Telekinetic Katamari
Rplog-icon Who: Lor-Zod Conner Kent Bart Allen
The Algorithm
Where: Wall Street
When: 2015.04.15
Tone: Heroic
What: The Justice League stops the Algorithm

It started off with some minor incidents. Nothing major, just a few missing stock brokers. Then the FBI cyber command got involved once they sensed a nascent AI. Twelve hours later they realized they were overwhelmed and called in the Justice League. The situation is dire, since over 12-24 Stock Brokers have been 'droned' and the entire stock exchange has now linked and is expanding to reach the backups. If it reaches the backups, then all the damage that it has done to the stock exchange will not be able to be reset and thousands of billions will be lost. Another depression at the best.

It must be stopped.

Someone else has been called. A specialist in this kind of thing. The Economy. Kilroy's contact has indirectly informed the league that 'someone will be helping to contain' the thing while they prevent the drones from going for the backups.

The plan is clear, and the situation dire.

Almost as soon as he gets the call from the league, Zenith is there, flying in fast and then stopping to hover in front of the building, checking it out with his X-Ray vision while he waits for the others to arrive as well.

Superboy isn't far behind Zenith. In his usual costume and still just slightly damp from the shower he got called out of, the teen of steel lands next to Zenith and pats his shoulder in a friendly manner. "Hey. We're the first ones to show?" he asks, scanning the building with his X-ray vision as well. "Any sign of whoever they're sendin' to help out?"

There is a communication from a high end civilian encrypted comm with the Justice League's signal. Both Zenith and Superboy would recognize the voice, even if he is not immediately visible. "I am making my way to the epicenter through the service tunnels in the city. The spirits in the area are terrified. Mass panic is going to break out soon as the drones start a flat out attack. You should also get the local police and shield agents to expand their quarantine zone by a hundred percent.

Zenith smiles as he glances to Superboy, "Hey." He nods to the first question, then starts to shake his head to the second when their comms come to life. He says, "That's gotta be him."

You say, "I'm coming in from the south south east going north north west. I'm about a hundred feet under the ground and the nearest shield unit is Unit 42." Which Superboy and Zenith can easily see within a city block so that means he is close.

The sound of some kind of ray being fired shrieks through the air as the drones begin emerging out of Wall Street and moving down the three blocks to the off site data warehouse backup. There are twelve visible."

Zenith gives a curious look, but doesn't waste time asking right now. He flies off to give the warning to the perimeter, though he barely gets the words out before the attack begins. In a blur, he's flying in to punch one of the leading drones.

Superboy cursing under his breath, Superboy glances to make sure no one is seriously hurt by the beam then slams both hands onto the pavement. Not hard enough to crack it thankfully. His brow furrows as he stretches his TTK across the ground and uses it to try to yank the drones' feet out from under them so they fall. "Where do ya think you're goin'?"

With a sudden *ZWIP!*, Impulse arrives. Standing abruptly beside Superboy, he says, "Sorrysorrysorry, I had to do my homework, and I didn't have my comlink on!" He looks around, blinking, then and says, "Whoa. Who Borged all the suits?"

Kilroy begins to fight the Algorhythm on a front that it does not expect, using magic, slowly, bit by bit, destroying and draining the accounts. It is an unseen task but here is power is titanic. The AI fights back furiously, and dispatches drones down to take care of him, hidden from the streets below.

The drones are toughed by force fields, but Zenith manages to make the forcefield smash and spark while some blood spills out of the borged broker.

Zenith flinches a little as he sees the blood, "Sorry." That doesn't stop him, though he tries to balance his punches a little better as he moves on to the next drone, trying to strike fast before they have a chance to respond. He wants to knock the drones out, but not hurt them seriously.

Superboy jumps slightly when Impulse suddenly appears. "Dude," he stops at knocking down five rather than going for the whole group when Impulse distracts him. "Impulse? Who ca-" he's cut off when those beams impact him. Thankfully TTK forcefield and Kryptonian body take some bite out of the attack but he still gets knocked flying into a street sign.

