Hunted Part 1.
Rplog-icon Who: Marc Spector, Tynan Morrigan, Zahra Shamoun, Erik Lehnsherr, Kilroy, Natalia Mitternacht, Maybell Armstead,
Where: Gotham Waterfront
When: 4-17-2015
Tone: Classic, Heroic
What: Discovering Sentinel flight patterns a group of heroes/rebels free Sentinel prisoners.

Gotham Bay. Normally the place didn't see much activity, but tonight was different. Sentinels were flying overhead. Attached to the backs of four units were grey capsules. They were mostly sealed. Anyone looking through binoculars, a high powered lense or the like could see the metallic containers. They can make out all the various lines of the giant grey tubes that looked to be a casing more than anything else, but there were exhaust ports, lines for a door and a small circular window. Inside people could be seen in each of them. The only one that could have been noticed instantly was Erik Lehnsherr. He was one of the ones captured.

One of the other captures could have been mistaken albino with her fair features and practically bleach blonde hair. She looked a little rough compared to the others. If she was conscious there may have been a story to tell.

There was a second girl was dressed in green and black camo, black fatigue boots, bits of green and an empty quiver. What could have seen told anyone this was clearly a vigilante type.

Lastly there was a man inside wearing pants, a shirt and maybe a loosened tie with some dress shoes that were unseen. Clearly he was some kind of office looking type, a desk jockey that may have had a secret.

All of them were unconscious up. The pale girl looked like she could have used a drink and sandwich. Lehnsherr seemed to need a doctor judging by small burns and welts, more than all, but each of them could have used a Doctor due to various conditions. All of them were unconscious, they had air, but the Sentinels had sensors in the capsules. The second anyone stirred the Oxygen would have cut off instantly. So, if anyone were to wake time ticked against them quickly.

Lehnsherr's unit was swarmed by two units. The others had no protection.

To anyone that was just looking at the scene with their bare eyes would have seen six sentinels in the air. Their glowing lights and the sound of their engines would have alerted anyone to their coming before the purple and magenta bodies came into view. Clearly they were on some set course.

Anyone that did any digging and had knowledge of flight exhausts from jet engines would have seen this was a well travel route that only recently came into such traffic. To those just being observing had a guess where the Sentinels would be, but not exact knowledge. However, maybe it was luck, maybe it was fate, but they wound up in the right area tonight. Regardless of how people wound up here, everyone was here for the same reasons. Now, it was just convincing the Sentinels to drop their cargo. Sadly, it was easier said than done, but everyone knew that though.

Something bad happened to Mab. Sirocco's sure of that. Something bad involving Sentinels. She saved the woman once...and she knows that she's probably crossing a line today. But what she saw in that footage from near the Canadian border told its own story. A story that the wind manipulator doesn't like. Finding her, though? That's another matter. Or should have been. The young woman has no detective skills, no senses that might lead her to track Mab. Which meant? Time to ask the boss. And all she got in response? Gotham. And apparently, he has some vested interest...perhaps not in her finding Mab, but if she does? That's a bonus for her. Lifting up from the Gotham waterfront, the winds circling around her, she narrows her eyes at the Sentinels. Which one has her friend? And how does she bring them down?

It's crossing a line. She knows it is. But ultimately, the authority she answers to? It's not the United States government...

Erik Lehnsherr remained unconscious but slowly woke up, displeased with the situation stirring but at a fraction of his power thanks to the unthinking Xavier. He had a headache but it was his own fault. He had only to signal his soldiers in Genosha and all of this nonsense would end, but they had so little independence at this point that they were afraid to act with independence. He rubbed his temples.

Robyn Locksley, Vigilante, Rebel and Convicted Murderer, somehow had ended in custody of the Sentinels. Mostly, because she had been careless, been too close to a police station when she dropped someone off. Ok, she was down to... well, her clothes and... her quiver?! They took her ear clip with the BoP com in, but left her the quiver? As they were all stuffed in the capsules, she just sat there silent, taking the chance to rest the lone eye that was still ok by a little sleep. Nocturna has been tracking the movements of the Sentinels for days. They have been capturing convicts and accused criminals, but not taking them to the normal prisons. She has been tracking flight patterns and looking for where they are holding people. This seems to be the place.

