Rplog-icon Who: Peter Parker, Scott Avery, Eddie Resilver, Lor-Zod, Morris Bench
Where: Times Square
When: 6-4-2015
Tone: Classic
What: Spider-Man runs into a few familiar faces unexpectedly. Luckily friends and allies are there to help out.

Spider-Man was hurriedly swinging along. While working in the lab at the Baxter Building a situation a few blocks away from his work, and home, came across a police scanner. Since he was just doing some spot wielding and occasionally checking on a personal project, Spider-Man left the lab behind in favor of answering the call. As he worked webline after webline went out to buildings clinging to each turning.

Suddenly, he heard something cut through the webline. His Spider-Senses screamed at him just before he felt the single line that supported him gave out. Before Spider-Man could react a sudden blast of lightning from before nailed him. The energy launched him toward the streets. People screamed as Spider-Man caught himself in a roll. They scattered from him. Little did the spider know what he was getting into.

Eighteen Hours Ago:

Kraven looked at the gathering of villains. "This is how the attack will start. Electro will cut the power to," the hunter spat out an address nearby from the Baxter Building. "Since Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four that means we can track his movements from the Building. Corral him into position where I can cut his webline and Electro can knock him into the street," then his gaze went specifically to Morris Bench. "You will be waiting on him Hydro-Man. Take him out if you can. Electro and the others will provide backup. The Vulture and I will be your air support," the hunter made sure everyone one was in agreement with this tactical plan. They all had reasons to keep Spider-Man out of the picture. Tomorrow, they were going to vex the webhead out of their lives.


The bystander looked toward Hydro-Man expectedly. Just incase the Bistander allowed his face to turn all white for a moment before it shifted back. Chameleon had been lying in wait as an average New York tourist with blond hair, a jean jacket vest, digital camera, "I LOVE NY" t-shirt and all of the other talltale tourist signs that wouldn't have earned him a second look except by a pickpocket.

To those that were just paying attention to the news were seeing the flood of amateur photos and livestream video as people just tried to record everything. News Stations were showing this brawl that was starting on a Thursday Afternoon.

Morrie "Hydro-Man" Bench has been waiting at the opportunity to beat the ever-living hell out of Spider-Man since that accident all those years ago, despite the fact that being Hydro-Man seems to be a gift instead of a curse. Changes can do these things to a man. Maybe Morrie should read 'Who Moved My Cheese'? Sadly, Harley isn't around in this part of the woods.

As Chameleon latches onto Spider-Man's face, Morrie emerges from the crowd and a nearby fire hydrant explodes. "Ahahaha! It's time to bust the bug down the drain!" he shouts as he turns into water, and absorbs the water coming from the hydrant in draughts. As Chameleon holds Spider-Man from behind, Hydro-Man sends a hammer of solid water at Spidey's stomach, attempting to slug him with the force and pressure of a quarter ton.

Zenith is down near Battery Park, just having finished helping with a car accident, when he gets the signal from Spider-man. Instead of taking the time to pull out his phone and check for Spidey's location, he just flies high into the air and listens. It takes him less than a second before he's a blur again, sound barrier breaking as he flies, stopping just above the fight to lash out with heat vision at the watery form, "Leave him alone!"

Axiom had been fixing a light in the Terminal when his com flickered to life. "Spider?" he asked, climbing down off the ladder he was on. The way Spider-Man had been cut off was worrisome by itself. But then the Superhero News Network alert on his phone went off too. Fanboy that he was, Axiom kept watch for any hero news from that fansite. And when he saw the report on Spider-Man fighting a bunch of bad guys, the teen hero jumped the rest of the way off the ladder and tapped his com again. "Axiom to anyone available, we've got some t-trouble near Central Park!" he warned the team, fishing something out of his pocket as he runs. It'll take him a few moments to get on scene but he'll be in costume when he gets there.

Sunlad was hovering a few hundred feet above Central Park, just soaking up some rays, but his eyes suddenly open and he taps at his left ear. "Yo? Spider-Dude, is that you?" Frowning, he turns in a slow circle, trying to scan the streets on either side of the park. "Really wish I got super-vision...Axiom? It's Sunlad. I'm above the park, but can't see where the commotion is. I mean, everything looks like commotion from up here. Can you be more specific about the location, dude?"

