Xavin gets her hands on the suit...

  • FWOOSH!*

... she generates a small, controlled jet of flame from her index finger to test it. "Impressive," she muses, squinting into the fire splashing off of the material. She shuts the stream off after a couple of seconds, hands the garment off to the next set of curious hands, then wanders away from her leaning post to prod at the television. It, at least, she's generally pretty familiar with--it's just the /size/ of the thing that's a little overwhelming, what with it not being embedded in a starship's monitor room, or something.

"My uniform is a part of /me/," she idly remarks after powering the TV on and setting about surfing futilely through one of its menus, "but maybe this--" She squints towards Billy for a moment. "... Fantastic human and I could arrange something."

Fanboy mode is enough to snap Eddie out of brain broken state. Sure he knew about Ben's job and team but the offer of tech is new. He looks the suit over carefully when he gets it, examining it in awer. "Wow...a suit from Mr. Fantastic...j-j-just like the Human Torch's..." he trails off quietly. "I w-w-wonder how my powers would effect one," he says, working up the nerve and actually trying on the shirt after a moment. "Wow," he repeats. After a moment he takes it off and hands it off. Xavin gets Eddie blushing again since he already knew that part thanks to his mimcry. "What k-kind of nanotech?" he asks.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

You have joined event "The Second Act.."

Lor-Zod considers as he looks at the uniform, and says, "If you'd rather I wear a team uniform when working with the team, I will. But, my Kryptonian uniform should be good enough protection. But I could use boots, and a mask like this would be cool."

Seeing flames come to life and lick the suit makes Scarlet jump up a little. He knows it can handle a lot, but it's still a shock to see someone set it on fire. Looking to Eddie, "Advanced stuff. The same stuff the FF uniforms are made out of," he's trying to keep his composure the fire sets him on edge. "Think on it. If you take the offer we would need to know what we're working with. Whether it's some footage or a description will be up to the Doctor," everything on that subject is laid on the table.

Time slips by and Scarlet brings out thing two, "We could use an upgrade around here. I know we've had the resources available before. I'm ready to toss out some upgrades to the security here. Again using the resources coming from the FF. Even if the resources are rejected, being the tech guy I would love to upgrade the Terminal. Is everyone cool or not cool with this?"

Billy Kaplan gets squinted at and eeeps blushing a little and not entirely sure why. "I did not give him the name Mister Fantastic." He says almost defensively despite the fact that it is just about the one that always ends up calling him in his mind. After Eddie's question a few of his own suddenly pop up. "Do you know if the nanotech in it can withstand or even insulate against lighting strikes, or how it would deal with..." He grasps for a word because he knows the scientific minded like Ben and especially Reed Richards tend not to like the 'M' word. "...strange chaotic energies? My powers ten dot do really...weird things to my cell phone and I don't want to risk the same kind of thing happening to anyone's suits."

"I think Wiccan and Axiom need a moment," Robbie mutters, before busting out laughing. The younger Lor-Zod is given a grin. "We're not so formal, m-man," he says. "There's no team uniform. But maybe we can work up a logo as an emblem to wear."

"Most tech, I've noticed, either fries around mystical energies or it does nothing to help or hinder them," Jocelyn comments. Since she's seen magic slung around and actually seen it interact on an energy level with various technology, she had some idea of what she was talking about. Usually.

"As to the security, if people think it needs upgrading, that's fine with me". She wasn't bound by some of the past memories that some people seemed to have regarding it.

"I don't think we need team uniforms. But if people want them, I'll listen. And if people want to have one of these uniforms..." is said as Hawkeye motions towards the Mr. Fantastic creation. "That's their choice. On the other hand, at least slightly enhanced security would be a good thing. If some of you stop and think about it, you'll understand why."

"Can w-w-we maybe talk to Mr. Fantastic?" Eddie asks, both out of wanting to talk to him about costumes and just to fanboy over him. Sure he met Reed once before but it was just after he helped save Sue. "Security s-s-sounds like a good idea. I d-don't think my old can and string alarms will cut it anymore."

