Sentinel Finale Part 1
Rplog-icon Who: Cir-El, Sirocco, Nate Grey, Bruce Banner, Carol Danvers, Mitch Shelley, Kilroy, Victor Creed, Tynan
Where: Arizona
When: 5-21-2015
Tone: Heroic
What: A Group of Heroes are looking to end the Sentinel Project.

Arizona, that's where all roads led. If anyone had been to Oklahoma's deposit, before it was invaded by what experts have surmised to be fifteen to twenty people, there was a sense of familiarity here. The difference between here and Oklahoma was Oklahoma's location was right off of route sixty-six. Going twenty minutes in either direction took people to civilization.

The home of heat and red rock may have thrown people off because every scrap of information plundered from notes gathered by Hank Pym, The Birds of Prey, S.H.I.E.L.D., and more took the heroes out to a remote spot in Arizona. On the way here people may have been lost taking in waterfalls, forest and the like on the way. Maybe after the mission people could have made vacation plans.

The drop point took people to an empty field of red rock. It was evening. The moon was up high, a gentle breeze was in the air and the place still warm. If anyone had been out to D.C. or Oklahoma they would have known about the Department of Defense's tactic of making things underground. It was safe to surmise the same tactic was being used here and now. People were going to need to have information accessed by those with intel, or X-Ray vision to pinpoint the spot.

Is she ready for this? This is the kind of major mission that Avengers and Justice League people do, not rookies with limited experience. Well, and a god watching over them. A god who clearly approves of Sirocco's presence here. Her previous involvement with Batman and co...good enough to get her the information. Vacation plans? Maybe. She grew up in California. She's actually been to Arizona before. Not to this particular spot, though. Landing on the red rock, she glances around. "It'll be under here somewhere," she says, quietly. Familiar faces? She glances at Mitch. Tynan knows and remembers her, but she didn't see the sniper during *that* incident. The desert wind wraps around her. It's comforting. This is her natural environment. Underground, not so much, but the wind strengthens her resolve. Her belief that she's up to being here. She murmurs a prayer in Egyptian, under her breath. Okay. Now she's ready.

Kilroy had been here before, of course, and recognized it instantly now that he realized that his body had been dumped right next to the place, but more importantly once Jack was able to isolate the location, Kilroy followed every dollar in their tangled little web until he found the location, tracking several of the locations of employees inside. He blends in quite well with his suit of stone armor as he moves along the ground to the Mesa. But he is ready to kick ass and take names. As he spots others beginning to arrive though he waits. This should be a communal cleansing and he is more than willing to share the lancing of the boil with others.

Well, Carol could fly under her own power if she wished t. but tonight, she doesn't wish to. She and Bruce and Cir-El have a nondescript sedan that they rented under one of the ID's Carol still has active from her CIA days. She's sipping from a bottle of water as she sits on the side of the road, a map splayed out on the dashboard. "so, these are the coordinates alright." she mutters softly. She's hoping that when he's in the area, Nate will ping her brain to let her know he's around. "I have a contact trying to track down discrepancies in Hartmann's life about five or so years ago, looking for proof of his being replaced by that... Sentinel thing." She's speaking softly in the car and trying to -feel- energy sources underground here, the way she did back in DC. She is hoping that this time... they won't be lying in wait for her and her comrades to arrive... making the whole idea of a stealth approach pointless. She looks over to Bruce in the passenger seat, and then back into the back seat at Cir. "Thoughts?" she asks. "I'm thinking we're gonna be going down somewhere around here."

Tynan has collected every ounce of information that she could from all sources. Being with SHIELD and having connections with the Birds of Prey, she got a clear picture of where to go. She takes a deep breath as she drives her motorcycle to the location, and then parks it a good distance away. She lifts up her hood, and lets the suit do its stealth thing while she looks through the holodisplay. This SHIELD outfit kicks so much....Well, lets just say Tynan loves her Momma Bear. A lot! Right now, her focus though is basic scouting, and if something were to say...come up and attack for no reason...The woman smiles. "And here I thought I was overdressed?", she says to Kilroy, sporting that skin tight SHIELD outfit...Couldn't Natasha make it a little bit less tight on the chest!? Or is that revenge...Tynan hates showing her figure...

