Sentinel Smackdown Part 1
Rplog-icon Who: Carol Danvers, Natalia Romanova, Hank Pym, Tony Stark, Jean Grey (In Stealth Armor), Nate Grey (In Stealth Armor], Bruce Banner (In the Background, part of second half)), Logan, Ororo Munroe
Sentinels General Hartmann, Mastermind, Sebastian Shaw ((Possibly))
Where: Washington D.C.
When: April 29th 2015
Tone: Heroic
What: The Avengers and X-men investigate, and fight trouble

Washington D.C. all seems quiet. It's night time. All doesn't seem to be out of place according to standard appearances. Right now the occasional car passes by. Intel given by a few people the area most are curious about doesn't look like too much. A street with a couple of buildings, an underpass with a simple two lane road that looks barely visible at a glance. It seems all roads try to diverge away from this as nothing major leads to it. Gates even seal it off in such a way it continues to make the path look like it doesn't exist at all.

Intel collected from a few sources lead to this area, but no one is certain what is inside. This is where the group comes into play: How to handle this situation? That's the key. Because there is a large group of costumed clad individuals possibly going into a place they do not belong. Those individual belong to the Avengers and X-men combined. Now it is up to both groups to figure out the plan of attack.

The area is very simple. Looks like everyone s on the ground underneath a city overpass. Rumors exist of trucker routes throughout the country used to move sensitive materials throughout the country. Knowing that cities have these little cover, and areas is not out of the question. Those with knowledge in defense contracts, government and the like know these routes exist. Apparently something could be here according to intel, but what? Everything points here and some have even figured out a bunker lingers underneath the city, a backup in case of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. A fail safe in place for decades, but what is it being used for now? Another question to ponder.

Eyes closed, Carol stands under the overpass dressed in her dark gray and black muted tones. She is trying to feel for energy fields, wavelengths.. things that could be power sources for things such as Sentinels, or for security systems and such. She's gotten together with Logan and Natasha... and of course, Natasha's passenger. She's referred to the group within two groups as the.. advanced infil team. At least in her head that's how she refers to them. "Okay, working on narrowing down locations now." she says softly, keeping radio silence for the moment.

Natasha Romanov stands behind Carol, her red hair covered by a dark covering for now. She mutters something into her radio, and nods to Carol. "You've got point, Marvel." she says simply. She looks deceptively casual - anyone who knows her would know she's hyperfocused on her surroundings. "You comfy, Antman?" she asks, lookiing down at her front.

Hank Pym is leaning out of Black Widow's front pocket for the moment, adjusting his helmet in a technical reflection of what Carol is doing.. scanning for any communication, radio, radiation or energy that his helmet night be able to detect. "Doing just fine, thanks! --And if I pick anything up, I'll let you know, Ca--uh. Hey, what do we call each other when we shouldn't even be here with our code names..?" he wonders.

"Nonono... you DON'T want to switch the repulsors from the low power setting, that'll completely frack up the cloaking device. None of the weapons systems aside from the gauntlet tasers are going to work until the cloaking device is disengaged, which means that repulsors are for flight only. We need to make sure the facility's security is down before we decloak, so we have to go in soft and quiet."

'Flying' isn't exactly the word that anyone would use to describe what Iron Man is currently doing. At least not anyone who was used to seeing the way he normally flies. What he's doing instead is almost... floating. It might not be as fast as he'd like, but at least it's (he thinks) completely undetectable.

"I have to apologize for not playing my customary Mission Pump Up Song, but that's not stealth either. However, I believe Miss Grey has volunteered to sing 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC if anyone feels they're being cheated. She just learned the lyrics recently..."

As she looks like a female replica of Tony, Jean says to the team via inside her Stealth suit, "I am flying in with Tony. I will be staying above the situation to scan and see what I can learn." However, she is not using his flight system but her telekinetic energy to control her flight. She is hidden from the naked eye and is completely silently. She floats over the overpass as she brings her hands to her temples and begins to extend her senses outward to scan the area.

She mutters to herself, "I sound so silly in this thing."

A third "Iron Man" comes a few yards after Jean. Stark has assured Nate the stealth armor will prevent the Sentinels to detect his mutant power signature. Since the Sentinels have not detected it yet, it probably works. Nata (codename Scion) tends to be easy to spot by mutant detection devices and similar tech. "Go ahead with the mind-link, can't be much worse than Iceman's. And if he is, I want to see." He notes through the comlinks.