Lor-Zod looks up to Ben and says, "I can help. The only physical structure where I grew up was a prison, I know a lot about security technology. Kryptonian technology, dunno if it'll be compatible, but it might help anyway."

Billy Kaplan nods at Jocelyn and then blinks and slaps his forehead. "Oh, that remonds me. Speaking of security, I am going to need a moment with everyone new before you all leave so I can make a few adjustments to the wards I have in place. Most of what I have is all based on intent so no big deal, but if anyone has any kind of teleorting powers I want to make sure I alter things so there are no accidents..."

Nodding to the idea bout getting Mister Fantastic to visit. "I won't bring him here for obvious reasons, but if we can agree upon a neutral place...Or even the Baxter Building. That option would be on the table. However, the leader should get a say on that one." He doesn't want to step on Hawkeye's toes. Right now Scarlet fears he's already done that twice over.

"Oh! Wards!" Jocelyn explains at Billy's statement. "I was wondering what that stuff was that I was seeing around here," the woman says, now looking all around. She knew she'd seen some magical energy floating around this place. Of course, the fact that she can see Billy's wards might be an oddity, but hey.

She does listen to the bit about the meeting Mr. Fantastic. Now that would be interesting. Jocelyn was always up for meeting different people and heroes.

Stepping on...?

"Like I told you back when you first brought this to me, this is something that no one person should decide for the group. If people want to meet Mr. Richards, that's their choice. Heck, if this happens I may just tag along."

Then there's a pause as Hawkeye pushes off the wall she's been leaning against.

"I just feel that a lot of this is stuff that should be decided by the group... By the /team/ when it comes to some of the big things, like what sorts of upgrades we should get and how. If people want new costumes, that's up to them."

"I just, as an /individual/ feel that we have to be careful. This team has been since it's very start a group effort. No one person has given us everything. The Terminal for example was found by Axoim, who let us set up our base here. A lot of the equipment we use has been brought in, piece by piece by various people. No one person brought in everything. No one person bought everything. We aren't in a lurch if that one person up and vanishes and cuts us off. We don't have a single person who can be used to track us down since they're providing us wih everything."

"Thus as I said, if people want everything your offering, and some people are talking about, we can do it. But by doing that, we're taking a risk. I mean... What happens if something happens to you? Or Dr. Richards? What happens if it turns out that his tech can be traced or detected somehow by his enemies? I could keep going with the what ifs."

"This is the same risk we'd have if one person was providing us with all of our funding and bought us everything as I see it. If they vanished, we could be left in a lurch."

"But those are just my opinions as an individual. As a leader, I'll do what the team wants to do in this case."

Nodding to Kate's words Scarlet can't argue them. Every point she has about the risks are completely true. "I can't argue your points. Maybe because they exist we should, as individuals, maybe talk to Dr. Richards about it. If people want to join in they can," the words are soft. Moving a mile a minute Scarlet's mind is in overdrive trying to figure out how much tech would be too much. Brown eyes look at Kate, "I'll follow suit with the individuals and the team given my position."

Billy Kaplan nods and grins a litlte at Jocelyn. "Yeah, I put them up a while ago. Mostly it is hiding stuff and a few to make sure no one teleports in." When Kate speaks Billy nods and listens. "Your right, no one thing should come form any one place. I like us not having a place that is known about and public like the Avengers and Justice Leauge have, and leaving all the funding or anything comming from one place creates botht he dangers you mentioned. That is one of the reasons I did a lot of the warding I have done, it should make tracing any energy signature off anyone or anything inside the terminal increadibly hard."

"When you're able to talk to the creator of something, it's always a good idea," Jocelyn agrees. A glance is given to Billy. "You're right, it is hard. I can't pick up on it from the outside, and that's a rare thing. But if we get too much energy running through this place with high tech security, we either have to put a generator in here or it's going to light up like a Christmas tree to anyone looking for electrical output. I do think some is a good idea though," she agrees. "My vote is for talking with him".

