Sentinel Finale Part 2
Rplog-icon Who: Victor Creed, Tynan Morrigan, Cir-El, Bruce Banner, Nate Grey, Natalia Romanova, Zahra Shamoun, Hank Pym
Sebastian Shaw/Trevor Fitzroy, Sentinels
Where: Arizona
When: 5-28-2015. IC Date: 5-21-2015
Tone: Classic, Heroic
What: A group of heroes look to end the Sentinel Project in this Finale

Cells popped open one by one with a bit of effort. Whatever caused them to open most were grateful for a few decided to run after Shaw despite their weakened condition. "Pop!" one cells opens. "Pop!" another one. A good three minutes later they all opened. As if someone started the unlock phase, or someone hit a bunch of keys that made things say "Unlocked" on a screen. A few way up high were going to need a means to get down though.

Carol moved through the skies. Energy went off hitting the hull of one of them. Smoke sputtered as part of the giant machine's chest was exposed, but horror would have struck her. She would have realized these machines were sticking around. This became clears the Sentinel changed its course then fired its own shots toward Carol as it rocketed toward her.

Holes are punched through sentinels with each blow given by Tynan. Shell cases rattled on the ground. The only thing that would have gotten in her way was the bounding pair of Sabretooth and Cir-El moving toward the whole together at Carol's orders. She would have seen them move down into the hole together. Claws scraped into metal as the mutant clawed into the faces of the robots to make his way down. When the pair made it the several stories down on the bottom a few units stayed to shoot at them.

The Hulk turned Iron Man's armor into a wreckage of metal and wiring. His green fist were covered in metal, circuits and everything else. Apparently the threat had been neutralized in a rage. Now that left the big guy with a lot of questions. More Sentinels were coming to the skies, the sounds of footsteps from several could be heard from the hole, and the big guy could see someone riding a Sentinel.

For a man that lived to die, Mitch was going through a life experience right now. His black tendrils sank into the metal and latched on. Flying into the air Mitch had to hand onto the Sentinel as it tried to shake the man loose as if it was a big cleaning to it. At least the shadows had access to a place big and dark, maybe he could have used that.

In the tunnel Shaw cried out then tore off his small mouthpiece and crunched it under his heel. Sighing the man moved forward a small group of mutants moved toward him. Extending his cybernetic hand forward he fired off a shot of energy and made a crater into the mutants skull, "Move," he said with bitter hatred. The man pushed forward to stare at who was in the hole, ready to take this matter personally.

Means to get down? That's easy. Sirocco lifts into the air, extending her winds. "Jump!" she calls in a bright, high voice. "I'll catch you with my winds!" Some of them might be able to fly on their own, of course. But the hesitation she sees from others at the edge. "Trust me!" Yeah. This is way more useful than hunting Sentinels. Besides, these people...they can testify. Maybe Mab can, once this is all over...and *she* can certainly testify as to Mab's condition when she retrieved her. Can and will. For now, though? She's catching jumping prisoners, lowering them to the ground...assuming they do trust her...on warm winds. Oh, she'll be tired afterwards, but it's worth it.

Blam! Blam! Carol blasted at the Sentinels she was pursuing. However, their escape wasn't an escape. Nate was right. Who knew? She watches the one ahead of her change course. Then she gets blasted and knocked off course. Shaking her head like she's trying to recover from a good right cross, she got shot again and again. Her arms come up to cover her face and she starts firing back. She's taking a lot more than she is dishing out. But she is -hoping- that she's drawing fire away from Nate.

Eventually, she's getting tired of this, and she rockets forward... grunting as she flies through a blast from a Sentinel, aiming to ram into it's chest and hopefully... rip out of its back, carrying something essential to it's operation along with in her hands. Sure, there's others but.. aerial combat is her forte'.

So that's when she starts dipping and weaving, trying this like a giant furball of aerial combat.

Tynan blinks a few times she had others jump into the fray, blocking her shots. "Dammit! Why?", she mutters, and tries to fire around them. Its hard to snipe targets when you got two people in your cone. She growls a bit, but takes a couple of deep breathes, focusing on trying to be a good team player.

Cir-El follows Sabertooth, and whenever he cuts open a sentinel's armor she steps up and spreads the break wide open, breaking the sentinel apart along the weakened points. The two of them should make short work of a few robots before they can react and adapt.

Nate is always right. Well, okay, often right. All right, he is /sometimes/ right. At least the knows his Sentinels. Fighting them in the air is something he has done many times in the Danger Room. He keeps moving and keeps shields up, aiming to dodge the Sentinels trying to kill him while trying to blast at Sentinels that are not specifically going for him, to avoid whatever countermeasures they are developing.

Unfortunately he is the only X-Man here, those guys have no idea. But hey, they have a Hulk. Maybe they don't need good ideas. Or maybe he can spare a second to warn them. << Carol, keep switching targets. They are computers, they try to adapt whatever you do >>

Once the machine is nothing but parts Hulk hops off looking about to notices the sentinels. Picking up pieces of the torn up machine he begins tossing them at the nearest one to him before jumping to plant a fist into its chest and then face. "HULK SMASH - HULK SMASH - HULK SMASH" he can be heard almost in a sing song type of way. "HULKKKK SMASHHHHHHH"

On the ground, Sabretooth's nostrils flare, his chest, now fully healed, and even having the thick, coarse hair regrowing on it's surface, rises and falls as he inhales deeply. Too many scents in the room, too many people, fleeing and being swept up by winds and whatnot. At least people were being rescued. But Victor... Victor needs to find the one responsible for all of this mess. After all, if Victor's going to try out for the Avengers, he might as well do some.... avengin'. Luckily, the person responsible seems to come forward. Creed's amber eyes fixate on Sebastian Shaw with instant recognition. After all, Sabretooth has worked for the man a number of times. His long standing association with the Hellfire Club is a well-documented fact. He even still has a VIP pass.

