Typhoid Croyd: Riots!
Rplog-icon Who: Lunair Weir, Danielle Patron, Karla Sofen, Lor-Zod, Greer Nelson
Mack the Knife, Stormcloud, Army Guy/Invader Zim, Dining Room Table, Hunchback of Dame, Big Lady
Where: Soho Quarantine Zone
When: 2015.03.27
Tone: Gritty
What: Heroes move in to stop things. Some are infected.

It's chaos. The quarantine has been broken even though most of the victims are still in the Soho area. Federal authorizes have been taxed to the limit and formal calls have been made to the UN, Shield, the JLA and Santa Clause...anyone who can help has been asked to do so. It is now known that Croyd is the only one who is contagious but the spores he leaves can linger for hours...days...maybe even longer.

The BSA (not the Boy Scouts of America, the other guys), the Army, and FEMA and the CDC are all out in force and have quarantined this part of the city. It's not a pretty picture as row after row of tents has been set up for the vast majority of folks who are in writhing agony, a coma of pain and slowly dying.

Another tent, isolated from the rest contains the jokers. Physically twisted folks who have suddenly become nightmares of their own devising, they are often driven insane or into abject misery as the virus brings them to the edge of madness.

Any plague is scary, even in modern times with the means to combat so many ills, or perhaps even because of that, making it all the more frightening when something occurs that can't be easily dealt with. Tigra's out trying to help, despite her own fear. She's hoping that since she's already other than human that she would be immune to any spores, on the off chance she comes across them, or should she find Croyd himself. At the moment, she's helping clean up the aftermath of someone drawing an Ace. The new Ace has already been led away, but there's chaos in his wake, courtesy of his burst of telekinesis. Tigra's working with a recovery crew to get a tractor trailer back up on its wheels, stripes pulled taut over flexing muscles.

Well, as a teammate, Lunair's been looking around for Croyd. Really. She even has a donut on a string tied to a pole. Dangledangle. Lunair has a mask, armor and such on. She's probably just being safe. She's a metahuman, and may or may not be immune. She's not going to start rubbing balloons on Croyd to find out. But she is concerned. Especially in the wake of all that's going on and what happened LAST TIME. "Wait." Maybe she'll try the phone again. One-ring-ing-ing...

Being Kryptonian has some advantages, (alright, many advantages), but one of them being pretty much immune to human disease. So, Zenith has no qualms whatsoever in entering the quarantine zone to help however he can, answering the call for help as soon as he hears it through his JLA comms.

Already having been in this location, Danielle has already started to change. She's grown sharper teeth, her face has gotten a touch more angular, her hair is now solid black and her skin tone has altered some, but most notable she now has tendrils coming out of her spine. They glow, they are light blue energy and they are at least 10-15 meters long each. Right now it looks like there's only about 12 of them, but for those with super senses they should be able to identify many many many many more of them.

This is a more physical representation of her telekinetic sense power, and she's flying about above some apartment complex, doing circles. Keeping an eye out for people, and since it is night time she has started to glow pretty well against the night sky, what with those glowing tendrils. When she spots the people struggling with a tractor trailer, she swoops down and the tendrils lash out against the trailer picking it up rather easily and tilting it back onto its wheels. "What are you doing here?! There's a contagion of something." She seems angry.

Karla drops into the area, literally, the walks from around the tent city in a S.H.I.E.L.D. jumpsuit with a white lab-coat and HEPA mask on obscuring her face. Still the I.D badges mark her as Dr. Karla Sofen, a 5 large is super imposed in light blue behind the basic information. Black gloves peak out, of her sleeves and she carries an old leather style Doctor's Bag in her left hand. Knowing S.H.I.E.L.D., the bag might be old, but the contents, not so much. She seeks around, looking for where to best put herself to use after collecting samples of a few strains.

The arrival of the JLU(A/E/I/O?) and SHIELD, along with TAZE and BRO and many other alphabet agencies greatly GREATLY improves morale. Karla and Zenith are immediately put to work with their powers and talents as they allow, and the arrival of Tigra is greatly appreciated. The tractor trailer is easily moved.

The samples are easily collected, and the researchers are going berserk. The virus changes SO MUCH, that they keep calling super scientists over and over hoping for relief.

Lunair gets an answer,"HELLO!howareyoulunlundontworryiamsafebutyouneedtobecarefulouttherebecausethecontageonistotallyspreadingeverywhereanditsreallyscaryouttherewhitemartianzetadeathraysareturningpeopleintofruitloops."

Huh. He picked up. Lunair seems pretty surprised. There's an owlish blink. She goes quiet, as the little windows wheel in her head turns. Loading, loading, loading... Not much progress on the progress bar. She has to close her eyes a moment. "Hi. I'm okay! How are you? We're worried. You might be contagious! It is really scary. I like fruit loops, but I get what you mean," She remarks.