She needs to check the place out, find the weaknesses in the security, and figure out how to exploit them. There may be people in there she has worked with, and others she will work with in the future.

Moon Knight is unlikely to be conscious all considered.. his boss doesn't put much stock in the body's limitations, but due to something he left behind when he suspected this might happen, that connection is a little more chaotic even than normal, and none of him so much as stir, at least for the moment. The silver-blond woman stirs, faintly, eyes opening. "Uhh, where? Where am I... So hot..." Mab blinks. She was a criminal, that much was true. But all she did, she did to protect herself. But right now, she almost didn't want to fight, anymore. She was just so tired... Of course, her movements wouldn't go unnoticed by her Sentinel captor...

Well, Oracle was very unhappy to say the least. And well, SHIELD told Tynan that if they are doing anything to endanger the prisoners, that she's green lighted. So the woman geared up, and took to the roofs after gaining data from Oracle. Tynan's guess was right about the fuel exhaust. They found a base in Oklahoma, and know the flight in Gotham. After she finds a good place, the woman puts on a ski mask to cover her face. Its not face, but hell, does the job. She opens a few rifts, pulling out her GM-6 Lynx, ACR, both STRIKE-Ones, and both of the Colt 1911MA3s. She puts the ACR on a tac sling, and tightens it to her back as she puts the STRIKE-Ones in hip holsters. Her Colts go in Shoulder holsters. The woman takes a deep breath, and finds a good sniping post in which she can observe the Sentinels.

Tynan smiles a little bit as she adjusts herself, looking over the sentinels. Which one has him in it? Ah! There's Magneto. Just the mutant she wants to find. A present from both SHIELD and Oracle let Ty switch out her normal ammo for Steel Core solid bullets. AKA, Cop Killers. They can pierce through armor like nobody's business, and with that sniper rifle of Ty's...Steel Bunkers. And with somebody like, Magneto...She has just the plan to cause maximum damage, and free all those trapped. She takes aim at the tank that holds Magneto, waiting for her chance to strike.

All of the Sentinels topped at Sirocco. They recognized her from their first encounter. One of the Sentinels flanking Magneto turned upright and began to take aim. The one holding Marc did the same. He would have been jerked around, maybe even stirred away. All of the Sentinel lights glowed through the darkness. Four hands bore their palms at Sirocco. The holes in each hand started to glow. "Stand down and come peacefully," both said in unison. Their words carried an eerie monotone. Magneto and Robyn's units were still. It may have been like a child sleeping in a car that had to react to when the car stopped. Some may have stayed asleep. Others may have been awake.

Nocturna had a good chance to examine the Sentinels now. The capsules looked thinner than the Sentinel chassis. Also, they had front port windows that looked even weaker, but had a small size.

Mab was awake and would have felt everything slow down. She still had Oxygen as everything was still for the brief moment.

Tynan would have recognized the procedure. They were trying to take down a target. They were still and ready to fire too. At least she had a shot on the target of her choice.

"Given the only "crime" I've committed was asking *you* to stand down, I don't think so." Those energy weapons, though? They can easily destroy her...and rather abruptly, Sirocco? Vanishes...with only winds expanding outwards from where she was. She's trying to time it for just before they fire, but if anything she's likely to err early - she's not tried this trick as a combat maneuver before. Backup. She really needs some backup here. But it might be good evidence...that the Sentinels don't respect anyone, at least.

Erik Lehnsherr takes the steel bullet and magnifies it as it slams through the one she shot and hits one of the ones flanking him. He can feel his powers slowly coming back, but not at full strength. He scowls.

Robyn did indeed wake up as the Sentinel came to a halt, opening both eyes. If that caused the sensors to shut down the air... she was kinda screwed. Just her Quiver, and that had not even her more trickery arrows, like a simple flare...

Nocturna has to decide, do something with the Sentinels in flight, or wait until they come down. She notes that they stop their flight, and her keen senses hear the challenge order, someone is doing something. Well perhaps she can too.