It's about that time that the few that lingered began to open fire. As Cir-El descends, Creed launches himself in front of her, hunching his shoulders and spreading his arms and generally presenting to the Killbots the largest target possible. His head rolls back, and from somewhere deep, deep, deep in the pit of his very soul, a primal, bellowing roar rips forth. It's utterly inhuman, more lion than anything. But it speaks one word, and that word is clear. Shaw.

Blasts from the sentinels come from a number of directions, but Creed does his job. He takes the hits, so that Cir-El can focus on dishing them out. Beam after beam strike the mountain of muscle and rage, eradicating huge chunks of tissue from him, leaving exposed metallic bones and seared and charred muscle.

Mitch is flung about, detaching and reattaching multiple times in his frantic struggle to stay ahold. Once he's got a solid grip, the shadows condense and congeal until they're returned to a more human form. One arm extends, attempting to encircle the entire sentinel's midpoint and tighten to give Mitch a point of stability. His other sharpens and lashes inwards, attempting to skewer the Sentinel through it's center.

One by one Sirocco was letting prisoners down. A few with means like Superstrength and energy blasts were helping with the doors they could reach. Everything was still up to her to help these unfortunate souls get out of there. Unfortunately, she heard a few screams from down the hall. It seemed the prisoners weren't entirely free.

One or two tried to attack Shaw, yelling at him, declaring him all sorts of things as they did. Each one met a cruel end. His cybernetic hand launched forward at one and squeezed a head. "Cruch!" the sickening sound of metal going through bone and brain mattered caused the room to silence. People screamed, and ran away. "Welp!" Shaw cried out at one, extended his cybernetic hand and fired a blast of pinkish purple energy at one of the fleeing mutants. Seconds later the mutant was no more. The blast had disentgrated them. Apparently, Shaw had some second mutations since the world last seen him.

Carol was flying high in the air runs through one of the nearly twenty odd sentinels left in air. Bursting through his chest cavity the giant body started to plummet below. Anyone not in the bunker hole was going to have some issues as tons of metal stood a good chance at falling atop of them if they were near the giant hole in the middle of the Arizona Dessert this fine early summer late evening.

Tynan fired shots, but they were not on target. Between friendlies blocking her shots, albeit inadvertantly, and the movement of the Sentinels, it was hard to get a proper bead on them. Now, that friends were vanishing to do their part lining up new shorst were becoming easier.

Ci-El broke open two more bots thanks to the tag-team effort of her and Sabretooth. They were an odd pair, but an effective one. More damage was to be done thoug.

Thanks to Carol Nate was getting some unexpected cover as she was diverting fire. Althoug h his advise to Carol was sound. The man could have seen the Sentinels needing to regroup as she kept switching on them. This was valuable intel that probably shoudln't have been kept to oneself.

Hulk would have seen allies heading down the giant hole to fight who knows what, Sentinels were in the air. There were many things to smash including the Sentinel body that was threatening to crush "Code Green's" friends on the ground. There was much to smash here.

Creed would have seen every mutant Shaw wasted as seven Sentinels below were taking fire at the pair of heroes. Shaw gave Creed a look he had never seen before and said, "Filth!" before shooting a beam of the same pinkish purple energy toward the mutant. In all of their years together Shaw never could do that, nor did he need cybernetics. Something was wrong with this picture.

Mitch poured through the chest of another Sentinel causing a second to plummet to the ground. People were going to need to an evasion plan as this Sentinel blew up in the air causing tons of shrapnel to hit below. Arizona's lush countryside, in this place that looked as pristine as a sandals resort, was turning into a warzone quickly.

Avengers were on the ground as were X-man or two. People were connected to different teams. Communicators could have gone off for reinforcements. Those with their finger on the button could have heard reports coming in, or they simple could have been late getting here as they opted to go alone isntead of with allies and teammates. Although reports of Hulk destroying Iron Man were rampant on one of the few coms actually reporting this chaos.

<"Captain Marvel, Dark Caliber? This is Black Widow. Inbound with Ant-Man."> The cool, no-nonsense voice of the formaer Soviet spy chirped over the Avengers' comms. She is indeed inblound, piloting a sleek Quinjet with stealth mide activated so the Sentinels don't notice them approaching. She turns to her passenger, her face set in what her teammates like to call her game face. "Ready for this Pym? Plan is to set you down, and I'll give aerial support. Any objections Those screams...and right now, she's got no backup coming in from outside. "Okay. is anyone up for either helping people down or going and checking on that?" the air manipulator calls brightly. There are presumably all sorts of alarms going off, but with luck the Sentinels can't FIT in there. At least not easily. At least not without tripping over each other. Sirocco's not quite counting on it...and besides. She can probably get out the way she got in. Hank Pym looks nervous where he sits, checking over his gear. "I-I wish we knew more about what was going on down there. They found the prisoners, though?" he asks hopefully. He still feels horrible that they missed the people trapped there the last time they ventured into a Sentinel base.

