Long Time No See: MoMA
Rplog-icon Who: Steve Rogers, Natalia Romanova, Tynan Morrigan, Winter Soldier
Museum docant and attendees
Where: MoMA
When: 7-9-2015
Tone: Heroic, Classic, Angsty
What: When HYDRA plans sending the Winter Soldier in a bioweapon attack on the Metropolis Museum of Modern Art based on Tynan's stolen blood, Black Widow risks her cover to send word to SHIELD.

The Metropolis Museum of Art.. the largest of it's kind in the United States. It's a historic and honored establishment that's been enriching the population of the city for over a century. Longer, in fact, than the man who is the subject of the institution's newest exhibit has been alive, and such things only get fewer and further between lately... they've had a lot of WWII enthusiasts contribute from their collections for an exhibit on the art of Steven Rogers. It's not something Steve himself created, but on the basis he was involved in the design, the original Captain America suit has taken up a central place of honor in the middle of the main exhibit room.

Cap was notified of course, and while he got the impression the exhibit was likely to go on with or without him, a few of the contributors offered to give over any originals back to him once the exhibit is concluded.. quite a gesture since they're probably worth even more since the Sentinel of Liberty came back to life.

Though weather that has anything to do with the encoded message SHIELD got just an hour earlier is anyone's guess.. she must have barely had time, because once it's decoded, all the message says is, 'The Met. Very Soon. Very Bad.'

And, of course, he's here. Ostensibly, he's here to check on the display...which is why Cap is, currently, in a back room talking to the docent one more time before it opens. The crowds don't know he's going to be here - it was always planned to be a surprise, and with the current threats... Which is why this time he's brought backup in the form of Tynan Morrigan. Quietly, he steps away from the docent. "Tell me you have the non-lethals." He trusts her. But he's always one to check everything when a mission's likely to go south. And there are a LOT of people waiting for the opening. This would be a very bad time for Bucky to show up. Which is exactly why Steve's expecting him.

Tynan is taking a shooters position over where Cap is going to be. She is getting a cramp in her rear end from this little niche. "Copy. I have nonlethals. Provided by We 'R' Battys. Remind me to make sure to collect the casings in case of combat. No evidence.", she comms back to Cap. Earlier in the day, Tynan was told of the assignment, and made several rounds, and found a good niche in the vents. She got her butt up there, and has been hiding there for the last...4 hours with her rifle, and gear tucked on her. "Sir, how much longer until everything is done? My camalback is dry, and the little girl's room is starting to look very nice to me..."

Black Widow sighs, siting in the far stall in the ladies room, far in back of the museum. She was wearing a trenchcoat over her black catsuit, but her black combat boots are plainly visible. She's also wearing a fedora. "...I hope they get here in time." She looks at her arm, frowning. There were needle marks on her arm - and she couldn't remember getting a shot.

Out in the milling crowd is another figure with a heavy grey coat covering tactical gear and a hat shadowing the better part of his face. The Winter Soldier's expression is grim, and he waits patiently on the fringes of the otherwise excitable milling crowd. Though he didn't show any especial furtiveness in his movement, he's somehow managed to be in a blind spot of the cameras.

He doesn't look at the banner with Captain America on it next to the door. He doesn't seem to be looking at anything much at all, focused more on the device in his coat pocket.. people might assume if they saw it that it was a phone at first, but it's much thicker and cruder.

The exhibit is set to open in just a few minutes.. he was surprised when Widow had to step away, but she's a professional. He expects she'll be back by then.

"If he's going to show up it will be soon. He never...was one to be late." There's pain and affection in that voice. Cap's staying in the back room for now. He's planning on being a nasty surprise if Tynan can't find the guy or take him down. "I'm not seeing him on surveillance, but that doesn't mean anything."

Because, yeah. A trained professional at this level doesn't show up on surveillance unless he wants to.

"No offense, Captain, but can we call a technical glitch just for 5 minutes so I can use the restroom, sir? I went before I got up here but...", she says. The woman mutters a little bit. "I won't be able to locate until they're inside sir.", she tells. The woman takes several deep breaths, and wiggles out of her hiding spot, moving quickly to the ladies room. She shuts the door, and goes into the next to last stall...

Black Widow stiffens a bit, as someone enters the stall next to her. Someone wearing combat boots. Who was it? Someone who was a fan of good asskicker boots? SHIELD agent? Natasha had no way of knowing. She flushes the toliet in her stall, and exits, heading over to the sink to wash her hands.

