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New Titans?
Rplog-icon.jpg Who: Billy Batson, Cir-El, Kaydin LeGraize, Wally West
Where: New York Harbor - Titans Tower
When: 05/27/2015
Tone: Social
What: The Flash chats with new recruits

Cir-El had helped with cleaning up the Titans Tower, but lacks the technical skills to help with repairs. Still, she decides to go over and see how things are going. After last time, she decides not to try running across the bay. Lacking a superspeed aura, it throws up far too much of a wake.

She jumps into the air and fires a burst from her rocket blast, deploying her glide suit to fly across the bay with minimal energy spent. She backwings and lands when her speed drops, landing on the island.

Billy in his Shazam form, flies in, it's really cool the abilities he's gotten thanks to the Wizard. Being the Champion of Magic might be a pain in the butt for his social life, but it sure lets him get away from his foster family, he still can't seem to trust them or figure out their angle, it's not like anyone's ever done him a real favor after all and like he told the Wizard, no one THESE days is ever truly altruistic. It's why even though Billy is a huge brat, he was judged worthy to carry the mantle of Shazam, the fact that despite him doing bad things, he did have the spark of kindness and his good deeds outweighed the bad.

He came because of an ad he saw in the newspaper by Starfire, the leader of the Titans for potential new recruits. As he spots the T that denotes Titan Towers he blinks when he notes just how much damage was done to it. He whistles lightly and says, "Man, sure wish I was there when THAT happened." He flies and notes Cir-El and remembers her from the other day when they faced Stegron the Dinosaur Toy Man and says, "Hey there! Never did get your name last time! Are you a member of the Titans?"

The Flash comes out to great the new arrivals. "Welcome to titan tower once and future home of the Titans! who the heck be y'all" Wally says with his voice sounding sleepy and he's rubbing his eyes. "I don't recognize you so you must be knew, 16 to 26 only."

Cir-El responds, "Well, I go by Superlass, though Cir-El is as close as I have to a real name that I remember. I am from another world and time, I am biologically 15, but I was have been around here helping out for a while. You might ask Starfire about that." She adds, “Now if this was my home time line, I would only be 7 years old at this time, but that was before I was sent back in time to 2003 in that world's past and then back forward to this world and time."

Shazam blinks at Cir-El, a little bit confused until the Wisdom of Solomon gives him a good explanation of the space-time continuum and the multiverse and he gets it. Shazam nods and says, "I'm Shazam..." He stops when The Flash arrives and says, "Oh hey... yeah, I came because of the ad I saw that Starfire put in the paper... I'm actually 16, though I don't look it..." He chuckles weakly, yeah, he looks like a much older version of himself. He lands near the two and says, "Since I know I don't look it... here... best stay back for this." He takes a breath, but if he can't trust his secret identity to them, who CAN he trust it to and calls forth the magic lightning, "SHAZAM!" and it hits Shazam, turning him back into his teenaged form and he gives an off-hand wave to both, "My real name's Billy."

Wally looks at the womanly superlass and the over muscled Shazam. "Yeah sure you guys are minors, some magic or science shenanigans no doubt, but I've seen weirder and if you can help out then I'll Let Kory sort it out if she cares to." Wally proves he he's seen too much strangeness in his lifetime but not even flinching when magic thunder cracks and The superman looking hero is replaced by a boy in the flash of lightning. "Yeah OK, so come on in tell me about what you can do and why you want to be a Titan."

Cir-El walks inside and says, "Someone I talked with the other day called me Superman Lite. I am literally faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...but I do not exactly fly the way Superman and other Kryptonians do. You see, I only have somewhere between half and a quarter of Kryptonian DNA, just enough to fool the DNA tests that were around in 2003 into thinking I was Superman's daughter...though technically I guess it is more like his biological GRAND-daughter. I only found out about the details just before I left that timeline, I was created with my mind programmed to think I was actually his daughter."

She reflects for a moment, "My signature ability is called the Red Star Burst, it is somewhat similar to Starfire's Star Bolts, I got that in place of heat vision. I did not get any of the vision powers, at least so far, and not the normal flight...though I do have a way to take to the air if I must. I also have super hearing, which I have to rely on more than usual as my only sense power."

Billy walks beside the two and says, "As for me, I was chosen by the Wizard to be the Champion of magic and to protect the world from the Seven Deadly Sins of Man ever being released from the Rock of Eternity. So basically, what that means is that if I say the word SHAZAM!" and here he grins in case he made both of them jump, expecting him to transform and be hit by lightning, "I transform into a much older, much stronger version of myself with cool powers. My name is pretty much the initials of several gods that grant me ability. S is for Solomon, he grants me the wisdom of the ages which helps when I need information that I wouldn't normally know about. H is for Hercules, and he grants me his strength, making me almost as strong as Superman. The first A is for Achilles and he grants me courage, so that I'm never afraid in battle and helps keep me from losing it if things go horribly wrong. Z is for Zeus and he grants me the ability to control the magic lightning to be able to transform and use as a weapon, which as Cires can attest, is pretty great at disrupting, even destroy magic spells, items and all. The second A is for Atlas, which grants me his stamina, allowing me to go beyond mortal physical limits and makes me darn near invulnerable, it also allows me to survive in space or underneath the ocean without oxygen for a long time. Finally M is for Mercury, who grants me his speed and the ability to fly." Billy shrugs, "There's more to it then that, but that's the basic gist of it... as for why I want to join the Titans, I just want to help and I think you guys could use someone like me."