She assumes the form of a bat, it is her fastest flying form, small enough most people will not notice...and the Sentinels will of course not see her (but might detect her with sonar). If she can get to the cages, she might be able to open the locks and free the prisoners... She is not strong enough to fight a Sentinel directly, but she has her abilities.

The jolting movement is enough to shake awake the passenger of the second Sentinel to target Sirocco. What the..? The cab driver tries to take stock of the situation, figure out where he is.. he looks out the window. "Gotham..?" he wonders, shaking his head to try to clear it.. only to turn about to face the metal of the robot.. and through it Sirocco. "Someone's here." he realizes...he knows that sort of presence, even if he can't tell exactly whose it is yet. He reaches for a weapon that isn't there, cursing...and then freezes, reaching slowly to his neck. Whatever he finds or doesn't find there leaves him at a loss.

The big thing about having to perform a precision shot like this is both the timing and the aiming of it. Tynan knows this, and has to really focus on it. A timer in her head starts to go down as her breathing slows. And then, BLAM! The Sniper Rifle lets loose the steel bullet, looking to bust open Magneto's tank, but to also give Magneto something to play with.

The woman knows she doesn't have much time as things are about to get insane. One of the Sentinels that doesn't have a tank on them, she takes aim at, and fires a quick head shot at it. She doesn't have the space to really play Hide and seek with the Sentinels this time. So this time the tactic is to cause mass confusion in the ranks.

Mab grimaces. She felt the slowdown of the machine, and she carefully readjusted herself. It was so hard to think... But maybe she could spite the machine holding her. She takes a deep breath - and focuses, chilling the air around her as cold as she can. Which is very, very cold. She's not sure if the cold will hurt the machine at all, but it sure felt good to her. The tank she's in frosts over in a second as thinks get Arctic.

Energy started to charge. All of the units were getting ready to shoot at Sirocco before they vanished. Right at that time a loud "BLAM!" echoed through the night. A bullet ripped through the casing magneto was in. Oxygen rushed into the case. The door could have been pushed open as a hole about the size of Magneto's chest exposed him to the world. He may have had to deal with glass shards, but it was a small price to pay for freedom.

The energy that was charging went wild between missing Sirocco, the wind and a drastic shift in priorities caused them not to care about the wind woman. "Capsule compromised," the unit carrying Magneto cried out as a Bat made it up to Magneto's unit. The one Sentinel that once guarded Magneto returned to flank that unit. The one carrying Robyn took its place. The passenger would have been jerked around a bit as all other cares were thrown out the window.

The three units associated with Magneto tried to take off. They were going to make it out at all costs according to their programming.

The cabbie would have been jostled around a little more as the unit that held him tried to stay toward the ground wanting to ward off anyone brave enough to free Magneto.

Tynan's fears would have come full circle as the one carrying Mab, stopped and started to examine her. This was the one thing the previous units were unable to do. They took in facial and body structure, weapons that showed and anything else they could have compiled. Information started to send as the unit stilled itself. Even as the capsule that contained Mab started to ice over. A good shot by wind or a bullet would have shattered that container open unless the inhabitant kept doing whatever it was doing. That sudden appearance of ice would have caught anyone's attention.

And one of them...did it just ice over? The wind blows over to, around the sentinel for a moment, and then Sirocco reforms, blasting wind right at the capsule. That's her primary target. Her secondary one isn't, from what little she knows, as fragile as Mab might be. She's definitely crossed the line now. But she's also stopped caring. If politely asking them to stand down got her hunted? She'll give them something to hunt her for.

Shut in and suddenly caught in moving, Robyn presses her feet against one wall, the hands to the hands and the back against another, keeping her from getting tossed around, while the quiver they let with her swings and jerks around from the movement. "goddamned freak..."

The bat grabs on with feet and wing claws, glad that it's strength is higher that that of a normal bat, but also glass that the capsule protects it somewhat from the wind of the sentinel's flying passage. It has little choice but to hang on until they slow down. It is not long before they do, as they turn to try to recapture Magneto. Since the prisoner in this capsule has escaped, there is no point in staying on it, Nocturna moves to the next capsule over, the one with the girl in green and, once in a decent position, resumes human form on the capsule so she can start trying to work the lock.