Dressed in black and grey, Wolverine looked over everyone. Red lensed eyes saw everyone. Black boots and gloves with clasps on each went over him. Strapped to his back was a jetpack. Landing on the ground as if he had done this before Wolverine turned off the thrusters.

The man looked ready, more than usual. Most people didn't see mission Wolverine. This was different than the heroic one. Heroic Wolverine was willing to rush into battle guns blazing, ready to throw himself into the frontlines, and take whatever was coming his way. This Wolverine was ready to strike and just needed to be guided to a target. Parts that Wolverine hated about himself were alive and well when he got like this. The only thing that signified Logan was an X-man was a grey and black X belt-buckle on the black belt he wore. A glance was given to Ant-Man, "At least someone has a good seat fer this," he thought very briefly. A look went to Stark, "Phoenix's hellofalot better than Johnson if ya ask me," he heard Jean sing before. Yes, he had given the woman a codename. (reference: )

Ororo Munroe was wearing black leather. Her flowing white hair contained into a ponytail and wrapped in a black leather strap. It looks very similar to Logan's outfit, down to the matching monochrome X-Men belt buckle, which had various tools, including a very impressive (and illegal) set of lockpicks and a few other things. She smiles faintly. "So," she murmurs quietly. "Let's get this party started." She wonders why Logan's ogling some other girl, then squints and sees a tiny man perched there. "Clever little man," she muses.

Thankfully it is early morning so not too many people are going to notice three Iron Men, well two Iron Men and an Iron Maiden, other flying heroes and a man on a jetpack. Despite a call for silence on the radio there is none, but nothing reacts. Apparently luck is on the group's side today. Ant-Man's helmet shows up something strange. It's not alarming, just odd. The electrical readouts seem normal sans one detail. Underneath them a ways is a decent amount of electricity. Nothing to cause alarm, it seems to fit all the rumors of underground bunkers. He's used to seeing readouts in places like Avenger's Headquarters where hidden rooms are concern. The readouts don't match high-tech computers, but enough power to show something could be down there.

Security is down just like Iron Man hopes for before everyone decloaks. Everything is kosher on the readouts. Even JARVIS would give an all clear.

Jean picks up the life readings of people all over the area, but several feet beneath the ground there are three individuals. They're awake and moving. It's down and to the right, underneath concrete, piping and the like. Theories about something underground show to be more factual based instead of hypothetical. Everyone seems to be able to situation themselves at the overpass. A big group of individuals clad in dark colors, armor and everything else people arrive in. No news is good news for the giant group. It is up to the various scanners to report in what they're finding. At least there is no opposing com chatter.

Lifting a hand, Carol points towards a spot past the fence and on the ground. She points at it, closes her fist and then turns it to extend her thumb downward. For those hearing her thoughts, she is saying she thinks there is a trace of power going downward like a parking garage staged ramp from that spot over there. Fortunately, her flight power relies on Anti-gravitons, and she inclines her head. She is hoping that not picking up power traces from ground sensors means that they were preferring secrecy to active sensors. She heads over towards the fence and looks it over closely before she vaults it easily using her ability to fly. If there is a current of power in the fence itself... no touching. Otherwise... hrm, zero residual presence... she'll gesture for others to come forward then as she heads for the spot where the ramp goes down.

Natasha Romanov nods once to Carol's gestures. She didn't need to hear the other woman's thoughts to catch her meaning. "Hold on, Antman." she whispers ]. And then she heads for the fence with a running start, and clambors over in a matter of seconds, placing a hand over her passanger to hold him steady as she drops the the ground silently, landing in a crouch. Straightening up, see follows Carol.

Pym's excitement and nervous energy buzzes tangibly over the mental link, coloring his thoughts. He doesn't seem to think verbally by nature, more in flares of impressions and ideas..though when he realizes the link is established he makes an concentrated effort on that front. << I guess this means code names aren't an issue either; thanks, Dr. Grey. >> after all, the only other SHIELD telepath he knows about is an illusionist more than a pure mentalist.

The tiny scientist ducks into Natasha's pocket fully at her warning, but keeps scanning the area when an impression of the detected electrical readings flares over the mental link, bending and twisting as he tries to fit it to different patterns and rejects them-- he wonders if it's housing or support for the sentinels, or perhaps the robots themselves when he remembers to add, <> his mental image traces out an imaginary route between the theoretical entrance and the large electrical signature below, matching Carol's impression of a switchback ramp in a garage.