"Uh, kind of an important detail!" Impulse declares, and then he's gone again, just for a second, and then reappears with a length of chain, liberated from a parking lot barrier, that he begins to wrap around the felled drones, vibrating the links together so they'll be harder to get out of. Then he blurs back to Superboy's side, reaching to help him up. "Hey, quit getting blasted and come help me stop the back guys!" he declares.

Ode to the tin foil

That the Stop sign Became

As it slowly bent


That was in no way invisible

And totally like Super Strength

Except not.

There were no tiny birds to sing.

Only pain.

No one heard the stop sign's scream, except Kilroy, far down below.

Magic and Technology dueled on a plane of numbers and strange miasmic accounting, dancing and dueling back and forth in numbers where every strike meant the lives of hundreds of millions of people, and at first Kilroy was losing. The sheer MASS of the thing was couldn't be stopped and ever step the drones took was too much....

Zenith got a better balance as the drone finally collapsed. Slowly collapsing. But another immediately took its place. It reached forth its finger to singe Zenith until...a chain, length upon ringing link moved in a vibrational helix. A cacophony of henchmen might have been able to dodge or weave their way out of it. A human could have done so but the drones were extensions of an AI that barely understood the physical world. Their shots were nullified as the chain moved their arms to their sides, but the sheer collective STRENGTH they represented moving slowly forward one shuffle at a time is truly creepy to watch, and as they moved closer...

Kilroy began to buckle from the strength of the thing. It was too much. It was relentless. But he did not give up.

Zenith steps back -- well, speeds back, though it'd probably look like a slow step to Impulse -- as Impulse comes in at just the right time with the chain. "Thanks! Cool idea." And yet, they continue to move. "I wish it would've just used robots, then we could smash them apart."

"Seriously," Impulse complains, "Cyborgs is just cheating!" He sticks his tongue out at Superboy's accusation, and then he runs off, returning with another length of chain. (Somewhere, parking lots are being left wide open.) He tosses one end to Superboy and says, "Hang on tight!" Then he blurs into motion, seeking to use the anchored chain to start knocking down cyborgs.

With Zenith and Superboy looking on in a supervisory capacity, Impulse is able to wrap a chain around their legs. They have stopped moving and then fall over. There is a brief moment of confusion as they try to use their telekinetic beams to get out, but this isn't really working out the way they planned.

Suddenly the Katamari of Cyborgs leaps up into the air and begins to randomly move all around the square, smashing things at random, slamming into buildings, one moment getting near their goal, the next slamming far away from it.

Zenith grins, "It's working!" And then... a big ball of cyborg stock brokers is bouncing around. "And things just get weirder." He flies up into the air, breaking the sound barrier as he speeds to try to be in a position to 'catch' the flying cyborgs.

Catching the chain with one hand, Superboy quickly loops it around his forearm and holds tight. "Got it," he calls to his teammate. He gives a quick nod to Zenith to make sure he's got their back and anchors himself to the ground. Immovable object time! He grins as the plan comes together, letting Impulse take the end of the chain to tie things off. And then they're coming in like wrecking ball. "What the heck's causin' that?!" he asks, almost expecting to see a less than focused telekinetic playing point and smash. "Damn," he curses under his breath, rocketing up to try to help Zenith catch the ball-o-borg.

"Uh," Impulse says, staring at the giant Cyborg-wrecking-ball. "Maybe, um... anti-gravity AI badguy?" He quickly wraps the end of the chain around a lamppost and vibrates the chain links together, hoping to put a tether on the whole mess. Reappearing beside Superboy and gesturing to Zenith, he says, "Maybe kinda time for the flying and the punching!?"

Between Super Boy and Zenith, the two fliers are able to stabilize the Katamari of TK long enough to keep it from going farther and the repeated vibration has the helpful side effect of rattling some of the implants that were grafted onto their skin making some of the beams intermittent. But the occasional beam still strikes out at each of the three heroes just as Impulse finishes his tether.

Zenith does as suggested, punching at one of the cyborgs still active, but as he notices others aren't he looks with his magnified vision and says, "Wait, the tech, it's coming loose. Impulse, can you do that again, shake them so they come uncyborged?"