Sunlad Zenith would have gotten the birds eyeview of craving on a rooftop looking over everything with a sniper rifle. It was apparent to anyone that was able to move up high got the big picture of how the villains were staying coordinated.

To those moving on the ground they would have seen Spider-Man crumple over a little from Hydroman's blow. Chameleon slipped into the crowd taking on a new form with the hopes of staying in the shadows. As a woman with raven black hair, a nose piercing, a torn black shirt shirt that featured NOFX, leather coat and pants that matched, he watched the battle with the rest of the bistanders.

Right after Spider-Man landed Hydroman was flanked by a man in a black jumpsuit with bit of blue. It was Electro. "Do your thing," the man said in a voice that vibrated and thrummed with power. "I'll deliver the killing blow."

Spider-Man looked at Hydroman expectedly, "C'mon Waterworks. It's what they expect and want. To steal your kill." He hoped maybe angering Hydroman would have done something.

The heroes could have seen the two villains clearly given a birth by pedestrians, cars and everything else on this NY STreet.

Hydro-Man emits a yowl as he's suddenly hit by heat vision, feeling an increment of his form boil and evaporate. He continues to absorb the water from the broken fire hydrant, looking at Electro. "We've got some company. It feels like Supes! C'mon, let's improvise!" He looks back at Spider-Man. "I'm being paid, that's all that matters!" A hammer of water arises from Spidey's feet, attempting to send him airborne with a blow to the jaw, and send him flying into Central Park and the duck pond. "Freaking flying jabronis!" Hydro-Man says to Electro, panting.

Zenith hits his radio, and says, "We're not far from the Baxter Building. Duck pond here. You'll see us." He doesn't take any more time than that, as he flies to try to catch Spider-man before he's sent into the pond.

"Oh hey, I see it now...Wait, sniper!" Sunlad wastes no more time, flying straight toward the rooftop sniper and putting himself in the rifle's sights, blocking any shot at those below. "Dude, way uncool. It's not even Wabbit Season." He hangs there in midair, arms crossed over his chest and tapping his left foot impatiently against...well...air. "Are you going to do this the easy way, or the fun way? Which is really the un-fun way for you, so I suggest the easy way."

Emerging from one of the hidden grates in the park. Axiom's listening to the com chatter. "What Zenith said," he echoes, running towards where the phone is pointing. He arrives in time to see the Hydro-Man attach and Zenith trying to go in for the catch. Concentrating, he applies his boosting power to Zenith to help him along with the Spider-catching.

Spider-Man was sent off by Hydroman, but was snagged by Zenith. Looking back at his teammage he said, "Been a while short stuff. How's the parents?" Spider-Man nodded with the familiar voice. "I'm just a little wet behidn the ears, the usual. Looking down at what was happening Spider-Man spoke in his com, "Stay sharp team. One's in the crowd somewhere. You guys see the obvious two. This is coordinated." On that note Spider-Man slipped from Zenith's grasp and pushed himself down like a bullet before flipping his body into a somersault kicked toward Hydroman.

On the roof Kraven withdrew his gun at the other hero then pushed something on his belt, "I like the challenge," if Zenith would have been paying attention he could have warned Sunlad. If not then the hero was going to be surprised. A few moments after Kraven pushed the small button on his belt something black and armored started to fly throug the skies. Red was around the neck. Wings extended outward and a head of an older man pretruded through it. The wings had feathers that were razor sharp, as did the gauntlets and boots to the armor, Vulture took a swipe at Sunlad.

With Sunlad having to focus on Kraven, the Hunter smiled, "But I have too much important matters to finish." Looking back through the sniper scope he tried to take a shot at Eddie from a distance. The man was a few buildings away and up. Inside his gun was a simple trank dart. The sedative was strong enough to knock out Spidey. Prey was meant to be captured alive before they were slaughtered for trophies.

