Metal Rev: Marc's Plan Works Too Well
Rplog-icon Who: Marc Spector Lois Lane
General Hartmann, Sentinels
Where: Records Building/ Daily Planet
When: 4-8-15
Tone: Heroic
What: Marc does some digging and draws Hartmann's attention a little sooner than he'd planned

Marc Spector has been making calls to old friends all day. Some wouldn't talk to him, some doubted he was who he said he was..but some few gave him information. Information that led to this Hartmann. Jack seemed suspicious of the guy too, and that was enough for Marc to use his old expertise as a spy to break into some government record rooms, and steal everything he could find on the man. The gap from 2001 to 2005 was especially strange, but he's hoping the information he dug up on his activities on either side might be enough to support whatever Jack is building. He skimmed it before he left.. whatever happened during that gap, it looks like it set Hartmann on a bee-line for the DOD and access to the Sentinel project, despite all previous inclinations. Now to get the info out and hand it off to Lois to be looked over more thoroughly..

Hartmann got a notification about someone accessing his files illegally. Turning to a computer he began to type in a series of keys. Eventually a trace went up on the person accessing the files. Hartmann wanted to know who was snooping around, why and what could have been used against that particular favor. His eyes went around the screen to see what he could find.

Marc hasn't been hiding who he is, because he has no current legal residence, no current ID or anything. Whatever he used to get in was faked, and for that matter, he's probably legally dead since he's been missing since a mercenary mission went bloody and scattered by treachery in Egypt years ago. But if he failed to dodge any cameras on the way in, he looks like the picture in his old file. Weather he's the real Spector or a more figurative specter, it doesn't change the fact he's got his hands on some of Hartmann's files.

Hartmann's eyes narrowed. Every bit of information on his attacker was bringing up a sea of false information. Ghost agents he had heard about numerous times. Dealing with one always complicated the situation no matter what it was. People had to hunt someone or something that didn't legally exist.

Trying a different tactic Hartmann tried to tap into the monitoring devices in the building. Someone getting into their car sparked his attention. Running the face through various software keyed to government personnel, the General waited. Marc had enough time to leave thinking no one had noticed him. A good five minutes passed before Hartmann's screen came up with a match. "Didn't think I'd be hunting a literal ghost," he mused. From there he started to run the plates to the man's car into the database.

A new target was going to be on Sentinel Radars.

The car seems to be a beat up cab, so likely stolen since he's on his own. Hartman can run the plates and find it's registration, but the part of town he's heading to doesn't seem like a cabbie's haunt. In fact he's heading to the Daily Planet, though it's after hours..

Seeing where the car was going Hartmann held off following up on the car. Typing in the commands the Sentinels were going to be high above the Planet. Then when the car made its way out again they were going to tail the driver, take him in for questioning. Whoever posted the article was going to be taken in to questioning, maybe crimes if they could have linked them well enough.

Marc Spector pulls the cab over outside, and enters the building. It's late, just like last time, but this time he's in nondescript street clothes instead of the silver cowl and mask. "Here to see miss Lane." he tells the receptionist, if she's there again. If not, he remembers what floor to go to.

Lois Lane up again late at the Daily Planet building, drinking coffee and chasing leads. She's got a target now - General Hartmann, Secretary of Defense. By the time she was done digging dirt, she hoped there was enough to bury the man,

Downstairs, the receptionist yawns, and lets Marc in. Only two kinds of people would show up to see Lois at this hour, and Miss Lane could deal with both.

Marc Spector heads on up, walking over briskly to drop the folders on Lois' desk. He blinks when he recognizes the name on her screen. "So you're already looking into Hartmann..? Good, then happy birthday. I just dug these up via some old CIA contacts. It sounds like something happened to him in DC or Oklahoma that had him chasing this DOD thing out of nowhere."

Lois Lane looks up. "Wow." She picks up the folders, scanning them briefly. "I owe you several ridiculously expensive dinners, don't I?" she asks, with a sharp grin. "What do you mean, 'something' happened?" She picks up the first folder, and opens it up.

Marc Spector chuckles. "One each, maybe?" he jokes. "Still, you better read them first; there was a gap from 2001 to 2005. Like he just wasn't up to...well. Anything. Not officially. Then he comes back, and instead of being all iron nails and guts and glory he's a paper pusher on the fast track to the DOD championing anti-terrorist exercises. --I was hoping Jack might go to the cities in question-- do some poking around. Maybe something happened there that set this guy off the deep end." he perches on the corner of one of the other desks, crossing his arms as he talks, absently skimming whatever she has up on the screen.

"That's rather suspicious." Lois remarks, flipping through the pages. "Are we sure it's the same being? I'm not ruling anything out, and, well... Someone able to completely mimic another? Not out of the realm of improbably, really." She takes a sip of coffee. "I have seen entirely too much 'impossible' things to think anything outside the realm of possible."

On her screen, Lois has a spreadsheet with various factoids about the General - birth date, career history, things of that nature. She also has a list of all Sentinel activity, and a map with the locations and date listed.