Oddly enough, for someone who is studying flying, Cir-El has never flown in a plane before. She could have run here faster, but running cross country at super sonic speeds tends to attract attention...and can be kind of damaging unless you are good at avoiding sonic booms. She had ridden with Bruce and Carol as a "family group" and ridden here in a car. She says, "I am wondering, can you sense the location of the base by energies from the generators, Carol? If not, I may have to try my hand at echo sounding."

Nate came alone, flying all the way from New York. Apparently the Avengers/X-Men team up came apart after the Washington misadventure, but at least he can coordinate with Carol arriving more or less at the same time. She also passed the woman everything he got out of Trask's head.

<< I am going to be there in two minutes >> he sends telepathically. << Chances I get detected by the Sentinels are pretty high. But hey, I make a good decoy. I am always up for reducing to scrap some of those mutie-killing metal assholes >>

Bruce Banner looks at Carol, "I was told Hartmann is no longer there. There is someone else now." he says looking at his phone. "Not sure who though."

The rumble of old fashioned American muscle purrs like a contented cat as the old, bone white Dodge Challenger comes rolling to a stop somewhere not too far off behind the sedan that houses Danvers, Banner and Cir-El. The man behind the wheel, if he could even be called a man, is Victor Creed. Dressed for war, in a skin tight body suit in shades of brown, black and orange. His knuckles stretch the fabric of his gloves as he grips the wheel, and amber eyes try to focus in on the people he's tailed. Why he's here? Cir-El had mentioned some issues with Sentinels, and Victor's contacts in the spy world had told him something big was happening out in this god forsaken stretch of the desert. It was a simple matter, really, to find that rental car and it's occupants, and track them out here to the desert. He's been at the spy game for a long, long time now.

Creed cuts the engine off, but leaves the radio playing. Sam Sham and the Pharaohs. Little Red Riding Hood. It's one of his favorites. Creed lets the music fill him, keeping his head in focus rather than giving in to the beast inside. The beast that wants to stalk, and hunt. The beast that's itchin' for a fight.

A mass of pure, encapsulating blackness, like that of a black hole, walks into the field of rocks. He's not exactly a surprise, having been able to be seen coming for quite a distance. The blackness fades away at the head, revealing... Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man! He returns Sirocco's nod, before folding his arms and leaning nonchalantly against a nearby rock as he waits for someone who has a better idea of what they're doing to get to work.

Kilroy wasn't exactly dumped here, but the money certainly led to a place like this. Money, supplies and many other things led here. Others were coming in droves. A lot of people weren't in uniform, others were, and it was clear everyone here came for similar reasons.

Nate would have seen the latecomer first. Tony Stark was on the way as a familiar looking piece of stealth armor was in the air. As the billionaire was getting closer Carol and Banner would have recognized the familiar Stealth Armor. The white faceplate and arms were a little different and new, but it was clearly the stealth armor. Glowing purple-pink lights accented the eyes, bits of the chest and arms. That caused a question to be asked: When did Tony become a fan of a color that wasn't fire-engine red?

Moving closer Tony was coming in and he wasn't slowing down. As the object moved fast and then suddenly went fist-first into the "family car" that carried Carol, Cir and Banner. Metal crumbled beneath the fist of the armor. Clearly this wasn't Tony.

A voice rumbled from the armor, "IT WAS A GOOD PLAN!" the voice was Hartmann's, but the speech was too emotional. The General was a man of few words and little emotion. Whoever was in the suit was filled with anger. "UNTIL ALL OF YOU HAD TO RUIN IT! YEARS OF WORK, GONE!" Clearly, this was not a man of few words. However, one lesson was hopefully quickly learned. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ADVANCED TECH BEHIND FOR THE BAD GUY TO FIND. Things could happen to them, at least the first line of defense revealed itself quickly. Except now there was a wrecked car that contained a man who was going to become a timebomb if provoked to anger.