About then the docent appears to notify Cap the doors are about to be opened.. and says with the obvious enthusiasm of one who has no idea what might be coming, "We were thinking we could give the crowd perhaps a quarter hour to look around before your big appearance, is that alright, Captain Rogers?"

A nod to the docent. "Alright." That means he can't talk to Tynan, but he knows she'll get back into position as swiftly as she can. He stays put...but he's also hooked up to security. He asked for it just in case. And who's going to turn him down.

Tynan ahs...and flushes the toilet. Flippin hell. 4 hours stuck in that tiny vent. She so needs a bonus for stuff. She moves out of the stall, and over to the sinks, washing her hands. Tynan is in her SHIELD outfit, with a ACR on her back, her sniper rifle in front of her so she can re-position quickly, 2 strike ones on her hips, and her colts in shoulder holsters. Loaded for World War 5 to happen. She looks up in the mirror for a second before she notices the other person..."This area was until...", Tynan says before looking in the face of teh other person in the mirror. There's a look of Oh s***.....

Black Widow is kind if in her own world when Tynan approaches the sink. She has a far away look on her face, and it takes her a moment to realize the woman is talking. She startles, looking up in the mirror. She turns her head to stare at Tynan. '...It's gonna be one of those days. Dammit.' "You, they sent you? But-"

SHIELD <IC> Tynan "Contact! Contact!"

As Cap settles down to wait, the screens he asked to be positioned with show him the eager crowd as the doors open.. There's a few young enthusiasts with bright t-shirts sporting stars stripes and shields who race in to look around, and the rest of the crowd, quite a cross section of the city, really, filters in more slowly in their wake. There's a lot of Steve's WPA war posters up-- some published, some originals that hadn't made the cut back in those early days when he was a nobody from the poor side of Brooklyn. There's cartoons too, things that had struck him funny, but almost always with something he wanted to say behind the joke.

Skimming the crowd he can't confirm Bucky anywhere. At least..not for certain. He does see someone in a heavy coat and hat from the back briefly by the uniform dias, leaning over as if to retrieve something dropped.. and though the camera only shows Cap the man's back, he can see an unkempt brown ponytail under the hat, and the glove on the man's stooping hand. It's only for a moment before the form is out of frame again.

As to Tynan and Widow, with the exhibit just opening, no one else seems in a hurry to run to the restroom. It's just them for now.

...that's him. Cap's sure of it. Quietly, he moves closer to the door. Not moving yet, but ready to. Maybe he can redirect this, get it outside. Maybe...likely...they'll think it's all part of the show. But he's sure that's him. And he put something by the dais. He's sure of that, too. "Caliber, are you back in position?"

"Negative. Got contact in the bathroom.", Tynan says. She backs away slowly, openning up her holsters. "He's here. Got secondary in the bathroom.", she comms. Tynan keeps her hands low. "Alright Black Widow. Just settle down. I'm going to go out there, take the shot, and the mission is over. I hear the Spooks have funny thoughts in their heads at the end of missions. I'm just asking you to stay calm...", she says. Tynan keeps backing up to the door...

Oh, Tynan. That was the very worst thing to tell Natasha right now. "I can't ley you hurt him!" Black Widow hisses, dropping into a combat stance. "You don't get it!" There's something stuffed in her catsuit, between her breasts. A vial labelled TM-4.23 FINAL... "Stand down."

Through the door Cap might catch a glimpse of the coated man slowly making his way towards the exit. He didn't seem any more drawn to the old costume than he was to the banner out front or the war posters..though he does hesitate at one of the comics. He even turns to look at it better, despite it giving a clear view of the mystified profile of his face. And that's enough to answer the question of his identity, if there was any doubt remaining.

"Primary target confirmed."'s Widow, and he trusts her and Tynan to make this look good without anyone getting hurt, with no indication hasn't occurred to him Nat might think they really intend to kill Bucky. He steps towards the door, tensing as he tries to work out what Bucky's actually doing...

Tynan draws her Strike-One. She gets into a shooter's stance. The woman eyes the vial, and then Widow's arm. Then she thinks about what Slade did. Oh...fudge..."Cap, we have a major issue. Widow is compromised. Have eyes on Bio Weapon in her possession.", she comms. The woman breathes in, then out. Just like Widow showed her, to relax, and prepare...This...isn't going to be a easy night..."...I should have asked for a double last night..."

Black Widow blinks. Once, twice. Why was - Oh... "This was in the device he was ordered to set off here." the spy answers mildly, taking the vial out, and placing it on the sick, carefully. "...I don't think they injected my with it. I hope to God they didn't." Her voice is shaky.