Moon Knight is startled from something very like creeping existential panic by being jostled around again, forcing him to brace himself against the pod as best he can. It does snap him out of it, and he looks to the window again, calling out, "Hello?! Anyone out there?!" sounding like nothing so much as a confused civilian.

The cage keeping Mab prisoner shatters open. The woman covers her face from the suddenly flying glass, but her arms and legs are sliced up. Which is no problem, as the blood freezes almost instantly. "Sirocco?! Why are you here?" It could only be the wind girl from before. "You... should be safe~!" Captivity has taken a toll on her. She continues to freeze the air, the temperature dropping markedly. "Get away... Don't risk yourself for someone like me!"

Tynan smirks a little bit as she faces the Sentinel that's scanning her. She has a ski mask on over her face, and wearing double body armor. So, real hard to really get a positive ID that way. Her weapons were all taken from Deathstroke's mercenaries after they died from getting his blood. So, the guns are clean of any serial numbers. Not to mention the fact that they're almost all concepts or impossible for the general public to get a hold of anyways. So...Deahtstroke might not like his new friends later....Ty is no idiot who would let herself get ID'd so easily. One thing that the Sentinels will notice...Is that that gun is aiming for them again. And now, it lets rip with a second shot, this time, looking to shatter the head of the Sentinel, via shot through the Optics. The woman shakes her head, and moves from her post to get to the ground, and start running towards the Sentinels. She unhooks the ACR, and hooks the Lynx up in a smooth professional manner, as she starts to giggle a little bit. Hopefully the Sentinels are up to date about Deathstroke's operations in Bludhaven...

Sirocco causes the casing that had ice around to burst open. Mab had access to everything again. Freedom was just a jump away. She would have seen the three sentinels with Magneto slow down substantially before someone popped out of their own casing.

Erik fell down free and as he did several units turned toward him. The attention on everyone else stopped instantly. Weapons charged up and they tried stunning Erik again. To him it would have felt like the last time.

As Robyn pushed on the window, a bat started to pull on it hard. Eventually the metal of the door creaked, groaned and slid open. Robyn now felt the fresh night air.

Marc could hear everything that was happening. Everyone was so busy he was left alone in the container. However, everyone could have seen one container was still intact. A person was inside it asking what was going on.

As information about the shooter was scanned, the Sentinels were prone. Tynan shot one of the flanking units that were on Magneto. The bullet punctured through the face missing the eye. It went inside a cheek and went out the back of the head. Sparks sputtered and flew out from the unit. The glowing eyes turned off and the unit started to fall toward the ground.

Three out of four prisoners were free, one out of six sentinels were done. Everyone was trying to shoot at Magneto. If no one did anything he was surely going to be stunned again as ten lasers lanced toward him.

"Stop being silly, and come on!" Sirocco reinforces her words by using her winds to tug Mab out of the the ice manipulator can't fly, she's going to lower her to the ground. She's paying attention to what's going on, but...apparently...somebody else is free. "Either help or run. I have another target." She sounds...older. More professional. Or maybe that's just an effect of working under orders.

Erik Lehnsherr is gaining his powers back rapidly, and half of the sentinels would easily have made him laugh...but their combined might is enough to knock him near unconscious. It is not quite unconsciousness though, just enough to make him linger and wallow in extreme pain as he slowly tries to crawl out of the trash bin that he has fallen into.

Nocturna opens the case, and then prepares to move to the case holding the man asking for help, but considers if there is anything she can do from here to help the first escapee. Well, depends on too many things though.

Well, go after the one she knows she can reach...she moves over to the man in the cage and sets about freeing him. Hopefully his container has the same weak point.

Moon Knight is looking out of the window in bewilderment when the giant bat appears. He startles, slamming back into the wall behind him with a yelp. But when the capsule starts to strain and creak, he swallows and says with a nervous laugh, "I hope you're here to help.." and braces his legs on the front of the capsule to push. Too bad it's a new moon...he's not able to contribute any more than one might expect from his build.

