Falling to Earth: Aftermath
Rplog-icon Who: Jane Roe, William Argent, Cir-El (Referenced)
Where: The Sphere (hidden beneath Eagle Mountain)
When: 2015-03-27
Tone: Social
What: Jane Roe recovers in William Argent's safe house in this conclusion of part of the Falling to Earth storyline.

Jane Roe will awake to find herself in The Sphere's medical lab. It is a sterile, Spartan room filled with highly advanced medical technology. Few if any considerations have been made to aesthetics or comfort, save for the bio-beds themselves. Jane has been placed on one of those beds, which silently displays a holographic readout of her vitals above the "headboard" area of the bed. There is no immediate sign of her host.

As Jane eventually regains her consciousness, her forehead feels like it is a bell which had been sounded a moment ago. Resonating in pain, she presses the hand to it without opening the eyes, a deep groan coming from her throat. "Sweet mercy, tell me this is neither hell and nor heaven." At first she is concerned, that there are almost no wifi signals, but then she manages to feel her own Laptop in the distance, wherever it was now. She could just tell, that it was further away then the arms length it had been when the world went black.

The box containing Jane's laptop and other possessions is several dozen meters below her, in the entryway area of The Sphere. As she awakens, she may sense that the equipment sends out a silent signal, and just a few moments later, the door slides open to admit Jane's host, William Argent--alias Dyson. He's out of the armor, now, and dressed in a casual white jumpsuit. He nods as he sees her, offering a greeting, "Hello. It would seem I owe you my thanks for assisting with the situation, earlier, though I admit I'd like to know more about just how you did it."

"Scrubbed them all? You know you just sat back Xenotechnology by a dozen years!" Jane exclaimed, her feet dangling of the Bio-bed. True, her humor was black, maybe jet black. Standing up from the bed, she did let her spine crack into position without looking at the Hologram. It was generated by Electromagnetic fields partly, and she perceived those even without visual. "So, you made her your very own 7 of 9, did you? I was so hoping for an Icheb." A moment she sighed, then shrugged "But honestly... Yea, I guess I did try to probe those nano-machines a bit. Was just curious how they work, and wanted to turn one or two inherent for a better analysis. Curiosity, you understand?"

Shaking his head slightly, William says, "She isn't 'my' anything. She has free will. I... suppose I would favor the metaphor that I wanted to make certain she was not a Cylon." He lightly clasps his hands behind his back, tilting his head to one side. "As to xenotechnology, I doubt it's in any great jeopardy just now. I applaud your curiosity, and I believe your efforts were extremely helpful in mitigating a techno-viral outbreak, so I do hope you can see the brighter side of the matter."

"Hey, there are good Cylons. And they are just that xeno, that they don't see it is bad to kill humanoids, just like the Borg. But really, something jacked me out like a hammer to the back of the head. Ever had that?" Jane stretched her arms once more, peering at the person in white. "So, who is the gratuitous Captain Janeway or rather Picard I am talking to?"

Raising his chin slightly, William says, "My name is William Argent, also sometimes called 'Dyson.' I suppose I have some idea what you mean, actually, when it comes to being forcibly ejected from a deep mental connection, but... well, we all have our little tragedies." He starts to turn away, then pauses, glancing back, and asks, deadpan as before, "Picard, am I?"

"Comeon, don't they watch StarTrek on Planet Mars?" Jane's eyes roll up as she makes a step towards William, the hands stretched some. "Okok, no more SciFi jokes. But you really have to think that the Monoliths did make a stop on your Planet like they did on Earth and Europa." She couldn't stop.

"First," William remarks, touching another invisible control and sliding it around, apparently from memory, "I am not from Mars. Second, I am quite familiar with Star Trek." He pauses again, regarding Jane thoughtfully. "And third, I don't think there are any Monoliths involved, presently."

"Besides training apes to become humans. But that misses the point." Jane tried to tune herself more, to try to feel if he was manipulating a computer there. Or how it was taking the commands if it was not an EM-based one. "So where is Cir-El, selfproclaimed Daughter of that not-so-very-last Kryptonian now? Turned her in for vivisection at Lexware or did you take a finders fee in dead-star-matter from her Family? You said I aided in gettting her down, so you owe me a share of whatever came out from it."

Whatever Dyson's doing doesn't seem to immediately correspond to any computers, certainly not any which are nearby, as if he was manipulating something that existed purely within his own mind. He responds in a neutral tone, "I sent her to STAR Labs for isolation, medical observation, and thorough decontamination. I was certain she was clean, but one can never be too sure--and she might have some sort of extraterrestrial virus of a less technological variety, too." He frowns, then. "As for your last suggestion, I'm afraid I find that quite insulting. I would never trade a sentient life for profit, and I gained nothing from rendering aid." He arches an eyebrow again. "Of course, if you would like a 'share,' you can pay for part of the operational cost of the rescue mission. I'm certain there is a going rate on energy, for instance...."

"ho, slow the horses there a bit. You can barely take form someone who has nothing, can you? Just was asking if you got some cut for rescuing poor miss Krypton from death by atmospheric reentry. If I would be rich enough to fund a base as fancy as yours, I wouldn't have asked." Jane's answer was accompanied by her lifting the hands a bit, looking around once more to check for the exit. "But I better go to bring that ATV back to the rental, unless you want to share my overtime charge or you can't let me go out here alive. You know, secret lair and all."

A mild smirk touches the corner of William's mouth, then, and he says, "I was merely illustrating a point. I don't incur much in the way of energy costs, as I produce my own. And I wouldn't ask you to contribute even if I had to pay said costs." He shakes his head. "The point is, I am not a profiteer, and I am not in the practice of accepting rewards for what I do." As the mention of letting Jane out alive, he gives a soft chuckle. "Do you have any special sensitivity to teleportation or transdimensional skimming?"

"None known, beside I would prefer to keep my equipment you store like... somewhere down there." Jane answered, pointing to the general area she felt her Laptop to be.

"'Down there' is the part with storage lockers," William says mildly. "If you'll allow me, I can transport you and your belongings directly back into the city." He offers a thin smile. "I'd like to be able to restore my network status, but as long as you have computer-interactive intelligence, I can't do that without the risk of compromising my location and data network." He extends a hand. "So, if you'll simply take my hand, I'll drop you off in Metropolis."

"Don't dare to forget that ATV." Jane commented, ignoring the comment about computer interactive intelligence seemingly.

"Perish the thought," William answers, just before the world around them dissolves into the far more fluid stuff of the Astral Plane.

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