For the moment, the coated man is just staring at one of the cartoons on the wall, his expression giving away little but his attention. Though as the crowd ebbs and flows around him, Cap might make out something, lighter-sized, held loosely in his hand. A trigger?

Calmly, Cap turns to the docent. "Prepare to evacuate the building. We have a problem." And then? Then he comes out through the door. Likely, to start with, everyone will think it's part of the show. He's already moving into a prowling stance. Time for show time, before he can set that thing off. Whatever it is.

"Captain...I have eyes on Slade's blood. Widow is saying that it was in a device in the building...if people are injured and the blood gets in them...", she tells. The woman winces. There's a cold shiver that goes through her body. "Down on the ground. Nice and easy. We're going to sit here until a SHIELD team can come in. And I hope for your sake they didn't either. It was 4 days of hell to get that stuff out, and I was strapped to a table, aware of the burning pain it was putting me through.", she tells.

Black Widow stares at Tynan. "I'm not letting you hurt James." she staes calmly, her posture relaxed. But she seems uneasy, on edge. "It 'was' in the device. I switched the blood for colored water." She shrugs out of her coat.

The docant gives Cap a confused smile..? He's not..he's not serious, is he? And then Cap's strode past and out into the room, appearing between two plinths with framed posters he designed a lifetime ago to the spreading delight of the crowd. For the moment it's an appreciative murmur, but as soon as the bubble of surprise bursts, applause or cheering or autograph mobbing is surely right around the corner.. but for the next sparse seconds, the Winter Soldier, absorbed in the drawings framed on the wall, doesn't realize he's there.

It's a tense situation. Cap's circling through the room. His immediate get people to see the suspicious looking guy. if he thinks he's been made, there's a chance Bucky will try to pull out. Steve doesn't want to fight him in here, with all of these bystanders. No, that's the last thing he wants.

"On the ground, Widow. Secone time. Third is with a bullet.", she says. "Remember how you trained me. DTA until proven otherwise.", she says. The woman gets teh gun trained on Widow. "Mission's almost over. All that's left is the takedown.

"Sorry, doch. But I can't let you." Black Widow does truly look apologetic. That is before she braces herself for a charge, and launches herself at Tynan, one hand reaching for the woman's wrist. Her leg sweeps at the younger agents ankles.

As it turns out, Cap may not have to draw attention to the Soldier. Someone jostles him on the way to getting closer to Cap, even as the first few voices start to call out, "Captain America!" and he's snapped out of it..he steals a glance in Cap's direction....and doesn't engage. He slips quickly and quietly out of the room and into the hall by the main doors, the task made all the easier as the throng starts to contract noticeably around Cap.

As the Winter Soldier heads out the door he murmurs over the radio to Widow, --Where are you? You need to get clear; I'm setting it off in 30.-- And so saying he closes the doors, his left hand bending one old heavy handle around the other to seal the room closed. (--Russian.)

Fortunately? There's a back door. Widow was probably supposed to take care of it, but it's busy. Cap spins from the crowd to ensure it's open, then, quietly, "Out the back. I'm afraid this isn't part of the show." Bucky knows he's here now. But he needs to start getting people out of the way. The drawings? They might not be replaceable, technically, but none are worth more than lives, now or ever.

And that forward movement was all that she needed. Tynan hopes that Batman wasn't lying when he left the note and the ammo being nonlethal. She opens up on Widow, firing several times before Widow takes her legs out. The woman rolls on the floor, and sends the Sniper rifle away. She quickly brings the ACR up, and starts firing in three shot bursts. Who brings guns to a Fist fight. Tynan. Cause she cheats to win!

Owwie, owwie. Nat will be in pain in a few hours. She can shrug it off for now, with a combination of adrenaline and Red Room Training.. It's not a conscious thing - simply the result of her training in the Red Room. "...Tynan, there's no time. He's about the set the device off, and... I'm not sure what will happen. I removed the bioweapon part, but..." She shakes her head. "...My head. I have to get back to SHIELD. We have to get back - I'm not leaving... without him..."

The people are as confused as the docant, though the more Steve insists, the more they realize he's entirely serious. Some start moving hesitantly towards the door, though the people exclaiming his name are now being joined by those starting to ask what's going on.. and when someone tries the front door and declares it's stuck, people start to panic. If he looks, Steve can make out a device under the lip of the dias the vintage costume is on..the thing the Winter Soldier must have stooped to place.

And...Steve moves towards the device. Whatever it is, maybe he can deal with it. "Back door!" he yells. After all, he came out of one. It might be marked employees only, but in this situation, nobody's really going to be caring about security. Question is...can he get to the device before Bucky realizes what he's doing.