Sirocco glances to Mitch. Then? A suit of Iron Man armor streaks overhead, but in a different color scheme...and descending to attack a car. "We're in the right place, at least," she says, grimly. Then? Then she turns to air. If she could get into Sentinels that way, then maybe she can find a closed door and get through it the same way. She can't keep it up for that long at a stretch, but the wind can *find*'s not a use of the power she's tried before, but she has a certain confidence. She's sure she can do it. Of course, she can't communicate while in that form.

Kilroy smiles to Tynan,"I think you are just about right. You might want to stand back." He will warn anyone else near by of the same, and only do this if he can keep the blast radius clear but otherwise he summons bullets. Lots of them. About fifty tons worth. Flying back he will then take out his plasma pistol and light it, hopefully opening a nice explosive hole into the base.

Tony.. the sound of repulsors is evident. Carol looks out the window at the approaching armor suit, and after a few moments of watching it approach, she activates her comm. "Tony?" she asks. No reply. "Shit." It's not so much that fact as it is the trade craft, her women's intuition, and a brief flash from her Seventh Sense that has Carol yelling, "OUT OF THE CAR NOW! CIR! GRAB BRUCE AND GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" and she hopes the superspeed girl can get that done in time. She rolls her neck just as the armor impacts the car.

Yep, so much for not being detected on the way in. That would've been too much to ask. Carol is -tired- of walking into traps without knowing it. From now on, she's going to always assume -everything- is a trap. With the car crunched around her and 'Iron Hartmann' yelling his tirade, she just sucked it up for a moment, and then one of her hands punches through the metal of the car, slamming into the armor-suit. "Don't you ever get tired of your own voice?!" she yells as she punches it and then a combination of molecular transformation, and cosmic heat energy melts her the rest of the way out of the car, -and- changes her into her costume. "Okay. Bring it on. I prefer a straight up fight to all this sneakin' around!" she yells at the armor.

Tynan lets Kilroy blow a hole into the base. The woman simply shakes her head though a few times as she comes out from behind cover. "...And I thought I was loud. Think the Dead woke up yet?", she asks. The woman summons her assault rifle, an ACR, and her Sniper Rifle, the GM-6 Lynx. She grins evilly as she hooks up the ACR on a Tacbelt, and the Sniper on a Shoulder belt. She stretches out. "Mind if I just take a nap right here, and provide cover?", she asks.

Cir-El has not previously met Iron Man, so she is a bit late responding to the threat from one she would assume is a friend. She does react fast once the threat is clear, kicking open the door and grabbing Bruce, wrapping her cape around him to prevent friction from damaging him as she pulls him clear as fast as she can safely accelerate him...and placing herself between him and the car in case it explodes. Unfortunately the cape does not protect from much other than friction...

Nate spots Iron Man, but he sees nothing wrong with the color scheme. Stark has a lot of suits, right? So he only notices it is Hartman when the robot begins ranting. Woah. Kudos to the programmers, he really sounds like an angry super-villain.

If it wasn't intentional, then it is at least amusing.

Definitely not amusing for the occupants of the vehicle. Nate dives to try to help, but too late to do much. At least they got out. He charges the fake Iron Man, trying to ram him with his personal telekinetic force-field.

Bruce is pulled from the car and wrapped in the cape but then he starts to change. Green flashes over his face and eyes plus his body starts to change shape slowly. Pulling away from Cir he begins trying to get away but falls to the ground with a growl as the change is coming over him.

Well, it looks like the game is on and things are already starting to get real. No time for hesitation. Or consideration for his sweet ride. With a growl that borders on a whine, Sabretooth somehow manages to curl his enormous body of flesh and fur and fury into a tight ball in the bench seat of the car. Powerful, densely corded muscles work in a graceful unison befitting a ballet dancer, achieving an explosive synchronicity to propel him through the windshield of his own vehicle.

