Sentinel Smackdown Part 2
Rplog-icon Who: Carol Danvers, Natalia Romanova, Hank Pym, Tony Stark, Jean Grey (In Stealth Armor), Nate Grey (In Stealth Armor], Bruce Banner (In the Background, part of second half)), Logan, Ororo Munroe
Sentinels General Hartmann, Mastermind, Sebastian Shaw ((Possibly))
Where: Washington D.C.
When: April 29th 2015
Tone: Heroic
What: The Avengers and X-men investigate, and fight trouble

Every once in a while, Carol will gesture behind her with an open palm towards folks while she takes a reading, so to speak. People... in a hurry. Over the network she is leaking little thoughts and memories of past missions. Oddly enough, there is one that involved her and Logan.. in a shootout side by side. The past is the past, right? Anyhow, she pauses and consciously thinks. <<If you are maintaining our network. . . Nate, can -you- get a little probe into the minds of these hurried people? Are they hurrying away from us, or towards something else?>> And then... she feels it. Carol is in almost cosmic and psychic pain. Pain is something she's dealt with before, but.. she doesn't -really- have much of a mental filter, despite her experience with the X-Men, and Chucky X (as she calls him) in particular.

She slumps against a wall and does her best to... so to speak.. close her eyes to this energy signature. Obviously -something- is wrong. She shakes her head like a punch drunk boxer trying to recover from a strong jab to the face. "Unnnnhhh." she mutters aloud, but.. the feel over the network -may- induce JEan to cut her out of it for now.

<Carol!> It's the first concrete thought to sip from Natasha's mind - she's very well mentally guarded despite not having any telepathy. Flashes of disconnected memories leak from her as the rush on psychic pain disorientats her. She goes to the woman's side, kneeling by her and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Something here? Or was here? focus, Carol." Her voice is urgent - and perhaps a bit panicked?

Hank Pym is definitely aware when the mind link happens, but even if it's a bit off putting, he seems absolutely delighted at the prospect. The downsides don't seem to occur to him one bit, though he does try to keep mindful of the mission and limit his thoughts bleeding over...not to say he's good at that, but he does try at least!

Pym may start to see the drawbacks though when they finally get down to the lower level, and Carol starts leaking distress and pain over the link. He starts to wonder, <<Carol, what's wro-->> though then his thoughts spike with surprise. A sense of scale, the impression of a name, Ultron? He pops up out of Natasha's pocket again, though he can't see much until he starts fiddling with his helmet once more. <>

<< Shit. How does it go again? Hmm HM hmmmm... something something... then it's 'I was raaaaised by a toothless... hag?'>>

As he lands, Iron Man is doing about twenty different things at once. He's speed-reading pages and pages of data from his scanners and from Stark International's satellite network, piggybacking a ghost signal through the facility's intranet to link up with their servers, monitoring the biological readings from everyone who's wearing one of his suits, and working on his half of a computer bug that can take down an as-yet-unrevealed computer system. On top of that, he's also walking in a suit of powered stealth armor, which (as Nate and Jean can testify) is not as easy as it looks. The heads up display alone is enough to boggle most brains.

But the one thing that he can't seem to do right now, is remember the lyrics to the song that's stuck in his head. Which is why everyone is being subjected to his attempts to recall it. Finally he's had enough.

"Screw it. JARVIS, play 'Jumpin' Jack Flash.' The Stones' version, not Frampton's."

"Of course, sir."

The opening guitar riff fills up Iron Man's helmet, and suddenly his thoughts are much more... concise.

<< Look sharp, Ant-Man! But remember, we're still being sneaky until we're sure the facility's security system is completely down. I'm still detecting shit tons of EMF readings, so we're still being scanned."

As she lets out a grunt, Jean brings a hand to her head as she says, <<Carol?>> Jean fliters the link from the pain as quickly as it hit. <<She is ok. The three are moving quickly away from us. Their movements aren't a full on sprint, but there is a sense of hurried nature to their minds.>> Jean is still floating off the ground as she moves with everyone. <Hold on...two people waiting a good hundred yards down. But the third is moving on. X can you scan them deeper? I will keep my senses extended for more coming.>> Jean looks over at Tony and says very softly, "Jarvis mute his music in my helmet." Jean sounds annoyed but falls silent once again.

<< Hmm, yes... got them >> mind-reading at hundreds of yards with a visual lock is not as easy as when the target is in front of you. At least not for Nate. But it is not terribly difficult either, and with a few seconds of concentration, he figures out the mental structures and then spies the train of thoughts.

Mind 1: "...I get to see the field test to end all field tests. It's been a long time coming. Just a few more steps..." sounds like a brainy person to Nate.

Mind 2: "...Iron Mongrel. Just wait for him to appear..." uh, this is suspicious. Sharp, organized mind.

Mind 3: "...I'll have the ba-" ...

<<whathehell?! Some cloaking field. Or maybe teleporters? It is gone. I lost one of the minds down there >> warns the young man.