Seeing Zenith with Spidey made Electro fly toward the Kryptonian. Electrical energy lashed out at Zenith again and again. "You don't belong here, flyboy. Go back home," the voice rumbled as he tried taking more shots at the young Kryptonian. The villains didn't care about collateral damage it was why their shots were wild and reckless. If a bistander got struck then it was an acceptable loss. People were scattering out of fear the second Electro just began to open fire on Zenith.

Hydro-Man laughs obscenely as Spider-Man closes back into hand-to-hand distance with a somersault. "So, bug and ugly, how's the lady? Is she ready for a REAL man yet?" he asks, before he dashes forward (although it's more of a sloshing glide), and throws himself at Spider-Man in a sudden wave of water. He's attempting to take Spider-Man off his feet and trap him inside him, pushing him towards a nearby stormgrate where he can pull water in from the sewer.

Zenith answers, "Haven't seen them in a while." He lets Spider-man go back into the battle, and turns to Electro. "Incoming, Sunlad," he warns the other flyer, but then he's dodging a couple of blasts. Then, though, dodging would mean a civilian hit, so instead of dodging he hovers to take the blast. He makes a pained noise as it hits him and gets knocked back a little, but stays in the air, and a moment later flies back towards Electro with his fist extended.

"Four bad guys," Axiom murmurs, quickly scanning the crowd. When he sees Spider-Man going in for the hand to hand with Hydro-Man, Axiom jumps and starts towards him. He starts rummaging in his belt along the way, thinking he may need to use a little magic. But then there's a dart hitting him in the shoulder and knocking him back a few steps. "The...hell..." he mutters. He doesn't know what's in the dart but he pulls it out quickly and looks around. "Zenith! N-need to copy you, ready for a boost?" he calls over the comm.

"Ow ow ow!" Sunlad whines, spinning place to look over his shoulder, like a dog chasing its own tail. "Dude, you have any idea how much these costumes cost? Can't just buy 'em off the rack, ya know." His costume is undamaged, however -- razor-sharp claws are no match for photons! Sunland finally stops doing his midair spinning top impression, backing away from Vulture while looking toward the rifle. "Okay, you had your chance. Fun way it is." He narrows his eyes, and twin beams of brilliant golden light zap to the gun's barrel, quickly heating the metal to red-hot.

"You'd have to ask her. She's imaginary so I haven't seen her. Hell, I'll give you her number," Spider-Man said between strikes and missed blows as Hydroman skirted to the side. "It's 867-53-," he was cut off by the incoming tidal wave. Taking a deep breath he was pushed toward the grate. Digging into his web shooter he pulled out an orb then waited. As he made it closer the man smashed the orb against the grating. Web coated and covered the hole as the impact webbing took hold. Digging itno the ground he tried to hold on so his back wouldn't have gone into the exposed webbing because that would have been just as bad.

As Zenith went toward Electro the electrical villain just charged up lauging as he did. Energy formed in his hands as the two collided. A flash of blue light would have washed over the crowd. Electro was putting everything he had into the blow just to try and knock Zenith back. Whether it worked was irrelevant. The blow had taken too much out of him. A second later a stream of blue eletrictiy was heading toward a massive sign.

Another Dart went toward Axiom as Kraven was trying to take aim. By now that the hero was mindful he could have seen the trajectory of the shot and surmised the direction, and a rough angle. Someone in the crowd was watching the hero though.

A second after Kraven's next shot was taken the barrel melted. STaring daggers at Sunlad he nodded to Vulture. The flying villain went in. Slash. Slash. Slash. Attack after attack was made. The villain was trying to hurt Sunload as Kraven casually walked into the door that led Kraven into the building. Going to an elevator the man was going to wait. Inwardly he was prepping himself because the glorious hunt was upon them. That left Vulture and Sunlad alone.