Safety glass ruptures and fills the air like starbursts of twinkling light, showering the hood of the classic car, and the dusty earth around it. Creed's form clears the hood entirely, stretched out elongated into a full on pounce. He lands on his massive hands first, those vicious talons carving into the pavement like a plasma torch through butter, before his body curls to spring forth again, sending the feral mutant bounding towards the wrecked car on all fours like a beast. Oh, look. He's even frothing at the mouth, all snarling lips and glistening fangs. Cute.

Thud-thud-thud! The sound of the behemoth's approach is like the pounding of a heart, before it goes abruptly silent. Over the car, and over Carol's shoulder, Sabretooth lunges towards the Iron Man suit, all flashing claws and thrashing limbs. Kitty pounces are love! And lethal!

Back at Victor's car, the lights are left flashing on and off, and the horn blaring in a rhythmic pattern. Beeep!... Beeep! ...Beeep!

Mitch looks upwards as Iron Man streaks across the sky. Mitch merely assumes it's some other hero, considering he doesn't even know about the regular Iron Man. He catches on fast, once it rams into a car. Mitch grits his teeth, assuming the occupants dead until he sees that they've fled.

The fingers of the shadow turn to claws, and four long, shadowy tentacle-type constructs of darkness rise from its back. It makes no noise, and doesn't bother moving to strike just yet, but it watches the Iron Man suit careful.

Sirocco found the exact opening of the base. As she moved along the surface she found hairline cracks and slipped in. It was like the other facilities: Giant Hangars made to hold dozens of Sentinels. They had yet to turn on. Inside was someone in the darkness. Their face was illuminated by an interactive screen that was in front of their face. It was Sebastian Shaw, complete in the period appropriate Hellfire Club attire. They had a barely scene headset on their face, and some kind of band around their head. A cybernetic finger extended and Shaw started to press things. Speaking, "I want the Redhead. She's a Virus!" There were a lot of questions to ask: Who was the redhead? Why was she a virus? When did Shaw get a cybernetic hand?

Suddenly, there was an explosion behind Sirocco as Kilroy punched a hole in the hangar. Metal and a small amount of rubble fell. Sirocco would have been crushed had she not been in air-form. Although the woman would have realized that Shaw started to run away further down the hangar into complete darkness. As his hand waved Sentinel eyes started up with a "vrrt!" Things had just become complicated.

'Iron Hartmann' and Carol trade blows. The man fell back as he was rattled. The armored villain tried landing several blows on the woman. Every time Carol landed her own shot the machine moved back. It was clear that this was like fighting Iron Man expect it felt no pain.

Nate came rushing in with the telekinetics that knocked Hartmann back and down. Part of the faceplate bent. A second later a giant Sabretooth was on top of Iron Hartmann. Claws started to spark against metal. Suddenly the chest glowed a light purple and energy went upward to Sabretooth.

Cir-El would have noticed the growling from the Hulk. What that meant was anyone's guess if they were unfamiliar with terms like: "Code Green."

Tynan would have been watching everything, but so many people were pouncing on the armor there was no clear shot right away. Standing next to Kilroy, they both would have seen the eventual glows of eyes that were coming down deep from within the darkness. Apparently there was going to be something for everyone.

Who just blew her up? Fortunately, Sirocco's mostly invulnerable in air form. It takes her a moment longer than it would have to reform. If it wasn't for the bad guy...whom she doesn't recognize...running away from them, she'd grumble. As it is, she makes a quick note to warn the redhead as soon as she can...the redhead with the guns? She thinks that's the only redhead present. But she starts to follow this guy into the hangar. Sure, she can beat on Sentinels. Following this guy, as quietly as she can, seems a much more useful course of action to the young heroine. It also might get her killed, but she isn't even thinking about that right now. Kilroy isn't here to beat on sentinels. As fun as that might be, he is here to get hard evidence of war crimes. Moving at a hundred miles an hour toward the location of some of the concentrated money he immediately moves as far and as fast as he can into the bowels of the base. If a sentinel targets him, he will just drop a Rai stone on its head and interpose another between it and himself ad best he can. "Not at all," he says to Tynan grinning beneath the thick stone armor inscribed with Yappian history.