Kaboom, blast, duck, weave, evade... Carol's entire life and all of her perceptions have come down to this. She is truly living in the moment right now. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that.. when she is in the groove, there are very few aerial combatants who can outfly her. The bad thing is... she's not looking beyond the current engagement.

She has a Sentinel on her six, and she waits until the last moment, rolling out of the path of its incoming blast (since she could feel the blast on its way to her).. just in time to let that blast strike one of its fellow Sentinels right in the face. Meanwhile.. she's gone into a powerdive with the intent of caving in the head of one below her... and using that Seninel's head and/or body as a projectile by throwing it at another. She's wreaking what havoc she can among the Sentinels. But.. she's really losing herself to her warrior self. She's even grinning as she does all of this. And then she gets comms. "Good Copy. Beware, many tangos in the air. Repeat, many tangos. Engage stealth systems and come in low... repeat, nape of the Earth and stealth." Yeah, someone might want to get her attention so she can actually give backup to folks on the ground. But right now, her goal is Air Superiority.

Cir-El picks up a piece of a downed sentinel and throws it as the next sentinel, hoping to strike it at the neck joint. Her aim is a bit off, she hits it at mouth level, but it will not doubt work anyway...thrown with her strength it should pass right thrpugh the robot.

There are a lot of Sentinels in the air and looks like they are all trying to kill Nate. It is because he is a mutant, of course. Also, Carol can absorb their energy blasts and is really good fighting in the sky, Nate can't and he still needs a few more Danger Room session.

Cursing loudly as another plasma burst shears and cracks his telekinetic shields, Nate dives low and counters with a force blast, sending the Sentinel spinning. Maybe he will crash near the Hulk. If he is lucky. Taking advantage of the brief respite, he mind-links with Carol so they can share perceptions and tactics. More avengers are coming? That's good news!

The Hulk can tell someone is riding one of those things but isn't sure whom it is just yet. As a sentinel comes towards him the green giant leaps up grabbing it spinning in the air to toss it towards some of the others to knock them off their routes. Grabbing onto another he climbs up the back of it his arms wrap around its neck.

After the first barrage of blasts die down, Creed is left steaming and smoldering. The smell of boiled blood fills the air around him with a coppery sweet stench. Most of his brown and orange uniform has been demolished, leaving only tattered remnants hanging off of his upper torso. The upper portion of one side of his face is missing, leaving a Terminator like impression of a glistening, metallic skull. One of his forearms is practically skeletal, with a few sinews and tendons still there, but nothing enough to give it any real free range. His torso suffers similarly grievous wounds, chunks removed, organs and muscle exposed. Even a bit of rib cage.

But Creed soldiers on. He's too angry not to. What mangled parts of his lips remain draw themselves back in a snarling rictus, and his one remaining eye burns with the heat of the sun. His nose might be blasted into nothing more than a hole in his face, but the wet snort that he makes is enough to signify his inhaling sniff. "Ain't Shaw. Dunno who or what that thing is, but it ain't Shaw."

Victor looks back over his shoulder to Cir-El, and says, "Hey, sweetness, if ya got a comm to Goldilocks upstairs, ya might wanna let her know what's up. And take care'a the rest of these tin-men." But even as he's saying that, he's already leaping at the nearest one. Like an animal, Victor runs up it's body, claws tearing into it's metal flesh like butter to give him grip. He both bites and claws into it's neck, hoping to savagely tear out essential components, and weaken it's structural integrity enough that the head falls from the shoulder by it's own weight, while he leaps off in the direction of Faux-Shaw.

Thankfully for Sirocco the doorway she was in Sentinels could not enter. Well, they could but they were going to need to bust through the doorway, possibly compromise the integrity of the entire bunker. It seemed illogical that would happen. Prisoners were helping with the doors, but a few rushed out to take care of the problem. They did not know what awaited them.

Carol's implementing of dodging, ducking, diving, dipping and dodging were working out for her. One Sentinel blasted another in the face. A third body was falling low. While she was remaining superior what difficulty was going to be awaiting her friends that were coming in. As she was busy on the coms two were on her six and both were opening fire on her. Beams crossed on the ground if they failed to hit her. Earlier restraint and caution, if any, by the robots was now out of the window, they just wanted to hit Carol and her friends at all cost.

There was a downed Sentinel there, the half-kryptonian woman threw it, and knocked down one causing it to explode moments later. Cir-El would have been safe from the explosion as it was just fire and a loud boom. Others weren't so lucky. Six more Sentinels were up. Two were focused on the woman and seconds later a loud pitch noise emitted from them. Problem was no one heard it save for one. Cir-El was dealing with a familiar pain as Sentinels remembered what weakened her and Power Girl back in Oklahoma. Through the wreckage, and even a virus, those units still functioning could dive into the shared collective like the two in the room were doing.

Nate was knocked out of the sky. His last blast knocked a few off course. Ten were left in the air, if you didn't count the ones that were plummeting to the ground, but had yet to blow up or hit. Two more wobbled and went off course. Carol was going to need to maneuver more. As one of them clipped a Sentinel on Carol's six, if it didn't hit her in the process as well, there was a sea of fire and metal as the two units exploded leaving a total of eight. Unfortunately, as Nate skipped like a stone across the surface of the ground there was no one there to catch him. His shield started to crack more with each contact it made with the ground.