Eddie nods too. "This place is hard t-t-to find unless you know it's here. It's n-n-not even on most maps. I checked the library and city r-r-records," he remarks. "There are candles and flashlights in the b-back room in case we lose power," he just feels the need to speak up and mention that with all the talk of electricity.

Lor-Zod nods to Hawkeye and says, "Yeah. Maybe we should all chip in what we can? I can bring Kryptonian technology, Ben brings Richards technology, Wiccan brings energy wards... that way, if one of us is gone, there's still backup security and tech here?"

And here's where Hawkeye just goes silent again for now. Or would. But well...

"Let's talk to him." is said to Ben, before there's a nod at Billy and Jocelyn. All though at Lor, there's another pause, before she just /blinks/.

"Should I even ask how you'd get some of that?"

Staring at the little Zodling Scarlet looks between him and Kate, "It would help. Also, I don't imagine a lot of the teamss using multi-layers of different security systems. Be it ego, preference or not thinking outside of the box...," then the question Kate brings up silences him quickly. After a moment he says, "I'll contact Richards about details."

"Well, there isn't a ton I can bring to the group in terms of security and such, I admit, but I can keep an eye on it all and let you know if it breaks," Jocelyn offers, pointing at her eyes. "Or if there's a problem with energy compatabilities, I can probably point out where," the teen states.

Billy Kaplan nods and then grins. "Your right, I don't think most of the other teams seem to be filled with the types to let a lot of people work security so that they can cover all the bases. Oh, and Jocelyn you can help me while I tweak things after everything else is put in place to make sure none of the energy energy signatures for anythign is visable from outside."

Lor-Zod looks to Hawkeye and says, "The ship that brought me here. It got a little bit smashed in the crash, it won't fly anymore, but it's mostly intact and I bet I could put some stuff together. Just like so many humans know how to make a computer from parts. It's what I grew up using."

Blame traffic? Blame fairies? Blame Canada! Another late arrival to the meeting comes walking into the terminal, cardboard tube slung over his shoulder and walking with a decidedly listless gait. This sullen individual is known to some in the room but not all, but waves to the amassed masses nonetheless. "I know, I know, I'm late. Being a 'responsible adult'," Cue eyeroll. "Sucks sometimes, so not much I can do about that." Then, as though suddenly realizing there's a few new faces... "By the way, I'm Terry."

"I'll g-g-give you guys copies if the tunnel map I made," Eddie chimes in. "I'm still tracing where some of the smaller offshoots g-g-g-g-go but I have all the big important tunnels on there," he says. A map should be important for security. Still taking notes, he glances up when Terry arrives. "Hi!"

There's another nod at Lor. Hawkeye /almost/ asks something else. After all, something like that usually would be grabbed by STAR Labs, or the JLA, or Superman. But if he thinks he can get it, or at least parts of it away from them...

It's probably best not to ask how.

"All right then."

Then there's a slight smile.

"And I guess I can bring some more stuff then. Not just security related that might help out."

Not that the giant flat screen TV was enough. Nope.

"Yeah, I can do that," Jocelyn says to Billy. "Whenever things are ready, we can go over it". And she'll fade into the conversation and background for the rest of it, keeping quiet.

Billy Kaplan is dressed in his cotume as Wiccan, except for rapidly fading bright blue and pink streaks in his hair, and talking with the others as Terry enters. He turns and smiles offering a wave. "Hi, Wiccan or Billy. Um...ignore the hair and..." He moves to the side a couple of feet causing a small trial of lights to fly form his head like a glittery comet trail. "That." He mutters a little about pestilent pink pranksters and nods at Jocelyn. "I think I am going to move some of my library in here too. Even with my parents kind of finding out about the superhero thing I think they are kind of nervous about having some of the magic books aorund hte house."

