Thrimilci Feast: Part 2
Rplog-icon Who: Thor Odinson, Sif, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Brynnhildr, Fern Fiddlehead, Eddie Resilver, Fandral, Pepper Potts, Val Armorr, Spidey Clone (as Peter Parker), Jessica Drew, Jocelyn Stream, Nick Fury, Alice Dirge, Peter Parr (as Ben Reilly)
Random Caters and Delivery Man
Where: Rose Garden New York Botanical Gardens
When: May 01, 2013
Tone: Social
What: The second half of the Feast Thor and Sif hosted in the Rose Garden. Amid drinking, dancing and eating, tensions rose briefly only to be tampered down in favor of more drinking and dancing.


                    Rose Garden - NYC Botanical Gardens                      

The beautiful Rose Garden situated within the New York Botanical Gardens is in full bloom. The scent of wide array of breeds of roses fill the air, making a heady perfume that tickles the senses. In the very center of this elegant and perfectly maintained garden is a large, wrought iron gazebo covered in vining roses. Pathways shoot off from the stone circle upon which the gazebo sits and the rose beds here are smaller, making it the perfect area for dancing. It's every other pathway from here that has a long table covered in a golden table clothe with silver centerpieces and deep blue accents. Upon each table is an array of food and drink. On each of these table is a small fondue fountain but instead of what one might expect, the fountain flows with mocha. Each table is laden with an array of various foods and drinks, in case the wait staff wondering about isn't getting to you fast enough, that lends the scent of savory and sweet to the floral bouquet that already fills the air. The far row of walk ways have been set up with long dinning tables that are the opposite scheme as the buffet tables. Silver table clothes with gold centerpieces and red place settings. The furthest right hand walkway is where the DJ table can be found, the equipment set up in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible. Upon a few of the grass sections there has been set up various kinds of outdoor games. The Maypole, however, is distinctly missing.

For hours now, the Feast had been underway. Most had already greeted the Host and Hostess. Friends have gathered and are introduced to one another. Family is met. Food and drink flow freely, either by one's own choosing to retrieve what they wish or by one of the many servers that walk around the garden carrying heavy laden trays.

Eventually, Thor and Sif made their way, after their gift from Brynn was opened (, to the center of the gazebo. It was there that Thor made the announcement so many have been waiting for.

"Friends. Brothers at Arms. Companions. Hail. Welcome and well-met all. I thank thee all for attending this joyous occassion of Thrimilci, a feast of joy and the promise of a good planting season to come. This day is also a day of announcements, and it was our wish that our friends, their families and loved ones, be with us; a joy shared is a joy redoubled.

It was decreed upon Asgard, by my father, Odin Borson, King of Asgard, the One-eyed and the Allfather, many centuries ago that the houses of Odin and of Guardian be joined by the marriage of the Odinson and the Lady of Blades, Sif Ragnahilde. The date has been set and is so announced: The Knot shall be formally and fully tied three fortnights hence, on the Fullest Day of Summer, the Soltace of the Sun; and the Nine Realms shall rejoice and be merry as Odin's Hall hosts this grand ceremony."

Here Thor pauses briefly, but clearly does not look finished. During the pause he flicks a glance at Sif and one at Tony, with the briefest of almost modest and bashful grins. And then he turns back to the gathering and continues.

"In light of this, the Allfather has formally and fully acknowledged that which was offered by his eldest and pride-filled son. And so, to thee all I shall formally introduce: Eddie Thorson, Spear of Thurdheim, Messenger of the Goddess, Son of Sif Ragnahilde. So is it upon Asgard, and soon shall it be upon Midgard; and so let all here bear witness that this Child of Earth, the mortal hero Eddie, is taken unto the House of Thor as son and protected. Let none seek him ill lest the might of Bilskirnir, the Goddess of War, the Warriors Three, the House of Thor, and some day the Throne of Asgard be upon their doorstep."

Again, a brief pause, and a look to Eddie. Thor bows to the lad.

"And none of what thou doth see before thee would have been possible for my betrothed without the aid of our dearest friend, a mortal who would sit very well among the warriors in the halls of Vahalla. Tony Stark, Iron Man, it is with a warm heart and a grateful heart that I say to thee: Thank You Very Much."

And here Thor lifts the drinking horn above his head, an offer for all those gathered to do the same.

"For all of this, let us drink and rejoice and be merry!"

And Thor brings the horn to his lips and drains it in one go.

Eddie was cheered for by friends, The Goddess wept from joy as she embraced those that came up to them after draining her own drink.

Eventually, the cheers and appaulse, for many reasons, died and people resumed their mingling. Thor and Sif spent a moment talking with Erik before moving to speak with Tony and Pepper. It was at that table that more food was called for.

With food having been had and the drinks still flowing freely, a few still popping a bite here and there, it is time for dancing and merry-making as the music rises in volume once more!

While she has spent much time on the fringes, aspiring actress Fern Fiddlehead has had chance to talk to some friends, and make some new acquaintances. One of these new acquaintances seems to have quite captivated the young woman, for her eyes keep straying back, always with a smile. But, further conversation with Firehooves must wait, lest she be thought to be avoiding the party. Having sampled something from each of the tables, she has now drifted back to retrieve yet another of those delicious champagne cocktails.

With some food eaten with Tony and Pepper before excusing himself, Thor swipes a random drink from a server's tray and brings it to his lips. His eyes sweep across the party as he smiles softly. So many of his mortal friends, and their friends and their family, all here, all enjoying themselves. The Thunderer looks right as rain and twice as cheerful.

Sebastian Shaw smiled at his dear Emma Frost who he had been dancing with just before the announcement had been made. His tuxedo probably cost more than most people could even consider making in a year. A black silk, full length jacket seven real silver buttons running down it's right side with simple self-flap pockets that have been embroidered with silver thread, underneath the jacket he is wearing a silver and black center vest and a satin shirt with a mandarin collar. Around the collar he wears a dark red ascot that is meant to stand out from the more muted colors of the rest of the tuxedo. He asked her "So, shall the true royality of 'Midgard' converse with the true royality of Asgard? I know you've been dying to meet them every since they showed up at the Hellfire Club a bit back."

He knew she would say yes, if there was one thing Emma loved was meeting new people, especially ones of power and influence like the two Asgardians.

Jessica, having been invited as a recent friend of Thor and Sif's in her civilian identity, rather than as Spider-Woman (as she has yet to meet either of them in costume) is simply enjoying the event. The Avatar of the Spider smiles, getting up and moving over to the clearly happy couple.

"Hey guys." she says with a smile, offering a hand to either. "Congratulations. That's always a major event in anyone's life. All the best to you." she says. "I get the feeling the party for that might even beat this one for sheer size." she adds with a friendly wink to the two.

Once the whole.. toast and such was done, Brynn was mostly just kinda hanging out in the background. You see, she knows only a few of the participants here, and a few who have approached her here at the party. She's no wallflower. She just doesn't want to try to horn in and steal the limelight. After all, this is all about the couple and their growing family, so to speak.

She did however smile when Sif acknowledged her gift of the drinking horns. After all, she wanted to give something appropriate to the occasion. Something from the heart to her new friend, the goddess. She also wanted very much to surprise that goddess rather than only helping her to work on a surprise for.. well, that's beside the point. It seems that it worked, and she is happy enough to just... observe from a distance, politely eating and sipping a drink now and then. Not like she requires sustenance, but hey... when in Rome, right?

Fandral's visited the dessert table, oh yes.. and his trying of all the delicacies there would rival his Warrior brother. Of course, the drinking takes precedence once again, though not before the long-lived Asgardian Sword grabs a bit of meat. He's not all that concerned about Firehooves, the bay war horse that is happily munching .. whatever it is he desires in the Rose Garden. (Apparently neither is the horse as he certainly looks content enough!)

Emma had her arm draped across Shaw's shoulder. She peered over at the happy Thor and Sif, amongst other conversations. She too was dressed to the nines for the evening, yet surprisingly in a revealing black gown. A small smile formed across her lips, "I'll admit, I've been a bit jealous that you're already bosom buddies. I'd be delighted to meet them."

Alice had not been to New York City since she was 8... in 1863... Needless to say, she had a lot of catching up to do, with the way the city had changed in the century or so since her last visit. As it turned out... The day that she decided to go out for a night on the town, there was a party! And a very LOUD party at that, and so that's where Alice's little walk took her, into the botanical gardens, where said party was already well under way. She came in through the front door, wearing a lovely powder blue victorian dress, and seeming a bit out of place as she turned her head to take in her surroundings and the festivities. "Hrm... It is certainly better than I had EXPECTED... though it is quite... loud."

Turning his pleased gaze to Jessica, Thor takes her hand in his, and he bows over it so that her knuckles are brought up to his forehead.

"My thanks, Jessica. We are pleased thou didst join us. Indeed, I'm certain the headfasting shall be quite the celebration. I am still getting the full details of it from my mother. It so happens that Fate did conspire that the Soltice falls upon a day special to her, and thusly barring her name. She is pleased by it," says Thor to Jessica as he straightens and gently releases her hand from his own. He, in his armor, a fresh cape at his shoulders, has Brynn's drinking horn gift tied to his belt. His hair is tied back at the temples, the length just now coming back from was had been a rather short haircut.

Sif had only strayed from Thor's side to tend to the childred present or deal with the caters and see to the guests... Alright, so the Goddess hadn't spent much time at Thor's side, really.

It is, however, wear she can be found now in a beautiful silver and blush gown with tin straps and a sweatheart neckline. When Jessica approach, she smiles softly. "Thank you, very much." She can't help but chuckle a little. "The size will be far greater, yes."

A glass is taken as a server passes. "We are so glad you could make it." Thor's hair... So not her fault. Ahem!

Having heard about the joining of hands between two of the worlds greatest warriors, Val cannot resist the urge to meet and congratulate them. Flying in low and dropping out of the sky on the very edge of the gardens, he approaches on foot, doing his best to look like he belongs. Smiles and greetings to people he does not know, moving through the crowd to Thor and Sif. "Contratulations are in order sir. " He tells the big man, offering a hand to him. But he won't shake hands as people of this era do, instead he clasps forearms as warriors do.

Shaw took Emma by the hand gently and said, "Then lets go and make their acquaintance tonight. I have barely spoken to them tonight, so I have been a poor guest to our illustrious hosts. Besides, we have to congratulate them on their coming nuptials."

That was a sore spot in Sebastian's mind that any telepath could easily pick up that weddings were something that Shaw actually considered tragic and depressing, and probably not for the reasons most would think of the hedonist man.

He approached Thor but did not interrupt his exchange, instead politely awaiting the two gods to recognize his and Emma's presence.

Just arriving to the party, Nick Fury is in his dress blues for the occasion. His uniform is pressed to the point where one might cut the cake with the creases on his pants. The SHIELD emblum glistens as the light hits his shoulder. He has given up the usual side arm he normally carries. He makes his way into the party with a nod to those he knows as eh makes his way towards Thor and Sif, but sees he is behind Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. He grabs a passing drink, soda water, from a waiter as he waits for an opening. He does not exactly smile at folks around him, but he is not completely stand offish either as he commences with small talk.

Actually being dressed in an actual dress, Jocelyn Stream had been at the party. She was dressed in a blue strapless A-line evening gown. Her red hair had been done up into a hair headband style, and the remaining ponytail dropped down neatly to her midback. The tall woman really didn't recognize a lot of the individuals here currently. However, there was, in fact, Fern, and so Jocelyn decided to start things off by approaching the other woman.