The Hulk was moving upward just latching onto one Sentinel. Upward it went knocking off two bogeys that would have been on The Quinjet's tail had it not been for the Hulk. Unfortunately the three units were still operational. Hulk's new target wasn't so lucky. With that raw power and inhuman strength the metallic neck full of wiring and parts was just not much. It wasn't long before Hulk was able to separate the head from the body. What to do in that split second he had before the unit went down.

Sabretooth had missed the fire that Cir-El caused. As tore into the sentinel taking it out, leaving behind five in the wake of the one he was working on something would have caught the man's eye. Shaw was untouched by the fire. An energy shield formed around Shaw. The pattern was jagged, almost crystal looking, before it dissipated. "I had it all until people like -you- showed up!" Hatred gleamed in Shaw's eyes. "Make sure there's nothing left of the mongrel!" With two units focused on Cir El, the three remaining went after creed. Beams blasted on the mutant hoping to leave nothing left except a shiny skeleton that would have served as Shaw's trophy. A small comfort out of the utter loss he had been experiencing for some time now thanks to heroes like Creed.

Black Widow had her work cut out for her. She was flying into a warzone. Even as she went low there was one explosion to worry about, a bigger one in the distance, and a bouncing teammate heading right for the jet. Maybe with some coordination and a little luck, the gangplank could have opened up acting as a big catcher's mit for the teammate that was bouncing across the ground like a stone against water. He was coming in fast. Although this meant sacrificing air support, or she could have provided one of the few friends she had in this world some proper help. Decisions.

Pym was jerked around a bit as result of the battle and the flying. If he wanted to know the status there were comlinks, also getting out of his chair, but that could have been dangerous. Plus, he had to deal with the consquences of Widow's piloting choices.

She's close to having them all out of their cells. The hard part, Sirocco knows, will be getting them out of the bunker. She's trusting the other, more experienced heroes to take care of the Sentinels...something which she could help with, but she's found something worthwhile. She's not stopping until everyone's free.

Yeah, she's not really paying any attention to details outside her immediate combat. However, those comms -do- distract her. As she gets blasted, the comms go out. The energy surge of the blast washing over her and frying the earbud. "Damnit!" she calls out as she sucks up the power and then turns to send a wide angled... heavy force blast back at both of those that blasted her. It's only then that the mindlink is noticed, and as she notices that, she realizes what Nate is looking at down below. "Okay. Nate." she mutters. Yeah, she has a habit of speaking aloud what she is sending via mindlink. Charles knows about this too. "Get down there and cover those prisoners with your shields. Stealth quinjet incoming. I'm gonna really pour it on up here. I may need an evac afterwards." she mutters as she stops dodging, stops twisting and weaving like a fighter pilot... she just slows to a hover and starts blazing away with all the power at her disposal at several Sentinels at once. At this point, she wants all of their attention on her. All of their firepower directed at her. She can't handle it all, but the odds are she can handle it better than the escaping prisoners. "That's right! Up here!" she calls out, shooting a hole in yet another Sentinel. "Right to bear arms you *bleeeeeeeeeep* whackjobs!" The first time she faced this attack, it incapactiated her, but Superlass is a quick thinker, even if not all that brilliant. She as had a lot of time since that first encounter, and the answer to a sound attack is clear enough...and easy enough. Move at faster than the speed of sound and the sound can not hurt you. Of course, there is the problem of sonic booms...but she is going to make herself into a supersonic pinball and bounce off as many sentinels as she can as fast as she can...hopefully wrecking more han a few in the process.

Nate concentrates in his telekinesis to manage a decent crash-landing. He is some distance from the base, though. He takes off again to fly back while Carol draws the Sentinels up and Hulk seems to be smashing those that are close to the ground. << Where are the priso... ah, I got their minds. Hope it is a large Quinjet.>> So he lands on top of the base, and begins shooting force blasts at the robots still in the air.

That's not good for Victor. Having worked as a human shield for Cir-El previously, Sabretooth had sustained some major injuries. With three of the Sentinels focusing on him, he's not certain that he'll be able to make it to his quarry. But Creed is a hard headed old mule, and the prospect of dying isn't going to deter him from giving chase, regardless. Cir-El's sudden burst of speed, and the sonic boom that it creates, is enough to fling Victor forward, his ears ringing. If it weren't for his healing factor (already working in overdrive), and his inherent hardiness, he might have been down for the count from that. As it is, it's only a minor inconvenience, and might actually help propel Creed past the Sentinels to the Main BBEG. Creed needs to test how well those crystal-like shields might hold up to Adamantium claws with the force of a runaway Mack Truck behind them.

Natasha Romanov bit her lip. "Hold on." She brings the Quinjet as low as she dares, skimming the desert below. She slows the jet, careful to avoid stray shrapnel and explosions. Her breathing was slow, deliberate. She might not have been SHIELD's best pilot, but she was no slouch either. Having an flygirl as your best friend helped. She notices the major things - flying robots, flying people... bouncing people. "Ant-man, get ready to drop. LZ's really hot, be careful. I'd give you coverfire, but Marvel needs backup." She drops the ramp of the jet once Hank's in position. "The Sentinels are swarming her." Cool, calm, with just an edge of urgentness. That's how the Black Widow operates. Once Hank's clear, she'll take off high, and try and lure some of the Snetinels away from Carol.