Feeling that pain Wolverine breaks off from the connection. He's not sure how bad things are going to get before they get better. If Carol got worse then it would get bad for everyone else. She could take it, but he had doubts over a few others. Plus if that pain echoed in all of them it makes him worry that it'll be the pain of six or seven people hitting each, and everyone in the link. Instead of waiting and letting this thing get to him, Wolverine does what he always does in situations he has really bad feelings about...hopes to flush out the source of what is bugging him. He starts to charge off ahead. Hank gave enough of an idea of a target at the end of the tunnel. A few sniffs of the air to guide him toward it.

When Ororo went into the tunnel - she creates a small glowing light that floats by her, illuminating the surroundings. Since there was no magical... anything... she figured that a mage light (a mix of fire and air) would not cause any alarms. She feels the same thing Ant-Man does - an odd electrical signal - but she hurries after Logan when he runs along, drawing a pair of daggers just in case.

There are three flashes of Magneta light that cut through the darkness. One goes straight for Logan who rushes the darkness and as the energy hits him out of nowhere it sends him hurling toward the back of the room. A blast goes toward the floating source of light, aka Storm. The third heads toward Carol who is dealing with all of the pain. The flashes of light briefly illuminate the room, but everyone's probably more concerned about their teammates to notice anything. However for a brief moment it looks like two magneta glowing eyes are watching before the room darkens. It happens with sudden flashes of light.

"No more will my green sea turn a deeper blue. I could not foresee this thing happening to youuu," a voice cries out, the words echo off the walls. To those paying attention to the political news lately it's a very familiar voice and prefer a different Rolling Stones song. Finger snaps go in rhythm to the song that most just heard. As the snaps and with each snap the fingers the lights turn on. They're all in the very empty yet large room. Examining the floor each of you can see the place for giant feet on each side along with something to dock and refuel large objects. There are rows of these in two by two formation filling the room. Waiting at the end are three figures. On the left is a man dressed in clothing that looks to be from a century or two ago. He's an older wearing light brown slacks, suit coat with a matching shoulder cape. The color would remind people of some trees, herbs and the like. His hair is salt and pepper with a lot of salt, but the pepper is enough to make it a shade or two darker than white.

On the left is another man with light brown hair and a distinct mustache. While his brown suit is a bit more modern complete with a white button up shirt and red tie. Stark would recognize the head of Trask Industries, President, CEO and Founder Boliver Trask. Standing in the center is a man that is giving no Pyschic Reading and who was singing moments ago. General Hartmann the man that has meddled and interfered for some time. Pym would recognize this as the anomaly he can read. "There is a saying and it goes, 'When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a-runnin', but not to help." For a brief moment his eyes flash that same magenta color as a sadistic smile pulls at his face. One hand is extended, anyone that's familiar with ANY energy wielder would recognize the hand motion. Apparently the general is holding onto a secret or two. "I'm more than a General, but one day you will all call me, sir. Or Master."

Pain, sensory overload! Carol shakes her head, clears it and both sees -and- feels the incoming barage of energy. The mental network... she's had experience with such things, and she does have a disciplined mind. She does her best to -not- send pain over the link.. especially as this is going to hurt even more. She doesn't think, she doesn't really take time for anything but kneejerk reflexes. One arm sweeps out and impacts into Natasha... a wee bit harder than intended. Sometimes when you are going so fast, you don't have time to pull your punches. The intent is to toss Natasha away from that incoming blast. But at the same time... Carol surges forward in an arc designed to intersect with the blasts aimed for her -and- Storm at once. She figures.. it might hurt, but she can take energy blasts better than most.

So, she flies forward and at the last moment, she banks and her thighs take the blast intended for her (and Natasha!) or at least, the vast majority of it. While her arms, torso, and face intercept the one for Storm. For a brief moment.. she's pretty much invisible. But, the brightness of the energy fades -quickly-. After all... it is absorbed into her body. A body that is blasted backwards at a good clip. She hits a back wall and flops to the floor. For just a brief moment.. she's motionless.. and then she apparently catches fire. No, she's seeping energy from arms and head... cosmic flame erupting there as she does a pushup and mutters, "That.. hurt." Her eyes are seeping cosmic flame almost like tears, dribbling out and trailing away into the air like liquid energy.

Freaking energy beams. Wonderful. Natasha was already in motion when Carol shoves her out of the way. The spy rolls with the shove, stopping in a tense crouched pose. "Right. You can do that." she remarks wryly as Carol absorbs the majority of the energy beams. And starts glowing with sun-fire. "Fun. Now, let's see if we can knock them down a few pegs, hmm?" The Black Widow ducks into whatever shadows there are, and heads towards the group of men. She's intent on the General. She's going to let the big hitters draw attention from herself.

Hank Pym ends up dangling from the pocket, as he was already leaning out to stare at the humanoid AI that appears to be Hartmann.. he's certainly sending that conclusion strongly over the mental link at least until alarm from being thrown about replaces it. He wants to know what Hartmann's story is very badly...but. They're here with a primary mission..and with a fight breaking out, it may be just the distraction he needs to get it done. As Natasha charges the men, he thinks, <<Be safe.. I'm going to try to plant the virus! I think there may be a hub in the next room.>> and he jumps away from the charging spy, a tiny speck in a hectic room, arcing right over the heads of the men. If nothing stops him, he bounds over to the door, and scoots right underneath it to see what's beyond..

