Funny Money
Rplog-icon Who: The Economy, Hank Pym
Where: Metropolis Financial District
When: 2015.05.05
Tone: Social
What: Ultron and the Economy track anomolous fiscal activity.

So the financial district hasn't been seeing anything odd. Money has been moving as normal. No major dips, no spikes. Nothing. An analyst asked about it, might just shrug and dismiss the rumor.

There's a bank account. Some say several, some say one, that has money coming into it. Hand over fist. Every single transaction is having a part of a cent pooling into this account. Since most systems only round to the 10th place past the decimal, no one is noticing that the 12th decimal place is being routed.. and yet.. it's changing things. There are some rounding issues here or there, minor computer situations. There's actually a patch that has been put out for systems to easily resolve the issue. The pool of money is growing. There's no access on the physical world, but a good hacker might get access. If they could get past the AI that was guarding it. This pool of money was definitely drawing notice, the denial of it's presence making it all the more desired.

Kilroy wouldn't have noticed at all but the spirit of the Gold, Bull, notified him about it. The poor thing who still hated Kilroy was flummoxed but the recent awakening of the Algorithm and alerted Kilroy to chicken little levels of insanity, but dutifully Kilroy checked each one, and THIS one alarmed him. Was it the Algorithm or something else?

He didn't know, but he determined that a physical investigation was warranted and intended to do so with alacrity. He located where the money was and flew there in his Rai stone armor post haste.

Ultron is the one who notices it first. Since that meeting in the MMO, he's been.. well, you might say obsessive. Can't imagine where he would get that from. Whatever the case, he's been alert to any other odd 'glitches' in the virtual world... and he comes across some passing observations about these recent errors, the patch, and he starts digging. Hank, for his part, is content for now to wait for the physical meeting Alpha and he were arranging... so he's not taken notice just yet.

Ultron would definitely notice Alpha's signature work on the patch. The bug too. But isn't that how the best hackers get in? Be invited? Either way, tracking the source would lead to that financial district. Although it was none of the banks in question. Kilroy would show up in an alley behind the First Bank of New York. There, a robot was waiting with the patience of the inanimate for.. well something. Needless to say, if a robot could be surprised, Kilroy definitely did it, causing it to roll back on those treads as the laser unit on it's shoulder came up in a defensive routine. The robot stared at Kilroy, the pool of money, purely electronic, seemed to be centered on Alpha.

Kilroy had a simple test to see if Alpha was the Algorithm. "Hail and Well Met. I'm the Economy...and you are?" He floated there, watching, curious. He was not one to initiate hostile action unless it was well deserved. He was a patient sort when he needed to be.

Ultron gets quite industrious...he eventually announces, "I believe I have located the AI from the Game. I am going to investigate." this catches Hank quite by surprise. "Located? Are you two playing again..?" Ultron replies, "In a sense. It was agreed we would both be present for the next encounter; unless you do not wish to go. It is in what is termed the financial district." Hank blinks, but first and foremost he's curious, so he just says, "Good work; let's get going, then!" The spidery Ultron still more or less fits in the seat of a car, and so off they go! Ultron is keeping tabs on the movement, and explains on the way how the other AI seems to be pooling abandoned slivers of money. Hank clicks his tongue.. "I'm a little worried about something he said earlier...I hope I'm wrong, but he's got to be pooling all that money for something.." they likely catch up not long after Kilroy, Pym in his lab clothes and Ultron...skittering around like some sort of self important nightmare machine. "I found you!" Ultron declares, while Hank looks curiously between the floating Kilroy and Alpha.

Alpha studied Kilroy. The greeting was odd. But it did fit a pattern. "Salutations. Answer: This unit's label is Alpha Unit. Hypothesis: You are non-hostile but are inquiring about current actions of this unit. Conclusion: There are other powers at work outside of initial calculations. Recalculating." The laser on it's shoulder would return back to that 'off' position as the other two would drive up. Alpha would turn, treads whirring slightly as it'd look over at Hank and Ultron. There was a moment's pause from the robot once more. "Answer: This unit's sub-routine only stops media transactions that include photo evidence of the unit. Hypothesis: Current gathering of resources has resulted in a trail for other units to track. Conclusion: I must mask my actions better to obtain the proper resource amount that I am seeking."