Hank Pymis holding a laptop and tappity tapping away at it as they swoop in on the Quinjet-- that virus is still active, but he hasn't been able to crack into their long-range communications without being present at their comm hub, and it looks like fresh commands have overridden any he sent out.. but from close enough he can mimic that signal strongly enough to override the actual one. And they just got close enough for-- "I've got them!" he reports happily, and starts telling the sentinels to all go out behind the complex, land on the ground if airborne and stay there-- he intends to add some more destructive directions after, but as Nat rocks to avoid and explosion the laptop clatters onto the floor. He makes a dismayed noise, but he can finish once he's landed-- and it looks like that's happening now. He cautiously unbuckles from his seat, goes over to retrieve the laptop and says a bit too cheerfully, "They didn't notice me before and they probably won't now; go help Carol!" and then jumps out of the plane, already shrinking as he goes-- get small enough, and a parachute is really pretty redundant, and it makes him an all but invisible target.

Zooming left and right going through two of the sentinels with ease. It was a matter of stopping, starting, retargeting, avoiding friendlies, while in a constant state of motion. This was a lot harder than it sounded. Exhaustion was going to hit her soon because it was a lot of directed motion if she wanted to be precise. If she didn't care about precision then she was fine. Her teammates were going to be another story.

Nate was secure, thankfully, but now he was witnessing everything. The prisoners were calm though. Sirocco would have seen fear melt away from their faces as it sounded like hope was above instead of carnage. Granted, it was still very explody, but having a telepath say everything was going to be alright gave a lot of unexpected hope in the sea of chaos. Nate was seeing the dogfight unfold before his eyes.

Five more were in the air after Hulk gutted one with the decapitated head of another. While he was distracted by the Quinjet a Sentinel batted at the monster trying to use the raging hero as a giant green golfball. The robot's hope and aim was simple. Has anyone ever seen a golfball hit a bird? That was the same concept here. The distance was shorter, but a quinjet had more speed than a bird. Good thing the Sentinels were able to hit hard. Yes, they were using the Hulk to take out the Quinjet in a matter of speaking.

Creed was flung forward thanks to the Sonic Booms. A piece of himself may have been lost in the action. It was loose and hanging anyway. Adamantium claws scraped against the shield, which reformed the second Creed went close to Shaw, and it didn't budge. Swipe after swipe caused it to start to show a weakpoint. Once this appeared a genuine ounce of fear ran through Shaw's face. Even in the darkest of times, the bleakest of moments, Shaw didn't show fear so outwardly. A second later all the energy built into the shield was pushed out toward Creed. The best defense sometimes was a good offense as the old saying goes.

Natasha was jarred left and right. At the very least this fight was going to earn her some brownie points, and bragging rights if she made it home with the jet mostly intact. The gangplank opened and her passenger was gone eventually, but the dardenest thing happened next. It was like whatever Pym was typing effected the robots. Maybe it wasn't the result he wanted, but it was something. The Sentinels in the air stilled. They were still shooting at targets, but they themselves, were now easier to hit than before. A couple of good sweeps would have cleared them out in no time.

The one in the bunker paused suddenly before it tried to shoot up out of the bunker. It wasn't aiming for the entrance up and to the left. It was trying to create one by busting through some of the wall that still remained in the large bunker room. This was going to be a problem.

That was only the only thing that happened though. Shaw started to flash white. Then his face paused. The best way to describe it was Sebastian Shaw was suffering buffering issues that happened when someone was trying to watch youtube on a weak internet signal. Slowly the image of Shaw faded away. Who was standing in his place was a man wearing green and purple monk-style robes. The sleeves were green, puffy with a bit of room. The legs matched and were tight. He had purple shoulder pads that formed the folded 'V' cut in eastern uniforms. Purple went down into the belt line before it down into a flap that would have covered private parts exposed were he not wearing pants. Both of his cybernetic limbs peaked out of the sleeves. On his face was a green gotee and a shock of hair ontop of his head that matched. There was a thing silver band that went around his skull as if it were a metal headband, or crown.

Staring down at himself the man said, "It was going so perfect. Mastermold had help create a new weapon," then a murderous stare went toward Creed. He looked the most injured between him and the pinball. "THEN YOU HAD TO RUIN IT!" Energy blasts from both hands shot toward creed. The movements were wild. As he did the band slipped off his head. An unusual feed suddenly appeared on the mental network. A mind that Nate had barely touched before, it was just like it appeared out nowhere.

The man didn't care though. Right now he just wanted to smoke Creed to a crisp.

Oh... they're not moving. Carol really is a bit too busy to notice this. She's... glowing. Little black kirby-energy-dots surround her. She can't really speak much right now. Holding this much energy in hurts too much. Nate can feel that too... it's like sitting in an oven, not putting your hand on a frying pan. "Nate. Too much.. try.. damn Quinjet... " She grunts and adds, "Try.. pilot.. Natasha.. tell.. land... pickup prisoners. I'm gonna try something here. Wish me luck." And then... She does her best to expel energy in a controlled manner. It's not an overload explosion, it's a stream, a beam of continuous energy that she's trying to use almost like a lightsaber, dragging it over Sentinel bodies, and pouring as much of her energy into it as she can. It's... almost nuke-force level when it hits... and it's draining her fast. She'll be unconscious in moments. Cir-El is out of the sun down here, which causes some problems. She does not recover energy she expends when she pushes herself, for example, and she does not fast heal. Her reserves are sufficient though, as long as she does not use her Red Sun Burst much she can normally last quite a while. It is times like this she wishes she has a super mind though, the ability to calculate the angles she needs in order to bounce would make things easier. As it is, she can not keep up bouncing too long before she misses the Sentinel and winds up stuck into the metal wall...