"You know who I'm talking about!" Hydro-Man guffaws as Spider-Man is bowled backwards and trapped inside Morrie, the voice echoing in the water as the two have a 'tete-a-tete', or what passes for one in Morrie's world. "I'm just letting you know, once she dumps you, I'm going to be all up in there! I'm going to take her on a date to Griddlejack's, for MANCAKES!" As the grate gets webbed over, Hydro-Man can be heard growling, before he begins shifting Spider-Man up and down inside the mass of water, attempting to use Spider-Man to break the web over the grate. As if it's possible. It probably just hurts.

It works, knocking Zenith back and he crashes into the ground. He's not out, though, and he starts to get back up, "Yeah, go ahead," he says to Axiom... loud enough that he can hear even if his comms got fried.

Already feeling sluggish, Axiom's a little wobbly. He ends up tapping into the faith from the crowd to focus himself as he applies his boosting powers to increasing Zenith's powers. A few seconds later there's a flash of white light from the power booster. When it clears, his uniform has shifted into a fusion of his own and Zenith's uniform as he copies the Kryptonian's powers. This time the dart pings off his now invulnerable chest. Looking around, he frowns a little when he sees Sunlad and Vulture but no sniper. Shaking his head, he starts towards Hydro-Man as newly mimicked Kryptonian powers work to burn off the drugs. "Hey! Hydro-jerk! Leave Spider-Man alone a c-come fight me."

Sunlad brings his arms up to shield his face, ducking a bit under the onslaught of claws. "Ow, oof, ow, ugh...Dude, you know I'm invulnerable, right?" Shifting his arms, he flashes Vulture a cheery grin, then throws a wild punch at the villain's face. The kid's not particularly skilled, but what he lacks in proficiency, he makes up for in brute strength. Hard to believe such a scrawny body could pack such a wallop. He frowns suddenly, glancing toward the rooftop. "Hey, where'd your boyfriend go?"

Spider-Man was going to have to research what some of his clones did because his mind was drawing a blank. Also, it could ahve been the very early years, but that was a blur to him. The whole cloning thing took precedence. His body hit the grate again and again. Eventually his body was spun enough so he was able to press both feet to the ground. Then he pushed off hard and shot through Hydronman. Taking a big breathe of air Spider-Man celebrated his new found freedom. Landing to the ground he started to flip away. Pressing his head the com came through, but it was staticy thanks to water, "Report."

Hydroman could have seen Spider-Man ahead of him and Zenith behind him. These were two targets that were the same amount of distance beteen the man. The grate was still covered by webbing to boot.

Sunlad saw swip after swipe cause the metal to eventually bend against his skin. Then Sunlad went for a punch and it sent the villain flying down toward the ground. People moved as the black armor fell tot he ground and became of sea of spakrs. While these villains had Spider-Man scouted they did not have any information on his friends.

Kraven emerged from the elevator to see Vulture's fate. Pulling out two knives the man knew that Sunlad's less than winded demeanor told him a story he did not want to see. The hunter readied himself for the impending battle with Sunlad since it looked like Hydroman had his hands busy. Chiming in his own communications, "Battle them and run. This will not be over. We need to study our new prey," he said letting all of the villains know they were not defeated, but this had complicated their plans. However, four trophies were going to be better than one. Still, the man waited knowing he and Sunlad were going to fight.

By now Chameleon was leaving iwht the people moving out of fear. How Vulture was disposed of so quickly told him they had readed themselves for Spider-Man, not the others. With the order for a tactical retreat in motion Chameleon kept on going.

Hydro-Man reforms from water, and composites together wearing his black t-shirt and blue denim jeans. He turns around to face Axiom, smirking. "Well, howdy." He slowly rolls his neck to the side, feeling it pop with practiced muscle built up from a life of labor and kept in shape by his transformation into a hydromorph. Hasn't aged a day since the accident. His arms become twin streams of water, blasting at Axiom's upper body with geyser strength and speed, a spritzy rainbow sparkling away from them as he stands with his feet in a wide stance.

With Electro seemingly dealt with, Zenith turns his attention to Hydro-man. As the water-man sprays at Axiom, he again shoots at the watery form with heat vision... now enhanced by Axiom's boosting. "I think this is going to be over soon," he says in answer to Spider-man's call for a report.