Yes, most of Carol's moves are designed to -hurt- and incapacitate, not kill. So she's a bit caught off guard when the armor pilot feels no pain. Then.. "Oh, you downloaded yourself into that suit after I fried your first body, didn't you?" asks Carol of the armor. Of course, it's... dealing with multiple attackers. "Well, allow me to introduce you to someone you may have missed the last time."

She felt the gamma radiation levels rise as Code Green went into effect. "Hey Hulk, this armor guy wants to hurt Betty, or doesn't like you. I think he also said he's stronger than you." That said, she steps back and remarks, "Guys.. you might want to clear ground zero." to Nate and Victor. But... the explosion into the underground bunker also has her attention, and she's backing towards the new hole in the ground... not taking her eyes off of Iron Hartmann... in fact, she fires an intense burst of photonics that she is hoping might temporarily overload the suit's optical sensors.

Tynan smirks a little bit as she gets down on the ground in sniping position. She gets the rifle set up, and then turns on the display to Sniping mode. Her HUD changes to a single eye, and she looks for her targets. It shouldn't be long now. The woman settles into a breathing pattern, waiting for a clear shot before firing at any target that comes towards her to get out that isn't Kilroy, or another human being...

Cir-El restores her cape to position and does not try to interfere with the Hulk's transition. She found it rather useless to try the hast time she went through this. She has not seen what lies below yet, but she can HEAR...except when briefly deafened by the explosion. She knows there are Sentinels below coming active, and the HULK is probably better suited to deal with them than Bruce Banner is. She will try to direct his anger to the right targets. She clearly can not help defeat the false Iron Man, too many already are upon him for that. When a sentinel pops it's head up though, it better be ready to have it ripped off and stuffed back down its throat!

After impacting 'Hartmann' Nate crashes about fifty yards away, ears ringing. He is protected by his telekinesis, though, so he jumps to his feet quickly. Just in time to see the Sentinels coming. "There they are."

He glances back briefly, to see if Carol and the new guy need help, but if Hulk is coming, they should be alright. He can make sure the Sentinels do not bother them while they give their boss a good thrashing.

So he takes off and flies up about a hundred feet, and then he blasts at the Sentinel base with the full force of his telekinesis, to the incoming Sentinels if he is seeing them.

The change can sometimes be quick while others times it can take a moment. Finally though Hulk jumps to his feet with a loud growl. Fear the Green Monster! He looks at Carol with a sneer and then at Cir giving an odd thumbs up to his guardian child. Running towards the fray of whatever is going on he leaps into action a fist coming at whatever he can hit first.

Sabretooth's enhanced senses should pick up the keening whine of the repulsor charging up, as well as the build up of energy that ionizes the air and makes the fine hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. That snarling rictus becomes a sadistic smile, and all Creed does is roar in Iron Hartmann's faceplate, sending spittle to fleck over the metallic, expressionless mask. Adamantium claws sink into the chest plate, punching through it like an old fashioned can opener, and allowing his fingers to curl inside of it.

Then, the purple blast cuts Creed's might roar off in midstream, as it punches him in the chest and sends him flying, careening through the air to land somewhere far away, his chest smoldering with steam rising off of it. The skin is melted off, the muscle tissue underneath exposed, and even the glint of his adamantium laced sternum and ribs, but slowly, it's knitting itself back together. Strands of muscle fiber, pink and fresh, are like microscopic tentacles, reaching for one another and latching together, building up over and over to replace what's been lost, while the skin itself begins to creep forward, white-pink and smooth from being freshly grown. But, if Creed's plan worked, it was worth it. The plan, you ask? Well, the plan was to get blasted to Kingdom Come, but take the entire chest (and it's repulsor cannon) with him, leaving the machine at least partially crippled in it's offense.