Marc Spector hms? "Some sort of doppelganger, you mean..? I can't promise it's not, I only skimmed what I brought there." he leans over a bit, peering at the data. "You don't have the direction they were heading after a kidnapping, do you? If we're lucky, they just took the most direct route to wherever they're stashing people. If it triangulates to a city, Jack can take it from there.."

"I'd have to cross reference the map with the eyewitness accounts - but that's not too hard." Lois grins, tapping a few keys. "They're machines, after all - they wouldn't try to misled pursuers." She starts coming through her notes, gathered from hearsay and interviewing eyewitnesses. "Hmm..."

"Not if no one programmed them to, anyways. So far they seem pretty direct." he glances to the doorway. "I have some other appointments to keep, and I need to fill in Jack. Do you have my number?" it's a legitimate question when one of the others could arguably have given it to her.

"No, I don't... Here." Lois pulls out two business cards. "Write it on the back of one, and keep the other." She carefully sets down the folders Marc gave her. "Be careful, Marc."

Marc Spector pockets the first card, and scrawls a cell number on the other, before setting it next to the folders. "There. Hopefully you and Jack can handle it from here.. I'm going to see if I can find Kilroy, but I have to do a few errands first. But if you need me, give me a call. " he gets up to head back out, chuckling at her advice. "I should be saying the same to you.. you're the one whose name will be on this, after all. Watch out."

Lois Lane smirks. "I've called Lex Luthor an asshole to his face. I'm not scared of some governmental goons."

Marc Spector chuckles. "I believe you." he answers, and then heads outside to the beat up old cab, pulling out his cell absently to call Jack.

Right now the Sentinels were waiting high above the Daily Planet. They were waiting for the cab to show itself. The machines were up way too far into he air to be noticed until they made hard and fast moves. Those were going to happen in due time.

The cab roars to life and Marc tsks as Jack's phone goes to voice mail.. "Come on, Jack, you didn't run off to Rome early, did you..?" he chuckles to himself. He idles the car, just getting it warm again while he tries calling a second time. He didn't want to have this sort of talk over the phone; he was hoping to meet up. To the sentinels it looks like he might be there awhile.

Lois Lane continues working, reading the pages Marc had given her, and copying the words into a tex document on her computer. A document titled: "Gordon Godffrey". Just in case... She is blissfully unaware of any danger, for now...

Sentinels lowered down upon the taxi. Cables lashed toward Marc. They were looking to wrap around limbs. The second one connected an electrical current ran through the cables. Every order they had on Marc was for him to be taken alive. Their red eyes glowed waiting to see if the target was going to go down peacefully or not.

Marc Spector sits in the car, grumbling as the phone rings again, unanswered. He glances out the window idly... and a glint of metal, the sound of engines, something warns him that something is wrong. He shifts gears and tries to take off in the car, only for it to be caught up in the cables.

The windows shatter as as the same cables tried to get in to catch the driver, and Marc curses loudly, pulling a silver truncheon from his jacket to smash at the windshield in the hopes of getting out that way before he can be caught. He's still holding the cell in one hand, and he shouts as it goes to voice mail again, "Jack, you know that call we were talking about?! Looks like this is it! I found a lead, talk to DC and Oklahoma, something happened there with Hartmann!!" and then the electricity jolts through the car. He manages to make it out through the windshield, but he's staggered from what he caught of it, stumbling to the street.

Lois Lane looks up suddenly as she hears *something*. She races to the window - but can't see because of the lights in the office. "Damn!" She hurriedly finds the switch, dropping the office into blackness. Again she heads to the window, peering. Her heart drops. "Sentinels!" Helplessness grips her. Running out would only get her in trouble... She takes her iPhone from her pocket, and switches it to video mode The quality will be crap, but maybe it will be workable...

As Marc made it out of the window. The three units lashed out with the cables trying to ensnare the man again. Again the cables were looking for a limb to tug around him. They wanted him alive and the best way was to send a good amount of volts into his system.

Marc Spector manages surprisingly well for the voltage he already took.. he shouldn't be as nimble as he is, considering. Even so, it's a losing battle against three of these monstrosities-- and he has nothing that is likely to do them any damage. He flings his phone and truncheon away, and tries to shrug out of his jacket, though he may not fully manage it before the cables entangle him. While he may have withstood the first jolt, he can't repeat that feat for long.

Moon Knight takes over when Marc passes out, but he only manages to rip the jacket free and curse at the Sentinels more creatively before he too slumps, and no one else resurfaces after that.. he's down.

Lois Lane watches from her office window, too shocked to even pound on the glass in frustration. "Marc!" she calls out even though he can't hear her. "No... Dammit. I promise, I'll bring Hartmann down, Marc. For you, for Kilroy, and everyone else hurt by those damn machines..."

With their target in hand the Sentinels started to go upward. Moving upward they were heading up into the sky. One had Marc wrapped in several cables. Clearly they had claimed their prize. Heading toward Gotham now, they were going to take this one with them. The orders were to take them alive.

Lois Lane keeps recording the Sentinels until they're out of sight. Then she frowns, turns around, and goes to turn the lights back on. She had *work* to do. And now the clock was ticking.

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