As for where Lunair is, she's probably not entirely far away from the others, but she's on the phone. As teenagers are wont to do. Dang teenagers on lawns.

Steady, steady...Tigra's trying to ease the truck onto its axles without dropping it so hard that they break, and she's using more care than she really needs to, but then, she's still a little unsteady with her greater strength these days. And that's when the truck gets yanked right from her hands, causing her to stumble when the load is removed, thumping up against the side of the cab. Her tail lashes in irritation, and she looks over at the yelling voice. "That's why I'm here," she points out. "Trying to help out!"

"Great more people are going to get fucked up." Danielle states, her eyes looking at Tigra, "Looks like you -already- got infected, so who cares?" She mentions and is rather aggressive in her tone, and her tendrils off of her back and wiggling around in the air, "I'd suggest leaving. Get your things, pack them up, and go. You can't help anyone here, they're all doomed, doomed. Or not, but it won't be because you moved a tractor." She flippantly says, tossing her hands in the air, and coming finally to rest on the ground from her flight. Looking over to see, even in the dark and distant, "Great. Now there's more people here, far more ... government-y types. I hope they don't come this way." She's all sorts of in a disgruntled mood.

Zenith gives as reassuring smile as he can manage to the emergency team that greets him, and says, "I'll do my best." He then flies up, hovering over the quarantine zone where he can see and hear just about everything going on. Watching for anybody losing control of their new powers... or even losing control in general. Or anybody else who could use a quick save.

This is why SHIELD sent Dr. Sofen, she approaches the Metas with a bit of curiosity. She has the samples she came for, as soon as SHIELD has them to work with, Karla can go back to light work.

The folks near Danielle and Taylor cheer as the truck is cleared though they the changed Danielle. A few folks back up and....find other parts of the debris to start cleaning. In a general shuffling sweeping....not QUITE running...away.

Zenith spots a young lad phase through the wall and begin randomly cutting through soldiers and aid workers with his hand like it was a knife. He COULD kill dozens but he's so quick and sloppy that all he's doing is wounding many....and just then a man with dark sunglasses and a black trenchcoat says,"Not so fast there baddie!" And sends a concussive blast of force at the kid...who ghosts and is unaffected but it scatters the kids like nine pins.

The battle is easily visible to Karla, though one of the scinetists asks, "Do you have any telepathic abilities? Scion put one to sleep but its the ONLY thing that seems to help with the pain...ansthetic does nothing and they're going slowly mad..."

Croyd answers, "whodoesntlikefruitloops,thoseareawesomeandIamsureIamnotcontageousiusedahomepregnancykitandsometinfoilsoitsallgoodbutdanielleishelpingandhasbeeninfectedwehavetohelphereventhoughtthetentaclesarekindacool

Ooookay. Lunair's expression shifts to one of immense confusion. On one hand, love is love, man. Whether one's significant other has tentacles, huge boobs, claws, whatever, it's love! And that's important. On the other... Croyd is more cootilicious than the entire second grade boy class. So, Lunair is quiet. "They are awesome. And Scion wanted to talk to you. Also, errr... We can help her, too," She promises. "And uuh... you're supposed to use protection. I thought the pregnancy kit was for after?" Chintapchintap. "Dating is confusing, isn't it? But would you be okay with dropping by Scion's place?"

Tigra's tail sweeps back and forth briskly behind her, a sign of her continued irritation, though she tries to keep temper under control. "You gonna sing the Doom Song now?" she asks shortly. "We're all doing what we can here, and if you've got a problem with that, well, I'm sure there's someone else out there that will benefit even more from your expertise and supervision than we will." She also doesn't point out that her appearance isn't from being infected. No reason to get into that.

"Telepathy? What, because I am from SHIELD, I am a telepath?" Karla says as she addresses the man, adding what ever name she gets from his ID. "If you cannot sedate him normally.." She opens the bag and pulls out a Glock. "Show me to him. It won't kill him, likely, but it is a superior tranquilizer." She presses the magazine release and displayed the glowy blue 'ICER' rounds. "Highly potent, designed for metas." She states moves to follow him, at least till she can put a pound in the man, then she wil be back out to resume, maybe fighting.

There's a blur and a gust of wind as Zenith speeds down to place himself between the suited man and the boy with the knife-hand. "Easy now, calm down, both of you. There's no need to hurt anybody, just let people help you. Please, step back and stop hurting people."

One of the army guys looks at Danielle,"Actually if you could move those buses over to block that street it would be kinda awesome...ho...wha...oh my GOD!" POP! Suddenly a small charicature of Invader Zim is standing there. "Doom?! Doom! Doom. Doomdoomdoomdoom. Doooooom!" He puts his hands to his forehead and begins to run around panicked.