"Evening Fern," the teenager greets her friend. She would go congratulate Sif and Thor later, when there weren't quite as many people trying to congratulate the happy couple. "Having a good time?" she asks.

Val's sudden appearance has Thor blinking, but only once. The confusion and startlement is forgotten the moment Val moves to offer a warrior's handshake. The smile returns to his face, bright as a drop of sunshine.

"My thanks to thee and well met," says the Prince to the warrior Val. A glance is given to Shaw then as he approaches, and Thor beams again. Withdrawing his hand, the god turns to Shaw to give him a handshake - warrior handshake - as well.

"Sebastian Shaw, it is good to see thee again. Welcome, welcome," says Thor warmly to the mortal king.

Nodding, Jessica grins to the two. "Glad to hear that things are going so well in the preparations then." she says with a nod. "I'm gonna go mingle I think." she says. She's dressed in a formal dress with sequins. She was told it was a formal party, so she had to make a point to get something to fit the party. Her greens eyes roam the party, and unsure where to go, decides to go check out the hor d'ourves. She notes idly the arrival of Nick Fury, SHIELD insignia quick obvious, but pays it little mind. The Avengers are known to work with SHIELD, so this was to be expected.

A tray of drinks passes, and Alice wanders further into the party, passing several people there before summoning a glass to her hand, letting it fly through the air and into her grasp as she peruses the selection of food available... Almost none of it was familiar, which was a bit depressing, but she took the time to identify her drink instead. She sipped lightly, and made a somewhat disapproving face, It was quite plain, but she would settle for it. It was hardly her place to complain about the drinks at a party she wasn't invited to.

Alice finally wandered away from the food, scanning the crowds... No familiar faces, but that was to be expecte-- Oh wait... Alice's eyes stopped on Jocelyn, one of... no, the ONLY person she recognized in the crowd, and so she set out for her direction, coming up behind her, "Ms. Stream... I did not expect to see you again QUITE so soon." she offers, not waiting to be noticed.

"It is my honor to attend such a noted occassion for the both of," Sebastian said with a deep bow and then rose up and presented Emma to them, "Allow me to introduce to you my companion in life and in business, Emma Grace Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club."

After having been lifted up and carried about by his friends, Eddie was pulled away for some little celebrations among the members of the Young Allies present. It's over though, Eddie released back to the party while the others went to mingle and enjoy the party as well. Adjusting his tie, he looks around before heading towards Thor and Sif. He glances at Val, Emma, and Shaw curiously. It's the appearance of Nick that makes Eddie pause. He notices that SHIELD emblem of course and he pauses mid-step. "Whoa," he murmurs quietly.

Pepper Potts stays at the table Thor just left, Tony having fled a few moments ago to presumably return his armor to the Tower. She's not expecting to see him again this evening. She picks half-heartedly at the still way overloaded plate set before her, then takes a sip from a particularly ornate chalice. There's a second one on the table, and she has to snag it quickly to keep one of the catering company waiters from whisking it away with the other abandoned plates and glasses.

Fern has drifted toward the host and hostess of the part a few times, but each she meandered off again, letting them have time with what she feels are more important people. She can talk to them later. Once again veering away, her eyes linger for a moment on a new arrival, the emblem on his suit catching her eye. It looks familiar, but before she can give it much thought, which is necessary, actually, because of the champagne cocktails, she's distracted by the welcome greeting from a friend. "Jocelyn!" She immediately steps toward the other young woman, her smile bright. "Wow, you look fantastic," she says. Her eyes wander as she replies, "Oh yes, wonderful. You?" And her eyes return immediately.

Sif smiles at Val when he approaches and clasps arms with Thor. While she would normally offer the same in kind, she's put the warrior away for the night. Except in Fandral's case. He's the exception. "Welcome and thank you." She gives a small dip of her head.

And then her attention, like Thor's, is on Shaw and Emma. Like she did with Val, she dips her head to the two. "It's wondeerful to have you. We're glad you could both make it." Silver-blue eyes focus on Emma a moment. "Lady Emma. A pleasure."

And behind them? Nick Fury. Sif smiles warmly and lets her eyes rest on the man. He, too, gets a bow of her head. "Director Fury. How wonderful to see you."

"Thanks Fern, you too!" Jocelyn responds to the woman. "Having a good time. Thinking about raiding the snack table soon," the teenager responds easily enough with a smile. "Wasn't sure if I was going to manage to get out here for the party, honestly, with how busy things have been, but I managed to put the books down for a bit". Good old studying. A student's best friend.

Then Alice arrives, and Jocelyn nods to her. "Miss Dirge. Good to see you," the woman says to Alice. She hadn't been sure if Alice could travel out this way, to be honest, and was a little surprised to see her here. "I did not know you knew Thor and Sif". Small world! "How have things been since last I saw you?" she asks the woman.

Emma had lowered herself as well and rose as Sebastian announced her. She smiled to Thor and Sif, beaming at the new couple, "I'm delighted to meet the mighty Thor and Sif. I am truly honored to be present at your exciting announcement."

She glanced over her shoulder at Nick Fury, she had never been in the same room as this man. But she does not pay him much notice beyond that, "

Ah, someone else she knows. Brynn spies Jocelyn and heads her way. The simple white dress she wears looking out of time as well. "Are you enjoying your blade?" she asks as she comes into easy conversation range of the young woman. Of course, it's possible that Brynn wasn't even recognized at first. After all, the warrior blacksmith... in a dress?

Val Armorr offers a polite nod to the Lady Sif in return, but he knows a warrior when he see's one. The way she stands. Small callouses on the hands. The proud look in her eyes. He's been around .. possibly more than anyone present. He knows these things. But he does step aside as Emma and Sebastien arrive. He notices the warriors handshake between the two men, and wonders at that. Perhaps this age produced more fighters than previously thought. Outside of those who wear spandex anyway...

Fandral has an empty plate now, and he's content in it. No eating to excess for the man in green. Instead, he sets the plate to the side, and as he watches Pepper take possession of that second drink, he runs interference (perhaps a little more harshly than he should have!) so that it isn't cleared. Whether Ms. Potts realizes it or not, well.. no matter.

Now, Fandral approaches the seated Pepper, and offers a smile, "Thy drink is safe, my lady.. Thou dost not need to keep vigil over it."

Alice shakes her head, "I don't... frankly, I have no idea who they even are... Thor sounds vaguely familiar I suppose." She looks up at Fern, "I don't believe I've been introduced to your--" And then Brynn, "--Friends. My goodness you're quite a popular young woman..." She takes another sip of her plain beverage... still not entirely sure what it was. "Perhaps you can also tell me what the party is for...?"

When Jessice leaves him, Thor presses his fist to his chest and sketches the sequined woman a polite bow. Then back to Shaw as introductions are made. Thor collects Emma's hand, brings it to his forehead without breaking eye contact, bowing formally, regally, with the grace of millenia of practice.

"As honour to meet thee, Emma Grace Frost, White Queen of the Hel-Fire Club, Life's Mate and Business Companion of Sebastian Shaw. I am Thor Odinson, Son of Frigga, Child of Jord; known as Midgard's Protector, Mjolnir's Wielder, the Lord of Storms, Bringer of Lightning and Rain, God of Thunder, and Prince of Asgard," replies the Thunderer as he straightens and relinquishes Emma's hand. When Sif brings notice to Fury, Thor looks over and offers the SHIELD Director the same bow and defference he would another one-eyed man; one King of Asgard.

"Director, welcome," Thor says briefly, briskly, professionally... It's not that the two aren't /friends/, per say.... Or rather, maybe it's because Nick Fury is just that damn intimidating!

Fern leans toward Jocelyn, offering a tip, "There are cheesecake filled strawberries." It wounds like one of the most important things she's learned tonight. Her eyes shift to Alice, smile easily turning her lips again to include Jocelyn's apparent friend. "Evenin'," she greets, with a nod. "I'm Fern." Why wait for formalities? She looks interested in the conversation between her companions, falling silent, and her eyes fall upon Brynn as she approaches as well. Her smile still holds.

Nick Fury stands to the side of Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost as Sif addresses him. "Thor. Lady Sif. SHIELD sends their congratulations for the announcement." He has kept Shaw and Frost on his right side so that he can see them. He returns the bow to Thor with the formality of heads of state. "Forgive me if I interupted your conversation," he says to Shaw and Frost with a formal smile. "I just wanted to greet the host for a moment."

Left to her own devices for the moment, Jessica continues to munch on some of the food, and spots the horse off to the side, and quirks and amused brow. Curious as to what the animal is doing here, she heads his way, hoping he's tame, if not necessarily friendly.

"Brynn, it is good to see you. Yes, it has served me well so far, thank you again," Jocelyn responds to the blacksmith. Hey, Jocelyn was in a dress. She hasn't had a ton of chances to use it, but that wasn't the worst thing in the world either, in her mind.

"Alice Dirge, please meet Fern Fiddlehead and Brynn". Jocelyn lets the introductions stand for the other two as well, in case they don't know each other.

"I'll make sure to give them a go when I make my way over there," she adds to Fern with a small grin.

Looking to Alice now, Brynn remarks softly.. her accent sounding almost like a blend of scandanavian, german, and russian, "Brynhildr of Polaria, at your service." And she smiles a bit before nodding to Jocelyn. "I trust you have found good uses for it then. It is good that it has served you well." And then to Fern, she grins a bit, sensing something of a... well maybe.. kindred spirit.

Listening in to the coversation, Eddie sneaks his way over to slide up next to Thor and Sif. He stays quiet, offering a quick smile to everyone in the area.

The animal? The animal?! Why.. that's a proper Asgardian war horse! Well.. a rather happy looking large warhorse at the moment. As Jessica approaches, Firehooves' ears perk forward from their sideways, relaxed state, but he doesn't give up eating quite yet. Instead, he offers a slow... meander to the side, just keeping the approaching mortal in his sights.

Out of the corner of his eye, Fandral catches Jessica's approach towards his steed, and his smile grows. "Careful, lady.." he calls out with a laugh in his tones, "He'll get your dress dirty."

The sound of his master's voice, however, brings the bay's head up, the white blaze upon his face brilliant, even in the low light. The ears are perked forward to listen, but when no instructions are given, the nose returns to the grass and flowers..

Sif smiles at Nick. "Our thanks to you and SHIELD." She turns that smile on Shaw and Emma. "If you will excuse me a moment, there is someone I would introduce to you all."

She shoots a look up at Thor and then looks over her shoulder at Fandral before turning back to the Thunderer. "Excuse me, beloved..." She leans up to kiss his cheek then turn to make her way across the Garden to Fandral and Pepper.

As she goes, she passes Alice, Jocelyn, Brynn and Fern and all of them get a nod of her head and a warm smile.

Emma linked her arm with Shaw's, she would have to later ask him about the 'Companion in Life in business'. There was a lot of questions to be had about that. But first things first.

She tilted her head to the side to get a better look at Nick Fury, "Nothing to worry about. We were just doing the same thing, Mr. Fury."

Emma then casually tried to enter his mind, from everything she's heard of him he's a regular Batman. Plans and precautions against /everything/, maybe he hadn't thought of telepathy yet. Emma Frost at this time is not known as a mutant, let alone a telepath.

Sebastian chuckled at the old warhorse, Nick Fury, "Not a problem at all, Nicholas, perhaps you and I can have a discussion at a later date, or one of your subordinates. Shaw Industries would be happy to help produce technology for S.H.I.E.L.D. Whatever I can do to help keep us all safe, after all."