Lor-Zod, of course, is probably assuming he can just ask Superman and get it back. He looks back to the new arrival and waves, "I'm Lor-Zod."

"Oh, yeah, codenames too. Trauma. Don't worry about the hair, mine..." is a mess. A hand reaches up to motion towards it lazily. "...I kinda gave up on it a long time ago, so. I'm not really one to talk about it." There's a two-fingered salute towards Eddie at his greeting, and then a comtemplative pause before he turns his attention back to Billy. "...that's right. /You're/ the one Eddie said was good at costuming and such." He's still not convinced that a costume is really a good idea. "So yeah, good to meet you guys."

Billy Kaplan blinks and eeps and blushes at Terrance. "I..well...I helped with his and did my own, both the origional and the new one but I am not sure I would say good. Mostly it was jsut cossplay skills comming into effect, and a little magic."

And yes, Kate is here dressed as Hawkeye.

Heck, as she finally glances over towards Terry, she actually does something she hasn't done much of tonight. She smiles.

"It's good to see you too..." Pause. "Trauma. It's been a while."

Eddie's in jeans and a Fantastic Four t-shirt today, costume folded in his backpack. "You're really g-g-good at the costume, Billy," he insists, reaching over to bump his friend's shoulder. "How have you b-been, Terry?"

And yes, that pause of Kate's was because she was trying not to call him by his name. heck, she has half a mind to ask him about his job right now, but she won't poke.

Billy Kaplan grins a little and bumps Eddie back. "You say this to the guy that had the Norse rune equivelent to Engrish on his head the day he met Thor." He shrugs and looks at Terry. "No worries about being late, but you missed the part where we almost unanimusly elected Hawkeye to lead our team now that we are more than just a handful of people."

"If you'd be up for it, I wouldn't mind seeing what you can come up with. Like I told him though, no promises that I'm doing spandex." Terry, naturally, is just in the usual streetclothes. He doesn't have a costume, didn't even have a codename until he joined the team. He's just the guy trying to be as normal as he can. "Yeah, I know Hawkeye... I'm sorry for that. I guess I needed some time alone, you know?"

Then, he glances over at Eddie. "I've been... I've been me. Been alive, been breathing. Finally got out of the folks' place, so that's a plus." Back to Billy. "She's the leader now?" he asks, seeming a bit surprised. "...I... kinda always thought she was anyways. My bad." Cue the sheepish cough.

"And the person who didn't vote for Hawkeye was Hawkeye."

Wait... What?!?!

Yeah. Kate did just say that as Billy reveals the vote to Terry. Out loud.

Then though there's a nod at Terry.

"It's understandable. We all have to do that now and then."

All though she does bite her lip as she glances at Eddie, as if trying to gauge his reaction to that.

Eddie frowns slightly at that news. He doesn't really know what to say about alone time so he just gives Terry a concerned look. "Scarlet Spider is our s-s-second in command and I'm doing p-public relations," he explains. Nope, not mentioing the almost jello-wrestling.

Billy Kaplan grins at Terry and then gesutres at himself. His pants are tight, but not painted on and plenty loose enough to kick backside in when he has to get up close and personal, the top a black skin tight shirt with the metal accents made to look kind of like armor and the red cloak/shawl/cape thing that when combined with the boots and metal circlet on his head make himlook like an obvious Thor fanboy. "No spandex, I may have it on high authority that I ahve nice legs but not exactly the spandex kind myself." Billy nods when Hawkeye says her bit smiling a little, like he did not know that Hawkeye was the only one that did not vote for her. "That is kind of what most of us said, even those of us that were here from the start." The role just fits Kate too well. The bitof interplay between Hawkeye and Terry gets a raised eyebrow and look back and forth between them. Naw, couldn't be.

"Well, you would have had my vote too, for what it's worth." There's a bit of a smile offered towards Kate at that.

Then a nod over towards Eddie at the filling in of information, "Thanks for the update, Axiom." Yes, he's trying to get into the habit of codenames. The corruption has begun. "I'm sure you'll do a great job."

