Lex's Energy Takeover: Prolog
Rplog-icon Who: Lex Luthor, Thara Ak-Var
Where: The Narrows Gotham/Metropolis New York
When: 05/23/2015
Tone: Social
What: Lex tests some equipment

Luthor finishes adjusting, the test array weighs about the same as the previous power system, but the weight distribution is different, requiring some slight adjustments to thrust ratios and gyroscopic balances. He says to the OBAI unit, "System Check." The AI responds, "All systems operating within programmed parameters, Lex."

Lex fires the thrusters and takes to the air over the narrows, staying below any established flight lanes. He says, "Test sequence one, initiate."

On the ground, in the Narrows, A violet beacon could be seen with great ease amidst the the darkness of the area. That violet beacon is the Star Sapphire known as Starflare. It's not her usual thing to drop into Gotham and lend a hand there but, She happens to be looking for Batman so why not clean up some things while searching. After kicking the tar out of a small group of local thugs, Something catches her eye. Quickly she takes off up into the sky and towards the flying armored figure. She half expects Tony Stark though the colors definitely show that its not him. What she wouldn't give to have her X-ray vision again. Sadly that is past for her. "Hello? Everything alright up here?"

Luthor is warned, "A significant energy source is approaching, analysis of energy spectrum matches energies of Star Sapphire corp." When Starflare comes up, he says, "Greetings, Starflare is it not? I am conducting some tests on this armor to see if it will work properly using a different power system I am testing out. This is test armor, with a great many more system sensors than usual for recording any system errors for correction. If you care to help me with my tests, it would be useful."

Starflare smiles, "Well, Hello Mr. Luthor. A pleasure to meet you." She knows very well about the conflict between Luthor and Kal. This alone has her a touch leery of him but... He isn't exactly harsh towards humans and she is definitely that at the moment. "How can I help you?"

Luthor says, "It would be of use to have a variety of targets to properly calibrate the damage, accuracy, and fire rate of the various weapons systems. I understand you can both create things out of energy and move objects. You should be able to help." Actually the main test here involves energy input, but that will in part determining the weapon recharge rates.

Starflare smiles, "Of course." With a quick flash of her ring, several round targets appear in the immediate area. They are not exactly the most difficult thing to make... If she wanted, she could do full on animated targets but the stationary ones work for now. "So weapons testing, eh?"

Luthor replies, "It is part of the sequence, the high speed and altitude and submersible flight tests are later." He fires a laser at the first, a low temperature plasma based force beam at a second, a charged plasma burst at a third the explodes like lightning on impact, an emission stimulation beam that causes a fourth to freeze in seems he has a variety of energy weapons.

Starflare nods to Lex. Meanwhile she focuses on her ring. ~Identify Energy types. Notify the use of any Kryptonite signatures.~ She speaks this telepathically to her ring. Then she sits back and watches the fireworks. Each target is quickly dispatched. Once they are all gone, She forms more of them. "There you go."

Lex says, "Next is a particle beam, it can inflict radiation damage, please shield yourself...and if possible prevent any radiation from leaking. After that is an acceleration gun launching matter at high speed." Lex is currently making certain the systems are functional before starting the speed and cycling rate tests.

Starflare hmms, "I'm always shielded." She smiles and then prepares to extend a shield around the blast. "I've got this." She smiles and focuses on the love inside. Immediately the violet light extends around her, Lex and any blast that might strike. "So... What pray tell are you planning on using all of these weapons for? Is this some military project?" She asks hoping it isn't. That much firepower in the hands of trigger happy grunts is a nightmare. She knows very well... She was one of those trigger happy grunts in another life.

Luthor responds, "This part is simply a test to be sure all the systems are working...the point of having a wide array of attacks is to be capable of defeating foes who have different weaknesses. The Earth has been attacked by a variety of alien menaces, one must have a proper weapon at hand to face anything. Such as this Fire Beam, which produces flame by incinerating the very air, and is useful against Martians." He demonstrates the flame gun. the says, "All systems ready, next sequence is speed tests. The goal is for me to see how fast the weapons recharge, so I will stick to one weapon and fire it repeatedly. This suit is a test bed, not made for mass production. A production model would probably only contain the most useful features, possibly with a changeable external weapon array that could be fitted to specific enemies."

Starflare smiles, "Take it from someone who has a lot of military experience, selling even a slimmed down model of this would result in a real mess. I may be young but I've seen more action then I care to think about." She smiles but doesn't push the conversation. "I see how that could be useful. Though to my knowledge, the only real martian threat is the white ones and to my knowledge they haven't come here. Now there are others, Skrulls and the like that are definitely a severe threat."

Lex notes, "Really the weapon array is fairly similar to that of a standard Sentinel. The thing is, it is much smaller and has a human operator, rather than an AI. It is not really intended for sale though. If I were producing a sale version, it would probably not be much different than the Guardsman and Mandroid units already on the market." He adds, "The particle beam is for Durlans, they lose heir powers if exposed to radiation."