Robyn hadn't intended to open the window, but as it slides away, she repositions, inhaling the fresh nights air before she tries to check if she can open the door too. Or just escape from the window without falling to death from the sentinel. And indeed she wriggles her shoulders trough the window, clinging to a cable with a hand to not drop down. "Great, escape and nothing to pry this damned sentinel apart and make it a damned trophy!"

Mab shakes her head at Sirocco, but doesn't get a choice in the matter. She floats to the ground, wincing at the feel of hard pavement under stockinged feet. Well, she could fix that... Soon enough, she had crudely formed ice skates on, made out of real ice. She sees someone fall into a trash can, shot by many sentinels. "Imperator!" she calls to Magento, using her ice powers to skate over. With a yell, she summons as many large icicles as she can, all while freezing the air around the machines. "Leave him alone!!"

Whelp, that's 1 down. But these sentinels are just plain rude. That's very offensive to ignore Tynan, and go for the old man. Well, semi. Ty likes it like that. She spots a man whose car has a flat tire. He's on a cellphone, with a tire iron there. Ty gently kicks the tire iron on the ground towards Robyn. She rifle butts the man in the side of the head, and hijacks his phone. She keeps running, tossing the phone at Magneto while she runs up some cargo boxes on the waterfront.

Tynan jumps off the boxes...right at one of the sentinels on the end. "Holy...Sh....", she starts yelling as she leaps into the air. She aims so she lands on its shoulder. The woman grabs the head of the sentinel to catch herself. The serum is driving her nuts at the moment, as she lands, laughing about the craziness of this. The assault rifle she's using now, is loaded with steel core bullets as well. She just goes to town on the side of the sentinel's head with a full auto burst. Hopefully this throws the sentinel off balance....and into its group. BOWLING FOR SENTINELS! Hopefully as the sentinels fall down and go boom, Tynan jumps off, combat rolling. She gets up, and heads towards Robyn.

Mab made it out of the case thanks to the wind and is on the ground in no time. Again, the sentinels aren't focused on Sirocco. So she was able to fly toward her next target.

Erik felt the pain surge through him again and again. Although he was able to crawl out of the trash bin seeing a few bolts miss him.

A bat, they were common in Gotham apparently, came to Mar's window. It starts to pull open the door as he placed his legs on it. Like Robyn before him, Marc was able to break open the container. He had access to the ground. Despite the unit being on the ground, the jump was still a ways downward.

Robyn too was on the ground. The cable went unnoticed. If only she had her arrows to help her. At least she was safe.

Mab called out to the Imperator and ice starts to form around two of the units. Suddenly large icicles form through them. Was it controlled? A combination of a adrenaline and fear? Who knew? Either way all the ice that stuck through two units stayed there until they both fell down. Sparks sputtered from them as they sounded with a loud "THUD!" Unfortunately she didn't see a few blasts that had knocked out Erik once more. He was prone. Three Sentinels were still up.

By now Tynan was on top of a sentinel. Her gun spat out round after round. Each shell cut into the sentinel. It would have been like driving a drill through metal. Shavings flew out. Shrapnel nicked her but even she bore a cavity into the units skull and it too fell down like the two Mab had put down mere moments before.

Suddenly Kilroy was there. He had the kill shot on the two units if he wanted to take it. There was just one tiny problem. Three Sentinels were falling down toward the ground where most of the people were. The man that controlled metal was out. Someone was going to make sure no one was crushed by the giant metal bodies falling down...somehow.

Sentinels falling. And Magneto is out...and Mab's dealing with that. Which Sirocco isn't sure about. Magneto might be somebody who *needs* to be in a cage. She's starting to fly towards Marc, but those falling bodies...people on the ground. Narrowing her eyes, the wind manipulator pulls together all of her strength, swirling the air under them to try and at least slow their fall. Sorry, Shu. Priorities.

Nocturna is not strong enough to lift up a Sentinel, but she is invisible to them and immune to most of their weapons. She can protect ONE person, but who? The one who is unconscious and cannot dodge seems logical. She tries to fight the sudden headwind to place herself between Eric and the Sentinels...