"But it's allllll riiiiiiiight noooooow, in fact it's a gas!" With hammering guitar riffs and Mick Jagger's peculiar stylings floating around inside his helmet, you'd probably think a person would have a hard time getting any work done. But as it's been well-documented that Tony Stark was born on Opposite World, he is affected in the exact reverse manner.

His thoughts are so clear now that he's basically just mentally copy/pasting facts, figures, and formulas with no editorial comments whatsoever. Of course, that's the kind of focus that's required if you're going to serve as the team's de facto Wi-Fi Hub. Which seems to be what Tony has deputized himself to do for this mission.

<<Awesome sauce, Pym. Once you get the link up I'll start downloading all of their data. You'll got to keep the link open as long as possible if I'm going to find anything useful though."

It's likely that Pym already knew that....

As the chaos begins to unfold, Jean blinks under her helmet losing Logan's connection. She can not sense him and does what comes out instinct as she flies higher into the air. The woman still hidden by Tony's "Stealth Suit", she extends her hand ourward sending out a telepathic pulse throughout the room that washes over everything within seconds. She senses his anger instantly as she turns her eyes towards the man.

As the beams of light fly towards her former lover, Jean throws up both of her hands as the mental link suddenly goes dead within a blink of an eye to replace a force field of considerable strength in front of Logan in an attempt to ward off the incoming attack.

Blah, blah, blah. We are talky super-villains and talk-talk, even if they dress-up like army general, and cause much eyerolling in the younger of the Grey but... "Trask!" Because Nate Grey recognizes Bolivar Trask, notorious racist and killer of mutants. "You sonofabitch... I thought SHIELD had put you in a deep hole somewhere between Guantanamo and Hell. You are going to be sorry they didn't lose the key, old man."

Because the X-Men do have a story with Mr. Trask. A story Nate thought finished two years ago, in a Sentinel base in the Arctic. Old Trask Sentinels needed some rare alien materials to make their fusion reactors work, so there were only a given number of them, and the X-Men destroyed them all. Obviously in the last couple years they found an alternative solution for their power sources. Nate is not surprised by that, what surprises and enrages him is they allowed Trask to do it.

Oh right, and Nate looks like Iron Man (the 3rd one) right now, so maybe he is confusing someone. Hopefully the bad guys. As usual in every fight, he charges the most obvious bad guys, firing a telekinetic blast from his left eye as introduction.

Wolverine was rushing toward Hartmann. A scream of defiance filled the room as he saw the flash of magenta heading toward him. Then the energy glowed until it collided into a shield. For a brief moment he looked up toward one of the Iron Men then jumped toward Hartmann. If nothing was going to stop him then a dead general was going to happen courtesy of six adamantium claws.

Scanning for security measures and a way to help Pym keep things open. Bruce is trying to not let the different sounds get to him even though this suit is feeling rather tight if not making it harder to breathe. Back resting against a wall he is rather singing songs in his head to keep himself calm the music Stark blaring muted to him. "This thing is smoldering. I may lose ten pounds in this thing."

Ororo Munroe sighs softly as she stays near the door - she retreats and stand near the open door. The claustrophobia she used to beat down is too strong now for her to ignore as she makes no moves to go further in - but she does raise her hand up and fires a ligning bolt at each bad guy.

Both beams go into Carol. They hurt, a lot but they do become one with her. These beams did hurt more than any damage from the Sentinels Carol may have run across in the past.

Widow prepares to meet up with these beams head on, but Carol stopped them. As the redhead starts to sneak around all appears good until the older man in brown just looks in her direction. Widow feels an intrusion mentally then the world fades away. She's no longer in a bunker, but in a place very familiar. She's in a classroom VERY familiar to her. One second she can see herself dancing ballet. The next she's learning how to get rid of her accent, learn American culture and everything else. Days at the academy where the monster known as Black Widow began would be a very haunting memory. Even the best Avenger could be rattled by the bloody ledger that is their own past.

The tiny speck that is Ant-Man goes by unnoticed. As he makes it to the door the guy could shrink down more to go under it with no problem. When he goes back to normal size there's tons of computer systems and serves as big as him. It's like being in a portable office room that is just filled with servers, computers and everything else that could keep an army of Sentinels going. For any man that is looking to hack into a server or system, this is like being a child left in charge of the candy store.

Tony Stark is able to make himself into a wi-fi hub with no problems. It's just a matter of staying the wifi hub that may be the problem. Chaos is happening in the room around him.

Ding dong the link is dead. Much to Jean's delight Logan is located and safe thanks to her shield.

Nate rushes Trask who looks like he's seen an unfamiliar ghost. Suddenly the left eye of that "Iron Man" turns bright orange and the blast collides into Trask who yelps in pain. Falling to the ground Trask does try to reach into his pocket, "DON'T TEMPT ME, WHOEVER YOU ARE!"

As Wolverine charges he, too, feels something sink into his mind. Like Widow before him, Wolverine sees the room fade away. What he feels is a familiar metal helmet over his face. All of the programming order him around just like the good old days of Department H. It seems the other monster is forced to see the blood on their hands.

Three lightning bolts go outward. Trask screams out in pain and whatever he is reaching for shorts out. The man in brown whose holding his head goes down just as quick although his damage is done. Sometimes a good telepath like Mastermind just needs a few moments. Hartmann is another story all together.