Val Armorr steps back from the crowd, his gaze sweeping over it. Brynn, Thor, Sif, Fandral, and Mr. Shaw.. all warriors. All folk to meet and greet later, get to know them. He stops by the tables near Pepper. All he says is "Evening Ma'm." Before he starts eyeing the food present, trying to discern the least upsetting to his strict diet.

"I'm sure I'll live." Jessica calls back in amusement, reaching out to rub Firehooves' neck and ears. It seems the horse is willing to at least put up with her, since he didn't take any aggressive moves when she approached. So as long as she keeps heself from being percieved as a threat, she hopes he'll put up with her for a few more moments. "He's very well-cared for." she calls to Fandral, given that the way he reacted to Fandral's voice, the horse probably belongs to him. "What's his name?"

Pepper Potts looks up at Fandral and smiles. "Oh, it's not my drink, but the chalice is and I'd never forgive myself if it got misplaced." She decides that mother-hen Thor or not she's done eating and moves to stand. Though that means she's now stuck having to hold one chalice in each hand until she can... wait. Hers held only water and it's empty now. She scoops up her everpresent shoulderbag and pulls out a drawstring pouch to stow the empty chalice. "Sorry, I didn't introduce myself," She says to Fandral. "Pepper Potts."

Alice gives a short wave of her hand, "Alice is fine... Or Ms. Dirge, if you prefer." She briefly notes Sif, and gives a nod in greeting, but not a smile... it was simply not her nature to smile, least of all to complete strangers. She turns her attention back to Fern after a moment, "Cheesecake filled... strawberries...? That sounds wonderful, perhaps you should come by my house and discuss the recipie with my chef." Her own accent was... British. Very british.

Finally, Alice's attention turns to Brynn, "A pleasure... I don't believe I've ever heard of Polaria... is that some new country that's popped up somewhere while I wasn't paying attention?"

"Miss Frost," Nick says with a nod of his head. His mind is discplined and some preperation for telepathy, but that, as of yet, has not become standard SHIELD training so she can see some of his mind as long as she is careful and doesn't make it obvious she is sifting through it. Nick's attention turns to Shaw and nods. "We are always willing to take a new proposal. We deal mostly with Stark right now, but I have never believed in putting all my eggs in one basket as it were."

Thor smiles as Eddie draws near, the Thunderer setting a warm hand upon the lad's shoulder. He leans into Sif's kiss on his cheek, the smile growing warm. He nods his head once, and then says nothing further as Sif goes. He glances over the guests near him, then turns to Val. His lips part to speak, but the warrior has gone, and Thor's lost his chance, for now. Ah well. There is later to speak with the warrior. Such men, despite the likes of Fury and Rogers, are rare upon Midgard indeed. So, he turns his attention back to Shaw and Frost and Fury... and brings his drink to his lips to finish off.

Grinning a bit, Brynn shakes her head. She meets Sif's gaze as the goddess passes by, and her smile widens a bit. Then she looks back to Alice. "Oh no, Polaria is no country. It is merely a city but it is old... older than.. well than most mortal nations. It is however, not on any maps." She takes another sip of her drink and shrugs her shoulders, "I will say... one thing I do like about the level the world has progressed to in recent times... is the comfort of their clothing. I would much prefer bluejeans and a teeshirt, but.. it seems that formal occasions will always require such... standards of dress." she remarks, gesturing at her outfit.

It's something of a shy smile that goes toward Brynn, since Fern can tell by the woman's attire that she must surely also be one of the Asgardians, or someone like. Maybe a God as well? Fern is just so not up on all this. Alice's words get a faint lift of her brows, and a grin, "Oh, I didn't make them, but I'm sure I could. Especially with that instant cheesecake mix." Which, surely, these are -not- created from, but Fern is content with instant as well. "They actually go very nicely with the champagne drinks," she adds, then offers her warm smile to Sif as the lady goes past the little group.

Shaw nodded at Fury and said to him, "Well I have enough prototypes that I'm sure we can find something you're interested in, I'll have my secretary set something up."

Turning back to Thor and said, "I have to say Thor of Thunders, Mighty your Mjolinir; I was expecting a bit more, and I mean that with no disrepsect. I just assumed that an Asgardian party would put my own parties to shame. The legends... they speak of much."

There's a pause from Jocelyn, like she's just noticed something out of the corner of her eye, as she glances over in the direction of Emma Frost and the others in that area. Interesting. Very, very interesting. She does not speak, however, of what she sees immediately.

A nod is given to Sif when she passes, along with a smile, though Jocelyn can tell that the woman was on her way to grab someone, and so she doesn't interfere with it.

"Pardon me, what was I saying?" Jocelyn says, being momentarilly distracted. "You should try a slit in the dress if you haven't already, Brynn," Jocelyn suggests. It was at least a little easier to move in. Jocelyn also had the advantage of not needing to wear heels. Because seriously, the six and a half foot tall woman should never, ever need to wear heels to an event!

Alice scoffs a bit, "I honestly can't say I fancy modern clothing... I will take my dresses and gowns over any of the shameful displays put on by 'Modern' women." She sighs a bit, "Are there any major incidents near Polaria...? Perhaps I can visit there sometime, if there's a place for my house to appear, that is..."

Alice looks perhaps a bit disapprovingly at Fern, "Instant...? Oh dear, that simply wont do... At least not for an everyday thing. I'm sure we have a proper cheesecake recipe though, so I suppose the preparation is the important thing." A sidelong look at Jocelyn, but she just shakes her head at the idea of a slit in a dress... Why, a slit defeated the whole purpose of concealing cloth!

Eddie leans into the touch when Thor's hand falls onto his shoulder. "The p-p-party's going well," he says to Thor. Despite his nervousness, Eddie's in a good mood. When Shaw speaks, Eddie frowns a little. "We're still on Earth, sir," he chimes in. "I think we'd n-n-need to be on Asgard to have one of those parties from the legends," he says, offering a smile to Shaw.

Fandral waits for the chalice to be set away before he puts a hand out to request Pepper's hand, bowing, "It is mine pleasure to make thine acquaintence, Pepper Potts. I am Fandral.. a sword of the Warriors Three, Protector of Asgard.. and sworn to my Prince." His smile lights, "So, as thou mightst see, it is nothing for me to protect thy glass."

As for Firehooves? Well.. his ears are being scritched! Even while he eats! Raising his head, he reaches his head over and takes a deep sniff of Jessica's hair- if it's coiffed, she's in danger of getting... horse breath in it.. and he puffs some air..

"It appears Firehooves is making friends at the party as well," Fandral chuckles, and he raises his voice again, "His name is Firehooves.. and he is one who would do most anything for a scratch between the ears. Or for a sweet."

Val Armorr finds something he can tolerate.. chicken by the look of it.. And pours himself a glass of water from one of the many pitchers sitting around. Standing against the railing next to the table, he eats standing up. He doesn't like being among so many unfamiliar faces without being mobile.

House... to appear. Brynn shakes her head and shrugs, "Odds are it will not be a place that others visit. My people are -very- private. Please take no offense to this.. but they prefer to let the world never know where their home is." But Brynn laughs and shakes her head, "There is no shame in being that which you are. Hiding it for the sole purpose of being hidden. That seems wasteful. Comfort should be more important than ceremony. Armor serves a purpose, and so should cover one up. I have seen pictures on your primitive internet... of females wearing what is supposedly called armor....." she says that to Jocelyn, her voice trailing off a bit.

Fern should be racking up quite a score on Alice's disapproval meter, as the normally mild waitress is decked out tonight in a dress fraught with rather shameful displays, from the neckline, to the hemline, to the bare back. She looks a little amused, actually, probably due to the champagne, and sidles away unobtrusively from the women. She could use another drink, anyway, and they're all the way over there.

Jessica giggles a bit as Firehooves starts sniffing her hair. "Oh, is that so, hmm?" she asks, and taking Fandral's comment to heart, starts giving the horse a light scritch between the ears, while looking for somethign the asgardian equine might like, and spots, by coincidence, a small pile of sugar cubes not far away. Presumably for coffee or tea. But one or two won't be missed if they go to a friendly equine, surely. That said, she briefly stops her ear scritching to grab one or two, bringing them back over and offering them to the war horse while resuming the scritching.

Upon reaching Fandral and Pepper, Sif smiles. She waits for Fandral and Pepper to finish speaking and for the information to be given to Jessica before she speaks.

"Lady Pepper, Fandral..." Her voice holds a gentle warmth. "I hope you two are enjoying yourselves." She gives Pepper a sympathetic look. "I fear I must pull Fandral a way for but a few moments. I promise to return him as soon as I have introduced him to a few people."

And then, in a move rather unlike how Sif normally behaves with Fandral, she moves to his side to link her arm through his. "If you would accompany me, dear friend. I won't keep you long, I swear."

Thor looks to Shaw as he speaks of Asgardian parties in such a manner. For a moment, it could be said that Thor might take insult. But the Prince has learnt of humility, and so the Thunderer opts, instead, to be amused by the wee mortal before him. His smile growing that tiniest bit indulgant of the man.

"Indeed. Thy own party was quite... interesting," Thor replies, pausing long enough to make it clear that he was searching for the politically correct answer, if only to humor the mortal before him. He noted the insult of the mangled titles, but once more declines being upset, choosing instead to be further amused by it all.

"I am afraid I'm still learning of all that you Mortals made of up my Asgard with long winters to pass in boredom with little more than campfires and drink to entertain them. Perhaps I'll hear of these grand orgies of which thou doth think must exist, if thou would judge thy mortal gathering to this one. I dare say, though, that the purpose is vastly different, and that this festival hath been tailored to fit and by my own dear Sif's hand at that. Asgard shall be lucky to have her, as I am, at my side when the Throne is given to me. Lady of Blades, Goddess of War, and see the careful thought to the details and comfort and warm welcome she took for our guests," Thor says, that polite diplomatic smile never slipping. Yes, Thor the Thunderer, brash, arrogant, prideful Thor... is a Prince now and again. And then Eddie speaks up and Thor laughs brightly at the boy, smiling down at him.

"Aye! Thou could tell a few tales thyself of such things, Son of Thrudheim," boasts the Thunderer, the earlier pretense of royalty fading away in the warmth of family and friend being near at hand.

Cursing aloud, Ben finds himself changing in a 7-11 bathroom. His dry cleaners three-doors down didn't have his tuxedo ready in time! And somehow they still managed to get his tophat finished three hours ahead of schedule! Putting on the white button up shirt, bowtie, feeding it all into his black pants, slipping on black dress shoes, because weddings are fomal and thus require formal footwear, Ben slips on the tuxedo coat carefully when everything except the hat is in play. Looking over himself in the grimy bathroom mirror Ben's happy to see the scarf, tie and shirt are all the same white, "Good they match. Thank God," something is going right tonight.

The Clerk stares at Ben perplexed as the teen is wearing a tuxedo complete with coat tails and a top hat when he steps out of the bathroom. "What are you wearing that for?!"

Smiling Ben replies, "This old thing! It's just something I had around," Ben's voice tries to sound confident but not even a five year old would believe that. Walking out the convenience store he suddenly rushes toward the wedding location holding his hat like lift depended on it the entire time. Why did he have the tuxedo in the first place? While the outfit does count as formal wear it is another piece of cosplay. Add a white mask and cape, and loose the scarf he would be a great Tuxedo Mask. As is he's dressed like Matt Smith when attending a wedding on a British-Science Fiction show involving a nine-hundred year old alien.

Stopping at all the flowers a deft hand picks one and he places it in his coat breast. "No May Pole?" Ben asks to himself but his voice is loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. He did a lot of Norse and Pagan wedding ritual research in case the guest would have to juggle ducks or anything weird for the wedding.

