Test Fight
Rplog-icon Who: Himinglaeva Aegirdottr , Lex Luthor, Marc Spector, Valeria Von Doom
a gang of thieves
Where: The Narrows New York City side
When: 06/02/2015
Tone: Classic Heroic
What: Luthor takes a prototype production model armor on a test run

Lex has decided that his future plans require something more to guard his sites. Granted the Iron Guard armor is powerful, but so expensive that any more than one a site is not cost effective. Thus, Lex has decided to create a low-cost mass production security armor. This test model is dubbed LX-1 and he is flying it about on the narrows testing the gear.

Certainly not much that would be missed in this area if anything goes wrong, And as it happens, there's even a fight breaking out down below in a side street. It looks like the fight is over a van with punctured tires. A figure in a silvery white cowl seems to be fighting off the exiting passengers of the van.

Of course, testing things in public is not the best method for most folks. For Lex, maybe it makes sense. Vikings however, enjoy a good romp where it can be found. The Narrows are close enough to the waterline that Himinglaeva manages to get all the way into the Narrows before anyone -really- takes notice of the tallish woman... in a scale-mail bikini... wandering barefoot and somehow not ending up with shredded feet after four feet of walking. She herself is just exploring. But the sounds of combat are like an engraved invitation to the sea goddess, and she simply turns a corner to said alley, even as she is approached by several of Gotham's... less than savory sorts.

Fight? Valeria's not supposed to get into fights. For right now, she's watching the conflict from across the street. Hrm. Maybe she should go help that guy. Or the people in the van. Unable to determine good guy from bad guy, the blonde girl does the sane thing: She stays put and watches.

Lex tests his sensors and notices the fight, "Database, SP identifier. Who is the figure in white?" A picture appears to the side and an identification as Moon Knight, Vigilante Hero. Lex flies over and, as he does so, picks a specific weapon from his belt and attaches it to the power points on his wrists. Lex sets the targeting reticule and fires a burst of stun energy at the ones exiting the van. Neural frequency electrified plasma good as tasers or better.

The burst of stun energy is a little off-- well. A small fix to be calibrated, that's part of the point of testing, after all. It centers on the front passenger door of the van, where most of the passengers are appearing from the back, but Lex manages to stun three of the seven in the burst's radius, knocking them twitching to the ground. Moon Knight, as he was identified, jumps back, having been near the fringes of the burst himself. He looks up at Lex's armor, and the apparently glowing eyes under his shadowed cowl narrow. He throws a crescent dart that may come dangerously close to Lex's armored head, then ducks behind the nose of the van for cover from his remaining adversaries.

Oh, a fight between these two could be entertaining. Three ne'er do wells speak up from behind Himinglaeva and she narrows her eyes. She turns her head slowly to peer at them. The one who is kind of the leader of them.. receives a quick hand grabbing his throat and a growled, "Mortal. Leave me be." And she tosses him backwards into a pile of garbage cans before just.. floating into the alleyway.. she doesn't so much fly, as float through the air like she was a boat flowing on the surface of water.

A frown, and then the blonde girl...if anyone's glancing her way? She just vanished. There's a bit of a flicker before the invisibility field solidifies. Only then does she move closer to the fight. She's still not entirely sure who's who, after all, but the guy in the armor? Fascinating!

Lex says, "Fire calibration correction 173.4 mark 32, execute. Set to single shot rather than burst." The word Confirmed appears on the HUD and he fires a single blast from each hand one after the other at two thugs now trying to flee.

Himi enters the ally which has her facing the rear of the van; it looks like there's a lot of boxes of equipment and complex parts which are being guarded by two men with guns while the other five are fanning out. One shouts for her to keep back, and three others are firing at Lex and his suit with handguns.

Snorting, Himinglaeva just transitions into her water form. "I do not seek the attentions of you two." she says in a Germanic accent. She gestures upwards towards Moon Knight and Lex. "I seek real warriors." Okay, she did just insult those armed guards... she really doesn't look all watery. Just.. wet/damp... seeping a bit here and there. Good thing she's not wearing a white tee-shirt, right?!