Then he takes a moment to look over Billy's outfit. Examining it for a few moments before nodding. "I think the boss would probably approve of that. Well, like I said... we'll see what ideas come up out of the planning phase."

And Kate doesn't mention the almost jello wrestling either. All though at the bit about costumes...

"And if you want your costume to really be something fancy, you may want to talk to Scarlet Spider. Apparently Mr. Fantastic himself is willing to do some rather.... Advanced things if you want him to build the final product for you."

There is a slight wince though at the whole 'I would of voted for you too' and 'everyone already thought that' things though.

Billy Kaplan grins as he sees the slight wince and reaches over to pat Kate on the shoudler. "Your born to lead, your going to have to get used to it, or go out and recruit us our own Captain America clone." He says with a grin. "There is that too. We could work up a design, and set up stuff if your interested in the nanotech fabrics about getting Doctor Richards and Ben to fabricate it. The fabric is a little heavy, but bullet proof."

"I've g-g-got notes on the whole meeting," Eddie adds, holding up his pad. "I'll g-g-get you a copy," he says, happy to be of help. He perks up when Terry says that, a faint white glow flickering around him for a moment. "No one actually uses spandex," he says with a little laugh.

Blink. "Wow. That's... some pretty big connections right there." he admits, taking a moment to think about it. Mr. Fantastic is pretty well known as a big brain. Maybe he could make something to keep the monster inside. Maybe even on a permanent basis. /That/ thought makes Terry smile. It's brief, but it's definitely there. "I think that's probably a good idea. Getting hurt kinda sucks, so being anything-proof is a step in the right direction." Then over to Eddie, "That'd be great. I'm sure I missed pretty much everything, but..." ...and then he makes a face at the laughter. Although it's good natured. "Yeah, yeah. Pick on the rookie."

Captain... America... Clone?

"How about a Captain America Clown instead?"

All though at the mention of spandex, there is a slight shake of Kates head.

"Hey. He got picked on earlier." is said as Hawkeye finally says it.

"After all, he almost had to jello wrestle The Spider for the XO position. heck, Spider even started stripping at that suggestion..."

Billy Kaplan grins and nods. "I bet we could have gotten Eddie stripping too if we had Anole here to cheer him on." He just has to add that bit in because there is something about his best freind that just makes people wan tot cause him to squeek and blush now and then. "Yeah, getting hurt totaly sucks. So does turning into stone and a whole bunch of other stuff."

"I'd have to kick the clown's b-butt, Hawkeye," Eddie says seriously. Nope, he does not take mocking heroes well. "I'm not trying to p-pick on you," he assures Terry. Then Kate mentions stripping and Billy makes it worse by adding Anole to the mental image. Eddie goes crimson again and lets out a little squeak. He shoots Billy a worried look when he mentions the whole getting turned to stone thing though.

"...jello wrestling? What did I get myself into..." replies Terry with eyebrow arched as the night's near festivities were revealed. Of course, under the right circumstances with the right company that could've been rather entertaining. That's the part he doesn't mention. Then a look towards Billy as his eyes widen. "Getting turned to stone? Here I thought getting stabbed was bad enough." ...although he's turned into a lot of different things, so maybe it wouldn't be /too/ bad. A glance to Eddie, "Don't worry yourself too much, Axiom. I'm /pretty/ hard to offend." he tells the boy in a reassuring tone.

A joke could be made about 'having a hard on' with the whole being turned to stone thing, but that just shows that Kate's player is tired.

Instead, there's an eyeroll at Eddie, as Hawkeye just grins, "Just be careful. For all you know it could be Captain America being undercover by being dressed as a Captain America Clown. And you wouldn't want to kick his butt."

Okay, yeah. As soon as that's said the female archer winces. "And that shows that I probably should take off, if I'm making jokes that bad."

There's a wince, and a glance at Terry, Billy, Eddie, and everyone else.