The energy goes into him and he falls. However the man floats up to his feet. Glowing yellow, Hartmann's eyes can be seen by all and he suddenly rushes toward Stark with incredible speed. Magneta energy starts to glow for his hands as he tries shooting at the Iron Wi-Fi signal.

As Hartmann moves the ceiling starts to open up with loud "Vvrrrt" noises. A metal "clnk" rumbles in the air. Anyone with claustrophobia may feel less on edge as they can see parts of the city along with the night. Apparently someone or something opened up this bunkers seal to the surface. How and why remain to be seen as nothing else happens.

Now on her feet, Carol... aka Binary... as she used to be known.. and resembles once again, starts stalking forward. Not running, not flying, not even walking per se', this is that slow... threatening, inexorable stalk. She points her hands at the sources of the energy. How does she know? Well, she can feel the energy and so she's pinpointing it. "Nice shot." she remarks, "Now let's see if you can take it as well as you dish it out." That said... she fires a blast that is boosted, using up a portion of the power she absorbed. But that's not all, she follows right behind that blast... moving far faster than normal. She really prefers to be in hand to hand combat over all this blastin'. It's more visceral, more... well, hands on, pun intended.

Close combat... this is where all her worries fade away, all of her pain seems to be in the back of her mind, easier to ignore. All of her addiction issues, her bills she needs to pay. Things flow, her mind connects each move to the next easily. It's like... when she's in close combat, that's the only time she's relaxed, at home, calm... peaceful in her head. Weird!

"..." Natasha stops, blinks. She straightens up, at full attention. Carol might recognize the look in the redhead's face. Because Carol Danvers is the only one here who's met the 'real' Black Widow - the one who worked for the KGB, and was known as the world's most deadly spy. She says something coldly in Russian, and rushes at the now prown telepath, the one who dared enter her mind. If nothing stops her, she;s going to kill him.

Pym is unaware of the goings on outside, but he falls into a chair, plugs in a USB, and starts applying what he learned from the pieces of Sentinel processors Tynan retrieved to set up that virus, and clear the way for Tony's download.. "Oooookay, this..."he breaks off, laughing, "And..yeah, we're in. Ready, Tony? Here we go.." he initiates the transfers.. both sending data to infect every sentinel in contact with the hub, and pulling data to send to Tony, everything they can get on this program's origins and those behind it.. that is, if Tony's connection holds. Hank blinks, looking upward as he hears the mechanical rumbling of the ceiling in the other room, and tries to tap into the system to figure out what that's about.

Hank Pym did know what Tony instructed him, but there's no flash of resentment or anything before it winks out. What there is, a few seconds later, is a radio answer over their (hopefully) secure channel, "I'll do my best!" he grows back to normal size once he sees the room is empty...empty, that is, except for abundant amounts of exactly what he was looking for.

"Wait... smoldering? Didn't we cover how to activate the system's cooling units, Bruce? You just have to wink with your left eye and flex your cheeks. Just make sure you flex them vertically, horizontally arms the Uni-Beam."

Tony doesn't specify which cheeks he was talking about. But he seems pretty sure that Bruce can figure it out. He's a doctor, right?

Now that Nate has apparently decloaked and announced his presence, it doesn't seem particularly necessary to consider this a stealth mission any longer. Tony will just have to hope that he can scrub any security footage from the Sentinels and from the facility before they leave. He might have his hands a bit full though. "Dammit. I guess there's no reason to keep the cloaking systems engaged anymore. Let's torch this place, Avengers!"

As the energy impacts the shield, Jean grunts under the stress of it. She steadies herself in the air when her enhanced senses catches the mental energy on the field. Jean extends her hand out in front of her as she tries to get a better fix on it, yet senses who it is attacking. Jean begins to have a slight panic attack as her breath becomes ragged under her helmet.

"There is a telepath on the field. They are attacking Wolverine and Black Widow. X...locate them. Deal with it. I will try and pull them out of it." Jean begins to pull off her helmet and becomes a floating head to the naked eye.

"Someone...please watch my back. I must be able to breath and concentrate." Jean brings her unseen hands to her temples as she closes her eyes. Jean continues to float high above the group as she tries to link her mind with Logan and Natasha. Jean begins to use her training to try and link them both and pull their minds into hers in an attempt to repair the damage. <<Logan...Natasha...listen to the sound of my voice. Follow it. You are being mind controlled.>> Jean repeats that over and over in an attempt to pull them out of the mental attack as she tries to use her own telepathic strength to repair the damage as quickly as she can. The images the two are experience before her like a split computer screen before her.

Jean's image begins to appear in a reflect surface of some it a mirror or water. She extends her hand in hopes to encourage them to her while repeating her focus mantra for them.

A telepath? Uh huh. Why did Jean drop the mind-link if there is a telepath. << Damn it, Jean. Hartman is shielded, or maybe he is a robot... Trask is a flatscan. Not him. >> There is a telepathic snarl of frustration as Nate needs to pull back from the physical part of the confrontation, where he feels he belongs, and shift his senses to the mental plane. Only then psychic abilities become somewhat clear. Despite his raw power, he is not an expert. Jean or Emma would do this must more easily.