Victor Creed pulls himself to his feet, still clutching at his chest, and shaking the torn scraps of metal from his deadly talons. It appears that someone has blown open a giant door for them. Well, at least something's going right. One flickering glance to Carol as he sees she's making her way towards it, as well, and he gives her an upnod. "I'll take point, Goldilocks. You good with blastin' anythin' what blasts me?" AKA: A viable battle strategy. Creed takes the hits, Danvers dishes 'em back.

The four tentacles elongate, their points growing sharp as they turn to four spider-like legs, lifting Mitch into the air as they elongate and balance. He begins to quickly stomp across across the desert, bridging the distance between he and Iron Hartmann, before Mitch grinds to a halt as he realizes everyone's backing away to let the Hulk work. Instead, the arms disappear and Mitch falls to the ground, regrouping with the rest of the group. His claws spring back as he begins to watch carefully, searching for any critical openings.

"I want the Redhead. She's a Virus!" Iron Hartmann said eventually then it sounded like he was panting. Eventually to Carol's banter Hartmann said, "No. I'm not downloaded consciousness," then the talks to spur the Hulk happened. Slowly the entity turned toward the others looking to find a giant green man. The machine was panting although the chest cavity was not rising or falling.

Sirocco kept up with Shaw running. First off she would have noticed he was speaking and running. The headpiece was some kind of transceiver. The pair moved through a place of cells. Sirocco could have seen people asking for help, but the sight of Shaw enraged more than a few. They were in pods. Rows and rows of them on each side of the walls in columns of three, apparently the Sentinels had a grounds to let go of their prisoners.

Kilroy moved past the Sentinels. The money led him to a door that was at the end of Sentinels. Inside was a computer lab. Someone had left the place in a hurry as the door was unlocked. There were terminals to work with various statuses on Sentinels including some kind rows and columns of devices that talked about "Air flow," "Power Output," and "Power Input."

Hartmann was free once Carol and Sabretooth were off of the mess of technology. Part of the faceplate was exposed revealing a robotic face. Eyes focused on the pair that just injured then left. A second later The Hulk was on top of the machine. The Hulk was able to get many shots in due to the triple teaming.

However, everyone not engaged in battle would have heard "Vrrrt" as the ground shook. Clearly it was opening out to let something loose. Sentinels started to fly out of the hole. Ten had taken to the air quickly. Nate, Tynan, and those waiting to take shots and heard the Sentinels coming could see them. These were some of the last Sentinels left thanks toa virus that somehow made its way into the system. Someone crippled the program in D.C.

Go after Shaw or...or...and there's a slight smile on Sirocco's face. He can get away, for now. Instead? She's looking for how to get those cells open. After all, she's already "wanted" for breaking people out of Sentinel custody. In for a penny, in for a pound. Assuming she can work it out, she's going to start opening cells as quickly as she can. Sure, some of them are probably mass murderers. She doesn't know, can't tell, so she's going to let the lot of them out...if she can.

"Well, it was just a guess." says Carol. She senses the energy buildup of the Sentinel flight systems and mentally hopes Nate's in her mind. <<You and me. Aerial pursuit.>> "Cir, Creed! Down below. Cir, cover Creed's.." she points at Victor, "Back!" and then she rockets upward. She's in pursuit. Flying sentinels are trying to escape, and she needs to catch them. She's no Kryptonian, but she's one of the most agile fliers on the planet!

As she begins pursuit, she fires off a shot or two to try to bracket her targets. But that's not really serious attempts to shoot them so much as... just to try to narrow down her targeting parameters.

Tynan smiles a little bit, as she ran down round after round. This new suit is amazing! The woman blinks a few times, as she goes through clip after clip. Crap. She runs into a different problem. "Ummm...Anyone bring ammo with them? This is a new suit, and I'm running out of awkward as that sounds!", she tells. The woman mutters, figuring nobody here likely uses a gun to blow things up...