Okay, so he WAS doing a decent job staying focused. Tony's thoughts are coherent, but they're loud and fast with virtually no filter. Interspersed between the random thoughts are his attempts at actually communicating with the team, but it definitely requires a bit of work to keep all the 'filler' out.

As she hmmms softly to herself, Jean sends out a pulse of unseen telepathic energy that hits all of the Avengers and X-men present as she begins to link them all to her mind as the back of her thoughts come through to everyone at the same time, <<...hate not feeling air on my face. I swear if this armor does not...>> Jean stops as goes into hero mode, <<All of our minds are linked. It acts as a com system. You just need to speak the thoughts as if you were next to the person. Tony...behave yourself or I will tell Pepper.>> She floats a bit closer to <<On a side note, I am sensing a number of life forms several feet below the surface. There are three waking up now to the right there below the concrete just around the pipes.>> Jean waves a hand and the dust picks up as if it was a breeze to mark where she senses them as she looks over at Ororo and Logan for a moment. She turns her mind back to the matter at hand.

Nate accepts the mind-link but keeps a thin shield to prevent his own psi-babble from filtering. He snickers at Iron Man's train of thoughts, though. << So the mighty Avengers are not used to telepathic tricks. Tsk. Good thing you recruited Phoenix. >>

Peaking of telepathic tricks, he is also scanning the area. But not going as far as Jean because he is not subtle. Mostly seeking guards and civilians. Guards are tweaked so they see nothing wrong. Civilians are pushed to leave the area. In his experience super-hero stealth missions usually end up with big explosions.

Wolverine looks back at Storm then praises forward. Seeing Natash vault the fence causes him to climb it and move over it. He can't jump as well as Natash given the hundred pounds or more of metal attached to his bones. Landing on the ground he gives a nod to those on the otherside. He could have cut through the lock or unlocked it, but one was messy and the other is time consuming.

Pushing down into the pathway his red lenses look around, he takes a few sniffs of the air, <<Anyone findin' anythin' interestin'. Smellin' lots of metal. Tons. Kinda weak here but it's there. Think construction yards, buildings before they go up.>> Wolverine is used to the link. <<Marvel, Phoenix, X..>> stumbling a little people would have been flashed an image of Nathan. <<whatcha pickin' up?>> He's familiar with their sensing skills so Wolverine asks what they can tell.

Ororo Munroe just spreads her arms and floats over the fence on a breeze and lands as agile as a cat. She could've picked hte lock too - quickly, but most of us can just climb or jump it or fly over it. She concentrates. <<There is a lot of electrical current in there... I can feel it. On the positive side - just in case - I was sensing for magical energy. And... thankfully there is none. So I can probably call on my own - rather limited - magical prowess without evertying going to hell.>> She then stands next to Wolverine. She is not transmitting any thought she doesn't wish to over the mindlink - a disciplined mind has its advantages.

For those not part of a mindlink, and don't oppose to it ( you do have to submit to it or not), the sensation is a bit strange, knowing your most private spot is no longer private. The sensation is just something each of you knows instinctually. Those off handed thoughts you have when a friend, acquaintance, enemy and anything else can now by heard by several individuals. The intrusion is not headache inducing, but it's not one-hundred percent pleasant either. For those that are old hands the familiarity of sharing a hive-network amongst other minds.

Again those familiar with the rumors of hidden truck routes, bunkers and rooms constructed with the government are probably not surprised by this entryway. It's a tunnel clearly meant for semis and other large vehicles meant for transporting large goods.

Ant-Man's readouts continue to guide the ground downward. They move downward heading to the right. The signal remains stable and it grows, but nothing in leaps or bounds. The difference between being on the same floor as something and not, however peeking downward the signal grows fainter yet continues downward.

Asphalt is beneath their collective feet. They move down a good thirty to fifty yards before taking a turn and moving to the left. The deeper they go that's when things become clearer for three: Carol's detection of residual energy goes through the roof. It's not present energy, but she's probably never seen so much energy being spent in the past. To compare to something she has seen it would be like standing in a docking bay of Hellacarriers. All of the energy is old, but it's copious. Something shouldn't have energy readouts on such a large scale. As the group continues downward that residual energy signature continues, like being consumed by an electrical version of Moby Dick as the group gets lower and lower.

Jean would get the psychic readings. There are three individuals and they're disappearing deeper. Their movements aren't a full on sprint, but there is a sense of hurried nature to their persons.