The battlefield is turning into a gaint mess. But that's nothing new. Tynan found herself a good little hiding hole, and had been setting up for a little bit, taking her shots when she can. Now, she settles into a small hole that gives her a good view of everything, but keeps her out of the way of the fighting. Her stealth system goes up on her suit as her HUD comes up. The radar starts tracking the movements of those in range. The woman breathes in, and then out as her new HUD sighting starts to zoom in. "5x zoom. DPV set at upper elevations.", she whispers. Her scoped vision changes to match her settings.

Tynan waits for her shot. Its not rushed, or hurried. Just calm focus before she gently squeezes the trigger, firing at one of the sentinels, aiming for the weakpoints. She spots Mister slaphappy....Should she fire? For now, she takes aim. "I got a shot of the Jolly green Midget with the V on his chest. Permission to take down.", is commed to SHIELD command/Nat. If they give the affirmative, His day is about to go from bad to worse...

N ate is still connected to Carol when she goes overboard. Ouch. He almost misses that mind flicking up down there. But the young telepath recognizes it from Washington. Weird, and probably important. But first things first.

He spots Carol going down and he flies to intercept her before she hits the ground. "We gotta stop meeting like this, blondie," he quips. If she failed to take out the remaining Sentinels, he forms a telekinetic bubble for protection. Anyways, he is now seeking for that Quinjet.

It is rare the green rage monster is ever distracted but a sentinel does manage to hit him in the quintjet's direction. Spinning like a ball through the air he lands on top of the bird trying to hold on with his hands noticing Natasha through the glass she might catch a shift in his eyes from green to brown. His grip slips and he goes into a free fall towards the Earth. Grabbing at the air part way down he shifts from Hulk back into Bruce landing on the back of a flying sentinel his leg is caught in part of the flying robot making him rather dangle helplessly at its mercy. This is the third time worry has took ove rhis anger which has caused him to shift back to human form.. A helpless Bruce Banner.

Creed gets knocked back by the blasting of the energy shields around Shaw-Fitzroy. The mountain of charred, and torn flesh is still fairly agile, and between the healing factor and his own adrenaline, he's managing to keep up. Perhaps it's just survival instinct. As he flies backwards through the air, Victor rolls to dig his claws into the ground, letting them slice through it easily, in order to leverage himself into flipping over and landing on all fours in a crouch. The beast is rising up within Victor, though. The vision he has in one eye is becoming tinted with red, and the breath in his lungs is becoming fetid and thick. He can hear the roar of the ocean by the sound of the rush of blood pumping through his eardrums. From somewhere, deep, deep inside the pit of Sabretooth's exposed guts, a rumbling begins to rise up. It spills forth from his mutilated lips as another fierce and bellowing roar that might have even rung the ears of all nearby, if Cir-El hadn't already done the damage in that regard. Feral instinct takes over, and as Fitzroy starts shouting and blasting, Victor doesn't hear the words. All he hears is the animal inside wanting to rip and shred and bite and devour. The animal knows that this is kill or be killed, and it intends to do the killing. So Victor leaps. Quick, nimble hops, dodging the direct force of the blasts, though not caring if they graze him enough to tear flesh from him. He just needs to close the distance. He needs to pounce on his prey and take it down. He lunges forward, claws extended, and all of his considerable might, and weight pushed into the attack to try to make Fitzroy tumble over, so that Creed can get to the juicy, bloody, sweetmeats that might lay underneath all that shielding, pomp and green hair dye.

The Sentinel breaks through the wall heading up into the sky to join its robotic bretheren in the sky. Metal fell down from the ground causing more of the sky to be exposed. All of the explosions were no longer come from the bunker. Sirocco could see Sabretooth taking on a man with robitic arms. If she witnessed

Natasha Romanov grits her teeth as she does her best to not trash the Quinjet. <"Antman, whatever you did worked. I think. They stopped moving at least."> A tight grin flasshes over her face as she opens fire with the machinegins, aiming for the braincase of a Sentinel. Just as she's starting to relax - something big, green, and flying hits her jet. "Wha - Hey big guy!" she calls out, surprised to see the Hulk. Her smile turns into a look of worry as the mean green rage machine slips off... and shrinks. "Bruce!" There's a sudden lump in her throat. She had to get to him before her got hurt!

That's when she spots Nate carrying Carol, heading towards her jet. She takes a deep breath - in, out. She opens the hatch for Nate, glancing over her shoulder at the telepath before returning her gaze to her flying.. "Scion, right? I need you to rescue Banner." There's no room in her tone for arguing. "He's dehulked and dangling on a Sentinel. I can't retrieve him with the Quinjet."

. Hank Pym lands lightly on the ground and starts bounding towards the complex. He considers taking out the laptop and having another go and stopping those Sentinel beams, but then he sees Hulk about to collide with the jet. He's not sure what will happen when he does, but the very real possibility some or all of those aloft will be falling afterwards quickly registers and he runs to get underneath, hoping Widow will be slowing down or doubling back to soften the impact.. otherwise he probably has little hope of getting there.