Cir-El is ready when the Sentinels rise, but hears Carol's orders...of course since she has Super hearing, hearing orders is less difficult for her than for others. She jumps over to Creed and says, "Got your back Victor, let's head in and trash the place."

Nate is already firing force blasts to the Sentinels. "You think they are going to try to escape?" He asks Carol. That would be new. As far as he remembers Sentinels are not programed for self-preservation, just for killing.

But he follow Carol just in case. Nate is not the best flier, but he is very, very fast.

The Hulk is hitting whatever he landed on. SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH!!!!

Sabretooth looks from Carol to Cir-El and gives a sigh. He had hoped to keep the young girl out of the thickest part of the danger. Not that he doesn't have confidence in her abilities, or anything like that, but... she's a good kid, and something about throwing a good kid into the thick of a warzone just doesn't settle right with him. But in the heat of battle, one makes do with what one must. "Alright, Jailbait, just stay close an' don't worry none about me takin' the hits for ya."

With that, Victor takes a running leap out of the desert and into the hole where the Sentinels are rising. His impossibly large hands latch onto a launching Sentinel, claws scraping through it's faceplate and giving the feral mutant a gripping point to swing around it, Lucha Libre style, swinging around it's neck and using those tree trunk sized arms, coupled with razor sharp claws of adamantium, to twist and tear it's head from it's shoulders. He leaps from the now descending body to another Sentinel as it rises, clawing down it's chest to slow his descent, before dropping to the ground to all fours. Yep. Thrashin' the place sounds good right now.

Mitch's head immediately turns about as he hears the "VRRRRRT" of the doors opening. As the sentinels begin to fly out, his eyes dart between Iron Man and the Sentinels, before finally turning and deciding on the sentinels. All his limbs are sucked inwards as his shadowy form begins to elongate in a thin strip, as he lashes forwards, attempting to latch onto one of the sentinels and be carried off with it.

Cells popped open one by one with a bit of effort. Whatever caused them to open most were grateful for a few decided to run after Shaw despite their weakened condition. "Pop!" one cells opens. "Pop!" another one. A good three minutes later they all opened. As if someone started the unlock phase, or someone hit a bunch of keys that made things say "Unlocked" on a screen. A few way up high were going to need a means to get down though.

Carol moved through the skies. Energy went off hitting the hull of one of them. Smoke sputtered as part of the giant machine's chest was exposed, but horror would have struck her. She would have realized these machines were sticking around. This became clears the Sentinel changed its course then fired its own shots toward Carol as it rocketed toward her.

Holes are punched through sentinels with each blow given by Tynan. Shell cases rattled on the ground. The only thing that would have gotten in her way was the bounding pair of Sabretooth and Cir-El moving toward the whole together at Carol's orders. She would have seen them move down into the hole together. Claws scraped into metal as the mutant clawed into the faces of the robots to make his way down. When the pair made it the several stories down on the bottom a few units stayed to shoot at them.

The Hulk turned Iron Man's armor into a wreckage of metal and wiring. His green fist were covered in metal, circuits and everything else. Apparently the threat had been neutralized in a rage. Now that left the big guy with a lot of questions. More Sentinels were coming to the skies, the sounds of footsteps from several could be heard from the hole, and the big guy could see someone riding a Sentinel.

For a man that lived to die, Mitch was going through a life experience right now. His black tendrils sank into the metal and latched on. Flying into the air Mitch had to hand onto the Sentinel as it tried to shake the man loose as if it was a big cleaning to it. At least the shadows had access to a place big and dark, maybe he could have used that.

In the tunnel Shaw cried out then tore off his small mouthpiece and crunched it under his heel. Sighing the man moved forward a small group of mutants moved toward him. Extending his cybernetic hand forward he fired off a shot of energy and made a crater into the mutants skull, "Move," he said with bitter hatred. The man pushed forward to stare at who was in the hole, ready to take this matter personally.