Okay. The guys with guns are probably the bad guys. Now, can Val sneak invisibly into the van to see what they're guarding, or do they have the entrance to it too well guarded for that?

Lex says to the gunmen, "You might want to surrender before you get hurt." To Himi he says, "Warrior, I do not claim that title, I am merely a scientist."

The gunmen keep firing at Lex, though as their fire seems to do nothing even when they're sure some have hit, they start backing to the rear of the van again, though Val probably could slip in before they do, if she cares to risk it. One of them, fed up, points a gun at Himi demanding she back off if she knows what's good for her. Apparently he's not a proponent of the bullet-proof bikini theory, and assumes she's vulnerable weather she's a little water logged or not. A couple of the group that circled around to the side ran into Moon Knight, and blows are being exchanged, though it seems to be going largely in the cloaked figure's favor.

Moving like she's stepping up stairs, Himinglaeva starts moving upwards.. as in planning to reach the roof of the van. She needs a better view of the warriors. She looks up and asks, "If you be a scholar, then why do you wield weapons such as those?" she asks towards Lex. She quite literally -ignores- the gunmen. If they do fire.. the bullets will splash through like hitting the stream of water from a firehose... not really disturbing it much. There -will- be ripples spreading along her flesh if it happens though.

Which she does, rapidly slipping past them into the van. It's probably a stupid thing to do that will get her yelled at by Uncle Ben, but she does it anyway. What's in here?

Lex responds to the woman, "I make them, and I test them properly before distribution. First I use a lab, then I test them personally. I make a lot of things, either myself or through the millions of people who work for me. I am Lex Luthor, current CEO of Lexcorp. Technically it would be Lex Luthor the third, but though they both used Lex, my Father and Grandfather did not have exactly the same full name as me." He adds, "If you want to help me test my armor, that is all right, I do not mind that. Combat tests can be excellent proofs."

Inside the van Val sees crates haphazardly stuffed with some pretty high tech equipment. With her knowledge, she recognizes a lot of components as cutting edge, maybe not quite to the standards of the von Dooms and Starks and Richardses of the world, but you could get up to a lot of trouble with this stuff--or just make a very pretty penny. It's a pretty eclectic assortment too, as if people were just throwing things into crates as fast as they could while making sure most of it was unbroken. One of the van riders narrowly misses walking into her as they step through the narrow gap in the center to get into the front of the van..and start it, punctured tires or no. "Pile in, we're getting out of here!" he shouts, though he really didn't have to. Those not unconscious are jumping in, after Himi and Lex prove immune to their small arms. If anything the bizarre way the bullets splashed through Himi, the holes closing with a ripple, only served to unnerve them into retreating faster, and the group are just as glad the two invincible antagonists are chatting-- though that chat may be interrupted when the unstable vehicle lurches out from under Himi with a metallic screeching of complaint from the front wheels.

Bullets punch through Himinglaeva and she looks down at the shooters. "You dare?" she asks. "The sea.. is not happy." and.. she has no idea Val is in the van but.. she shakes her head. "A moment warrior of science." she says with a glance up towards Lex. Then she points a hand at the van and.. well, a firehose from hell goes off. hundreds, thousands of gallons of water blast at the van to strike the side... it doesn't do a huge amount of impact damage, but.. the van should be sliding sideways against the side of the alley.

Yeah...bad thing. Thud. That's the sound of Val's force field hitting the side of the van. She's seen what they have; now it's time to get out. If she can. Unfortunately, all the doors are closed, and she's starting to faintly lose her invisibility. Flicker.

Lex frowns at the van and flicks a switch, then fires a burst at the van that causes the electrical system to shut down. Just a slight change in the frequency of the charge so that it effects machines rather than nerves, nothing difficult, sort of like a directed EMP. He says, "I did tell them they should surrender, I am not fond of being ignored."

The car was already started so it keeps running-- but gets even more erratic with the electrical components of the controls not reliably behaving. It surges along the road only to sputter and veer and ultimately crash into the brick wall of, ironically, an auto shop. Val is tossed around thoroughly inside, and as the other passengers slam into her force field and she flickers on the fringes of visibility one exclaims, "There's someone in here!" and tries to swing at her with a stray board that fell off one of the crates.. just before they crash into the wall.