Stepping in casually Ben sits at a random table and acts like he's been here the entire time. Brown eyes scan the crowd while he makes sure the scarf is straightened and the hat is in place. At least he looks good.

"I will have to take your word on the party scene, gentlemen," Fury says to Shaw and Thor. "Afraid we don't have a ballroom on the Helicarrier." There is a slight huff of amusement as he turns his one eyed attention on Eddie as the youth comes up to Thor. "Hello, sir," he says with a nod. He offers his hand to the young man. "Mr. Thorson, I believe I heard Thor say? I am Director Fury."

Shaw could tell by Thor's face that he had magneled the titles, he blamed bad research, so many different translations of the same set of texts, he apparently chose the wrong ones. A rarity for Sebastian, honestly, "Again, I mean no disrepsect. But sometimes it does seem as if the legends speak of things much greater than is achieved. I was merely interested on how many of those legends were true."

He looked at Eddie, an odd child to be in the presense of a god, but he knew better than to question Thor's friendships, "And it appears my own knowledge has been trumped by one of the new generation. And one I don't believe I have met before, Sebastian Shaw... and you are?" He held his hand out to Eddie with a smile.

Thor smiles at Shaw and looks to Eddie, expectantly, warmly, supportingly. The child knows the titles, but he wonders which he'll choose to use this eve.

Alice raises a brow, "Is that so...? Well, there's always the chance that I'll end up there one day regardless... wanted or not. I do have a job to do afterall... and if I let every living person who didn't like me around stop me, well... Not only would I be horribly BORED, but I daresay the world would not be as happy as it is now." She turns to watch Fern go, but doesn't let her eyes linger, if she wanted to leave their little social circle, far be it from her to stop the girl.

"So, I appear to have... missed, exactly what this party was about... Should I assume that it's for an event? Or was there a holiday I forgot about...?

Pepper Potts smiles as Sif approaches and nods her acceptance of the evening's hostess stealing Fandral away. It gives her a chance to empty the chalice in her hand and stash it in her shoulderbag alongside its mate. She steps toward the main gathering of people though moves slowly as if a bit reluctant to just join in.

"Thor and Sif have announced their wedding," Jocelyn offers to Alice easily. "Though if you'll pardon me," Jocelyn adds to Alice and Brynn. She wanted to do a little bit of mingling for the moment, and to get herself some snacks. Going to get the cheesecake-filled strawberries that Fern had mentioned, the girl gets a small plate to place them upon as well as getting herself some water. Simple, but it was what the teen wanted.

She began to make her way towards Thor now, stepping up near the group but not yet intruding, as she didn't want to interupt the current conversation. But she did want to make sure she congratulated him!

Firehooves happily munches on the grass as he is, effectively, being groomed by a lovely lady. When she departs his side, he shifts his position again to watch where it is she's going. The sight, then, of .. sugar cubes brings his head up a little, and he starts walking towards her, reducing the distance between them. Once the sugar is scored, and the scritches begin, he's chewing happily, crunching on the sweet.

Fandral looks to Pepper, asking silent permission, then, before he looks amusedly dubious at the request made by Sif. "Sif... thou hast that look about thee. One that may either bode well for me, and ill for another.. or ill for me, and well for another. And I am in no position to know which it is that thou dost consider.."

Eddie looks to Thor with a little concern as he answers, wondering if he'd take it as an insult or not. When the Prince of Asgard does answer, Eddie's relieved. He just blushes and rubs the back of his neck when Thor speaks to him though. "I d-don't know if they're story-worthy parties," he says with a little chuckle. When Shaw turns attention his way, Eddie offers a smile before taking his hand. "Um..." a quick clearing of his throat. "I'm Eddie Thorson," still getting used to that name! "Spear of Thurdheim and Messenger of the Goddess," he says, blushing at his own titles. It's still odd to say them!

And then there's Nick. At first Eddie just looks a little lost when the one-eyed man calls him 'sir', as if Nick just said something in another language. When it clicks that Nick is speaking to him, Eddie's eyes go wide. "Oh! Um, yessir!" he chimes, shaking Nick's hand enthusiastically. "You can call me Eddie though, Director Fury-sir," he babbles a little, going into fanboy mode. "Wow."

A bright laugh comes from Sif. "Fandral, you wound me, my friend. Can I not simply introduce you to the friends that Thor and I have made here on Midgard?" Silver-blue eyes shine brightly.

She leads Fandral towards the ever growing group around Thor. As she passes Brynn again, she gives the woman a knowing smile and a 'we're so talking about that later' playful look. And once they reach Thor and the gather, Sif steps up at Thor's side, her arm still linked with Fandral's.

"Don't need to throw 'sir' in there any more than once, son," Fury says with a chuckle. "I put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else." He brings his hand back and then sips at his drink with another. He looks over towards Shaw. "My general rule of thumb is to take legends with a grain of salt as some blasted story teller embellished some where to feel more important." He looks around the party once and then back to the people in front of him. "Although, this fancy shindig certainly seems to have potential with the right circumstances."

Nabbing a menu Ben looks over all the choices. Gods apparently spared no expense to their weddings. His mouth salivates over the sound of Roast Beast. Putting the menu down his fingers rap on the table. "I wonder if there's dancing?" he asks softly. Again brown eyes look over the room trying to find familiar faces.

Jessica chuckles. "Someone likes his sugar cubes, hmm?" she says playfully, continuing to scritch the large equine. He seems amazingly intelligent, and she chalks it up to him being from a world of Gods.

Fern again returns to her mode of drifting around the outskirts of the party, enjoying it more as an observer, although she readily stops to talk to those she doesn't know to exchange pleasantries. Of course, typical of her, one of her choices to converse with is a young man walking around with a tray of drinks for the guests. She's a simple young woman, comfortable in her element, which is the service industry. After a few minutes of a friendly exchange, she lets him get back to his work, and she returns to her own pastime of people watching.

Sebastian Shaw seems genuinely impressed with Eddie's list of titles, "Thorson!? Well then, you sound like someone I should know, then. If the Thor himself can give you his name, you are someone that should be achieving as much as he can."

He looked at Thor and said, "And that Thor is why I think you and I are so similiar, we are patrons. Looking at those who come after us and help them achieve the potential we know they can."

Though he seemed innocuous he thought to Emma <My darling, if you would please deep probe this Eddie person, I want to see what Thor sees in him.>

"Well, I will hope that Polaria will not need to deal with unwanted visitors for some time at least." offers Brynn. Then Jocelyn is departing to mingle, and Brynn shrugs her shoulders, "Aye, the upcoming nuptuals of a god and goddess can draw quite the crowd." she says towards Alice. "Makes for quite a party does it not?" She finishes off her glass of.. oh whatever was set out on that one table over there. Something fruity and alcoholic. When they asked for her ID, she just gave them a -look- and got someone to vouch for her, likely Sif herself.. that is after she tried to explain that sure, she was young, but still well over twenty one...

"And that is what I thought. Ill for me, and well for you.." Fandral jokes. "Nay.. There is no 'simply' when it comes to thee, Sif.." He doesn't fuss about her arm wrapped about his, but he does look.. questioning for the moment.

As he comes up, Fandral catches the last bit from Sebastian Shaw, and his brows rise. Is the man really putting himself upon a level with his Prince? He coughs in his hand, and blue eyes glance towards Sif, looking for a reaction.. Midgard isn't what it used to be!

As for Firehooves? He runs a tongue over a proffered palm, licking Jessica's hand if she'll allow it, tickling with his soft, fuzzy, rubber nose.


Alice shrugs, "Hard to say... though unless it's this side of the Atlantic... it may have a few decades before I make it back there. Especially if it has no particularly nasty ghost problems." She shrugs, "From what I've been told of America... it has quite a few that I'll need to deal with." She finishes what was probably champagne or something, and sets it down next to Brynn's. "A wedding hrm? How interesting... I don't often attend wedding parties... or engagement parties, as I suppose this is." <Only if we talk about your 'Companion in life comment later, darling.>

Emma's mind moved into Eddie's, fairly certain he wasn't well versed in defense against the telepathic arts arts.

Emma also adds into the conversation so she is not completely invisible, "Also what I try to achieve at my school. They are the future after all."

Fuzzy noses and horse tongues tickle, and soon enough Jessica is laughing, but keeping her hand in place for Firehooves to eat the sugercubes in her palm. She spots Ben in his odd outfit, but says nothing, just enjoying the chance to hang out with the intelligent and- thus far- friendly equine.

A brow arches at Shaw. "On the contrary, Mister Shaw." Sif releases Fandral's arm and moves to wrap her own around Eddie's shoulders. "It was not just a giving of his name. Eddie has been adopted into his house and is, in Asgard, considered our son." She gives an all too sweet smile. "Surely you recall the announcement proclaiming such earlier."

Her jaw is set slightly, a look being given to Fandral. She's not overly pleased. A calm mask of serenity in place, the Goddess lifts her chin slightly and the pride in her family can be seen. "I assure you, the similarities between you and my betrothed are few."

She then turns a smile on Nick. "Director Fury, might I introduce to a long time friend of mine and Thor's, the Swordsman of the Warrior's Three, the finest Swordsman in all of Asgard, Fandral." In reverse, "Fandral, this is Director Nick Fury. He is charge of SHIELD which often works with the Avengers."

Chuckling softly, Brynn shakes her head, "Well, ghost problems are something my people -rarely- have to deal with. There may be... three or four of the residents of Polaria who have ever ... well.. died." She shrugs and shakes her head, "However, that is beside the point. You deal with... unruly spirits then? That must be a fascinating occupation! I make swords, or just about anything made of metal."

Thor stands peacefully by, hand upon Eddie's shoulder falling as Sif takes a hold of the lad's shoulders. To Fandral, the Prince bro-nods - Asgardian style. That is to say that Thor brings a fist to his chest over his heart and nods his head once. And then his eyes search for a passing server, and when one draws near, the Thunderer reaches out and snatches a fresh drink. Because he has a feeling of what is going to go down, and such amusement requires a fresh drink.

"Three or four deaths? Well I suppose Polaria must be... quite the place..." Alice raises a brow, "Yes... I deal with unruly spirits. Specifically, the malevolent sort... Occasionally I deal with other things, but that is how I generally make myself useful... It's also how I entertain myself. Sometimes, time at home can be dreadfully dull..." She gestures vaguely with a hand, "A blacksmith then...? Such a rare occupation for this day and age... as I understand it, most metal objects are made in factories anymore... Industry was quite common even when I was a young girl..."

There is a very faint scowl as Jocelyn sees psionic energy directed at Eddie. Her teammate. Her friend.

That was not okay. Jocelyn focuses her own energies and attempts to yank at some of that which Emma was directing at Eddie. It's likely not enough to prevent the scan, but the woman was not going to stand idly by and watch her friend be, well, possibly mind-hosed. She didn't know what Emma was doing, but she was pretty sure it was not exactly something Eddie was aware of. And maybe it'll let Eddie know something is wrong if someone is messing with Emma's powers.

The girl also walks over towards Sif and leans over to whisper something to her, whoever she is talking with at the time.

"Fandral," Nick Fury says with a formal nod and slight bow to the Swordsman. "Good to meet you." He offers his hand to Fandral. "Will we be seeing you on Earth, or how do you say it," he gives Sif and Thor a quizzical look for a moment before looking back at Fandral, "Midgard for any adventures with the Avengers or other hand?"