The kid just laughs and puts his hand through Zenith, whose kryptonian heritage might stop many but the phased nature of his attack cuts through him like a knife through butter...likely wounding though not too much if he dodges quickly.

The other guy throws up his hands, "It's all cool man."

The ICER round works quite well on one of them who collapses in relief. The other one sadly heals immediately.

Croyd says, "IappreciateitIreallydobuthaveyouheardthenews?SomeonethingsitsmemyfaceiseverywhereIgottahidemangottasleepsoIcanchangebutcantsleepthankstothepotionvoodoomastergavemegreatstuffbutskindamessinwithmyheadknowwhatImeanbutdontyouworryImgonnashrinkandgobackatasewerandeverythingwillbeJUSTfine*RINGRING*Hey Danielle, I've got Lunair on threeway calling, you let her know if you need anything ok?*Hey Danielle,I'vegotLunaironthreewaycalling,youletherknowif youneedanythingok?"

Danielle picks up her phone and listens to Croyd talk about everything being okay and if she needs anything to just tell Lunair. And Danielle, to the rest of the people is suddenly smiling and spinning a finger in her hair, "Alright, okay. I'll do that. You okay? Still where I left you? People are being idiots down here." She waves a hand to the man who is asking about the busses, "Can't you see I'm on the phone!?!" She shouts at him, before sweetly talking back into the phone, "Okay, talk to you later."

"... Yeah, and that's why we need to have you checked out. Scion is really worried," Lunair explains. "Something weird happened in the sewer and -" Lunair looks confused. Sigh. Of course this isn't going to be that easy. "Do you need some like, stuff to go to sleep? I could give her chamomile tea..." This is really not good. "Well, whatever happens, if you're safe ther,e that's good. Hi Danielle! Okay. Noted."

Ooookay. Crazy lady here, Tigra thinks to herself. She's never encountered Danielle before, so as far as she's concerned, the teeth and tentacles are normal. And considering her own appearance, she's not going to judge. Not on appearance. On the other hand, having the tractor-trailer flung into a building, that's something she'll judge on. "Nooo, I'm not the one who's being pissy. I'm the one trying to help people. In my case, it was getting that truck on its wheels so the emergency crews could get it out of here." Calm down, kitten. Don't taunt the crazy lady. "You seem a little stressed." Yeah, Tigra didn't go to school to be a counselor. And then...Zim shows up. "Oh good God," she says. "What next?" And then Danielle gets on the phone, and starts acting like a girl with a crush. Can this get any odder?

Zenith is, luckily, very fast. As soon as he feels the pain, he twists away, only caught enough to be bleeding. He doesn't say anything at the pain. Despite his apparent age, he's used to pain. He no longer tries to talk the boy down, but instead he strikes fast. Not with his fists, which the boy will probably phase through, but with heat vision.

Zim showing up, Tigra talking to her again, and Danielle just hangs up the phone. She shouts, "Jesus christ, seem a little stressed? Got buses I gotta move, people I have to save, and stupid idiots coming into a plague infested area. I'm damn right stressed!" She is flies off, over in the direction of whatever buses were indicated and just starts grabbing them and tossing them, smashing them into the ground, and attempting to get her frustrations out. It takes very little time as she is immensely strong and very fast, less than a minute before she's back, still rambling on, "People, coming in, causing problems..." And she's throwing her hands up in the air as she complains to herself, "And -now- we've got some crazy cartoon character doing weird shit. Uhhhh, I hate my life!" Exasperated, angry, and lots of pent up energy.

One good, one, not so much. "Well, if this will not take him down." She says and sighs. The answer seems simple to Karla, it would be oh so very simple. There are rules though. She places the gun away and puts on a pair of latex gloves over the black ones. The she walks over to the man, "I want you to concentrate, concentrate on the sound of my voice, relax." She adds and pulls out a pen-light. rocking and making certain the other doctor sees it as well, "Focus on the sound of my voice, on the image of a calm field. The grass is green such a deep comforting green." The voice states in the most soothing imaginable tone.

The man that Karla administers to whimpers and becomes unconscious, blessed relief. It appears she is quite effective at reducing the insanity. But there are...literally THOUSANDS..tens of thousands, though some cases are worse than others...

Mack is cocky, but starts to phase out and laughs as he thinks Zenith is going to hit him. He shrieks in rage, surprise and pain as the heat vision sets his knife hand on fire as he sinks through the floor. "I'll get you...and your little dog too!"

"Zim" is lead quietly to the joker tent as he screams Doom as loud as he possibly can. Meanwhile, poor Tigra, confused by it all feels an odd sort of...BURP...and there is a hiccup...and suddenly she is four armed, four boobed and shock white. Instead of a tiger, she looks like a Snow Leopard. And her voice sounds like Helium.

The Wild Card is a cruel mistress.