"Cap can handle Winter. The plan was to take him down with a nonlethal shot. I had position to take a shot, but I had to go to the bathroom. You delayed my return.", she points out. Tynan keeps the rifle trained on her. "Either way, you know I'm not playing now. On the floor.", she tells.

Black Widow takes a deep breath, and another. She looks at the rifle. "Put that away, Agent Morrigan." she says, calmly. "I'm fine, for now. We have to go help the Captain." She gestures to the vial. "We should make sure Dr. Pym gets that - it's not just your blood."

Nothing at all stops Cap from picking up the device.. but he can see a vial set into it's workings, with that same label-- TM 2.34 FINAL. A cursory look suggests the device is meant to explode, primarily to disperse the contents of said vial. And who knows if trying to force the vial out wouldn't just set it off..

The people are trying to get out through the back door, but their alarm only grows when someone asks Cap, "Is that a bomb?!" it may only be his reputation that have kept people from all out stampeding through the bottleneck.

It probably would...and Steve doesn't know Nat switched the contents. So, instead, he abruptly turns, yells, "Out of my way" and, as people scatter, powers towards the door with his shield on his shoulder, aiming to slam into it with the artifact first. Whatever Bucky did to seal it, he's fairly sure it won't stop this full blown bullrush. He'd rather disarm the bomb, but he isn't confident in his demolitions ability and there's no time to call anyone.

Tynan mutters. The problem with Spooks is you can never tell. So the soldier part says Keep the gun on her. The Daughter part wants to trust Widow. The SHIELD part says Call the Highest Person and wait 2 weeks for an answer that's marked as Classified...So...Tynan kinda just sits there. "Until I have a team in here, I can't afford to risk you getting the jump on me. We both know that if a fight happens, one of us is going to be seriously hurt, and the other is going to be in bad shape...Cap has been in worse situations before....I think..."

Black Widow sighs, but she's smiling. "You aren't bad, kid." She leans back, crossing her arms. "At least tell Steve I'm not like, psychotic or anything. And that the device should be relatively harmless, now."

Time is ticking, and though the Winter Soldier is outside of the building and can't see that Cap's broken out with the bomb yet, he says tersely into the radio, --Respond! What is your situation? We can't afford to wait, -he- was there.-- his voice is stern, but the hand not holding the trigger clenches and unclenches at his side.. she hasn't reported since she left. Captain America is here.. the likelihood of her having been found is high. Just the same, he says once more, --Nattie, answer me, dammit!-- (--Russian.)

Cap, with device, skids to a halt outside. He looks at the device in his non-shield hand, then around. He's ready to throw it as far away as possible, but he knows Bucky's out here. Somewhere. He can almost smell him, at this point. He might have been brainwashed and trained as an assassin, but it's still Bucky. Where would he be?

"Don't do it, Widow.", Tynan says. She tightens her grip on the rifle, lining her shot up. "You taught me too much. I know how you think. I don't want to have to shoot you anymore. And I'm not saying anything more save Widow has been secured, and that's only when I got a team covering...", she says.

Black Widow is feeling immensely annoyed and yet oddly proud of her student. She opens her mouth to say something - and hears Bucky over her radio. "James...." she seems upset. She frowns, and then gets an idea, it seems. "I can lure him into a trap." she tells Tynan. "He's looking for me - he's worried for me."

Bucky was a sniper even in the war, so somewhere with cover where he could watch the building and get a clear shot-- there's no cars out front, and he might draw attention crouched behind one anyways..but there are some ornamental shrubs.. with the light in the direction it is, Cap can't see through them, but he suspects it's not so from the other side. In fact, that would be a great place to shoot him from right now. So it's perhaps a little surprising that when Steve spots the gun pointed his way, it's not already firing a bullet as Bucky cautiously steps out of hiding.

"Trying to infect random people? Not quite Hydra's normal MO." Too chaotic, that. Of course, it was clearly aimed - to at least some degree - at him. As for shooting Cap...likely it would only have hit the shield. Or, worse, the vial. His stance is ready for what he suspects is about to happen - but maybe the device will cause him to hold off. He probably doesn't want to be exposed to it any more than Cap does, after all.

Tynan keeps the gun trained on Widow, and then realizes something....She blinks. "...Oh, dammit this is going to hurt...", she says. The woman mutters some commands, but knows its kinda too late for whats about to happend. Tynan so needs to learn to stop getting caught in the same trap...

--Uchitel? Where...?-- Whatever Natasha says in Russian, she sounds disorientated and injured. Which is weird, if you look at her. She's standing up casually. --Female bathroom. That girl...-- (--Russian.)