"Unless there's any major business we still haven't brought up...?"

Lor-Zod has been quiet, just listening and watching his older teammates chat about costumes and catch the new arrival up. He does speak up, though, as Kate calls for more business and he shakes his head, "Except, thanks for letting me join."

Billy Kaplan shrugs and grins. "It was only my arm, and even then just from wrist to elbow at the worst. Stick around with us you may get to see way worse happen to me. Actaully, I think I have one more version of hell to visit and I get a free set of kitchen ware." Billy grins as Kate makes a bad joke and has got to write down the day and time because its a rare enough thing in the times he has met her. "Oh, and remind me before everything breaks up Terry I have to take a second with everyone I haven't yet to make sure any of the extra wards I am going to put can ignore you, and will be able to hide you while your here in the base."

Eddie just blinks. "Wouldn't he k-kick my butt then?" Eddie asks, missing the joke. Billy just get another look as he jokes about things happening to him. "Have a g-g-good night, Hawkeye," he offers. Don't worry, Billy. Eddie noted the joke in the meeting notes.

"Hey, welcome aboard. More the merrier and all that, right?" replies Terry to Lor-Zod before nodding to Billy, "I turn into things pretty often, in all honesty... if you ever need pointers on how to deal with it, I'm kinda the guy to ask."

Then Terry looks at Kate. Stonefaced. ...for about five seconds before he almost manages to hold in a laugh. The idea of Captain America, of all people, dressed as a clown as part of an undercover operation... it was too funny to keep it all the way in. "No major business here. Minor business on the catching up side of things I'm sure, but you've got my number for /that./" She and Eddie are the two that he's known the longest of the group, afterall, and the closest things the teen has to friends. Of course, then Billy's talking about wards ignoring him and hiding him. "Wouldn't be the first time Wards have chosen to ignore /and/ hide me, but sure thing, I've got time -- just give me a few minutes to settle in first? I'll be here for a while tonight. Sleepover at the complex. Hate those."

Terry isn't the only one staying here apparently. Because there's a slight nod at the others before Hawkeye just gets up, and...

Heads to the girls 'sleeping car'.

Yeah. Probably best not to ask. Especially if the meeting is still going on.

Billy Kaplan nods and grins at Terry. "I have been working on making sure the hide out is a safe place, I think I have one close to right that will make it so no one that does not already know about the place can't find it too. Sort of a variation on what I do with my costume but on a bigger scale. I just want to make sure with the influx of new people and people I have not met that I have it all working right and no one gets zotted."

"Probably a good idea, Axiom; might want to seperate it into codenames and real names, too, so that nobody - namely me, because I probably will - gets mixed up too much. Maybe contact info, too, 'cause I know I don't have everyone's numbers yet." Then his attention turns once again to Billy, and a bit of a cross between smirk and grin crosses his features. "Okay, fair enough. Zotting doesn't doing all that pleasant, afterall. What do you need? Height? Weight? Blood type? Shoe size?" ...he doesn't know the first thing about what Billy's planning to do, afterall.

Terry /does/ however notice Kate quietly sneaking out, keeping an eye on the girl as she walks off... and he'll give her a little wave if she looks back. Best not to announce her departure since she didn't, he decides... but perhaps a good idea to check up on her later.

Billy Kaplan nods at Eddie. "You know that might be useful. We can get up pictures of everyone in costume, or not for those that don't use them, so everyone can ID each other." He waves at Kate as she goes and hmms to himself thinking about things.

Eddie waves to Kate as well. When Billy and Terry add to the ideas, Eddie gets into that 'bouncing with fanboy energy' again. "That's all great! Though um, n-not everyone lets their real name out so I'll probably stick to codenames and I can even put their logos on the board!" yes, he's been designing logos for everyone.

"Oh. Well, you know, new to this whole hero thing, so--" Pause. "Logos?" Terry asks, blinking a few times in surprise. "We're supposed to have logos, now? I've... got quite a few things to learn about this business, I guess."