Val Armorr finishes his chicken and water. Sufficiently sated from his meal, the young warrior returns to.. apparently the best action is going on. That of Thor's companions and and one Sebastien Shaw. He nods at Brynn as he passes her, and once to Alice. But he catches that scowl Jocelyn is hurling towards Emma and though he keeps walking, his attention is engaged now. Something is happening. Long distance to (Sif, Sebastian Shaw): Thor smiles and hugs. I'm not upset OOCly. This seems to be just a matter of cultures clashing. :)

The whisper from Jocelyn causes Sif's eyes to widen a plit second and then narrow. In an instant, She steps in front of Eddie and wrpa an arm back around him protectively, putting herself between the boy and Emma.

The Lady is gone, in her place stands the Goddess of War and she is furious. Her eyes have gone all but completely silver, her voice deadly calm as she stares at Emma. "That is enough."

Thinking on it a second Ben grabs the menu again. His eyes scan the menu, "I don't think this is a wedding," he eyes the guest in their various attires. Usually people wore suits and tuxedo. Well, everyone except for that one guy that thinks a shirt with a tuxedo print is classy enough. Nevermind the mustard stains on it or his blue jeans that have been worn for three days straight. Shrugging it off Ben lets out a sigh of relief, "Now I don't need to worry about looking better than the bride," finger tips straighten out his scarf. He doesn't really think he would look better than Sif. Even if she just wore old jogging pants and a beat up t-shirt for the band Poison she would look better than him in Ben's own eyes. Still, he doesn't want others to think he is trying outdo them on their special day.

Also, it's very easy to suspect this is a wedding, if one doesn't pay too close attention, because Thor and Sif have been, according to Ben's calculations, dating forever. So he just presumes the Gods work miracles and can pull of what takes mortals a year in fourteen days. And if this WERE true, Ben would have to hire Sif's asgardian wedding planner for when someone is crazy enough to marry him. "I wonder if it's Fandral. He coordinates Green rather well...maybe he has the same gift with flowers," he thinks to himself idly while looking over the crowd. Ben just loved to rip on the Asgardian that could rip him limb from limb. Although he does respect the member of the warriors three full heartedly.

His eyes stop on a figure. Sure their hair is bad. Honestly it looks more suited for a Revolutionary War recreationist. Obviously someone that loves the Queen and Crown, although mutton chops had an expensive and dapper looking suit. "Okay, he wins best dressed award," Ben says nudging someone that walks by.

"I have been working metal for over a thousand years." says Brynn to Alice absently, as her attention flickers elsewhere. She narrows her eyes as she spies Sif's emotional reaction to things, and she adds to Alice, "Excuse me." as she moves... to where she'll be able to give backup and support to her friend the goddess.

Now.. there was some sugar. Of course more must be supplied, right? And there's nothing like a -large- warhorse in search of sugar. The nostrils flare, breath taken in, which in turn is blown out with some droplets of warm breath. Any more? Firehooves pushes forward now, sniff-sniffing..

Fandral catches Sif's tones, her attitude, and he softly whistles, and Firehooves ceases rooting. Instead, the horse steps away and begins a slow, but definite progress towards the dais. (Hope people get out of his way!)

"Director Nick Fury.." and Fandral holds his hand out, ready to clasp the other man's arm. "Well met.."

Jocelyn's arrival and brief whisper to Sif gains Fandral's attention, and he murmurs softly, "I wouldst speak with thee at length, Director Nick Fury.." but he may have to deal with something.. Pepper Potts gets randomly nudged and stops to look at the culprit. She actually looks momentarily surprised. "Mr. Reilly?"

Jessica, who along with Firehooves is relatively nearby to Ben and shakes her head at him. "They just announced their engagement." she says to her fellow teen. "This whole thing is an engagement party."

"Oh, um, sorry. It's a habit," Eddie apologizes quickly. "The legends are usually umm...stretching the truth. Sometimes on p-purpose and sometimes just because of's like that telephone game. The message changes as it g-g-gets passed along. On top of that there's also translating to different languages where stuff g-gets lost and added," he explains what Billy told him when they spoke about the legends of Thor and Sif.

Eddie just blushes a little deeper at Sebastian's reaction to his name. "I um, yes sir. Thor and Sif adopted me," he replies. "I try t-t-to do as much as I can," he adds.

The young power booster is not well versed in psychic defenses, no. He's got some basic defenses but right now he's pretty easy to get a read on. On the surface, he's mostly having a fanboy reaction of 'ohmygodsI'mmeetingNickFurythisissocoolIhopeIdon'tmakeafoolofmyselfmaybeIcanaskhimtoforanautographandIstillneedtotalktohimabouttheSuperAdaptoidtooohman'...quickly in his head. Below that he's running through information he knows about Nick both real and internet rumor. It's a long, extensive list. Kid's a fanboy, full of information. It might be a headache worth of information. Going deeper to see just what earned Eddie a place in Thor's family...standing up to Loki, standing up to an enraged Thor, fighting demons and frost giants, and more. The kid's short and kind of scrawny but he's got heart and just like was witnessed earlier when Fandral and Ben were having a conflict, Eddie's willing to put himself in the path of danger for friends and to do what's right. The fact that he believes himself a mutant might help but it's clear that he's willing to do the same even without powers.

When Sif comes over, Eddie perks up and smiles. He winces slightly when the Goddess speaks to Sebastian, shrinking back a little. Of course once she introduces Fandral...get ready for a flood of fanboy info about Fandral as well as legends about the Warriors Three if you're still peeking into Eddie's head, Emma. Before Eddie can say anything, there's Sif. The teen squeaks a little when Sif grabs him, looking a little confused. "Wh-what? Sif?"

"My favorite redheaded CEO! Sit," he pats the spot next to him. "How are we? Where's Mr. Armor?" Usually those two are a couples act. A smile is on his face and after she sits he even puts his tophat on her for a moment. "Like the hat?"

Alice turns to look towards Sif, as her reaction to Emma becomes apparent, a slight quirk of her brow being made before she turns back and gives a nod at Brynn before paying closer attention to the spectacle.

Val Armorr watches Lady Sif drop the pretenses of the lady and the Warrior beneath emerges faster than Val would have thought possible. Something has her hackles raised. And judging by her gaze... Emma and Mr. Shaw..... Possibly only one of them. Moving sliftly, his water finds a resting spot and he slips through the crowd to emerge from it at Sif's elbow. "Peace, Lady Sif.. your engagement party is no place for violence." He tells her easily, his voice calm and serene, hoping to impart that to Sif.

Thankfully, Fern has wandered a fair distance away from those gathered near Thor and Sif, but she does look over toward the grouping as she pops yet another cheesecake filled strawberry in her mouth. Do these ever run out? Good lord, she hopes not. She watches, from her safe distance, blue eyes curious and lightly clouded.

Emma placed a hand onto her hips, she had caught that Jocelyn was able to read generally what she was doing, but didn't quite think she would pinpoint her. Damage control. She glanced to Sif, but more importantly to Eddie, "I'm what's called a telepath, I was curious about you. No harm was meant, no control."

She then turned her eyes towards Sif, "No harm was meant. By my word everyone's mind in this room as now my own, as long as mine own is."

Val's approach is watched, and in a heartbeat, Fandral reaches to place a warning hand upon the arriving man's chest. His tones, too, sound light, but there is a dark seriousness that lingers beneath. "Stand fast.. thy counsel will be taken.."

Pepper Potts smiles at Ben Reilly and accepts his offer to sit, as she's not really doing anything else. "Tony? I think he went back to the Tower. Knowing him, he'll have every inrtention of returning and some shiny bit of tech or other will catch his attention and he'll completely forget." She looks over at the little knot of people including Thor and Sif et al, and wonders what the abrupt tension is about. The young man stepping in to speak quietly and briefly to Sif catchesbher attention, especially when Fandral takes exception to it. "

Alice frowns slightly, then fades... and finally disappears entirely... If things were going down, she was not going to be caught in the middle of them in a solid, damagable form... She'd watch from an invisible, insubstantial position.

Shaw nodded at Emma and said, "No disrespect was intended, at all. But both of you Lord Thor, Lady Sif, you would not deny visiting lords the right to ensure they are among friends."

Sebastian looked towards Thor and said, "I invited you into my house and made allowences for your custom. I ask now you grant us the same. -I- asked my White Queen to read Eddie's mind, not for malicious intent, but rather to know if this Eddie Thorson has malicious intent of his own. I do not know him, and I reacted badly. I apologize for this."

Shaw looked at Sif and said, "And m'lady, I understand your reaction, you did not question my ways, and yet I've been questioning your ways constantly. I ask you to treat this as a clash of cultures. That as much as I adore both Thor and you, I needed to be sure."

He heroicly stands before Emma, removed his jacket and layed it on the ground, "If you feel it worth to punish someone for this, make it me, and not Emma. That is all I ask." Sif has partially disconnected.

Jessica turns to watch the goings on as this odd confrontation unfolds. Mind readers? That always makes her feel a bit uncomfortable. But it seems that one is here and may have sparked an incident. Well, if it comes to a fight, she has no problem siding with Thor and Sif, due to the fact that the two are friends, and even if it means revealing her identity as Spider-Woman, if this comes to a fight, she'll stand by them simply because it's the right thing to do.

Val Armorr stops, though he does not retreat even a single pace. He doesn't need to look down, feeling the larger man's hand on his chest. "And counsel is all it is.. but for the sake of keeping the party peaceful.. please remove your hand from my person.. or have it removed. Sir." He tells Fandral, already analysing, those long experienced eyes telling the young martial artist where to hit him, where to inflict the most damage should a fight occur. Assuming he is of Thors stature.. that may be easier said than done.

Fern had no idea this was going to be dinner and a show. And then she chastises herself for her thoughts and blames it on the darned champagne. Slightly inebriated, in a dress far out of her price range and her typical comfort zone, she can only trust everything will be resolved. She has absolute faith in their hosts and the invited guests. Maybe some others have had too much champagne as well. But darn, it really does make your toes tingle. She wiggles her toes, looking around and realizing she's drifted back toward Firehooves and his new companion.

Thor's good natured smile fades the moment Sif grows protective. The shift in Thor is far more subtle than what was in the Goddess. Subtle as a sudden drop in the barimetrix pressure. Subtle as a cold northly wind creeping its way through the gathering. Subtle as the faint smell of ozone cutting in through the smell of roses and mead and food. Subtle as the distance rumble of thunder and a flicker of lightning in the darkening sky above. Subtle as the flash of lightning in a certain Storm Lord's gaze.

"Enough," Thor booms, silencing the music and many of the other party goers. He turns first to Val.

"Warrior, hold thy tongue and thy sword. My Goddess of War hath every right to attack as she needs to any perceived threats to hearth, home, and kin. After all, it was thusly stated not so long ago by mortal kenning that /any/ attack upon Thorson was as a attack against myself, my house, and in the not so unimaginable future, the very throne of Asgard itself; and would be thusly treated as such," Thor says clearly, voice once more commanding, thuderous, and carrying easily so that all might heard. Once more does Thor push on the All Tongue to speak, that his words would be heard by all in their own native language, whatever that might be. Then to Emma do Thor's storm-filled eyes turn.

"We have had encounter with those that would touch the minds of others. With little good coming of it."

But as Shaw speaks, king to Prince, Thor turns his attention to the mortal and hears him out fully. A nod is given here and there, as it's clear that as much as Sif is beholdendant to him and will act on his orders, so Emma is vassaled to Shaw. The title of Life's Mate makes much more sense to the THunderer now. His lips purse as he ponders this, with all the lengthy patience of a man of some few thousand years with an eternity more ahead of him. Finally, a nod is given and the storm clouds above roll away from the sky, the chill wind calms, and the flicker of lightning in sky and gaze receeds with the deep distance rumble of thunder.