Winter Soldier freezes up a bit at the radio communication... but however it strikes him, what he does next is launch himself at Cap, firing his handgun at Cap's leg to limit his maneuverability. Either he's hesitating to try for a head shot, or just can't afford to kill Cap and have the vial crash to the pavement so close. "Give me that!" he snarls, grabbing for the vial with his free left hand.

The shield comes down to block the shot, but the way Captain America twists...Bucky might get the vial. More likely it's going to hit the ground between them or go flying even as the Sentinel of Liberty brings his knee up for a blow. He's not holding back...he may not want to kill Bucky or even seriously hurt him, but he knows he *can't* hold back against somebody who *trained* the Widow. If he hangs back, he's dead. But he doesn't know the vial was switched either, and he dives to try and catch it...

Tynan moves away from the mirror, and puts her back to the only door out of the bathroom. She keeps her hands on the gun, keeping it towards Widow. The big fight hasn't started yet. Though...Ty makes a very rookie mistake. She takes her hand off the trigger, and looks away for a second to do something with the door...

'Well, crap.' Black Widow puts her hand on her hip and sighs. "Just so you know Agent Morrigan, I don't enjoy hurting you." Wait, what is she doing? Her fingers twitch. She taps her finger twice - and the throws a cooked flashbang at Tynan's direction. She'll accept the trauma to her ears as she tackles the younger Agent, hoping to drive her way from to door. If she can, she's fleeing!

Winter Soldier's priority right now is squarely that vial.. so much so that he drops the gun and shifts his weight to grab for it. He's just managed to turn his focus back to Cap in time to catch a knee squarely to the gut. Catching that vial cost him focus, and one can't afford to spare that against Captain America any more than Cap can afford to hold back right now.

The soldier flies back and slams into the bush he'd been hiding behind, the wind knocked out of him.

He still doesn't know the vial's "safe," but Cap is going to take the advantage he has. The shield is flicked from his arm and sent spinning towards the Winter Soldier. He's going down...Cap won't kill him, but he knows he can't hold back, he knows he can't hesitate. He knows even the slightest mistake could get him killed against this foe.

Tynan yells as the flashbang goes off. She yells out, and steps away from the door. She waits until Widow closes in on the door, and looks for the shadow there. She presses the button on the remote, and the microdoorbuster disk goes off. Hopefully blowing Widow back into the bathroom. Tynan goes to try to pounce on Widow. "Who do you think trained me? If you can't win, cheat.", the woman yells, not able to really hear anything. The damn ringing. She tries to climb on top of Widow, and get into a position to try to pin the other agent...

On the one hand, Natasha was so very proud of her student. She truly was a worthy successor - but right now, she was being incredibly frustrating! "Dammit Ty! We need to help the Captain before Bucky kills him!" The redhead spy, not as disorientated by the flashbang, is somewhat winded by the door explosion. Hey, at least there's an exit now... "I promise I'll buy you dinner after all this." she remarks somewhat offhandedly, as she tries to flip Tynan off of her. And for good measure, she's going to try and Widow Bite her - at a minimal setting of course.

The soldier is off balance and can't get out of the way of the shield. When it flies towards him, it might look to any bystanders that Cap's opponent was surely about to be KO'd. But he throws up his free left hand.. and with a ringing metallic sound, the shield just stops. The Winter Soldier is swiftly back on balanced footing, with Cap's shield tidily in his grip and the device with the vial being slipped into a hard-sided belt pouch.

...and that move is *not* one people get on Cap often. A slight look in his eyes...he's impressed, even if he suspects about the prosthetic. But he doesn't hesitate for a moment, rather than charging straight in, he zigs and zags, trying to come up on the side *closest* to where he has the shield...less leverage if Bucky tries to hit Cap with his own weapon, more chance of retrieving it. He's *fast*.

Tynan flicks her wrist, and the energy blade comes out. She gets it up just in time as Widow comes at her after Ty is flipped on bottom. The woman wraps her legs around Widow's waist, and keeps the energy blade up. She locks her legs behind Widow, and starts going for liver and kidney punches, trying to keep the Widow Bite away from her. She doesn't have the leverage, nor the strength to keep the blade imposed between them for long. Hopefully her punches connect, and with enough force to do something...Hopefully...

Black Widow grunts with pain, getting the breath punched out of her- a couple times in a row. This was not what she had hoped would happen. Stupid complications. Worse, there was no way to signal Captain, what with him being busy trying not to get killed. Natasha coughs, gasping in a lungful of air. She keeps trying to get the Widow Bite at Tynan, but Tynan has youth in her advantage. And experience only goes so far in a grapple fight.

