A Place of Their Own
Rplog-icon Who: Kilroy Alpha
Mafia Thugs
Where: Hell's Kitchen
When: 2015.05.22
Tone: Social
What: Alpha asks for Kilroy's help setting up a digital refuge for the robotic.

Alpha had decided to make it's presence known within that area. Hell's Kitchen was turning into a literal hell for some of the mafia. It would start with a robot rolling up on the different safe houses owned and asking if they were part of a particular family. If they were, then the robot would demand they surrender it or be destroyed. One or two sites, sure. But as the robot steadily went to work, more and more places were lost. Those that refused to submit, had the men stripped of weapons, beaten, but still alive. The robot wasn't killing, simply destroying their space. In fact it was currently scoping out another site. Readying and studying for it's attack, the alley across from the nervous guards of the mafia showing it's work.

Kilroy has taken a break from helping rescue lost kittens in trees and file tax returns for people. It seemed that Fate had locked him in a box and that nothing he did could be remotely significant or time altering. He sensed Alpha and sent out an email communique. Upon getting a ping, Kilroy steps from the shadows, curious. "You aren't killing. That's a good thing."

Well that was a sudden spike of power that was not expected. The robot turned, looking to Kilroy as the laser came to bare on him a moment. Then it would settle back into that offline mode. There was that moment's pause before it would respond. "Answer: Killing is final. What I currently do is a push of attrition. They have morale, I do not. Hypothesis: If I focus long enough on one family, it will crumble. Some will run away, others will join other families. Conclusion: The disruption may cause further struggle that can be manipulated to start an end to the control they have." It would turn to look back towards the guards, although the sensors it had available were also keeping track of Kilroy now. "Query: I had not suspected to see you so soon. Although I do have a proposition for you. Why did you come here at this time?"

Kilroy nods, "You have intelligence and judgement, so you can have morale even if it is much higher than most, but it is a good judgement call. I think it was a good idea. So tell me about this proposal? I'm curious. I came because I saw some anomalies with my senses and was curious if it was you, thought I'd find out how you are doing.

Alpha glanced over at Kilroy again, studying him a moment before it'd give that simulation of a nod. "Answer: There are plenty of locations for biological units to gather together for interactivity and social stimuli. There are no locations for mechanical or computer based life entities to gather at for the same sort of interaction. The proposition is to create a cyber room for AI that can be accessed at levels of interaction, depending on how close to a full computer the unit is."

Kilroy says, "Um. That's an OK idea. I'm really shocked some place like it doesn't exist now, but there is an Oblivion Bar for people who do magic, so why not some magical place in cyberspace that only AI's and the truly adept can get into? How can I help?"

The unit would nod again, once more that pause before the answer. "Answer: The resources required to write a stable system are immense. Even using cloud computing, it will take some time to get it fully written up. There should be quite a bit of adaptation to it. We will need a physical site for storage of the systems. The equivalent of a super computer in terms of access level and power of hardware. I can give a full list of specifics. Otherwise a pool of money for purchasing the required resources and a secure physical site would be key." Alpha turned then, looking away from the guards to look directly at Kilroy. "Advise: It will require computer capability to access, the initial site will actually not allow access unless it is figured out."

Kilroy nods, "I'd be happy to help. Make sure there is a backdoor in so I can visit when I want to, but otherwise, I can indeed provide the resources for this. I might actually want your help with something by the extra dimensional excursion to a place called Wall to free a spirit that will help with a hostile AI called the Algorithm. I will begin work on provisioning the place right away. If you have technical specs, please send them to me.

Alpha had that pause, before it would nod in response. "Arrangement accepted. Answer: I will be happy to assist to the best of my capabilities. I give no guarantee of full compliance in a dimension that may not follow same physics as what I was designed with in mind. I am, however, adaptable. Advise: The only way to get into the system will be via back doors. Each back door gets the unit closer to the true location. We will make sure that you have a device to aid in this access."

Kilroy nods, "Sounds perfect then. I'm happy to help. I'll have some technical people look into it, and have some 'threshold' challenges created, and then notify you when its ready for your inspection and adjustment.

Alpha would pause, then nod. The email sent after back tracking the email that Kilroy had sent earlier. Well the machine was there, it makes it easy, right? Either way, the full specs, and they were indeed very impressive, was sent over as it's attention turned to the mafia members. "Arrangement accepted. Primary objective resumed: Removal of one family of mafia from this location." And with that, the machine would roll forward, laser coming up to aim at the guys. Yep, the robot that could do war, was going to war with mafia members.

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