"I understand, mortal King. Know that I am the Protector of this Realm. The Allfather, Odin-King, hath so given it to me to safeguard. Few Children of Midgard, whose hearts are not blackened and tainted by power-lust, murderous thoughts, or evil need fear any from my house to such as extent as to need to order their vassal to enter the minds of those whom I directly care for. I say this now: if thou art indeed curious and wish to be seen as friend and possible ally in the protection of this realm, thou would openly request answers for thy questions, and I shall give all that I am able. If I can not, I shall tell thee, and simply at that. Thy culture is thusly allowed for: only the guilty, the plotting, fear to be plotted against in turn. Questioning the honour of my Son is akind to questioning My Honour. The same is true of many cultures upon Midgard. If this is not the case in thine, I would ask to sit with thee, at length, to hear of thy culture, which seems to vastly different from any upon Midgard that I have experienced since the days of Hrolf Kraki. As for punishments, I would rather not sully the announcement of the date of my handfasting to the Lady Sif by seeing thee properly smited as the honour of my house demands at this current moment, and, as thou did say, there is potentially a matter a clash of cultures. As such, pick up thy garment, and remain in peace here." Here Thor pauses, eyes growing harsh once more, the lightning returning.

"But know that I have never been well known for the temperance of my Anger," warns the Thunderer, voice once more rumbly. And with that, he turns from Shaw, as if the mortal king were beneath further attention, and Val gets the weight of his gaze.

"Wouldst thou, likewise, wish to reconsider thine words, or shall I request my Lady open for us a portal to Mulspelnir, that we might test out meddle upon one another?"

Eddie just blinks a few times, frowning deeply. Jocelyn gets a quick thankful look when he sees her and the teen concentrates on making his mind a little harder to read. They're not full on psychic defenses but it'd be more challenging to get back in there. He sighs slightly at Emma, but offers a small smile. "You c-could have just asked, ma'am," he remarks. "I m-mean I'm really not that interesting b-b-but I could try to answer questions," he adds. Shaw catches his attention with his comments though. Eddie looks up at him like he's said the sky was flamigo pink and it was raining nacho cheese sideways in song when the older man says that he suspected Eddie might have malicious intent. He's about as malicious as a baby rabbit and the idea is a foreign one to him. "Again, c-could have just asked," he says, blinking slowly. When Thor goes all commanding, Eddie shrinks back again. He waits for the speech to finish before sighing. "Oh m-man..." he trails off, rubbing the back of his neck.

Nick Fury remains impassive as he watches the goings on. Telepaths. That is one wrinkle he will have to address with SHIELD when he gets back. Just not something they have had much dealings with. Can't think it would be much fun to have someone going through your mind unaware that Emma had scanned him earlier. He watches Shaw's response and while he is able to keep his face stoic, there is a slight huff at the over done postering. Still, he lets Thor and Sif deal with this one as they seem to have it in hand.

Fandral is very much like Thor.. though none have seen him fight in Midgard for a thousand years, at the very least.

Fandral's smile grows, and it's not necessarily a pleasant one. It's one that holds a great deal of.. promise. "Have it removed? Art thou threatening me, boy?" He pauses before he shakes his head. "Know thy place.. and it is not beside Sif, offering counsel."

Even now, the bay horse.. larger in person than he looked eating grass and flirting.. er.. being scritched by lovely ladies and offered sugar.. arrives, bearing the Swordsman's swords. (And here, Fan had put his sword on his horse in deference to the occasion. Never again!)

Reaching over, the Warrior pulls his sword from the sheath.. and smiles. "My Prince hath spoken.." After all, the Warriors Three is also duty bound to protect..

Emma turned her eyes to the ones who remained of interest to her at most times, the students and young ones amoung their kind. She gave him a small smile speaking softly as if they were the only two in the room, "I pardon the breach in privacy, It was an idle curiosity. I guante you your deep thoughts and secrets were your own. Depending on the evening, I'll get to know you your words will allow it. Depending."

She then turns her eyes to Shaw. Her face completely cold to read.

Seeing the large group of people gather around Ben gets up, "S'cuse me Miss Potts. Apparently someone's making a spectacle of themselves and it's not me for once. This begs for investigation," moving up to the crowd Ben tries to see over the group. Sighing he raises his hat and pushes through, "Excuse me. Freshly pressed hat coming through! Excuse me. Move it, please. Thank you," he pauses looking between all the parties. "Umm you probably shouldn't need to bow down like that. I'm sure whatever you did was a misunderstanding and all that fun stuff," Ben moves out of the way for the horse if it comes by.

"Remember why we are all here to celebrate and have fun. If the bar is a cash bar a round is on me! Whatever people want, if it's not then why don't we just say and let bygones be bygones. People don't know each other, maybe we're a little tipsy, it's a party. Everyone's edgy, all that. Let's just have some fun," he dances a little while explaining. Does he know what happened? No. However, it is Thor's and Sif's party. Usually they're the sort that want people to eat, sleep and be merry. Not suspicion, bowing, and whatever other negative things are happening. The threat from Thor throws Ben off a little but he is trying to restore some level of piece.

The sky and Thor's voice rumbles, that familiar and comforting scent of ozone fills the Goddess' senses, the sky darkens... Those silvery eyes cut to Thor for a moment as he speaks.

Inch by inch, her body slowly relaxes but it's clear the War-Goddess persona will not be completely put away again. She says nothing. Thor has laid down the law, as it were, and there's really nothing she can add except a hard smile. She is, after all, beholden to Thor in many ways and he has deemed the matter closed.

She turns her attention to the altercation brewing between Val and Fandral when a delivery man approaches the Goddess carry a large square box that's about a foot and a half wide by a foot and a half tall. "Pardon me, Ma'am. You have a delivery if you're the hostess and I need a signature." Delivery Man has no sense of self preservation.

Jessica isn't far behind the horse, hoping that this won't come to blows, but ready to help if it comes down to it. Then she turns to Ben, and shakes her head in amusement despite herself when it comes to the hat. But hopes that things will settle peacefully.

Val Armorr holds his ground. He's gone up against beings just as mighty as Thor and a few that make Thor look like Eddie. No offense. He weathers the tongue lashing and replies with a simple. "She may take all the offence she likes. I simply sought to preserve the sanctity of the ceremony. A sentiment I thought she might share, being that it is HER ceremony as well as yours. Sir."

He says before turning to Fandral. "Not at all. A threat implies the lack of will or ability to back up the words. An empty thing. My words were simple curtesy, allowing you to remove your hands before I helped you remove it." Although she had been headed vaguely toward Firehooves, Fern stopped well short, letting the magnificent beast and his companion venture as they saw fit. She keeps her distance, not so much in any sense of -self- preservation, but in the mind that she still hopes to be able to return the dress she paid so much for. She doesn't want to get anything on it. So she holds her distance, watching with no little interest.

One good thing about a dress that is loose and flowing... at least other than around the shoulders, is that it's not difficult to get at stuff you may or may not have concealed under it. Brynn has little modesty though, and she simply lifts the hem of her right side up... much to the likely chagrin of Invisible Alice over there. But as she lifts it to the hip.. yes all the way to the hip, she reaches with her other hand to draw a slender blade maybe a foot and a half long (including the handle). It's not elaborate, or decorated. It's just a gleaming blade that she draws and then she drops her dress hem casually, flipping the blade around to hold it by the actual blade...

She lift it to catch the light so that Sif can see that, and then slowly moves a bit closer to the goddess, the weapon held in hand just in case the goddess of war requires... something sharp. She hopes not, but, better to have and not need, than to need and not have, right?

Sebastain Shaw laughed, "Alright, Thor of Thunders, which is how we remember you. I asked Emma to read poor Eddie's mind, because I was interested. I wanted to know why he was so special to you and Sif. Two people, that he found so special that he wanted to know everything about them, to the point that he wanted to see a true Asgardian party. And now Sebastian Shaw was going to get in.

"You speak of marriage and you suddenly speak in my language. My fiance is not Emma Frost, she was Lourdes Chantel! She was killed when I fought for the control of the Hel-Fire Club."

"You have everything I wish I could have! And yet, you fault me for using what I have. Thor, Thor Odinson, we are brothers in battle. If you do not see that, then try to strike me down right now."

He looks back at Emma for a moment, "And I... I am mortal so I am week!"

"So strike me down with your hammer. Or recognize me as a friend. The choice both your and obvious."

Pepper Potts stays seated as Ben Reilly goes to try and calm things down, though she's likely as tense as everyone in the middle of that oh so polite altercation. If things DO get out of hand, how much of a donation to the gardens is it going to take to repair the damages to the grounds and appease the curators? Her head aches at the thought.

Thor quirks a brow at Val's response, then laughs, seeking to break the tension as he steps forward to toss an arm about Fandral's shoulders.

"Methinks the new comers knows little of Asgard and less of the Norse. After, I can show thee both a field in which Sif and I doth practice, and this matter can be settled then. Until such time, have another drink," he says. And then Shaw is speaking again, and with a light sigh, Thor pats Fandral's chest once, his body seeking to move Fandral's arm for him before the Thunderer turns to speak with Shaw again. Thor blinks once at the mortal man, and shakes his head.

"Thou know not of what thou doth say, Sebastian Shaw, Black King of Hel-Fire. My condolanscences for thy loss-" odd. Emma seemed his mate. Perhaps she's like Amora, then? "-but such jealousy is unbecoming those of our station. But I shall answer thy question: No, we are not brothers, mortal. Please, enjoy the refreshments and the hospitality of Asgard, and then see thyself gone. We can cross might on the morrow. Tonight... tonight, I plan to drink more than any aesir man should, eat more than any bilgesnipe might, and perhaps see if my betrothed can be coaxed to giggle and squeel for me before the sun seeks to rise." Yup. Classically arrogant, boastful Thor. Doesn't take much, does it?

Sif heard Shaw's words and cut her eyes back that way, giving a slight smirk before she shook her head slightly. She had taken the package and sat it at her feet and was in the middle of signing her name at Thor's proclomation. It was so... He rarely speaks in such a manner concerning her. The pen is all but dropped as Sif's mouth drops open and her eyes widen. A bright blush rises to her cheeks. "Donar!" If she's using -that- name in such a public venue, to say he shocked her would be an understatement.

She blinks at him a few more times before managing to tear her attention away and finish signing her name, biting down on her bottom lip the entire time in her attempt -not- to giggle like a school girl.

"It's okay," Eddie replies to Emma. As long as she wasn't trying to hurt him or his friends and family and isn't doing it anymore, he's prone to let it go. He's relieved to hear about things being kept safe. "Sure. I'd b-be happy to talk," he offers. Everyone posturing, threatening, and trying to stop the conflict gets a little sigh from Eddie. He looks around, first to Ben and Jocelyn to make sure they're okay, and then to Nick to see his opinion of it all. When Sebastian speaks up, Eddie frowns again. "Sir...I...I think the answer is...they see m-m-me as special because we're family. N-not biologically...but...Thor and Sif took me in off the streets. They've b-b-been more family to me than my biological parents ever were," he answers simply. Of course Thor's words get him blushing furiously just like Sif. Right...mental note made to NOT be in the apartment tonight.

Jessica doesn't bother hiding her amusement, especially once Sif refers to Thor the way she does, and laughs. Those two have it bad, and she thinks that's just fine.

"Yes, Sibba?" Thor asks of Sif, smiling with an innocence that is far too innocent to be truly innocent. One could almost see the halo floating over his head right at that moment. His voice is even a little sing-song.