"T-two are down," Axiom reports back, sounding a little distracted. His head is still a little hazy, force of will keeping him going while the mimicked powers help clear his system. As the water sprays against him, he makes a face. Quietly thankful he doesn't have more white portions to his costume, the boosting mimic starts walking forward slowly. Water streams don't do much against Kryptonian power. "Y-y-you can still give up peacefully," he offers to Hydro-man before the heat vision comes in.

Sunlad looks back just in time to see the Vulture plummet earthward. "Oh crud, I hate it when they do that." With a long-suffering sigh, he zooms after the villain, a streak of red against the dull, gray building. He slows enough to land beside Vulture, trying to assess his condition without actually touching him. Vultures have lice, right? Ew. "Crime doesn't pay, and other, similar cliches!" he shouts, then reaches up to tap his left ear again. "Sunlad here. This Vulture dude is down for the count, I think, but the sniper got aw...Hang on, I think I found the sniper, on the ground now." He glares at Kraven, stabbing an accusing finger in his direction. "Stop right there, fiend! You're totally under arrest and stuff!"

Spider-Man webbed by Hydroman going toward Kraven. Webbing launched out toward Kraven to try and slow him down. SEeing that two people were going to handle Hydroman the webhead started to punch into Vultures armor before peeling him out of it like a tin can. From tere he webbed up the older man for the cops to find later. "One down officially. Second unconfirmed which means down until the next time they appear. Status on the other two?!"

Hydroman now had two people coming at him. What was going to happen was anyone's guess. The order did come out to regroup, but that was if he wanted to back down from a fight or not. Also, if Zenith and Axiom were going to let him back down to boot.

Kraven had dodged the first web lunch before the second one barely clipped him. Still the man was rushing toward Sunlad with two daggers with handguards out. Slash, slash, stab. "You insult heroes everywhere with your words." The villain knew if he got a hit on Sunlad it was going to be a miracle simple because the man was an unknown prey. The way Vulture was disposed of made the man think twice about matters. All of these faces were going to be studied. Still, the man was continuing to slice and stab toward his prey.

"AUUUGH!" comes a scream from Morrie as the heat vision cuts into his back, not in complete water form. He feels his flesh sizzle, and drops to the ground as water, to heal the wound by absorbing water from the fire hydrant flow. He moves his mass over towards the fire hydrant, and suddenly, one manhole cover, two, three explode upwards into the sky, as a rush of water fills the street, Morrie absorbing metric tons worth of dirty water. He attempts to push Axiom under, as he becomes living sludge.

It's then that Zenith seems to click that the fire hydrant is helping Hydro-man and he blurs over to it, taking a deep breath and blowing to freeze it over and keep the water from flowing. Looking to the sludge-creature apparently trying to drown Axiom, "We can hold our breath for hours, you know. You really should just surrender."

Axiom sighs a little as there's suddenly explosions of water and Hydro-Man seems to decline the offer for a peaceful surrender. He glances down at the sludge and frowns. "I'll be with you in a m-moment," he says, taking off to catch the manhole covers before they can land on any bystanders.

Sunlad really isn't very skilled at fighting or dodging. Especially dodging. He holds his heroic pose right up until Kraven begins slashing and stabbing with those daggers. "Hey! Did you not hear what I said about me being invulnerable? I'm pure sunlight, dude." He lets the blades bend or break against his skin for a bit, then aims the heel of his hand upward at Kraven's chin. Without looking away from the villain, he calls. "Yo, Spider-Dude! Nicetaseeya, man. You doin' okay?"

Spider-Man was quick to urn around. Crying out to Sunlad he said, "Oh y'know, hanging around. Fighting nasty water guys. The usual," he was moving toward the giant sludge monster. "Guys freeze him! Force him to use up water!" Spider-Man was seeing this was quickly becoming us versus him between the Allies and Hydroman.

Bistanders were made safe thanks to Axiom's efforts. However, they could have been overran by sludge. Hydroman was pretty powerful when in urban areas.

Zenith was one of Hydroman's problems now. No telling what was going to happen to him.