Robyn grunted as she just yanks at the cable to slide down along it, softening her fall - just that it doesn't come free enough to allow the bring her to the ground, and the last four yards she falls. The drop is painful, but not lethal. Grunting, she gives a look back to the sentinels trying to get Magneto back, then she runs towards the closest building. Out of here now, kill sentinels later.

Moon Knight normally would not hesitate a moment about taking such a jump.. or possibly would have grappled up to the robot's head and attacked it head on, but something's not right this time. Though he pushed as hard as he could to help pry open the door, once it pops off, he grabs onto the edge, staring down nervous and bewildered.

Moon Knight normally would not hesitate a moment about taking such a jump.. or possibly would have grappled up to the robot's head and attacked it head on, but something's not right this time. Though he pushed as hard as he could to help pry open the door, once it pops off, he grabs onto the edge, staring down nervous and bewildered. There. Kilroy wants to smash and destroy but despite the flaring dark nature of his less than better half, he is still a hero..ish. The Rai stones are re-purposed, twisted, corkscrewed and turned to put themselves between two of the robots not being stopped by brave Nocturna and another set helping her just in case she needs it.

Mab looks up in horror as three sentinels start to fall - slowing down in the wind, but still plumeting. What could she do? She sucks in a breath, fighting against the waves of dizziness. She felt weak, shaky from being confined and denied her powers for a week. But she couldn't just stop - Genosha's Imperator needed her. And so did others - she could see a woman racing away from the machines. SO the Ice mutant steels herself - and tries to encase the falling robots in pillars if ice, straining herself to her limit, and past it.

Kilroy is reluctant to turn his attention. He curses and is about to do when Mab's ice begins to encase the falling robots. That's all he needs, and the surging Rai stones close in on the two remaining behemoths. He has been wanting to do this for a solid week.

Ty blinks as Kilroy shows up, but that doesn't stop her from reacting. She runs over to the fallen mutants, and lets her rifle poof back into subspace. She picks everyone up, and hightails it out of the way of the falling Sentinels. But she still has one last mission to do before she gets out of here...Bosses want parts so... As the Sentinels fell a large amount of wind started to whip around the place. As the Sentinels fell they started to slow.

This gave Robyn an opportunity to run as she moved quickly. She was going to live to fight another day.

The Giant bat now was between Eric and the sentinel. He was easy to grab and move if something else slowed it down. Then it stopped falling as ice punctured it.

Maybell aka Mab had caused tons of ice to encase all of the Sentinels. Even the ones still up suddenly stopped being frozen in place. Unfortunately this came at a cost. Blood poured profusely from her nose, a second later her eyes rolled up in her head and she fell to the ground in a heap. The woman was out cold.

Marc saw the open window and hung there. Luckily the Sentinels slowed and eventually stopped as the air got very cold near him. At least as the Sentinel hung there at a slant , Marc was able to get a good jump.

Ty was able to snag Mab, and if they needed it Nocturna and Eric. She would have seen the Rai stones shattered the two Sentinels that were upright just in case. Frozen metal flew everywhere as it made very sparkly looking snow. All the bots were stopped at least. Although everyone was probably feeling very accomplished and very tired, or some combination of the two.

And Sirocco calls to Marc, "Jump. I'll catch you." She notes that Mab's down, keeping one eye on her. She's starting to get tired herself, but she's not as bad off as the ice manipulator. Of course, she also wasn't in a power dampening cage.

Mab is completely unconscious, the ice she created no longer held by her power. It will thaw eventually. If anyone touches her, she's cold, which is disconcerting, certainly.

Moon Knight looks frankly terrified hanging from the collapsing robot, but he nods when he hears Sirocco, and finally lets go, getting off the Sentinel. ...and is caught and lowered gently to the ground by Sirocco's winds. She turns to Kilroy. "Take her to a hospital and she'll be arrested. I'll...find some better solution." She's looking tired herself, as she sets Moon Knight on the ground.

Moon Knight thanks Sirocco gratefully, and though the tone is very different, the voice may be vaguely familiar. "Is everyone alright?" he asks, not really having seen much but the pod and the drop up till now. Oh, and a Giant Bat. There was a Giant Bat.