"Sure why not." Wally says deadpan to the pair as they explain their origin.

Wally then smirks and ask. "Are you sure you got the A's in the right order I know that would bug the crap out of me" Wally shakes his head, "Anyway sooo you're a part Kryptonian? and you have magically granted powers, Well we got power girl and Starfire on the team how do you guys compare to them? at any rate both of you sound like very capable heroes and could help us in a pinch save a lot of good lives."

Wally walks to the fridge "May i get either of you anything?"

Superlass says, "I have worked with both of them before. I am not powerful as Power Girl, since she is both more mature and full blooded. She would not want to fight me though, my Red Star Burst is something she is vulnerable to and it is more intense and versatile than heat vision. If you ever need to fight Kryptonians or Daxamites, keep that in mind. It is kind of the other way around with Starfire, I am stronger, faster on land, and tougher than she is, but my energy powers are weaker." She adds, "I only need a fraction of the normal amount of food, water, or air."

Billy shrugs and says, "I'll take a Coke if you have it... as for me, pretty much I'm a magical based version of Superman so take that for what it's worth." He crosses his arms behind his head, "Besides, everyone's got their own niche anyways, right?" He looks at Wally, "So what can you do?" He grins at the speedster, turning the tables a bit on him.

Wally nods At Cir-el. Then Wally tilts his head. then he appears behind Billy with a open can of coke. "The Flash, fastest thing alive"

"So you both definitely have the power sets to be helpful. though not a lot of variety. But we have 2 speedsters, and you 2 do fit the bill for young heroes that could benefit from guidance." Wally says with a smile. "And always nice to have more Kryptonians"

Cir-El says, "Having similar powers can let there be shifts or teams with people of similar powers in different groups. Or, of course, if there are big problems that require a single type of power, can let people with that power concentrate their energies."

She adds, "And, of course, it lets people learn from others with similar powers."

Billy blinks, but takes the Coke from Wally and says, "Huh... interesting." He sips his drink and says, "Just for clarification, I don't have Superman's x-ray vision or hearing, I just have ways of knowing things that his senses would tell him." As to what Wally is saying about needing guidance, he says, "Yeah well, I do the best that I can with what I have."

Wally smirks "Very true guys we can teach you top be heroes and you can help us fight the greatest threats the world can face this will be great. Especially 2 people as powerful as you 2. Someone I used to work with liked to say 'with great power comes great responsibility' I liked that it helps explain the duties of a super hero pretty neatly, but I amend that saying. The greater the power the great the responsibility. The more powerful you are the more it is your solemn duty to do was much as you can to help others. And the 2 of you are very very very powerful and can do so much it's hard to comprehend."

Cir-El nods, "It is a very sound philosophy. Although, as someone I knew once said, it is not what you can do that makes you a hero, but what you do WITH it. Of course, someone else once said, you are not a hero if you are not in danger, a hero risks their life to help others, if there is no risk,there is no heroism. It is kind of humbling when you think how much greater the risk is for those with no powers like Arrowette."

Billy shrugs, "Heroism isn't only about risking your life to help others, there's plenty of examples of people who do small things like donate their time to help out a soup kitchen, or a doctor who helps people pro bono."

"Both very right, risking it all to do what you can when you don't have powers is heroically brave and courageous, Cir, but being a hero is also doing all that you can small and large be it a token of generosity or a sacrifice of any sort. That is why I always say you have to do all that you can and if you do any less then you've failed." Wally says with a sage nod.

As Cir-El is not here to debate the difference between heroism and nobility of spirit, she says, "I know I am a bit younger than you said you wanted, though I would recommend offering a place to someone younger still. There is a girl named Valeria Von Doom I have met. I am not sure how heroic she is, but if you need technical things done, she is clearly a genius...and she has power too."

Billy hmms, "Never met her, then again, I've haven't met a lot of heroes OR villains for that matter." He sips his drink and says, "Hey, as long as you try your best, that's all you can do right? It's more about trying to do the best for everyone, rather than for yourself right? I mean..." He trails off and says, "Man, I don't even know what I'm trying to say."

"Von Doom is a troubling surname, but anyone wanting to be a hero has the right to have her come by and We will see if she fits in" Wally says with a smile. Then he chucks and ruffles Billy's hair. "it's ok kid you're all right."

Superlass smiles and says to Billy, "Perhaps the term you want is Selflessness or Compassion? It is not the same thing as Heroism, but is certainly a fine quality for anyone to have."