Shaw nodded to Thor, "I am sorry you feel that way, but I will always view as such,"

To be honest he wanted Thor to hit him, he had never been hit by a God, he wanted to know if he could survive that. Shaw bowed to Sif, "I'm am sorry if I angered you and your future husband. All I want is the best for the both of you."

He turned to Thor and held out his hand, "Thor, we have faced this day as antagonists, even if for seconds. But I consider you a friend. I want to continue that friendship. If that is something you want to continue?"

He looked at Emma, who was the queen of knowing when a party was over for them, "I wish you all luck and happiness, I am sorry if I put a damper on any of that."

Fandral turns about fully, his cold blue eyes narrowing, but before he makes a response, there is Thor. He allows for the movement to dislodge his hand, dropping it, though now he shifts his sword from his left hand to his right before sheathing it. As his Prince, his brother, makes his proclamations, as it were, the cool leaves, leaving behind a broad grin. His gaze flickers towards Shaw, his expression one of.. curiosity. How this mortal can declare such a thing?

No matter, however, as his grin widens even more as Thor continues before he barks a laugh. "And here, Volstagg isn't here to keep thy company, so I would imagine it falls to me. Such is a life of the duty bound."

Now.. it's time to watch once more.. with his sword now at his side (and never departing hence..).

Goal one accomplished. A bright, happy and -very- feminine giggle bubbles up and out of the Goddess. Her eyes cut over to the God, shining as bright as any star. "Incorrigible..." A hand comes up to cup his cheek a moment. "And I absolutely adore you."

Signature gotten, the Delivery Man shakes his head in confusion and makes a hasty retreat.

Finally turning to look over her shoulder at Emma and Shaw, the Goddess smiles. "My son has accepted your apology. My betrothed has made his decision. You have been welcomed to stay and enjoy the festivities and I hope you do." Seems Thor has put the Goddess in high spirits again.

A look is given to the rest gathered and as she realizes the exchange between herself and Thor was seen by so many, she blushes, quickly dips her head and kneels to open the package they recieved.

With a final glance at Shaw, the mischief of teasing his betrothed still lingering in his eyes, THor merely nods, lips also smiling, Thor reaches out to shakes Shaw's hand as is customary on Midgard, hand to hand as opposed to hand to forearm. Hand shake given, Thor returns his attention to the most important woman in his life, and smiles broadly in triumphant at the giggle which incidently will probably get posted to YouTube by that little party goer over there whose been facebooking much of this as the party unfolded. He folds his arms over his chest, chin dipping down to watch the unwrapping with open curiosity and a beaming smile. Well, a beaming slightly thoughtful smile; Maybe trying to make the Goddess squeal in public is best safed for Handfasting...

While this whole thing had been going on, Jocelyn had remained quiet. There were times when the teen knew to be quiet. This was certainly one of those times. Eddie does get a quiet nod from the girl, but she otherwise opts to hover over near the food table. Because the food seemed to be a reasonably safe place for the tall woman to hang out, and she was hungry. She does smile a little at Sif's giggle, however. Yeah, even Jocelyn knew that was going to end up on Facebook, Youtube, and all other places. Long distance to (Sif, Sebastian Shaw): Thor giggles. ^.^

Since it seems things have calmed down, Jessica relaxes. She's curious about what's in the package, figuring if there's any danger, her Spider-Sense will warn her. In the meantime, she looks over at Ben. Then at the top hat again. "A top hat? Really? Who even wears those anymore?" she asks. Her own hair is done up in a braided ponytail and is wearing a sequined black dress. though she isn't wearing high heels. Those things just suck. The Top Hat just makes her wonder what Ben was thinking though. Though to be fair, she's never met Ben before so far as she knows, but the fashion choice is just too weird.

Spidey doesn't usually attempt to cross the Botanical Gardens. They're nice and all that, but a solid lack of soaring skyscrapers makes web-slinging a potentially embarrassing affair. Besides, he's on his way home. Well, he was before all the noise coming from that way drew his attention. The buzzing at the base of his skull or, more importantly, the distinct lack of it, draws his attention.

Letting the web-line go slack, he lands on the grass of the Rose Garden and looks immediately bashful. Well, now Jonah can add 'Asgardian party crasher' to the long list of apparent crimes perpetrated by Spider-Man in New York City. He takes a couple of steps towards the party proper, scratching the back of his head in the way only an awkward teenager in a super-hero costume can.

He's about to turn tail and leave when he spots a familiar face. Well, many familiar faces. Look, it's Thor and Sif! And his clone in the fanciest of fancy suits! Okay, maybe he won't run home for dinner after all. Ooo, hey! Tostada bites! Unashamedly, the Web-Slinger plucks one from a tray and confronts the dilemma of eating food in a mask.

Emma gave one last small smile to Sif and Thor, as they were completely distracted to one another, "We appreciate your hospitality, but I find myself tired after this evening. Shaw and myself will now depart. We wish you great happiness in your future marriage, and look forward to the tales told. Perhaps, should time permit we will be present to these events, when the time is right."

She looks to Eddie and hands him a business card, "And should you wish, contact me I'd rather like to know you, Eddie Thorson."

And with that she takes Shaw's jacket and wraps it around her shoulders, and wraps her arm around his and after she leads him into one last bow they depart.

Once the two are near the valet, Emma turns her eyes towards Shaw, "I hope you have no other plans for the evening Sebastian, we have quite a lot to talk about."

And as she waits for his limo she leans his head on his shoulder, "Good and bad, darling."

The soft of gasps comes from Sif and her eyes widen once more at what she sees within the box. Gently, as if it's made of spun glass, she lifts it from the box an slowly turns to face Thor so that he cane see what has been sent to them.

She holds what first appears to be an ice scuplure, but is actually frosted glass. It is about a foot high and the base is almost a foot semi-round. It shows the images of Thor and the smaller Sif both armed, standing back-to-back with three ice giants surrounding them. The greater detail was spent on Thor and Sif themselves, from the armor to the weapons, to even the feirce expressions that fit the battle scene. It is signed by an up-coming artist.

Her eyes cut over towards Emma when the woman speaks and the Goddess nods her head. "Good evening and farewell then. Thank you for attending and well wishes."

Thor's teasing grin fades to awed sort of gasp. He too takes a knee, hands reaching out under the sculpture, as if his presence would be enough to prevent it from falling, while at the same time being completely afriad to touch it.

"This is... I've never seen ..... who crafted... is it ice?" Thor, stammering. Eddie's not the only one that can fanboy over things.

Accepting the card, Eddie nods. "Thanks, ma'am. I will. Have a g-g-good night," he offers. "You t-too, sir," he adds to Shaw as he goes. He turns a curious look on that box Sif has and smiles when he sees what's inside. "W-w-wow," he murmurs. Of course motion gets his attention and Eddie glances around. When eyes fall on Spider-Man, Eddie's eyes go wide. Fanboy mode, go! A quick glance is shot to Ben to see his reaction before Eddie shifts on the spot. He wants to go over and fanboy...but he doesn't want to offend his friend any by giving another spider the same fanboy attention he gave Ben back when they first met.

Jessica looks surprised at the sculpture, and smiles once she sees what it really is. "Frosted glass, actually. Someone went to some major trouble to get this done for you." she says. "Who sent it, anyway?"

Pepper Potts sees that everything's settling down again and stands to locate Ben Reilly again. Thus she notices a red and blue form 'appear' and watches Spider-Man curiously. Of course, she's not the sort to make a loud fuss, so if the unusually-clad young man notices her back, all she'll do is nod a hello. Then her attention goes back to trying to locate the young man with the slightly silly tophat.

Smiling to Jessica Ben bows, "Top hats are cool and people with the utmost class wear them. Thusly I wear them," he grins. "And might I add that you are looking quite ravishing Miss," he pauses waiting for a name. After the name is given a cacophony of noise draws his attention. There it is, taunting blues, haunting reds, the voice, everything that compromises his most cherished memories and darkest of nightmares.

Anger, runs off of him in Tsunamis, not just waves. Seeing Peter Parker at Stark Tech is one thing. Coming face to face with the Spider-Man is completely different. Part of him screams to lash out with his own webbing, bring Spider close and blacken his eye. Another wants him to armor up and go after the friendly-neighborhood incarnation. Show him who is SUPERIOR. The other part isn't a sensation nor a desire. It's a voice saying something simple, "Don't Ben," and the voice belongs to Sue Storm, adopted older sister.

Both his hands clench, seconds later they quake. Whether they do it with fear or anger is the real question. Taking his scarf he wraps it around his lower face, "I need to leave before I do something I regret," the words are cold as ice, sharp as steel and full of a dark earnestness. Everyone at the party, well mostly everyone, knows who he is behind the mask and are probably associated with the hero game. Seeing that costume makes Ben's caution fly out the door as he lashes out with a hand toward a building, a familiar "Thwp," follows. A web-line identical to the friendly neighborhood Spider's runs from Ben's wrist and with a tug Ben swings off. The top hat falls unceremoniously to the ground at the mercy of all the party guest. Sif slowly removes her hands from the sculpture, leaving in in Thor's gentle grasp. She reaches into the box and pulls out a card that accompanied the gift which is then read aloud. "Dear Sif and Thor, Please forgive my absence. It has been unkind of me to cancel on last minute. However, I wanted you both to know that my heart and thoughts are with the both of you and that I think of you both fondly. I hope that we will meet again, and be able to converse more freely. Always, be happy. With Love, Millie Collins."

Sif's eyes lift to look at those gathered and come to rest on Thor. A gentle, warm smile curves her lips and her eyes might be just the tiniest bit watery.

The movement of Ben's sudden departure draws the Goddess' attention and causes her to frown slightly. It's also when she sees Spider-Man. And who does she turn to for answers? Her son, of course. Who else would know better?

Thor's eyes are drawn by the sudden swift motion of Ben's departure, and for a moment the god just watches the spider go. And then he turns to Eddie and asks, "Did you know he could do that?" Yes, Thor's subtle. NOT.

"Hmm? Oh, Jessica Drew." says Jess. Then at Ben's abrupt departure, she raises a brow in confusion. But then turns her gaze to Spider-Man and she doubletakes at him. She's heard of Spider-Man. Her Clan did tell her about him. Curious, she makes her way over to him, only half paying attention to Ben's curious means of exit, filing that away for future reference. For the moment, she's just that much more curious about meeting a fellow Spider, even if he's not one of the Clan.

Pepper Potts completely misses Ben's departure, but in looking around she /does/ see his top hat on the ground, clearly dropped. She picks it up and looks around for Ben, again failing to find him. What happened? She's clearly concerned now.

In the end, Spidey just yanks his mask up over his nose and starts munching on the tostada bite. Anybody chasing him off? No? Okay, cool. He finishes off the hors d'oeuvre and follows another tray, this time reaching out for the pineapple skewers. What? Busting up a gang war and swinging about the City is hungry work.

It's as he's chowing down on his second snack that he spots Pepper looking at him, pausing a moment to offer a vaguely awkward finger-wave in greeting. Finishing off the skewer, he tucks the stick away in a napkin and then just holds onto it because no pockets. With his free hand, he tugs his mask back down over his face.

It's then that he actually stops to regard Ben. His brow knits underneath his mask, tensing up a little just in case the guy tries to sock him in the face. Spider-sense wouldn't help, after all. Then, just as quickly, he's off and watching him go. He considers giving chase for a moment before ultimately changing his mind, instead shifting a little from foot to foot as more eyes land on him.

“Sorry, I, uh,” he points sideways, explaining himself, “I thought I saw the Vulture. Just a pigeon, though.”