Tynan runs up, and starts grabbing a bunch of parts, throwing them into a backpack for analyzing later. She gets a bunch of the eyes, and a few of the energy weapons. She looks at them close enough to see if there's anything to identify them, but there's nothing there. For now...She takes a deep breath. The woman walks over to Kilroy. She has a ski mask on to cover her face. "Fate nor destiny.", she says to him. "Tell Magneto who I am, if he wants to know who I was.", she says. Kilroy can likely figure out who it was from that. Kilroy nods and does a small sigil with his finger on one Rai stone and places Mab on it. "The Rai stone will follow you wherever you go." He ignores the Imperator. Let him rot. He looks at Tynan and says, "I'm sure he'll find out, but if he asks I'll let him know." He arches an eyebrow, curious but says, "I'll make sure he knows.

"I am. Magneto's out cold in a heap..." She glances at Kilroy. "Thanks." She thinks she knows where to take Mab. "Are YOU alright? You don't seem yourself." Kilroy says, "Me? I'm fine. I'm just pissed at the idea that these things are given free reign to do what they have been. I'm drunk on my own power that's all. I'm quite sure I'll get the crap kicked out of me soon enough by something bigger. But I AM enjoying this. Take care of yourself."

Moon Knight erms, and there's that look that anyone who knew him for long would recognize as the 'wait do I know this person?' look. "I..I will be. I just need to find something." he nods to Kilroy too. "That was amazing."

Mab lets out a soft groan as she is lifted up, but is otherwise unresponsive. She needs medical attention, and soon.

Kilroy says, "It was not really my power but thank you. Are you alright?"

Moon Knight frowns at Kilroy.. he does seem familiar, but. Well, the both of them are clearly divinely touched, so the cab driver just asks, "Did.. I talk to either of you before I was caught?"

Moon Knight says, "Did I give you anything..?"

Sirocco shakes her head. "Shu told me to come pull you out. But I have to go." Because, Mab. And she also kind of wants to get Mab away from Magneto. Her showing that much respect for a villain? Troubling...She flies off, the rai stone following her in the direction of New York. Kilroy says, "You did not give me anything but you're acting like you don't know who I am or you are. Do you know? Should we take you to wherever Sirocco is going?" He looks somewhat concerned."

Moon Knight(?) answers, "I.. I'm Jake. Jake Lockley, but I'm usually not awake for all of.." he waves a hand at the towering spires of ice impaling the massive robots and the gunslinger ripping them down for parts etc. "You seem familiar, but I'm sorry, it must be from the others. I don't think we've met?" he does watch Kilroy to see if this explanation seems to make sense, or if this is someone who doesn't know their situation enough to follow. He's hoping if he's being recognized by other divine entities who know his face that means they're fairly well acquainted.

Kilroy hadn't actually known Marc was a scismed personality. However, he talks to trees, and has a god in his head so more than one person in a body doesn't really phase him. "Kilroy. Nice to meet you. What happened to the others? Are they unconscious or asleep or something? Is it a costume thing?" Kilroy has received Marcs description to look for him so he's not totally lost, but isn't sure. Jake's wallet says Jake is Jake while Jake thinks he is Jake. "Why don't you come with me? I know some people looking for you."

Jake nods, and offers a hand to shake. "Nice to meet you." he responds, though he grimaces in concern. "They're asleep. It..usually I can wake the others up if I have to. Or we switch when we need to. But Marc was going to give something away we need.." he bites his lip, tugging at his collar. "At least I hope he got that far before the robots. I just don't know who he gave it to."

Jake Lockley nods about going with Kilroy. He does know some names of some of their more abnormal acquaintances, but he has a feeling Kilroy can get there faster. For that matter he has no idea where his cab ended up. "Thank you."

Kilroy is going to take extra special time to CRUSH the heads of the bots to remove any memory or record of what happened. That might not stop them entirely but it might delay. Long enough for folks to take care of the problem once and for all. "Let's get out of perception range of these things and then we'll get you a cab. Bastards."

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