Blam! Blam! Carol blasted at the Sentinels she was pursuing. However, their escape wasn't an escape. Nate was right. Who knew? She watches the one ahead of her change course. Then she gets blasted and knocked off course. Shaking her head like she's trying to recover from a good right cross, she got shot again and again. Her arms come up to cover her face and she starts firing back. She's taking a lot more than she is dishing out. But she is -hoping- that she's drawing fire away from Nate.

Eventually, she's getting tired of this, and she rockets forward... grunting as she flies through a blast from a Sentinel, aiming to ram into it's chest and hopefully... rip out of its back, carrying something essential to it's operation along with in her hands. Sure, there's others but.. aerial combat is her forte'.

So that's when she starts dipping and weaving, trying this like a giant furball of aerial combat.

Tynan blinks a few times she had others jump into the fray, blocking her shots. "Dammit! Why?", she mutters, and tries to fire around them. Its hard to snipe targets when you got two people in your cone. She growls a bit, but takes a couple of deep breathes, focusing on trying to be a good team player. Cir-El follows Sabertooth, and whenever he cuts open a sentinel's armor she steps up and spreads the break wide open, breaking the sentinel apart along the weakened points. The two of them should make short work of a few robots before they can react and adapt...

Nate is always right. Well, okay, often right. All right, he is /sometimes/ right. At least the knows his Sentinels. Fighting them in the air is something he has done many times in the Danger Room. He keeps moving and keeps shields up, aiming to dodge the Sentinels trying to kill him while trying to blast at Sentinels that are not specifically going for him, to avoid whatever countermeasures they are developing.

Unfortunately he is the only X-Man here, those guys have no idea. But hey, they have a Hulk. Maybe they don't need good ideas. Or maybe he can spare a second to warn them. << Carol, keep switching targets. They are computers, they try to adapt whatever you do >>

Once the machine is nothing but parts Hulk hops off looking about to notices the sentinels. Picking up pieces of the torn up machine he begins tossing them at the nearest one to him before jumping to plant a fist into its chest and then face. "HULK SMASH - HULK SMASH - HULK SMASH" he can be heard almost in a sing song type of way. "HULKKKK SMASHHHHHHH"

On the ground, Sabretooth's nostrils flare, his chest, now fully healed, and even having the thick, coarse hair regrowing on it's surface, rises and falls as he inhales deeply. Too many scents in the room, too many people, fleeing and being swept up by winds and whatnot. At least people were being rescued. But Victor... Victor needs to find the one responsible for all of this mess. After all, if Victor's going to try out for the Avengers, he might as well do some.... avengin'. Luckily, the person responsible seems to come forward. Creed's amber eyes fixate on Sebastian Shaw with instant recognition. After all, Sabretooth has worked for the man a number of times. His long standing association with the Hellfire Club is a well documented fact. He even still has a VIP pass.

It's about that time that the few that lingered began to open fire. As Cir-El descends, Creed launches himself in front of her, hunching his shoulders and spreading his arms and generally presenting to the Killbots the largest target possible. His head rolls back, and from somewhere deep, deep, deep in the pit of his very soul, a primal, bellowing roar rips forth. It's utterly inhuman, more lion than anything. But it speaks one word, and that word is clear. Shaw.

Blasts from the sentinels come from a number of directions, but Creed does his job. He takes the hits, so that Cir-El can focus on dishing them out. Beam after beam strike the mountain of muscle and rage, eradicating huge chunks of tissue from him, leaving exposed metallic bones and seared an

Mitch is flung about, detaching and reattaching multiple times in his frantic struggle to stay a hold. Once he's got a solid grip, the shadows condense and congeal until they're returned to a more human form. One arm extends, attempting to encircle the entire sentinel's midpoint and tighten to give Mitch a point of stability. His other sharpens and lashes inwards, attempting to skewer the Sentinel through it's center.

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