Superboy adds in some punching of his own, making sure not to put too much power in. He doesn't want to kill anyone or hurt the victims anyway. When one of the beams breaks his sunglasses, he curses under his breath and lets them fall to the street. "Man, I just got those!" he complains, trying to keep the borgs busy so they're distracted from whatever Impulse is going to do.

If one could only see it, there's basically a thought balloon with a light bulb that pings into place above Impulse's head. "Help me shake 'em up!" he cries, zwipping into motion and charging right up the chain to get on top of the mass of cyborgs. Then he begins to vibrate, trying to shake them at the right frequency to keep knocking loose those implants!

The punching does some good, but the vibration does more. The problem is that Impulse simply doesn't have the strength to really shake it up ENOUGH. But if some more strength were applied....

Vibration isn't something Zenith has ever really tried, but he has enough superspeed to be capable of it, if nowhere near to what Impulse can do. It takes him a moment, watching what Impulse is doing, before he grabs hold again and joins in the vibration, adding his strength to the shaking.

Theoretically, Superboy could vibrate like the other two. But that'd be a little hard to get on the fly. So instead he sticks with his own way of doing things. He grabs one of the borgs and uses the fact that they're all touching each other to his advantage. Brow creasing in concentration, he adds his own vibrations via TTK.

Impulse might not have the strength of the other two, but he's a very powerful channel to the Speed Force, and now he opens the throttle wide--vibrating himself at such extreme speeds causes the matter around him to do the same, and soon enough the mass of the cyborgs themselves should be contributing to his efforts. The tactile telekinetic and brute strength boosts certainly push things to the next level, too.

Impulse might not have the strength of the other two, but he's a very powerful channel to the Speed Force, and now he opens the throttle wide--vibrating himself at such extreme speeds causes the matter around him to do the same, and soon enough the mass of the cyborgs themselves should be contributing to his efforts. The tactile telekinetic and brute strength boosts certainly push things to the next level, too.

That does it. By their three powers combined, they disassemble the tiny little planetoids as the nanotech attached to the stock brokers falls and crumbles to dust. Of course, all that vibration makes them very ill to their stomachs and it looks like nature might take its coarse any second...

Kilroy finally gets the upper hand against the thing, finally understanding that it is powerful and strong but more of an animal than a truly sapient creature and begins to use its strengths against it bit by bit.

Zenith, as soon as the last of the cyborg tech is gone, stops and calls, "Alright!" He's quick to help set the group back down and moves to free them quickly. "Sorry, everybody."

Superboy lets out a breath when they finally shake the last of it down. He stops the TTK-shakedown and starts lowering the group down to the ground. But when he catches sight of greenness and hears those familiar sounds, Conner's eyes go wide and he quickly blurs backwards to avoid any projectile vomit.

Impulse dodges that whole mess faster than you can blink. One moment he's shaking them for all he's worth, and the next he's taking shelter behind Superboy, still in motion as they both retreat. "They're gonna blow!" he cries, then adds in helpfully, "Y'know--chunks!"

See that scene in family guy where there is much hurlage? Well...this is that bad. But all three heroes get out of the way, but the thousand...ok TEN thousand dollar suits the sharks and 'master's of the universe' are wearing are pretty much ruined.

There is general silence in the area, and then the lights dim off and turn back on. There is a pause and then a voice says,"It's gone."

Zenith, once the people are free, zips back as well... just in time, thankfully. He wrinkles his nose, but then looks back to the others then. "Well, disgusting is better than dead, at least."

Nose wriggled in disgust, Superboy shakes his head. "Man, that reeks..." he trails off. The voice over the comm makes him frown. " in one piece? Cause we're gonna need to talk."

Impulse buries his nose in the crook of his elbow, declaring, "Ewww, got stink?" The way he says it, it sounds like he's adapting a quote from something he heard somewhere. Maybe he's been watching old 90s commercials on YouTube again. He reaches over with his free hand to offer Zenith a high-five and then poke Superboy in the side a few times. "Who you talkin' to? Can we go yet? It smells like..." he trails off and waves his hand at the spectacle. "That!"

You say, "I'm fine. I'm heading out. It will return if they keep using those machines. It will likely be worse next time. I'd speak to them. Economy out.""

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