If Himinglaeva knew what an auto body shop was, she would enjoy the irony. As it is, she just watches and shakes her head, "What horribly unreliable transport." she remarks before she looks up at Lex once more, "Now, you wish to test your armor, yes?" she ask, pointing hands up at the Warrior of Science. "Just in case. Die well mortal." she remarks. And then.. the ocean opens up towards Lex. With a smile on Himinglaeva's face. Seriously. The impact won't damage the armor, but.. it's repulsion the likes of being hurled by Ben Grimm. Moon Knight has reconnected.

"EEEP!" Well, there goes invisibility, although she does maintain enough of a forcefield to stop the board. For now. There's...a pretty little blonde girl in the van with the bad guys. What do they do about it?

Lex's armor is, fortunately, water tight, he does not have the servo strength in this suit to keep from being knocked back. He is not sure what attack to try, but since right now he has the plasma stunner on, he uses that...the electrical effect might or might not hurt a water creature, and he does not really want to harm her. He has something better actually, but it would take a moment to switch weapons.

The van gang all pick themselves up from the thankfully low speed collision to stare as the sneaky spy in their midst turns out to be..a not even full grown girl. Two of them exchange a look, and they try to grab her by the arms in a pin, one shouting, "We've got a hostage in here, so all of you just back off!!" The is not going anywhere between the damage and the EMP. Moon Knight follows after, having lost ground mopping up those who didn't get in the van, and the van did make it a bit before it crashed.

And... spray spray spray... Zzzzzt! The water of the hose effect is connected to the ankle bone. Err... the water of the body. The stunners give a jolt to Himinglaeva and she jumps pack a half pace... as if she was walking, not floating in the air. "That tingled!" she announces with a grin. But.. then she hears the warning from the van. The voice. She narrows her eyes. "Warrior of Science. We must pause." She just drops down to the ground level and reaches for the back door of the van... tearing it off. She stares at the innards of the van and raises both brows, "A child." she states. "Release her, and you will survive. Choose not to, and you will all drown on dry land."

Okay...well. She's not a good fighter. Yet. She does know one trick, though. The one where when somebody grabs you you stomp on one of their feet. Hard. And grind your heel in. If she can pull it off. Val's not too concerned. She can get her force field up again in a moment. Right?

Lex sighs, and pulls a different thing from his belt. He comments, "Only the weak need to threaten hostages." He has something he prepared for this kind of situation, a grenade that produces an ionized gas trapped within a magnetic bubble. A soporific nerve agent to put people to sleep in the area through skin absorption. The bubble keeps the gas from everyone inside he car should be knocked out, unless they have an air tight force field of something...

The van door is ripped open, and the pair start walking Val towards it to show they mean what they say-- though one of them screams angrily as Val stomps his foot into the van floor. The second attacker grabs for both her arms, though it leaves neither of them threatening her with any sort of weapon...just in time for Lex to land his device right in the back of the van. The screaming guy ends up sucking in a breath full of it, though with it being by skin contact it may be he isn't out that much sooner than the rest. One of them mutters as they slump, "Don't get..paid enough for...thi--*"

And...mist. Val snaps her nice handy force field up. Hopefully it will block whatever that is. It's probably sleepytime gas. Always a handy thing, sleepytime gas.

Luthor decides, "I think that this armor passes the test, well at least the armor plating is up to spec and the control program works well, as does the flight system and the stun blaster and the gas grenade. Other system tests will have to wait." He clicks a button, "This is Lex Luthor, have police units dispatched to my current location please, My armor test has left a few gun-toting thugs unconscious. I suspect the police would like to talk with them, oh and send the police a download of he combat sequence recording as well." He prepares to fly off as soon as the police arrive.

The force field snaps up just in time to save Val from all but the few earliest curls of the gas, and she's soon the only one left standing as the remaining attackers take a nap. Moon Knight doesn't actually apologize, or speak at all to Lex, seeming to ignore him now that he's introduced himself. He does ask Val briefly if she's alright or needs to call anyone, not aware of the force field and assuming she had been in the van the whole time, but the police are soon on their way in any case.

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