Billy Kaplan nods at Eddie. "Of course code names all the way, even with wards and what ever high tech security options that Lor-Zod and Scarlet Spider come up with we don't want to risk anything if the wrong person gets in. Logos too, except not everyone has those." Billy shrugs at Terry. "Logos are not neccisary, but a lot of heroes tend to have them. Especially the ones with the more simple costumes."

Eddie nods to what Billy says. "Almost everyone on the team has one now," Eddie points out, blushing a little. "I've b-b-been coming up with them, remember?"

"You might not want to have it ignore me completely, I'm not always this pleasant." Terry points out to Billy, since the other teen may or may not be aware of the monster inside... and that he isn't always in control of it. "Well, I can't say it sounds like a bad thing, really. I'll be interested in seeing what you come up with for me when you do."

Billy Kaplan blinks and looks at Terry. "What do you mean?" He asks alittle confused. He really does not know Terry's powers at all so he does not know about the monster inside of him. "Most ot the oens I am making ignore people on the team are the ones that stop teleporting and stuff like that." He nods at Eddi e and then stop and eyes him a little. "I know you have been making some for some of the team..does this mean you ahve made a logo for me too and not shown me yet?"

Eddie smiles. "I'll get started on yours as soon as I finish this one I'm working on for Channel," he says, happy to be doing it. He then blinks at Billy. "I showed it t-to you. It's on that t-shirt I gave you. The W with the little w-wings."

"Well, it's best that you know if you're going to be around me fairly often. My... abilities revolve around transformation." A pause, "I can transform into peoples' fears, and I truly become them. It's not always my choice, and it's not always a positive thing as my body's... effectively on autopilot at the time." Terry admits, his voice low and serious. "Sometimes it can be helpful, but not always."

Billy Kaplan facepalms a little. "Wait, thats...oh man now I feel like an idiot and a jerk. I can't belive I did not realize. I was thinking it looked like a take on the MAC logo only with the little wings..." When Terry speaks up Billy shifts his attention form his feeling like a jerk to listening and..blinks. Ok, actually sounds like a girl he had met about this time last year only she fed on fears as well. "I...see. That could be a problem. Um. If it happens without your control, is there anyway you know of that can snap you out of it? Or that could give you back any control?" He asks as he starts racing through ideas on how he might redo some of the wards to contain Terry if things go bad and how he might be able to help him.

"MAC logo?" Eddie just looks lost there. "I snapped him out of it b-by carrying him away from the person whos' fear he was t-t-t-turned into," Eddie chimes in to answer part of the question.

"I think that's about the only thing that I've seen work so far, yeah. If I can't sense the fear anymore, I'll turn back to, well, me. Until then, though..." Terry trails off and shakes his head. " yeah, if you guys decide to have a horror movie night sometime or anything like that, let me know so I can stay away, otherwise you might find yourself as a very real part of the movie."

Billy Kaplan nods and hmms. "Ok, I was never one for really scary movies much. I tend more to the cheesy scifi and good fantasy. Hmm, not sure what Icould do there though. Most of my wards other than the general protection and hiding stuff are based on intent more than anything and...not sure if there would count any intent int hat at all."

"I d-don't like scary movies either," Eddie replies. Mostly because they're all so sad and depressing. He offers up a smile though. "D-don't worry. If things go really bad, Terry...I'll help you g-get back under control."

Terry nods to both, "Good to hear on both accounts... but I think for the moment, I had better get some rest. It's been kind of a long day. If anyone needs me..." he trails off and points off towards the boys' sleeping car. "I'll be over there."

Billy Kaplan nods. "We will all be there to help, although I have to say you can't find a better friend or person more sure to help when you need it most than Eddie." Billy nods and thumbs up at Terry. "I should probably go too, parents expect me home before sundown tongiht, and I think the sparkles have stopped or at least died down enough I am not going to get noticed once I change into my normal clothes."

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