The Winter Soldier is moving even as Cap does, and at first it seems he's trying to get a bead on the dodging avenger to charge. But as soon as Cap veers out far enough to come at him from the side, the soldier back pedals, flicking a throwing knife right handed from behind the cover of the SHIELD at Cap's center of mass, even as the soldier pelts for the museum entrance.

..Always before when he'd been spotted, whether the mission was a success or, rarely, a failure, he vanished immediately after, as he was well on his way to doing today. But it seems this time he doesn't feel he can.

An oof...the knife hits, but mostly bounces off the armor. Mostly...the tip cuts through, leaving a shallow cut. If Cap notices, it doesn't slow him down.

<< Tynan, he's coming in. Still engaged. >> Apart from anything else, he has to get the shield back - unlike a certain hammer, it doesn't care who wields it. He charges towards the door in Bucky's wake.

Well, the two are still on the bathroom floor. Its about equal. Well, this elderly woman walks by. She looks into the bathroom, and sees the two on the bathroom floor. "Youngsters. At least in my day, we waited until we got into a proper bed. Doing that on the bathroom floor. Disgusting. GUARD!", she says. The woman shuffles to the guard, and tells him whats going on.

The guard runs to the bathroom. "Ladies, Captain America has ordered that all Civilians leave....the...all I got to say at this point is damn!", the guard goes before pulling out a camera...Yes, the guard is looking at two woman in what appears to be Leather catsuits on the floor. What do you think he's thinking?!

Meanwhile, Tynan keeps going for the liver and kidney shots. She tilts just a little bit, and pushes her arm to move the Widow Bite into the floor next to her. Tynan tries to spin around, and bring her elbow on the back of Widow's head. She's going for a KO blow. "Got to back Cap up. Dammit.", she mutters, trying to scramble up to her feet...

Great. Civilians. Just what Natasha needed. Fucking hell - OWW, that was her skull. Stars flash before her eye, and she's left reeling as Tynan stands up. "He... coming here. Get civs out..." Nat mutters dazedly, sprawled on the floor. Everything was spinning... "...idiot..." Her eyes close - but is she really unconscious? Looks that way.

It looks like Winter Soldier wasn't all that attached to Cap's shield after all-- because as Cap races around the corner of the entrance, there's a split second to recognize a very familiar sound from the wrong end before his own shield threatens to slam right into him with the force of that metal arm behind it.

Whether the shield hits its mark or not, the Soldier is already racing off.. and having studied the floor plan before hand with Widow, it's not long at all before the voyeuristic guard finds his nightstick handily confiscated by a grim faced man who unceremoniously slams him into the room to topple right on top of the struggling pair of agents.

...which does slow Cap down. He was expecting that move, he wasn't expecting quite that much accuracy. Dodging his own shield, he spins and watches its trajectory. No, Bucky can't throw it well enough for it to come back. It slams into the wall behind Cap, sending a tracery of cracks outwards from the impact point. Retrieving his shield, the Captain runs the rest of the way into her building.

Tynan finds herself face to face with...Bucky as she starts to get up and moving....Ummm....Well...She doesn't waste any time drawing a colt from her shoulder holister. She takes a shooter's stance, firing at Bucky with nonlethal rounds as she backs up. The clip empties. She didn't expect him to show up. "Dammit. And I got no back up..."

Black Widow groans, and normally that sound coming from the bathroom floor means someone had way too much party the night before. Sadly, that's not her case. Her head is throbbing with pain, and the gunshots aren;t making it a y better. "Uhhh...." She tries to push herself up, but just like a hungover sap, she ain;t going anywhere.

Winter Soldier uncaringly throws the decant in front of Tynan's shots, not knowing they're non-lethal, and yanks off one of the bathroom doors to crouch with it propped at a diagonal between Tynan and himself. He scoots next to Natasha so he can start to drag her out, the cold, businesslike facade unbroken with Tynan still a threat.

Which is the point at which Cap appears in the doorway. Oh, this isn't pretty. Widow appears to be unconscious...did Tynan actually manage to take her down...the docent is also down, thanks to what are *thankfully* non-lethals. And he can't throw his shield in such a confined space. He is, though, blocking the door...

Tynan takes a deep breath. Cap's here. Yay! Meanwhile, Tynan is incredibly tired. Hey! Fighting Widow is not easy! She grabs the vial on the sink. Its probably fake anyways, but she doesn't chance it as she opens a rift and puts it in there. At the same time though, she gets the shotgun out. But she can't see whats going on while she's doing this...Hopefully Winter doesn't figure that out...