Still, if there is anything in the psychic plane that is not his own or Jean's construct, like strange mental links into Black Widow and Wolverine, he can rend and tear them with overwhelming force. It is not precise, it is not pretty, and headaches are likely. But that is better that falling for the illusions, right?

Wolverine started to scream then runs in a panic. What he didn't konw was that he pounced on top of an Iron Man that happend to contain Bruce Banner. Claws sank into the metal, but they had yet to pierce before the sight and sound of Jean Grey caused the attacks to stop. "Jean?" he asked. Before long the world came back to and people had to wonder, "Was Bruce Banner angry?" Wolverine looked around confused by everything so he failed to notice any potential change on his hands.

His pulse begins to race as he is tackled with the claws ripping the metal and suddenly he can't seem to breathe. Bruce ejects from the suit rolling away watching as it suddenly takes off leaving him there. "Stark..." a hand runs through his hair while coughing and gasping a bit from a gas that was released. The world is going dark as he stumbles forward towards where the group is fighting. Falling forward to his knees he is about to faint but then his body begins to start changing. This seems to be a change taking longer than the quick normal few seconds. <> goes through his mind. Then finally the transition is complete and he turns towards Wolverine laying punches upon him through a fit of rage.

Ororo Munroe just sighs audibly as Logan was mind-controlled or something and turns on, of course, Bruce Banner. The opening ceiling is helping her feel much better. She trusts Jean to keep track of the two that were mentally compromised as she flies upwards. She raises an eyebrow at Tony, but stopping Hulk from friendly fire seems more important as she starts to chant. The power of her chanting causes a wooden totem to apparate around her as her hands glow yellow. Oddly, her eyes do NOT glow as they normally do. She creates a web of electricity around the Hulk, hopefully stopping him from moving. She hopes that the shock of touching it would keep him still long enough to calm down - for she's not quite sure how much the magical web will hold. The totem orbits Ororo's body, empowering the spell.

Carol's blast heads into Hartmann sending the general down on the ground. As he hits the concrete ground he "clangs" and "bangs" each time he comes in contact with a surface. For the moment he stays down for a second. Like before he rises up after a moment his feet not touching the ground. Hartmann's uniform has a hole in it revealing a body that looks like it belongs on a twenty year old that only goes to a gym. Going back to Stark the general extends both hands. Energy starts to lance toward Tony as he says to torch the place. The beams of energy are worse than anything a sentinel can throw at him.

Widow's target is prone. It's up to her if she wants to listen to the voice that's talking in her head, or go into what her gut is telling her. Jean Grey is dancing in the school, like a ballerina amongst those training. This is something Widow KNOWS shouldn't be there, wasn't there when it happened.

Pym starts to upload a lot of data that will be sifted over. He's able to nab folders worth of data on many things. As the doors opened Pym's fingers worked their magic. The source was simple, apparently someone out there had a signal device and it went off despite the computer saying the device was online. It had a single message: Defend Home.

Iron Man's orders to bruce go unhindered and he's able to hear Pym just fine. However, Hartmann's energy beams are coming toward him. If they connect to the armor then it is going to be pushed and rattled by technology that could rival his own, if not surpass.

Jean is able to feel herself impose into the minds of her targets. With Widow she was able to get insight into the Academy, the rigorous training that Natasha Romanov went through before becoming the Black Widow. A brief understanding of Russian may come as a side-effect as she would know Widow's intent.

Logan's mindscape she may be familiar with. Being wired into a targeting system, and trained like a robot to hunt, attack and eliminate targets. All of the training she's gotten brief mental hints about she can see with the utmost ease.

Sensations surge through the mental cortex of Widow and Logan, it's possible Nate's surge may have roused Logan and Widow a little more from their mental cages as the mental experience is painful. Nate can tell there is no one else in the mental plane however, as someone is getting further away they're a blank spot in the plane like Hartman. Although looking toward Hartmann the man is wearing no obvious technological device that could be presumed to be a mental inhibitor.

Wolverine is now busy worrying about Code Green as one set of Iron Man armor is now free of Bruce Banner. Although this may not be a good thing since getting free of the armor is to make room for the incredible green friend lurking in Banner's consciousness.

As for Banner he would be dealing with the rage of dealing with "Puny claw man!" It's probably not a question of if he hits Wolverine, but how many times did he bash on Logan.

Electrical webbing goes around Hulk it's anyone's guess if it breaks or not. The only thing that's certain, for a somewhat novice magical user controller an unstoppable force of Rage is probably quite the skill test.

As the chaos unfolds before everyone's eyes the sound of many jet engines can be heard. Suddenly one Sentinel appears, then another, then another. The robots start pouring in until ten are in the room. Energy beams go toward any target available in the room. Although two of the Sentinels are crossed in the cross fire, an arm of one is lost and the leg of another. People on the ground have to worry about two giant Sentinel limbs falling then a falling Sentinel. At least as Pym can see what "Defend Home" means, he can take some comfort that a virus may start to take hold.

And... that General has a Binary in his face right after that blast. He fires once at Tony and then.. WHAM! Carol does one of those double fisted charge punch things, energy crashing about her hands as she impacts. But it's not just one punch. She's in full on WAR mode. Punch, kick, twist, grab hip throw, twist arm, break and curb stomp. That's ... well, her -intended- course of action, but it won't end there. Anyone else near the general is likely to simply be a target of opportunity, with a blast or an elbow here and there. She's.. well, she is doing a dance herself, but not quite ballet. She welcomes any of the blasts sent her way, even the sting of excessive supercharging is shrugged off as she uses the energy to fuel her most potent amount of strength... crashing feet and hands into anyone she can... hopefully Hartman!