Kraven went flying thanks to Sunla's well timed blow. Hitting hte ground he cried out from the pain. He was out cold with a broken jaw. The plan was going to go back to the drawing board. That much was certain, but this wasn't over.

What was Hydroman going to do?

Hydro-Man decides that discretion is the better part of valor, and obeys Kraven's orders to battle then disengage. He moves to a manhole and disappears down it, into the sewers. There's a distant thrumming that moves down the street, that becomes quieter as he hits a lower part of the sewers, going deeper.

Zenith starts to move forward to do as Spider-man suggests... perhaps he was afraid of killing Hydro-man before. But then the sludge-creature escapes and he looks around to the others. "Is everybody alright?"

"Don't worry, we'll keep you safe," Axiom assures the crowd as he make sure they don't get smooched by manhole covers. Spider-Man's order is met with a nod. "on it!" he says, taking a deep breath and putting himself between Sludge-Man and the crowd. But then Hydro-Man is slipping under the street and Axiom just ends up coughing a bit. "I've g-got a headache and feel a but I'm alright. Sunlad? Spider-Man?"

Sunlad winces, his face scrunched in sympathetic pain. "Er, sorry, dude," he says, moving closer to Kraven to be sure he's still breathing. "Well, not really sorry, since you were trying to shoot my friends and all, and I did give you the chance to surrender. Twice. Plus you tried to ruin my superhero costume with knives and stuff, which is way heinous. So I'm not too sorry your jaw's broken. So like, just stay down until the police collect you, so I don't have to break anything else." He taps his communicator and says too-cheerfully, "A-Okay over here! Vulture Dude and Sniper Man are totally ready for their close-ups. But the sniper got off two shots while still on the roof; anyone in the crowd need medical assistance?"

Spider-Man grunted and held in the urge to kick something. The sound of Hydroman leaving was disturbing. That meant three out of the five were gone. Spider-Man looked over everyone. People were safe. Others were held accountable for actions. Still, this didn't feel like a win.

Crossing his arms Spider-Man nodded to people then he looked at Sunlad, "Who's the new guy? He's on the channel and has a costume." That meant he was a team member, or had the ability to become one. A nod was given to Axiom and Zenith, "You guys looked good today, but this isn't a win, it isn't a lost. It's something inbetween that's not a draw," he shrugged not knowing if sports team even had a term for what this was.

Zenith scans the crowd for any injuries, and says, "I think everybody's alright." After making sure everybody is alright, he's a blur then as he runs over to where Spider-man and Sunlad are. "So, what was all that about?"

"It's okay, he just shot me," Axiom replies over his com. He floats slowly over to join his teammates. "This is Sunlad. We g-gave him a comm so w-w-we could keep in touch. He wants t-t-to join the team," he says, trying to shake the fuziness out of his head. "They're b-bad guys, it was about them being bad guys," he guesses.

Sunlad slowly turns to look over the area, frowning slightly. "I dunno, Spider-Man. There's a little property damage, with that fire hydrant and all, but none of us were injured. More importantly, no civilians were injured, and we captured two of the bad guys. Okay, some got away, but they totally failed in whatever their goal was. So I'd say that's a win for us, dude. Also, hi! I'm Sunlad. Nicetameetcha. Go, Young Allies! Woo!" He flashes his Made For TV grin at Zenith and Axiom when they approach. "Hey, dudes!"

"I think he'd be a good addition. We need new blood since Spinerette went back home," Spider-Man said with some regret. Sighing his gaze went to everyone, "Let's clean up. Make sure the boys in blue got the bad guys then celebrate with some pizza," he gave a nod to everyone as he was starting to go off to nab sewer tops that may have been missed.

Zenith smiles and says to Sunlad, "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Lor-Zod, but most people call me Zenith. Welcome." Then he nods and says, "Yeah, let's get this place cleaned." He blurs into action to start picking up after the damage at superspeed.

Axiom looks sad for a moment at the mention of Spinnerette leavind but it passes. He gives Sunlad a quick encouraging smile then moves to start helping with clean up. "Right!" he chimes in reply to Spider-Man as they go.

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