Nate picksup on similar readings although his may not be as clear when compared to Jean, the son still had a few tricks to learn. He can still pick up on them enough to tell these are not civilians. Granted he's not trying to keep the link open.

Much to Tony's hope Lois Lane is not hiding in the bushes nor is photographer Jimmy Olsen around the corner to get Stark's best side.

Wolverine's nose is correct and that aroma of metal grows. A smell of some type of accelerate goes up his nose as well.

Storm's sense of electrical energy stabilizes and continues. Like with Ant-Man's readouts the energy doesn't spike, but it stabilizes. The trail grows fainter as she sees it go downward, a talltale sign that the current continues downward.

People push down lower and lower, Stark and people used to armor could tell they are a couple hundred feet beneath the surface before the tunnel opens up into a large room. The room looks like the lovechild of an underground hangar and a subway station. The room took a good ten to twenty minutes of walking before they make there. Everything is dimly lit and hard to make out for those without advanced scanners over their eyes.

Storm and Ant-Man sense the stable electrical signals. They continue all the way down this large room. . Although there is a strange blip waiting at the end of these hundred yards, Storm can't recognize the anomaly. Pym has something to compare it to, and the feeling can be quite strange for him. It's a larger form of a pet project he's working on. The pet project is small and about the size of a spider.

Jean and Nate can pick up the readout of two people waiting a good hundred yards down. The third is continuing to move past everything. What others may not know the two figures they can pick up are near the strange blip waiting detected by Storm and Ant-Man.

Carol everything is much worse. Her residual sense would make her feel like a deer in the middle of a field of spotlights...five feet in front of her. The senses are so bright and vibrant it's blinding. If she's experiencing any pain it's very possible for EVERYONE in the mental link to feel it.

To those with no added senses they're in the dark unless someone turns on a light. Although even they may be able to tell they are no longer alone.

Every once in a while, Carol will gesture behind her with an open palm towards folks while she takes a reading, so to speak. People... in a hurry. Over the network she is leaking little thoughts and memories of past missions. Oddly enough, there is one that involved her and Logan.. in a shootout side by side. The past is the past, right? Anyhow, she pauses and consciously thinks. <<If you are maintaining our network. . . Nate, can -you- get a little probe into the minds of these hurried people? Are they hurrying away from us, or towards something else?>> And then... she feels it. Carol is in almost cosmic and psychic pain. Pain is something she's dealt with before, but.. she doesn't -really- have much of a mental filter, despite her experience with the X-Men, and Chucky X (as she calls him) in particular.

She slumps against a wall and does her best to... so to speak.. close her eyes to this energy signature. Obviously -something- is wrong. She shakes her head like a punch drunk boxer trying to recover from a strong jab to the face. "Unnnnhhh." she mutters aloud, but.. the feel over the network -may- induce JEan to cut her out of it for now.

Hank Pym is definitely aware when the mind link happens, but even if it's a bit off putting, he seems absolutely delighted at the prospect. The downsides don't seem to occur to him one bit, though he does try to keep mindful of the mission and limit his thoughts bleeding over...not to say he's good at that, but he does try at least!

Pym may start to see the drawbacks though when they finally get down to the lower level, and Carol starts leaking distress and pain over the link. He starts to wonder, <<Carol, what's wro-->> though then his thoughts spike with surprise. A sense of scale, the impression of a name, Ultron? He pops up out of Natasha's pocket again, though he can't see much until he starts fiddling with his helmet once more. <<I..Guys, I think one of the Sentinels is here. There's an electrical silhouette ahead that looks an -awful- lot like a giant robot to me.>>

As he lands, Iron Man is doing about twenty different things at once. He's speed-reading pages and pages of data from his scanners and from Stark International's satellite network, piggybacking a ghost signal through the facility's intranet to link up with their servers, monitoring the biological readings from everyone who's wearing one of his suits, and working on his half of a computer bug that can take down an as-yet-unrevealed computer system. On top of that, he's also walking in a suit of powered stealth armor, which (as Nate and Jean can testify) is not as easy as it looks. The heads up display alone is enough to boggle most brains.

But the one thing that he can't seem to do right now, is remember the lyrics to the song that's stuck in his head. Which is why everyone is being subjected to his attempts to recall it. Finally he's had enough.

"Screw it. JARVIS, play 'Jumpin' Jack Flash.' The Stones' version, not Frampton's."

"Of course, sir."