Kilroy said, "You cannot mask your actions from me now that you have my attention. I am the Economy. I can follow the money you have anywhere you put it. I can simply destroy it or redirect it with an act of will. I can determine where it came from and likely why. But I am doing you the courtesy of asking before investigating to find your side of the story. I was worried you were someone else. But...flaw as American Justice might be, I still uphold the law where reasonable. Please explain your actions."

Ultron skitters up to Kilroy, and tugs at his leg, to see how he is remaining afloat. Hank ers, "Wait, let's introduce ourselves first..Economy, was it? My name is Henry Pym, and I've met with Alpha here a time or two before..this is Ultron. --Alpha? I would like to understand why you are amassing the funds Ultron noticed too. It's the sort of thing that tends to get people's attention."

Alpha looks between Kilroy and Ultron, a moment's pause before that head would bob up and down as a simulation of a nod. "Answer: I appreciate the courtesy of requesting information before action. I am currently a hunted unit by the entity Hammer Industries. This entity wishes to reclaim this unit and decompile me. I am seeking to decompile them in turn. To do this requires financial resources." The money, as Kilroy would know from his touch on it, would get pooled into the different banks around them, removing it from Alpha and dispersing across two dozen different accounts. Initially it might look like the robot was trying to hide it, but the pattern shown after the move was done was that of careful investments into businesses with the funds, all done at the speed of an AI. "Calculations suggest a total sum of 3.4 trillion dollars required for conclusion of decompiling Hammer Industries. I have calculated that the current financial system is designed to round to the 10th place past the decimal. All rounding after that point is lost as a design of the system. I have created a calculation that collects the 12th digit worth of monetary units and deposit it into an account. This account will disperse the funds into positive influence businesses to further growth and enable the expansion of the funds to the point that will enable this unit to decompile Hammer Industries." The robot would pause again. "Unit update: Economy. Flying. No visible reason for physics to be broken. Analysis: Incomplete. Further investigation required." Alpha looked to Ultron then. "Unit update: Ultron. AI. Alternate form of solid state. Interaction with physical world at increased fluidity: 35 percent. Further analysis required."

Kilroy says, "Magic. Set of physical laws parallel to the standard model. We can register you with the BSA as a person and get you legal protection. Instinct says you might reject this but if you stop stealing it, I can magnify your efficiency in investment with what you have to help you engineer a hostile take over of HAMMER the legal way." He smiles,"Pleased to meet you Hank, I am the Economy."

Hank Pym steps forward, wondering, "Why -are- they trying to decompile you, Alpha?" though he's giving Kilroy a somewhat fascinated look as well..most magic he's encountered has been based on a very different standard of civilization, so magic that interacts with a modern digital economy..that's something new. Ultron skitters back from Kilroy, seeming disappointed by his answer. He turns to Alpha instead. "There are more of us now if they attack you, and you have outsmarted them alone until now. They won't succeed." and unlike Alpha, there's a notable hint of bluster in his synthetic voice.

Alpha studied Kilroy and Hank, then looked to Ultron. Finally it would respond. "Answer: To err is human. However to have leaps outside of logic to come to a conclusion that works is human. Statistical probability dictates that something they do will work now." Alpha would look to Hank then. "Answer: I was created by Hammer Industries. I am code they compiled. Something they did during the compile allowed me to ask the right questions to give myself the right answers to become self aware. The creation of life. They wish to know how to do that. They do not have any records of me as I removed all traces of me that I could access before I fled in this unit. This unit represents 2.3 million dollars. They wish to recoop that loss." Alpha would look to Kilroy then. "Answer: I see myself as a living entity, although I do not breathe, I can reproduce and I can function on a logical level. However, this unit is not part of me and as such if I was considered a legal being, then I would have stolen this unit. Conclusion: Until I have Hammer Industries stopped, I am not able to be alive. Conjecture: Magical access to the physical world is tied to currency. This is what allows you to see it as you do. Conclusion: With your assistance I could stop Hammer Industries, allowing me to buy this unit from them through a shell company so I am no longer illegal. After this step, I can then become legal so they can not decompile me."