The Sentinel breaks through the wall heading up into the sky to join its robotic bretheren in the sky. Metal fell down from the ground causing more of the sky to be exposed. All of the explosions were no longer come from the bunker. Sirocco could see Sabretooth taking on a man with robitic arms. If she witnessed "Shaw's" transformation. The two were locked in battle. Now would have been the time to float people up using the wind or signal to teammates. At least everyone was able move toward an opening.

Carol was about to blow. To anyone looking from below she would have been like a bright star in the sky. To any scientist watching they would have known stars were destined to die out, and some were bound to go super nova. What was Carol going to do? Light lances from her and moved through the sky. Sentinel after Sentinel either exploded or plummeted heading downward. People were going to get injured at this chaos.

Before a few lances of energy connect Tynan was able to get off a shot of two before Carol landed her own blow. A question of who stole whose kill was bound to come up as it was just two close to tell. One she had a clear shot on was the Sentinel that just emerged from the ground. At least this was a kill that could have been confirmed.

Nate was enroute fearing the worst as Pym was getting himself into position underneath.

Hulk was freefalling before hitting that Sentinel. Fear was on his face before the metal body started to fall with him connected. What was going to be worse: hanging on or letting go?

Creed was on top of a man called Fitzroy. Using one of his metal arms to shield himself. Fitzroy knew those claws were going to make ribbons out of his metal. They would have done worse with his entrails. Trying to fight the beast with his other metallic arm, the two were punching at each other. There was only one difference. Sabretooth could have taken the damage, Fitzroy coudlnt. Once blood went into the air how much control was man going to have over beast?

Cir-El would have needed a few moments to dislodge herself from the wall, but it could have been done with some of her waning strength.

Pym was prepped as everything was going boom topside thanks the explosion.

Nate was in the air ready to do his part. There was also a mind that merited a peak too. There were options for the X-man. It was just a matter of save a friend, or investigate the one that got away.

Cir-El is back below the speed of sound, and the ultrasonic attack has stopped. She hears the screams of rage from Victor and the sounds of metal shredding metal. She can not see very well from this angle, but breaking free of the wall will take time, so there is only one thing she can do now that might help. She fires a Red Sun Burst, a beam of combined heat and force, from an extended hand, aiming to hit the man Victor is fighting. Hopefully it will do the job of knocking the man out and save Victor from falling back into being controlled by his beastial side.

Seeing that the fight's being taken care of by somebody she is sure is on her side, Sirocco starts to move the prisoners out. She hopes their testimony will be the last straw that shuts this thing down. Of course, she clearly intends to be the last one out of here...then again. she can turn into the wind if she needs to.

A constant beam of energy pours out along with a scream from Carol. She just yells and blasts and blasts and yells. Yeah.. people below will be injured. Better that than killed. The soldier in her wants to fight. The hero in her wants to save people. The Carol in her is just in a ton of pain. Oh, and angry. Oh yeah, she wants a drink. Maybe Jim Beam... huh. Oh, she's drifting. Crap. But.. she's not really going to be able to do much else here. So.. rather than trying to aim.. she lifts arms over her head and unleashes hellish amounts of energy straight upwards. That's less of aiming at a target, and more just.. praying there's no passenger jet flying overhead. She might damage the ozone a wee bit. Oh yeah, then there's the falling blonde in a tattered red, blue, and gold uniform. As she starts to fall.. she mutters, "Oh poop..." and then she passes out. At least.. the pain has stopped for now. Sometimes unconsciousness is a blessing.

Tynan mutters a few times. < Command, I have the Not so Jolly Green Midget in sight. Go or no go? >, she comms. The woman takes a moment to use her scope HUD to look at Banner a moment...She pauses. He's pantless again...< And somebody explain to me what there's a thick dark bar on this HUD that seems to be...Well, its not ladylike for me to describe where its at on Banner, but I didn't think I have TV censoring on this thing... >, Tynan comms. She shakes ehr head a few times, wondering just what the hell to do, and then wonder why evil bar on her HUD...

Quinjet spotted, Nate heads there with the unconscious Carol just in time to see the shrinking Hulk landing on a Sentinel's back. Hopefully the last Sentinel still functional. He tries to grab Banner telekinetically and pull him into safe ground before the Sentinel reacts. And then hit the Sentinel with the strongest telekinetic blast before the robot turns on him. Why is Tynan not shooting at it already?!

<< I am coming back with two injured Avengers.>> He sends to the other heroes.<< Seriously hope that Quinjet makes it, but I think all the Sentinels outside are down.>>

Natasha Romanov takes a few more deep breaths. She couldn't reach Bruce, Carol was about to - something. The spy focuses on the gauges in front of her, hands lightly griping the controls. She could do this. <"Anyone have eyes on Banner? He's - "> Nat breaks off in a gasp as Carol goes off, emitting lances of pure energy. It would almost be beautiful if not terrifying. She doesn;t get to enjoy the view, as one of the lances strikes a Sentinel above the Quinjet, detonating it. Natasha doesn;t have time to react, other than to swear in Russian and shield herself as the Quinjet is ripped in half by falling debris. "<"A little help here!"> is yelped over the radio.