There's a gun in Black Widow's hand, poited straight at the prone telepath's head. -Finish you mission!- screams in her head. Dancing, the othr girls in the class - wait, one of them didn;'t look familiar... And then a wave of mental engery ri[ps the illusion apart, and Natasha screams. BANG! The gun goes off - but not into Mastermind's head. It strikes his shoulder, or near there. With a strangled cry, Natsha drops her weapon and curls up into a ball, traumatized and panicking.

Hank Pym forgets to breathe in shock for just a moment when he pulls up the directive: Protect Home. Oh.. oh no. He begins typing furiously-- the virus is still uploading, and until then, he tries to gain access to the sentinels controls to tell them to shut down, leave, attack the ground instead, even just disable their visual sensors if he can, whatever he can do quickly to interfere what sounds like a storm of beam fire and gunshots erupting in the room outside. "Is everyone alright?!" he calls over the radio.

It was such a great plan...

As an entire six disc anthology collection of shit starts to go wrong around him, Tony can't help but think that if Cap were here, he'd have found a way to keep the mission on track. But there were too many variables, too much that he didn't know, and now the 'Secret Avengers' first mission might be their last.

Mostly, however, Tony is just thinking about powering up his suit's armaments as quickly as possible now that cloaking device is disengaged.

Would be nice to have some shields on this thing... but Tony will have to settle for using his repulsor boots to rocket out of the way of the beams as quickly as he can. He's more agile than he looks, especially in a stripped down, sleaker armor like this one.

"I'd just like to say team... none of this is my fault. The entire operation was Wolverine's idea. He bamboozled me with his slick big city talk and his winning smile."

As the link is severed in a rough and nasty manner, Jean lets out a scream of pain as she drops to the ground. The suit takes the majority of the impact protecting Jean from any broken bones. However, the suit is damage and it reveals the rest of her body. Jean brings a hand to her skull when she says into her comm, "God damn it Nate. I wanted to do that gently. She has a and I will talk af.." However Jean's thoughts are interrupted when the Sentinels begin to bear down on the group. She looks up in fear when two of them turn their beams on the woman. Jean's hands come up in an attempt to create a Force Field. As the scene begins to unfold, her eyes moving to her family...her team mates. The emotions begin to overwhelm her. The force field begins to buckle...

Those with any mental abilities would sense Jean is emotionally unstable from the stress of everything piling up. However, Tony putting the blame on Logan seems to be the straw that breaks the camels back for the usually tender woman when an outline of pure red fire begins to engulf Jean.

"I will not let you harm us again." As the flames around Jean begin to grow in strength and glow when suddenly there is an explosion of pure light. Jean is lifted into the air as the horrific and poweful screams of the Phoenix echo through the huge hanger. As the flaming wings form the beautiful flaming bird behind her. As Jean unleashes a wave of pure pyrokinetic force at the two Sentinels attacking her.

The next telekinetic blast shatters his helmet, packing his full telekinetic might and aimed directly for the Sentinel's chest. << Usually their CPU is in the chest, just under the thickest armor >> he tells the others."

Aaaand... Nate would try to do more in the mental plane (and wonder why Jean was affected by what he did) but the giant robots are back home! He hastily raises some telekinetic shields to avoid getting vaporized, and also protect those closer to himself. Once he is safe from immediate death, he concentrates in the closest Sentinel, spending a couple seconds to build up.

The next telekinetic blast shatters his helmet, packing his full telekinetic might and aimed directly for the Sentinel's chest. << Usually their CPU is in the chest, just under the thickest armor >> he tells the others.

Thanks to Jean's invasion to stop the psychic attacks left Wolverine open. Any attack Hulk did will land doing a bunch of damage to skin and muscle. Grunts of pain filled the room as each green meaty fist connected with the small Canadian's frame. Holding up his hands Wolverine was only able to block the last blow or two.

Nate's psychic yank caused Wolverine's guard to fall. More blows could have landed now. Despite the fine pain of everything Wolverine was able to turn on his com, "Run!" He knew what the Phoenix was capable of. She was both the Goddess of Destruction and Creation. It was just a matter of which Goddess was going to rear its head tonight. He shielded himself more from the light than the Hulk...making him completely prone by the end.

The web does cause the Hulk to pause enough to see Widow is down and in trouble. He starts pounding through the electrical field all of it going through his form and of course it hurts but he is able to get through it even though his hair is on fire! Running towards Natasha he scoops her up into his arms turning he leaps back hopefully in time to run following Logan to safety or try to punch his face some more. He will decide that later... For now! Romanoff needs Hulk!!

Ororo Munroe is so far unscathed, but the terrible beauty of the Phoenix fills her with dread. On her com, she yells, "Pym, party's over! Get out of here, Jean's went all Phoenix on us!" She retreats - but not too far. "I'll stay, hidden, and rescue Jean when she's powered down... and meanwhile..." Hidden behind a tall pillar, she focuses, as a storm cloud forms over the open hangar door. Then, as her eyes glow with mutant power, static electricity would hum through the place. "Tony, get away - I'm calling down the wrath of God, and... I can't really pick what metal it strikes..." Then lightning starts to come down, aiming at everything metal, as lightning strikes once... then again quickly, then quicker and quicker.