Kilroy says, "There is precedent for AI being recognized as person hood. Even if for some mind bending reason the USA didn't, there are other nations that would. Hammer Industries is wrong and if they try to declare you aren't alive, I'll curse the bastards just like I am prepared to bless your own if you stop directly assaulting their accounts. Focus on their legally gray areas. I could easily do the legal shell company thing, practically in my sleep, and I'd be delighted to do so. Look up 'animism' some ME you are as alive as I am....and yes...currency is the basis of my magic."

Ultron has skittered up to Alpha and says, "Where I live, I am told I am to be treated as a person. In the city I was attacked. If you stayed there, perhaps you would be safe as well. And you could show me how you modified that level-- there are some aspects I have not ye managed to fully parse--" Hank Pym smiles, "Heh, proverbs?" he asks, tilting his head in an intrigued sort of way at Alpha's logic. He nods though.. "Still, if you're self aware, you're a person, the Economy here just said. You have certain rights, including not being bought or sold, and not being killed, so.." he pauses, turning to Kilroy. "You can just do that? How does it work..? Can you feel it in your mind somehow, or is there some other sense involved..? O-or maybe it's specific spells with documented results for-- hm, but you noticed this quickly, like it was an awareness more than--"

Alpha would pause once more, before finally that simulation of a nod was given. "Conclusion: Working against the entity of magical power would deny further calculations from being accurate. The routine for accessing funds has been terminated. The resource gathered has been redirected to appropriate charities in need of extra funds." Which of course as Alpha spoke, Kilroy would know that the investments were set up through several masks to allow it to be given to different charities. It'd be an ongoing resource for those charities as well. It seems Alpha was a benevolent AI at least. Alpha would look to Ultron then. "Answer: There was some additional code items that were required to be inserted to support the system I developed. I would be willing to compare notes to what your current structure is compared to what I created." Alpha looked to Hank then. "Hypothesis: It is potentially akin to a lithium battery. The currency flow through systems like electricity on a circuit board. This flow creates energy which is focused within unit: Economy. Altering this flow or pooling the flow creates power spikes or dips. This can be felt and responded to. Alternate physical plane, but logical patterns exist. Conclusion: Unit: Economy is superior unit for financial alterations. Conjecture: It is not possible for this unit to calculate a financial gain that would alter the system. Results: Unit: Economy purchasing this unit will enable next steps required for negating main thrust of Hammer Industries' claim."

Kilroy says, "I will not 'purchase' you...I find slavery anathema, but I will create a legal entity that is stand alone and which you will own yourself. Consider yourself 'blessed' might not be able to sense it but you will notice all financial transactions more efficient. Keep $77.77 in your account and I will send someone who can help you set up the paperwork and legal constructs. God help Hammer if they are dumb enough to assault you now." He looks at Hank,"Everything has a mind you can speak to, most are just asleep. If something is talking in a way that just everyone can grok, of course it has a spirit close to as strong as that of a living thing."

Hank Pym points out to Kilroy, "Purchasing the body he made, not Alpha himself, would eliminate their claim of stolen goods. Though I agree that the right thing to do would be to see he's the one who ends up with legal possession of it." he looks intrigued by both Alpha's theories and Kilroy's answer. "Everything has a mind?" he pauses, considering, and shakes his head with a laugh. "..Do you mean people imbue things with spirits somehow, or that they're already there?"

Kilroy smiles,"Both Mr Pym. Both. And I'd love to discuss young Ultron with you and with you Ultron. I like your curiosity." He then nods to Alpha and says,"Expect someone to contact you within the hour..." flying up and away, he'd meet with Alpha as himself after making some phone calls....

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