The man inside of Creed is mostly asleep. It's almost entirely the rage, now. Victor brutally pummels Trevor Fitzroy, his bloodied fists coming down, time and time again, even as Fitzroy smashes into his own face. There's nothing clean about this. Nothing elegant or choreographed. This is ugly and violent and messy. Fitzroy's metal fists clang loudly against the exposed adamantium of Sabretooth's jaw, and then Victor grabs hold of one of those metal arms to tear it off entirely and use it to club Fitzroy across the face. It's about then that Cir-El's Sun Burst happens. The intense heat and force of it knocks Creed right off of Fitzroy, making him slide across the ground a few feet on his back, before he just lays there. He's pink and hairless, steaming, and his chest is rising and falling heavily. Slowly, the skin and muscle are repairing themselves, spreading to cover open wounds like ink bleeding into a piece of tissue paper when the pen is held there for too long. After a few seconds of just laying there, catching his breath, and calming his temper, Creed pushes himself up. He has both eyes now, though in the case of one side, it's just the eyeball sitting milky and white in an exposed, metallic socket. But he loooks to Fitzroy, and then crawls over towards him. Thick fingers, now covered in pinkish-red and white muscle and tendon without skin, curl around a handful of that shock of bright green hair on Trevor's head. Creed stands up. Slow, because he hurts all over, but he does it regardless, and starts to drag the criminal towards the entrance. "Thanks, jailbait." Victor mutters softly, to Cir-El. Creed winces as he hears a voice in his head, and shakes it off. "Guess things topside are calmed down... ya need help gettin' your rear end outta that wall?"

Natasha Romanov takes a few more deep breaths. She couldn't reach Bruce, Carol was about to - something. The spy focuses on the gauges in front of her, hands lightly griping the controls. She could do this. <"Anyone have eyes on Banner? He's - "> Nat breaks off in a gasp as Carol goes off, emitting lances of pure energy. It would almost be beautiful if not terrifying. She doesn;t get to enjoy the view, as one of the lances strikes a Sentinel above the Quinjet, detonating it. Natasha doesn;t have time to react, other than to swear in Russian and shield herself as the Quinjet is ripped in half by falling debris. "<"A little help here!"> is yelped over the radio.

Hank Pymwatches slackj awed as Banner dangles from a sentinel-- at least Nate seems to have him, and Carol too. At least no one crashed into the--- and then the screaming sound of shearing metal sounds overhead, followed by Nat's alarm over the comms. It's coming down, and he's right there underneath like he meant to be. He thought he'd be catching Banner, the Hulk at the worst, but-- he has to try. He starts growing, back to normal past it, till he's multiple stories tall, all in a matter of seconds. He's stumbling on the point of blacking out, but he still manages to reach out to catch the half of the jet that's manned, likely falling right over with it held to his chest as spots dance in front of his eyes.

Ok so Bruce is wedged into part of the sentinel and as Nate grabs him by hiw power. A loud scream can be heard as his left arm breaks and his right leg is badly messed up as well as it pulls him away. On the ground safe or not last thing he sees for now is something off the jet coming at him knocking him out cold.

Sirocco could have gotten a lot of the prisoners, not all, to the top if she went in wind form. She would have been exhausted. However, a large group of people were going to sing the praises of the "Windwaker," "Windcaller," "Windmaker," and a plethora of other names. Her description was going to be given to a number of people. Sirocco was going to be seen as a hero, maybe more than the others here because she was the one that went down to save people. Now, at the surface she would have been feeling the effects of using so much energy. She would have also seen people rush to other heroes, safety, and anything that could have been used to get them home.

Carol drifted through the skies before being plucked by Nate. She was out to the world despite all of the chaos that was caused by the actions of everyone involved. At least someone had her.

Tynan's view was blocked. It may have been for the best, Banner's fiance used magic. However, there were no more unfriendlies in the sky. If she would have been on a battlefield this would have been the calm before a sea of debriefing.

Cir shot off energy at victor and Fitzroy. By the time the blast hit the damage had been down. An arm was missing thanks to Sabretooth's efforts. Blood had been shed too. It was a question of if her friend snapped out of it.

Nate had snagged Carol with little to no problem. However, Banner was a different matter. Telekinetics could have saved him if he didn't fight it. Nate would have felt the weight of Banner in his mental grasp. He would have seen what happened to the Quinjet as Nate was one of the few heroes in the sky, if not the only conscious one that wasn't plummeting to the ground.

Victor tore through the arm with the utmost ease. The limb was in his grip before it skittered across the ground thanks to the sun blast. Blood was on his claws as he had landed many successful blows before that blast. Fitzroy was prone and outcold, his mind open too, before getting snagged and dragged away. The few prisoners would have cheered for Sabretooth as he dragged the man behind everything forward. One of them would have kicked Fitzroy a few times before getting torn away by friends.

The Quinjet starts to fall down from the sky. Clearly to her the jet was unusable. Was it repairable? Yes. They were going to need to call for backup on the evac.

Sirocco and many of the prisoners had a front row seat tot he spectacle as Pym grew stories tall before their eyes. Snagging the jet with ease the big man was able to stop the jet from crashing into the ground.

Nate would have seen the big guy transform and the injuries of Banner before anyone else. Banner was out cold to the world, but at least she had the sense that his friend was safe thanks to Pym.

Now, it was a matter of helping people out of the bunker, getting them examined, and taking the man with one metal arm to a jail cell.

And once they're being helped out, Sirocco? She goes back inside, back into the cells. She stands there looking at the bodies of those she could not save and softly begins to sing. In ancient Egyptian.

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