Erhmahgawd, KITTY. Fortunately, Lunair isn't near enough snow leopard Tigra to run over and give cuddles. "But seriously, Scion might come looking to take you to a quarantine room to chill. We'll keep an eye out for you guys."

The strangeness of all of this, the stress of it, the confusion, and the apparently insanity of Danielle, all of it is giving Tigra a headache. She reaches up to briefly rub her temple, closes her eyes against a sense of...not quite vertigo, not quite dizziness, and then all of a sudden, there's a fair bit -more- of her than there was a moment ago. Eyes wide, she stares down at herself in shock, four arms wide, new bosom hanging free. "What the--" She cuts herself off at the sound of her voice, and starts to facepalm. Unfortunately she tries to do it with two right palms, and they get in each others way. "Fuck me."

And Tigra changes, and Danielle looks, and glares. Then she backs up a step or two, "Shit, I'm going to have to go tell Croyd about this, more rays are striking. Even infecting ALREADY infected." She shakes her head and jumps up into the air, taking her glowing tendrils with her and bolting off in the direction of some apartment complex in the distance.

Zenith flies up into the air as the boy disappears into the ground, though a look of confusion comes to his face. "Little dog?" He looks to the suited man and says, "Maybe he's hallucinating?" Apparently, the young Kryptonian hasn't fully caught up on classic American cinema.

There is a riot in the Joker tent as some of the larger ones begin stealing the food of the others. Now that Tigra is changed, several army officers quietly say, "This way ma'am. We're trying to quaraintine the Joker's. If you're Ok, we can release you in the quarantine zone....thanks for your help and we're sorry...are you...OK?"

Lunair will do her best to get the address where Croyd is, and take note so she can let Scion know. Lunair is likely vulnerable and going to stay away from Cootiesville.

Even if Tigra were inclined to try to stop Danielle, she wouldn't really be able to. Not while dealing with all of her limbs at the moment. Grumbling softly to herself, in a frustratingly high pitched voice, she carefully covers her lower bosom with her lower hands. She starts to snap at the soldier when he addresses her, but manages to control her temper. "I--" she cuts herself off, and tries again, making an effort to deepen her voice that's only partly successful. "I'm okay. For certain values of okay." Her much fluffier, snow leopard tail flicks about as she considers resisting. "Okay, yeah, let's go." So much for being immune to this thing.

Zenith, waiting long enough to be sure the phasing boy isn't going to resurface. Then, hearing the commotion at the joker tent, he flies over there as well, moving right into the tent and trying to place himself in the way of those fighting. "Calm down, please!"

Karla reaches in the bag, then assembles her little tot, a four prop hielo-drone, the bag is attached to the device, and the samples take off for the SHIELD flying carrier, Argus. Then she turns to the 'Jokers' tent. Her form shifts, but not physically, simply changing to a different outfit. For this job though, she chooses one she has not worn for a long time. She tilts her head to the left with a quick jerk to the left. Then, Moonstone goes to work.

As Zenith politely, VERY politely demands that people cease, some stop and look, curious. A few larger ones in the back keep brawling however.

As Tigra enters, every male Joker in the room stops whatever they are doing and just...stares. That still leaves three large female jokers fighting in the back, one is shaped like a tent, the other is a hunch back with arms and legs that are slightly hunched but is eight feet tall, and the other is...a dining room table. It might be female?

As Lunair walks off, she spots a piece of mail Danielle dropped. It has an address on it.

Lunair will let Danielle and Croyd go. "Please stay there. It was good to hear from you both." And there's a pause. She bends to pick the mail up. Yoink.

Tigra would have gotten stares anyway, considering she was already tall and...big. But now, of course, she's got more...stuff, and then there's the striking white fur. "Knock it off!" she calls out in her embarrassing new voice, before stepping forward, ready to lend Zenith a hand. Or two. Ahem.

Zenith doesn't even feel the punches, unlike those whose fists he blocked. Punching a Kryptonian, even a weaker one like Zenith, is like punching a tank. He turns, blinking, as Tigra makes her entrance, surprised more by the sudden peace than her shape. "Thanks," he says when she steps in to help. Then he zips through the crowd to once again place himself between brawlers, trying to push apart the brawling... women? "Stop this!" This time he puts some of his extreme lung power behind the words, so everybody -- even those not nearby, likely -- can hear. Much less polite this time. Of course, he's 14, so his voice isn't entirely intimidating even when it's loud.

FZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. Off with her head. The din had slowed with Zenith's roar. Many people hurting their fists as they bounced off him but at this point everyone in the room stops. In fact, everyone is REALLY REALLY quiet. Even the soldiers are looking at Moonstone with a combination of awe and....admiration? Disgust? Lust? Whatever it was, the Jokers rapidly got back in a nice orderly line for the food.

Problem solved. For now.

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