She says to The Flash, "I will ask her next time I see her."

Billy heys and glares at Wally, "Knock it off!" as he tries to put his messy hair back in his former artfully arranged messiness. He then snaps his fingers and says to Superlass, "That's what I was trying to get it, good call Cires!"

"You two are gonna be fun. And I'm sure I can turn you each into legendary heroes. Reemember this though never fear your powers or indulge the baser instincts that it may stir inside of you. Power doesn't corrupt when you are too focused on doing good to think about how you could abuse it." Wally says with another sage nod trying to put into words the drive to do good that allows him and superman to avoid the lure of being a god.

Cir-El laughs, "I ran into someone the other day with quite the different attitude about that. He was saying it is our job to be wise and benevolent gods."

Billy says seriously, "I talk to gods, and you know what, they aren't much different from us honestly. They have some of the same flaws, same petty jealousies and emotions we do. They just inhabit a higher plane of existence than we do."

"I think that's a very lofty and troubling way of saying what i just said cir, only with out humility." Wally says. "Billy I know some gods personally I've partied with them had their wine flirted with their women fold and given my heart to at least one. I'm very proud to not count myself in their number but instead be an example of hopefully the best of what humanity can do."

A blue blur blasts across the harbor and inside the tower, circling about the group as blue white lightning arcs about it and set out on the table are several boxes of pizza: one pepperoni, one cheese, one meat deluxe, one supreme. He then slows down.

"You boring folks?" He asks wally as he grins, taking his domino mask off.

Cir-El glances indulgently at Kaydin, "Kaydin, how is it going? Kaydin and Arrowette and Starfire are among the Titans I have worked with already."

Billy blinks and says, "This, would be the other speedster you were talking about?" He asks Wally before inclining his head, "Yo, I'm Billy, better known as Shazam..."

"Arrowette isn't a titan yet, she's just trying out. We are in flex right now. And yeah Billy that's him." Wally says "I'll lt you guys have pizza and mingle" Wally say while going to lazy on a couch, His rusty colored greyhound Gordon comes and lays on the couch with The Flash.

"Nice to meetcha Billy. Name's Kaydin. Sapphire speedster, blue shift, sorta trying out code names." He says with a bit of a chuckle as he moves to offer the kid a hand shake. "So you looking to join the titans? Shazam, sounds like you may be a magical sort." He says, trying to figure out billy and nods to Cir-el. "Hey. Been hanging out with my friend Freeman."

Cir-El says, "I really came by to see how the repair work is going. I know that it is being handled by Telsadyne, I introduced Kory to a Lawyer I know to look over the paperwork. She was also looking over the team charter for us."

Billy blinks as he shakes Kaydin's hand saying, "Yeah, I'm the Champion of magic... wait... are you talking about Freddy Freeman?" He can't believe it, could he actually know his foster brother? That would be coincidental as heck, except he's learned as Shazam that there IS no such thing as coincidence.

"Blues clues that's a good code name for you!" Wally says from the couch.

"As soon as you put the yellow costume back on and be mustard flash." Kaydin smartmouths back to wally before chuckling. When asked about Freddy Freeman, he shakes his head "Nah, his name is Freeman Lonsdale. He is a mutant, his entire body is made out of some sort of stone carbon stuff. Nine feet tall and shy and meek as a lamb. Good guy." He explains as he nods. "Champion of magic. Nice. Would be good to have someone with magical expertise on the team."

Cir-El says, "I will have to spar against you sometime Billy, though carefully. I need to find out it I am as strongly effected by indirect uses of magic, such as amplified strength, as I am against direct magic. In...the dreamworld Brainiac created to make me think I was Superman's Daughter...Superman explained to me that Magic treats Kryptonians as if they were not boosted metabolically by the sun, as if we were only normal people."

Billy turns to Cir-El then and says, "Sure Cires, any time you want, I don't mind... I think I can hold back enough that if you're affected by magic like Superman is that I won't hurt you." He then nods to Kaydin and says, "That's a shame, but that's cool about your mutant friend."

Cir-El says, "Another day, soon perhaps, but I need to get going. It is time for today's daily patrol of the city." She exits the building and leaps into the air, firing a rocket blast to activate her glide suit so she can reach all the way to shore.

"So who is Freddy Freeman? Friend of yours? Maybe we can hang out sometime." Kaydin offers to the champion of magic before he looks to Cir-el. "Really? Folks like you and Superman are weak against magic? I thought you guys were like totally superhuman." He says with a shrug.

Billy shrugs at Kaydin and says, "My foster brother, he's got a gimpy leg, but he's not that bad, I guess." He glances at his watch, "Oh man, I better get going too, I got a curfew with my foster parents and if I don't get back I'm going to get grounded... thanks guys, I'll see you later! SHAZAM!" With that, the magic lightning hits him and changes him in Shazam and he takes off in the direction of Brooklyn.