The opening guitar riff fills up Iron Man's helmet, and suddenly his thoughts are much more... concise.

<< Look sharp, Ant-Man! But remember, we're still being sneaky until we're sure the facility's security system is completely down. I'm still detecting shit tons of EMF readings, so we're still being scanned."

As she lets out a grunt, Jean brings a hand to her head as she says, <<Carol?>> Jean fliters the link from the pain as quickly as it hit. <<She is ok. The three are moving quickly away from us. Their movements aren't a full on sprint, but there is a sense of hurried nature to their minds.>> Jean is still floating off the ground as she moves with everyone. <Hold on...two people waiting a good hundred yards down. But the third is moving on. X can you scan them deeper? I will keep my senses extended for more coming.>> Jean looks over at Tony and says very softly, "Jarvis mute his music in my helmet." Jean sounds annoyed but falls silent once again.

<< Hmm, yes... got them >> mind-reading at hundreds of yards with a visual lock is not as easy as when the target is in front of you. At least not for Nate. But it is not terribly difficult either, and with a few seconds of concentration, he figures out the mental structures and then spies the train of thoughts. Mind 1: "...I get to see the field test to end all field tests. It's been a long time coming. Just a few more steps..." sounds like a brainy person to Nate.

Mind 2: "...Iron Mongrel. Just wait for him to appear..." uh, this is suspicious. Sharp, organized mind.

Mind 3: "...I'll have the ba-" ...

<<whathehell?! Some cloaking field. Or maybe teleporters? It is gone. I lost one of the minds down there >> warns the young man.

Feeling that pain Wolverine breaks off from the connection. He's not sure how bad things are going to get before they get better. If Carol got worse then it would get bad for everyone else. She could take it, but he had doubts over a few others. Plus if that pain echoed in all of them it makes him worry that it'll be the pain of six or seven people hitting each, and everyone in the link. Instead of waiting and letting this thing get to him, Wolverine does what he always does in situations he has really bad feelings about...hopes to flush out the source of what is bugging him. He starts to charge off ahead. Hank gave enough of an idea of a target at the end of the tunnel. A few sniffs of the air to guide him toward it.

When Ororo went into the tunnel - she creates a small glowing light that floats by her, illuminating the surroundings. Since there was no magical... anything... she figured that a mage light (a mix of fire and air) would not cause any alarms. She feels the same thing Ant-Man does - an odd electrical signal - but she hurries after Logan when he runs along, drawing a pair of daggers just in case.

There are three flashes of Magneta light that cut through the darkness. One goes straight for Logan who rushes the darkness and as the energy hits him out of nowhere it sends him hurling toward the back of the room. A blast goes toward the floating source of light, aka Storm. The third heads toward Carol who is dealing with all of the pain. The flashes of light briefly illuminate the room, but everyone's probably more concerned about their teammates to notice anything. However for a brief moment it looks like two magneta glowing eyes are watching before the room darkens. It happens with sudden flashes of light.

"No more will my green sea turn a deeper blue. I could not foresee this thing happening to youuu," a voice cries out, the words echo off the walls. To those paying attention to the political news lately it's a very familiar voice and prefer a different Rolling Stones song. Finger snaps go in rhythm to the song that most just heard. As the snaps and with each snap the fingers the lights turn on. They're all in the very empty yet large room. Examining the floor each of you can see the place for giant feet on each side along with something to dock and refuel large objects. There are rows of these in two by two formation filling the room. Waiting at the end are three figures. On the left is a man dressed in clothing that looks to be from a century or two ago. He's an older wearing light brown slacks, suit coat with a matching shoulder cape. The color would remind people of some trees, herbs and the like. His hair is salt and pepper with a lot of salt, but the pepper is enough to make it a shade or two darker than white.

On the left is another man with light brown hair and a distinct mustache. While his brown suit is a bit more modern complete with a white button up shirt and red tie. Stark would recognize the head of Trask Industries, President, CEO and Founder Boliver Trask. Standing in the center is a man that is giving no Pyschic Reading and who was singing moments ago. General Hartmann the man that has meddled and interfered for some time. Pym would recognize this as the anomaly he can read. "There is a saying and it goes, 'When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a-runnin', but not to help." For a brief moment his eyes flash that same magenta color as a sadistic smile pulls at his face. One hand is extended, anyone that's familiar with ANY energy wielder would recognize the hand motion. Apparently the general is holding onto a secret or two. "I'm more than a General, but one day you will all call me, sir. Or Master."

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