Hands. Someone was grabbing her, dragging her - What in the hell...? Natasha's eyes open, squinting against light that seemed entirely too bright right now. "...Uchitel...?" She blinks, trying to sit up, fighting the horrible feeling of vertigo. She was going to tan Tynan's hide when she got the chance. Even if the girl was relying on instinct. "Uchitel..." She reaches an arm up, grabbing his shoulder - and in her confused mind, she hears a long forgotten melody...

Winter Soldier has no idea what Tynan is doing, with the bathroom door still between them. He does hear the bullets stop though, and takes a chance that she'll be distracted grabbing another weapon or reloading-- he's still holding Widow with one arm, but with his left he surges up from his crouch and tries to slam that door into where Tynan should be, with any luck pinning her between it and the wall!

And Captain America moves. Bucky's got Widow, though, and she's already hurt. And it might be best to let him take her...if he can't come up with a good way to bring him down right now. The Soldier's focusing on Tynan. It's a good opportunity for Steve to try and sap him with a punch from behind, from the side Widow isn't on.

Tynan gets the shotgun out, and the first thing she sees. "", she goes before the door slams into her, and slams her into the wall. She coughs up a bit of blood and clear ahem...stomach acid. She's human now after all. She's out of it now...the woman is only standing cause she's pinned by the door.

Whoa. That was almost too much movement - Natasha made a note to lecture Tynan on why you didn;t hit someone in the head that hard... She pulls herself closer to Bucky's chest. To his view, it might seem like she's helping him by protecting him from direct fire. She sees Cap over Bucky;s shoulder, and says nothing. Her face says everything, though. "Uchitel - I'm sorry." With that, she charges her gauntlet, punching the Soldier in the stomach. "Remember the promise I made to you? Now... I truly understand what it means... to hold a life in one's hands." Her eyes are closed, and they might be wet. "Your life, I can feel its weight. Not to kill, but to save..."

Winter Soldier knew Cap wouldn't be far behind when he heard the shield hit concrete instead of avenger-- but even so he only partly manages to fade from the blow. It's still well enough to stagger him, and it puts him right up against the door pinning Tynan, effectively boxing him in as well...and with both his arms occupied. "Stop!" he shouts, glaring fiercely at Cap though he's stumbling a bit. "Back off!! Or your agents here die!" he threatens, exerting more pressure against the door.

If Cap presses, he has Bucky in a tight spot. Stunned as he is, there's little question he could take him down here and now.. but the question is how much damage could he do to the others on the way down...and then Widow speaks. He spares her a baffled look--the most human expression he's worn all day--just in time to fold forcefully to the floor with a shout as her blow takes him down, and completely by surprise.

Steve looks at Widow. "Do you have him?" he asks. Does Bucky seem to be down for the count? It's probably time to call for a retrieval. Widow doesn't look great. Tynan looks, well, absolutely awful. And Cap's bleeding.

Black Widow can barely catch herself as she goes down with Bucky holding her. She somehow manages and ends up cradling Bucky;s shoulders, resting his head against her chest. "I have him." she confirms softly. "They won;t hurt him ever again." The man;s still semiconscious in her arms, but she doesn;t seem afraid. "...I think Tynan's out. Better call for evac, no way I can get out of here on my own power. Let alone help miss junior over there." She looks up at Captain, not moving from where she is. "...Sorry, for all the headaches, Captain."

Winter Soldier isn't up to much, though his left arm is more responsive than the rest of him. He raises it shakily, and though it closes around Widow's wrist, he seems too confused and stunned to do anything more at the moment.

Captain America speaks into his communicator. "We need a pickup. MOMA. Quick as possible." He turns away to give details...trusting that Widow can handle the half-electrocuted Bucky for now.

Black Widow smiles faintly at the stunned Bucky, a surprisingly tender look in her eyes, "I know you're confused. But you have to try and remember.. Bucky! I won;t let them take you from me again." She places a hand over his left hand. "Not ever again. I promise - and I keep my promises."

Tynan groans a little bit. "Somebody tell the bobbies that trucks arn't needed...", she says. A second later, there's retching, and another round of bloody ahem...stomach acid pays a visit...

It is literally... maybe thirty seconds before everyone can hear the whine of the engines. The Quinjet has those handy VTOL systems, and the craft sets down on the front steps. Yes, -on- the top landing of the MOMA stairs. Not many pilots are gutsy (or stupid) enough to do that, and the craft settles on its landing struts even as the ramp is lowering. And...