"Bang!" goes the gun and Mastermind groans in pain as the bullet cuts through flesh, muscle and bone. Blood starts to form, but the mutant is alive. Thankfully no more blood gets added to a very bloody ledger.

Pym can see commands going over his screen. Everything he sees is probably in slow motion as the virus is uploading itself. However, these things take time. One Sentinel manages to shoot at the ground, followed by another. Then the commands came to the screen as a BRIGHT leak flashes under the door. Something really bad must have happened.

Beams blast into walls leaving scorch mark as Tony is faster and sleeker in this armor, he's pretty sure that the normal armor may not have been fast enough. Maybe there's something new to consider.

Nate Grey is able to use his telekinesis to rip out the chest of a sentinel unit still upright. Suddenly the body goes down. That's two down, one injured, seven to go.

Wolverine has to work on healing thanks to the Hulk.

Sentinels start to fire at Hulk as he rushes toward Romanoff. She's able to be picked up if she allows it.

Suddenly the room lights up in a cascade of fiery colors. It's like seeing a solar flare mere feet in front of everyone. As the colors die down the room seems darker than before. Two more sentinels are down. The one with the missing arm has the good arm cleaved off. Many are rocking back from the force of Jean going all phoenix.

A second later the lightning comes down striking everything metallic in the room. All the sentinel units start to take in the electricity before exploding leaving a mess of metal and wire raining down upon them. Unfortunately it means Tony and Logan could be caught in the crossfire, the woes of having metal all around them or within.

As people can look around they see Hartmann flying off in the air. Anyone with telescopic visions would see the man in the suit to have a soul patch as white as snow, hair that's slicked back at the top and shaved at the top. It seems Hartmann has a second face and is willing to make a getaway in the presence of something that makes mutants look so very...Human.

Punch, kick, elbow, blast, absorb incoming energy, do it all again. Carol is in the groove and then.. URK! Her face is grabbed and she reaches her hands for the metal claws. "Oh, now I'm pissed!" She mutters as the energy pours into her. She -is- starting to overload dangerously and she just shakes her head, "You just made a classic blunder. Don't feed energy to Binary." And she blasts the hand as it lets go, before pointing both hands, charging up for a moment.. and as Hartmann begins to lift off the ground, she grunts with effort as she pours out as much energy as she can in one rippling blast. It will strike with the force of a full on nuke when it hits, and afterward... Carol will no longer have hands and hair on fire, but will be lying on the ground, trying to recover like she just sprinted a mile... chest heaving with effort.

Natasha Romanov is in no condition to resist the Hulk scooping her up. Her eye are unfocused, as she struggles to fight off the effects of the mental onslught. There was a damn good reason why she hated letting psychics in her head. She herself wasn't sure what might come out. She mumbles something in slurred Russian, still not completely back in reality. Natasha Romanov speaks in Russian.

Hank Pym hears Storm's update-- and with the virus taking effect and propagating, the download of data steady and strong, there's nothing else for him to do here anyways; the virus will clean up any records of this in the system after. ..He only hopes it can reach whatever sentinels might still be out there. "The 'General'," he opts to say then, "Where is he?" he shrinks down again, slipping back under the find the room outside very very different from the one he left. Carol is falling from the sky in the wake of blasting Hartmann, the hulk is scooping up a curled Widow, robots and suits are scattered and broken -everywhere- and lightning... he can't go through the central part of the room with -that-. He bounds around the edges, looking for anyone else who needs help getting out.. or any sign of Hartman, if Carol's blast brought him down.

"You... know... I'm... *KAFF! KAFF!*... starting... to think... *UGH!*... these... Sentinels... *COUGH!*... have a point..." Nothing like taking a million volts through your body to make you suddenly agree that mutants suck.

Fortunatly, Tony didn't actually take a million volts through his body. His armor did though, which is essentially the same thing. Circuits are fried, capacitors are blown, and the cooling unit won't work no matter how hard he flexes his cheeks. In fact, he's basically just standing in the middle of a dramatic superhero pose, his armor all but dead, his joints frozen.

He was SUPPOSED to be firing a repulsor blast right at the Mystery Villain's head before he escaped. But now that his armor is fried, he's aiming at a spot that no longer has any opponents in it, and his repulsor blasts aren't on-line anyway.

He's basically got a wicked case of Repulsor Blast Blue Balls.

"Seriously... When I get home... I'm painting all of my Iron Man armors purple and chasing down weather manipulators."

The Phoenix seems to ignore anyone but Hartmann when her she turns to face him. "You will not escape me that easily little one." Jean's voice having an unnatural sound to it. She brings her hand up and it closes into a fist as a wall of fire surrounds the gateway. "You have allowed me to take back what was once mine. dare try and harm those who I plan to do so myself?" Jean's eyes begin to flare as she stares intently at Hartmann. The pyrokinetic energy building within him as she attempts to burn the man alive from the inside out.