Starflare nods, "Probably not the best of comparisons there, given the current situation concerning the Sentinels. I've heard rumors that more then a few good people have been attacked by them. Though I do get what you mean. A human operator is a good thing as well... though it is based on the human operating it. A good person using such technology for good is a wonderful thing. A maniac using such tech for their personal vendettas is bad news for everyone." She smiles softly.

Luthor agrees, "Indeed. Please begin producing targets moving in a line and slowly decrease the interval until either I can not keep up or you have reached your limits for what you can visualize. I will set to auto-target anything at the correct range and configuration, so we will find out how the cycling is."

Starflare smiles and begins making targets and lots of them. These constructs are not exactly that difficult to make and aren't using a whole lot of energy to make. She quickly does as she is asked. "Let me know when you've got enough."

Oddly, or perhaps not given that machines are capable of acting far faster than most humans, the targeting computer locks and fires as fast as Star Flare can create the targets. It leads her to wonder what kind of power source Luthor is using that can fire that many shots without running low...

Starflare hmms, "Interesting." She quickly focuses on her ring. She isn't about to inquire about the power source. It would be tacky. Instead she quietly scans the suit with her ring.

There are two distinct power sources, one currently is disconnected, it is apparently a backup system in case of failure of the main power. The main power is interesting, it appears to be being gathered from some kind of power broadcast by an array in the suit. The system seemingly can transmit considerable energy without harming the environment.

Starflare blinks a few times. This does spawn a lot of curiosity. finally she just buckles and asks the million dollar questions. "what is the power source? My scans are picking up a primary and secondary power source. I just am wondering what would be running all of this?"

Luthor seems pleased, "Ah yes, that is what I am testing mostly. Once I have reduced the size of the rectannae and the converter array, I plan to market a version of the broadcast power receiver in the near future. This version could power a fair size town, by calculations...much more than the standard home version will need to handle. The power supply is an experimental fusion reactor back in Lexcorp tower."

Starflare smiles softly, "You didn't answer my question though." She comments as she looks over the suit. "A fusion reactor would require a serious amount of energy wouldn't it? I mean... The sun is not exactly tiny and it's a natural fusion core. To have shrunk that down... You must be a genius." Yes... she is stroking his ego in hopes of maybe getting him to speaking up.

Luthor says, "Indeed, people have been working on a controlled fusion reaction since the end of world war 2. This was as much a test of the reactor as for the suit, though a larger one will be needed to power a city as large as Metropolis."

Starflare smiles, "You are planning on powering the entire city? That would put a lot of people out of work wouldn't it? I mean the power companies do have a lot of employees."

Luthor explains, "Not just the city, eventually the entire world. With reactors set up strategically for broadcast. Just think, clean fusion energy would stop the need for carbon emissions. Global warming would be a thing of the past."

Starflare blinks, "That sounds like quite the dream. What would be the catch?" She asks curiously. "I mean I get how Philanthropy can really sway public opinion but free global energy would likely break you, financially."

"Oh, it would cost, but the price would be lower than existing energy systems once everything is up and running. Lexcorp would actually make another fortune," Lex says with some satisfaction. "It would work rather like a cell phone really, a monthly charge for energy reception, based upon expected need..possibly with a fee for overages."

Starflare smiles, "So... Not really free energy. Cheaper energy for you to generate, the same price for those who use it? Sound about right?" She comments with a smile. She thinks she is right but there is no way of actually knowing. "The public gets to rest in the knowledge they are getting green energy. You get to rest in the wealth of it all."

Lex clarifies, "At first, the price will be about the same, it will go down eventually, but the set up costs do need to be paid back first." He adds, "That will also allow other energy companies time to shut down with least economic disruption. When the portable units are available, we will be able to make electric cars which run with only a small backup battery. Probably at first many places will prefer to have receptor substations and use the existing distribution grid..." He breaks off considering details of implementation. Starflare nods slowly, "What about jobs? This will destroy millions of jobs. How will that be remedied?" She questions. "This does sound like something wonderful. It would benefit the world in a powerful way."

Lex shrugs the shoulders of his armor, "I am not responsible for my competitors. It is the way of the free market, if they can not find a way to survive, then they are not fit to do so."

Starflare nods slowly, "good thing I have job security then, huh?" She laughs it off but is definitely hiding how painful she finds that. "I guess you will need new employees to attend to fusion reactors and the like. Probably not as many as will lose jobs but It will at least ease the burden on the economy."

"Build the reactors and the power receptors, then of course build the spin off products, like the desalination plants that will provide clean water and the CHON synthesizers that will provide food worldwide. Starvation may well be a thing of the past within the decade,” Luthor muses.

Starflare smiles, "Sounds like you've got it all figured out. I do think I need to head out though. My normal day to day life is sneaking up on me and I've got a night shift tonight." She smiles softly.

"Thank you for the help, I think it is safe to say the industrial scale receptor works perfectly," Luthor says, already figuring out changes needed in the ones for public sale.

Starflare smiles, "Have a good evening Mr. Luthor." She takes off with a burst speed leaving a burning violet trail behind her. As she goes she hits her comm, "this is Starflare, might need to discuss something with everyone."

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