"Ride's here ladies and gents." says Carol. She has a pilot's uniform on as she jogs down the ramp. Her flight helmet even has her old call sign (Cheeseburger) listed on it. How she got herself assigned as pilot for the mission... is difficult to tell. Maybe she signed the craft out earlier for... other reasons and just kinda kept it in the air, nearby... She trots to the Museum's doors and peers about, ready to manhandle folks unable to move under their own power.

Winter Soldier frowns at Widow in confusion...? But he remembers that. For some reason he thinks of a little button-eyed dog. "Nattie.." he starts to ask.. But. The last time he heard that word, he remembers her.. and a fight. And darkness and cold and desperation and--

He struggles to get up. "Don't listen!" he demands wildly, "You didn't do anything wrong, get out of here, before they--!" he actually manages to roll forward onto his knees, and grit out, "Don't go with them!" before trying to push himself to his feet, and instead pushing himself right past his limit. He falls right back over, and this time he's out.

Captain America moves to carefully pick up Tynan. "We're in the bathroom," he says over the com. "The ladies bathroom." Okay, so that's the...yeah... They're in the ladies room. It would be highly embarrassing if it wasn't so serious.

Tynan passes out again, after trying to at least crawl out of the bathroom! This isn't a rave! Can not be found passed out in the bathroom, unless its a rave!

Black Widow lets Cap deal with Tynan. She really isn;t sure she should stand up, right now. "Bucky?" She blinks, utterly confused. What was he...? She catches him as he falls, holding him close. "...I chose to infiltrate HYDRA to save you." she whispers to the unconscious man. "Captain,,,: She looks to Steve seeming exhausted mentally and physically. "I want to go home."

And, the Ladies Room door is opened gently... and Carol is there in flight suit and all. "Chauffeur's here." she remarks softly. "Do I need to carry anyone?" she adds. She's not making fun of -where- everyone is. She's not making jokes at all. She is all business. Whomever looks the worst injured.. will be in her arms momentarily.

"Caliber's out, Widow's close..." He's got Tynan in his arms. "And the Winter Soldier needs to be properly secured. Assume it's me." Grim that. "Better, assume it's Widow."

"I..." Natasha tries to stand up - it's not happening. "Owww..." Finally she notices who's come to pick them up. "...Carol..." The woman smiles, but it's a pained and weary smile. "I'm... done..." She doesn;t quite faint, bit her boy does sag like a puppet with cut strings.

Perfectly willing, and able to carry everyone... if they were on like gurneys or whatnot, Carol just eyes the situation. She steps over and picks up Winter Soldier. "I'll secure him, and be right back." she states. After all, nobody else is going to run away if they wake up. Well, not according to what she -thinks- she knows.

So she dashes back to the Quinjet and secures the guy. And by secures.. it's more like cocooning the guy in straps and cargo webbing... and then she dashes back.

Captain America is...not that much better off than Widow - but at least he's still on his feet. Has to be the serum. He's still bleeding a little, sluggishly.

Black Widow take a deep breath. Cmon, body, *work*. You can do this. She gets herself up a little bit. "Oww... Ow, she hits like a freight train. Yeesh.." Natasha coughs. "Go ahead Caotain, I'm not hurt bad. ust winded." She's trying to hide the extent of her injuries - like she usually did an old habit hard to break.

Once Winter Soldier is secured (that means stripped of weapons that Carol could find on a quick pat down and search, and tied/strapped/lashed in a way that would hold him for a few seconds. Oh, and zip tied wrists behind back because.. DANGEROUS!) Only then does Carol rush back inside and help carry the others out, Cap first.. so he can stand guard over Winter Soldier, and then the rest one at a time.

Captain America seems to be the least injured. He hands Tynan over to Carol and comes out under his own power, albeit looking like he could use rest. Sleep. Yes, sleep would be good, but not until he's sure Bucky's properly...stashed...until they can start working on the conditioning.

Black Widow doesn't protest Carol carrying her out "...Ugh... Tylenol, please?" is murmured as she gets loaded into the Quinjet. But, despite her injuries and the absolutely massive headache she has, she';ll make her way to be next to Bucky unless she's stopped. It's clear that she cares for the man, a lot. And that she feels responsible for him. "...We saved him, Steve." she breathes out.

Nodding to Cap, Carol places Tynan on a bunk to stretch out before dashing back in to get Natasha. She moves fast, super fast... not like Speed Force or Kryptonian fast, but she's fast. She carries Nat out, "You did it Nat. You can rest now. It's over." she murmurs to her friend... slowing down to make sure the trip back out is not one that will hurt her.

"No," Steve says once Nat is within earshot again. "We caught him. Now he has to save himself."

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