It is not the first time Nate sees Jean in her own version of 'hulking up'. He is not amused, as it was not supposed to happen again. "That stupid firebird was supposedly back to space for good," he grumbles. And you know plans have gone /deep/ south when is Scion the one that shields the members of the team of stray lightning bolts and fireballs of other teammates. But that is exactly what he is doing, shielding the others with telekinetic forcefields.

At least ten Sentinels went down; he will call it a win. But what are they going to do with Trask? Looks like he has government protection.

Eletricity surged through Wolverine he screamed out loudly. Smoke rose from him and part of him wanted to smack Tony. Another wanted to agree, but his senese were brought to a sight.

Seeing the appearance of Phoenix Wolverine puled off his mask and tried to focus mentally. Pulling on whatever mental bond he had with the Phoenix. The entity got images of Anartic. The same pressure ran through Phoenix, but something odd happened. Instead of embracing the destruction, Phoenix embraced creation. She brought Scott Summers back to life from a broken shell of a man. Other friends were hurt, damaged, even Logan was posessed. People were brought back from death. She even saw an image of herself looking with the utmost compassion. The thoughts went into her mind, "That's who ya really are darlin'. Not...not this...Yer creation, not destruction. Come back...Jean." Breathing out, Wolverine closed his eyes and just decided to pass out. Between the pain and the mental strain, he just wanted to give into the darkness while the healing factor kicked in. His black and grey looked mostly intact.

"Hulk hit Stark later." the big green one says as he runs away holding onto Natasha. Indeed deep inside Bruce will get Tony for trying to kill him or whatever that was in the suit. Though for now his goal is to get ROmanodd out of here and to safety... Bye team have fun.

Ororo Munroe dissipates the storm. She lets Carol and Jean deal with the bad guy as she walks over to the psychic. She makes sure he's unconscious, then checks on Logan. Tony's stuck in his armor for now. "Sorry, love - but there was too many of them - I had to..." She gives Logan a hug as she gazes up at Phoenix with him.

Hartmann took the blast from Carol then pushed off the ground flying into the air when the Phoenix caught up to him. His exterior started to burn. Trying to blast the at Phoenix Hartmann tried to fight it, but a cosmic entity like that is too powerful. Now his metal body it shined for the world to see. Hartmann is clearly some kind of advanced robot. Within moments he begins to break apart and melt. Debris hits the ground. There is one issue now: How to explain the unexpected death of Secretary of Defense by an Avenger. Questions are going to be asked.

The heroes are alone in this facility staring up at Phoenix and all around to the metallic shards surrounding them. Did they win or loose today? Hard to tell.

As the robot melts before her eyes, Jean's eyes flare when Logan's voice touches her ears. She floats to face him cocking her head to one side. Her features begin to soften when the power in Jean's eyes fade and she looks like herself for a moment. As she takes in the scene before her, Jean lets out a gasp when her eyes flare up with flames once again.

And.. Carol just looks up, "Well, will you look at that. It's like the T-1000 in the iron vat." she mutters as she slumps down to the ground. She says into the comms, "Check please." and then adds, "I could use a pickup if anyone's... like.. ambulatory."

As the robot melts before her eyes, Jean's eyes flare when Logan's voice touches her ears. She floats to face him cocking her head to one side. Her features begin to soften when the power in Jean's eyes fade and she looks like herself for a moment. As she takes in the scene before her, Jean lets out a gasp when her eyes flare up with flames once again. She looks at Ororo for a mere second before she turns and flies upward through the hanger door. The flames around Jean exploding behind her as she climbs into the sky. The flaming Phoenix's wing expand as she flies out into space in a flash of light that seems to turn the night into day but fades as quickly as it arrived.

"And so," comments Nate with a smirk, "I see the Avengers stealth missions work more or less like the X-Men stealth missions." Fire and destruction. But at least no one got killed. Not even those who deserve it. Glance to Trask. Sentinels do not count. Then he looks up at the flaming Jean. "Are you alright? Can you control it?... No!"

As Jean leaves, Nate considers trying to follow her for a second. But no, he is needed here. Stark has the armor half fried, Hulk has gone nuts, Logan is injured (although that should be fixed in a minute) and hmm, he goes to help Carol to stand. "Want to stay to explain the authorities, Iron Man? Otherwise, I can cloak us with a telepathic illusion and we can leave unobserved."

Hank Pym grows large enough to carry off the frozen Tony, and Carol, and Trask, and anyone else who needs it.

"One of you assholes better come back and save me..." Iron Man is still rigidly frozen in his armor, but at least he's got the coms back up. Of course, now that his suit has been fried all of the data that got downloaded has been wiped away, so the mission was a total failure. But on the bright side, maybe all of the digital evidence of their presence was erased as well? Only time will tell...

The forensic evidence is all over the place though. Blood, fibers, bodily fluids, and effluvia. You know, all the major food groups. This is what hapens when you leave your hermetically sealed armor and engage in fisticuffs. You leave stuff for Gil Grissom to find.

"Wait... not YOU! No No NO!" Right now Tony can empathize with that one guy who wanted to scream but had no mouth. Sure, his helmet has a facial slit, but that's totally cosmetic. So he gets picked up like a boring, unarticulated action figure and gripped in Ant-Man's sweaty palm.

It was such a great plan...

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