Eddie's expression sinks when Ben goes. He looks much like a puppy who's tennis ball has been taken away for a moment. When he notices Sif and Thor looking his way and questioning him, Eddie sighs. "Um, yes b-but I shouldn't explain here. When we're b-b-back home?" he requests, already thinking of ways explain it without violating his friend's privacy or being too vague and confusing.

Jessica snorts in amusement at that. "Must have been one big pigeon. I've heard of you. Spider-Man, right?" she asks, offering a hand to shake.

To Eddie's explanation, Thor nods. He neither ruffled nor upset nor pressing. With the matter settled for now, Thor looks back to the gift, admiring it again. It really is a work of art.

Sif nods her head a little at her son. "Of course, Eddie." Turnin back to Thor, she reaches out to take the sculpture so she can put it back in the box with the card and sit it somewhere safe.

She looks over at Spider-Man when he explains and arches a brow. She can't help but chuckle a little and give a small shake of her head.

Of course, it's then that a new song begins to play and, swiping a glass of... she's not even sure what she grabbed... The Goddess begins to dance. It's her engagement party and she fully intends to enjoy herself!

“Yeah,” Spidey answers, shaking Jessica's hand when she offers it to him, “That's me. Or you could call me by my other alias: Party Guest Freaker-Outerer ... man.”

He lowers his voice a little, offering his best apologetic smile to Thor and Sif who can't see it because he has a mask on so nevermind, before speaking to Jessica again, “I'm sorry he bolted like that. We've got a few, uh, things to work out. He still thinks Han shot first, I'm more of a Greedo shot first guy ... y'know how it is.”

"You're both wrong. Vader shot first when he killed the younglings in the temple." Jessica says with a snicker. "Okay, yeah, that was just weird, sorry. But seriously, that one's going to keep going for years, no matter what the 'special edition' stuff claims."

As Sif gets up to dance, Thor smiles, downs the last of whatever drink he had been holding, and moves to dance with Sif.

/~ Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Isn't there a white knight upon his firey steed? last at night I toss and i turn and i dream of what I need!o/~

No one razz the Norse god. He might seem like a bull in a china shop, but if you've watched that Mythbusters episode, bulls really are quite delicate around shelves filled with china. And don't over look the fact that his dancing gracefully enough to at least keep up on with Sif and not trip all over her while wearing a magical hammer, an enchanted sword, and full armor. (and a cape, regardless of what Edna Mode might say!)

Pepper Potts returns to where she'd been sitting with Ben before he bolted, still holding on to his top hat. Now that the party's thinned out a bit she's starting to feel a bit uneasy. It really hasn't been very much time since the Batman tried to scare her into blabbing about Tony. She fidgets with the hat on her lap, no longer really in the mood to enjoy the party but loathe to just leave without making sure the caterers are squared away.

Thor steps up to dance with her and the Goddess finishes her own drink, depositing the glass on the nearest available object. With grace and ease, she slips back into Thor's arms.

Yes, despite his size, there's an amazing amount of grace and fluidity to the Thunder God's movements and his Goddess matches it perfectly. The pair move in perfect unison.

After a few seconds, the Goddess' voice rings out as she sings along with song and all the she's smiling brightly and her eyes are shining.

Since Thor and Sif have gone to dance and one of Eddie's favorite songs is playing, he's tempted to hit the dance floor himself. Since Jessice has Spider-Man's attention, Eddie debates and looks around. When he spots Pepper, Eddie heads her way. "Hi, Ms. Potts," he greets her.

“Oh, blech, don't get me started on prequels and special editions. Now I'm going to have to go home and blog furiously about you.”

Spidey waves a hand dismissively, denouncing a whole era of Star Wars, and offers a jovial shrug of his shoulders to Jessica. Still a little awkward about being at a party he wasn't invited to, he steps over to Pepper and gestures to the hat in her lap. He offers an apologetic nod of his head to Eddie, only planning to interrupt for a second, honest.

“Excuse me? I can try to give that back to him, if you like?”

He almost trails off mid-sentence as he watches Sif and Thor dance, muttering to himself, “Now I've seen everything.”

Sif, believe it or not, actually has a beautiful singing voice. It's a song she knows quite well and her eyes meet Thor's as she sings along.

o/~ Up where the mountains meet the heavens above, Out where the lightning splits the sea, I could swear that there's someone somewhere, Watching me... Through the wind and the chill and the rain, And the storm and the flood, I can feel his approach, Like the fire in my blood. o/~

A look is shot over to Pepper, Eddie and Spider-Man and gives them all a warm and brilliant smile though she does take not of Jessica's departure. She's very clearly enjoying the dancing, and the party and... Come on! She's getting married. She's a little giddy right now.

Taking a seat by Pepper, Eddie nods. "It's b-been an interesting party," he replies. "Oh, it was a sculpture. Made of glass I think. Of her and Thor and some frost giants," he answers. The teen considers a moment before tilting his head to the side. "Are you alright, ma'am?"

Thor can't help but grin hugely at Sif's singing with the song. Believe it or not, this is the first time Thor's heard it fully. It's.... memorable. And mischief flickers again. An arm wraps about Sif's waist as his right hand pulls his hammer free... from his belt clip, you sick minded puppies! Without preamble or even care for clean up, because let's face it: Thor probably doesn't really fully realize that -someone's- got to clean up and that party messes aren't just magicked away when he leaves. His mood of departure leaves happy litte zephyrs behind, dancing merrily through the gathered, tugging at hair or skirts or tableclothes. Eddie, Thor doesn't know about the sock on the doorknob convention, but you're probably going to want to bunk with Vic or the Allies or something, just in case it doesn't occur to either Sif or Thor to head back to Asgard, where the neighbors won't care about the noise being made and where the walls are made of sturdy stuff than on Midgard. Thor's never getting his security deposit back on that apartment.... Ever.

Spidey blinks a couple times behind his mask when Pepper and Eddie don't appear to notice him talking to them. He takes a step back, patting his chest and arms suddenly in a faux-panic.

“Wait, I'm not dead, am I? I knew it. The tostadas were poisoned.”

Deciding against asking politely again, Spidey simply holds out a hand and fires a web line at the top hat Pepper holds and tugs it back. He catches it in his spare hand, holding it up and putting it on only so he can tip it at her and Eddie.


That done, he turns to wave to Thor and Sif who seem way more interested in each other than saying goodbye to the friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man – so he just leaves it at a wave.

Pepper Potts smiles at Eddie again, though again it's a bit lackluster. "I'll be fine. I just had a rather difficult week." She startles and shields her face with one hand as Thor and Sif abruptly depart. That likely heralds the official end of the party. "And, it looks like it's time to start coordinating the cleanup."

Eddie looks up as Spidey speaks, eyes going wide. "Oh man, n-no, you're not dead, sir!" he chimes. He watches the hat be webbed and waves as Spider-Man goes. "Bye!" he calls. When Thor and Sif go, Eddie just blinks. "Oh boy..." he trails off. "I'll help, ma'am," he offers to Pepper. More time to plot where he wants to spend the night.

Pepper Potts startles when the top hat is snatched away and looks up as the red and blue clad young man takes off with it. "... but..." Yeah, she's definitely off her game. She looks at Eddie again. "Are you sure?"

"Don't worry about that, Ms. Potts," Eddie gestures after Spider-Man. "Ben'll get his hat back," and if not, Eddie will be asking Spider-Man very politely for it. He then nods. "I'm s-sure. I'm g-going to be uh...staying out tonight anyway. To give Thor and Sif some um..." and cue going crimson. "alone time..."

Pepper Potts ohs, then OHs and nods her understanding to Eddie. "If you want, I think there's a spare room at the Stark Tower..." She's already reaching into her shoulder bag to get her phone. "I mean, unless you have other arrangements already planned."

Eddie blinks a moment and then smiles. "I...oh, thank you, Ms. Potts! That sounds great. I d-d-didn't have anything planned yet."

Pepper Potts nods. "Here. Ask JARVIS about it. I need to check in with the catering service." It's VERY few people she'd trust with her phone, especially when she stands and moves to talk with a white-coated man nearby.

Eddie's surprised but nods. "Thank you," he says. When handed the phone, he glances at the phone a moment before bringing it to his ear. "Excuse me, Mr. JARVIS? Ms. Potts said t-t-to ask you if there was a free room at Stark Tower I c-could sleep in for the night?"

"Mr. Thorson. Good evening. There is indeed a guest room available. Will you be needing anything beyond the usual amenities?"

Pepper finishes her conversation with the caterer and returns to where Eddie is, smiling and taking a seat again without interrupting the conversation between the young man and the AI.

Again, Eddie's surprised. It'll take him awhile to get used to the name. "That's great. And n-no. I don't need anything extra. Thank you," he chimes to the AI. When Pepper comes back over, Eddie smiles her way.

"Very well, Mr. Thorson. Enjoy the rest of the celebration." There's a faint click from the phone as the AI closes the connection. Pepper settles her hands in her lap, her posture tired. "So what did JARVIS say?" Nodding, Eddie hands the phone back to Pepper. "He said there's a r-r-room I can use for the night. Thanks, Ms. Potts."

Pepper Potts smiles. "You are most welcome, Eddie. Thank you for sitting with me." She won't say it aloud, but having the young man nearby really is helping her feel more at ease. And after the week she's had, every little bit helps.

"You don't have to thank me, ma'am," Eddie replies with a smile. "I'm happy to d-do it," he chimes.

Pepper Potts nods. "Well I still appreciate it." She watches the activity of the clean-up around them, then comments seemingly idly, "You know, after the amount of food set in front of me earlier, I didn't think I'd be hungry again for days." She's quiet for a moment longer, then... "I'm thinking about getting gelato or something on the way home."

Eddie watches the clean up as well, glancing over once Pepper speaks again. He gives a little laugh at the comment. "Hunger is k-kinda sneaky. It'll find a way to grab you even if you d-d-do eat a lot," he's speaking from experience. "Gelato?" nope, no idea what that is.

Pepper Potts is amused that Eddie doesn't know what gelato is, but doesn't mock him openly. "It's Italian ice cream. Usually made in very small batches, and very rich compared to american ice cream."

Eddie nods slowly. "Oh. Well that s-sounds like it could be cool. M-maybe I'll get one too."

"My treat." She looks at the botanical gardens that are slowly but surely returning to their original garden appearance. "This has been fun. I'm glad I was able to contribute."

Eddie opens his mouth to say Pepper doesn't have to do that but he's come to realize that arguing with Pepper just doesn't work. Smiling, he nods. The gardens get glanced at again and Eddie let's out a little noise. "It w-was really fun. And I'm glad it went well. I w-w-was a litle worried it might get attacked by supervillains or Loki," he admits. "And I'm glad the secret is f-finally out. It was t-too exciting to not let people know," he says with a little laugh.

Pepper Potts smiles. "I can imagine. How long did you have to wait? I think I would have had to run up to a really tall rooftop where I could yell about it and not have anyone hear me."

"About a month," Eddie replies. He's pretty sure that's how long it took anyway, "They t-t-told me the same night they told me they were adopting me. That one I g-got to tell people though."

Pepper Potts blinks and ohs. "I thought you meant about them adopting you." The two of them getting engaged? She was more surprised that that hadn't already happened.

"Oh," Eddie gives a little laugh. "No, they said I could tell anyone about the adoption but I had t-to keep the offical engagement a secret," he explains. "I was c-c-confused when they first told me actually. I m-mean I thought they were engaged since I f-first met them," he admits. "But then they t-t-told me Odin gave his permission for the actual wedding and it made more sense."

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