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The Fallen Leaves of Autumn
Rplog-icon.jpg Who: Star Shimmer, Star Sapphire, Green Lantern, Claris, Power Girl, Superlass, Shazam
Theresa and Justin Reynolds (Autumn's parents)
Where: Hell's Kitchen, NYC and Arkham Asylum
When: 09/06/2015
Tone: Angsty, Gritty
What: When Autumn is taken to Arkham, Her friends fight to bring her back.

Star Sapphire was doing a test flight of an airplane - she can't let Hal have all the fun. She walks in and sees signs of a scuffle - and some paperwork. A referral to Arkham. "Oh my God - those bastards," she states as she immediately starts glowing as she storms outside, clenching her fists.

Claris wakes up and heads downstairs in one of Autumn's spare outfits - as let's face it, hers was ruined just from being worn so long. As she hears Carol's voice, she heads outside after her. "What happened?"

Star Sapphire clenches her fists. "Autumn's biological parents called in a referral and got her sent to Arkham. Come on, we're going to pay them a visit. They're going to regret not dropping this matter. Just remember. Love is not always happy. Think of a mama bear who will wreak havoc to get to her cub. Roar." She states, "Ready to go? I'll carry you."

Claris is visibly pissed off as Carol explains what happened. She shifts to her wind powers. "I can fly myself," she now silver-haired woman explains as a light swirling wind wraps around her body. "It's better right now if I'm in a form that's NOT fire, and if I go unpowered, it can get out without me consciously willing it. Lead the way."

At the apartment in Hell's Kitchen, It's a Saturday. Autumn's father is sitting around watching the start of College Football. Her mother is sitting down, doing needle point. The little design says 'home sweet home' with a cute little house on it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with today at this place. Not a care in the world. They are just enjoying their quiet time together with ne'er a thought about what might be happening with their offspring.

Star Sapphire nods as she glows and flies up, heading toward their house. She decides to do a shock and awe campaign - as she travels, a construct forms around Star. By the time they arrive, she is in the pilot's seat of a translucent violet Apache helicopter gunship. At this point, she doesn't care that she's going to expose her identity as she moves right to the front lawn of the house and hovers right in front of the house, rotors still whirring full speed. She decides to wait to see what happens.

A swirling micro-tornado is wrapped around Claris as she hovers near Sapphire. Her arms are crossed, and there's a little bit of debris trapped in her whirlwind - nothing too heavy, just a few sticks and leaves, the occasional can and bottle... and a small dog, yapping away happily as he goes for the ride of his life. "So what's the plan?" she asks as she waits for Star to make a move.

The couple hears the ruckus outside. "Honey, go check and tell the neighbors to turn that shit down. Damn kids with their sound systems! I'm glad Doug never got into that" The woman goes to look out a window and sees both a tornado and an Apache gunship sitting outback. Suddenly it becomes clear just where Autumn got her intelligence. Her mother takes off and goes to hide somewhere safe, "HIDE!"

Star Sapphire frowns. "Well. They want to play it that way," she states. She slides out of the chopper and lets it dissolve - and puts a construct barrier around the house. No escape is possible. She then goes to the front door and uses another construct to unlock it and walk inside. "Come on, Claris. We're going to get those bastards and make them fix this. Attacking the asylum won't work - they truly think they're doing the right thing. It is these bastards who called in. It has to be." Once Claris goes inside, the door is slammed shut and the glowing barrier surrounds the front door too.

Claris follows along with Sapphire, looking menacing as the wind continues to swirl around her. The dog is still caught in the wind, panting happily as he flies. She'd left him in the vortex for effect, of course. The trick is keeping the area of her influence small enough so that the interior of the house doesn't get wrecked too much. "Not sure which will scare them more - your mama bear bit, or the fury of the storm," Claris says smirking slightly. Just slightly. This is serious business, playful personality be damned.

The couple are hidden in a closet. When they hear a familiar voice, the sneak out to find... Star Sapphire!?! That's not Carol Ferris? Or is it? They take a look at the menacing storm and both of them are a bit worried. "Star Sapphire? What are you doing in our home! You're with the Justice League! Why would you do this! I'm calling the cops!" The man states as he quickly goes to to get the phone." Her Mom speaks up, "And you, knock it off with the wind! You're destroying my rug!"

Star Sapphire uses a construct to snatch away the phone and pulls it to her hand. "Yes, I am with the Justice League. I am here for YOU to fix the travesty you committed." She walks right over to them and shows them the paperwork. "How DARE you call your daughter as mentally disturbed. How DARE you get her sent to Arkham Asylum. Fix it. Now." She hands you the phone as a Bluetooth construct forms around her ear. "Oh, and if you try calling the cops, don't bother. For one, nobody can come in or out of this house. And two, once they hear what you bastards did, they'd arrest you for false reporting. So - call and fix this." She looks around for the most valuable object she can find and conjures a construct anvil above it.

Claris sets the puppy down, then focuses, but instead of depowering, she swaps straight to her psychic form - which looks even less human than her normal forms. The purple skin and red and black eyes tend to do that. "Go potty, pup. I suggest the couch," she says to the happy dog, before glaring at the two. "Unless you fix what you did, of course."

The TV looks pretty valuable.

"What's she talking about love?" Autumn's mother asks her father. He quickly responds. "I did what was right for our SON. HE needs to to be in proper care. We clearly can't help him so he needs to be in the hospital. Maybe with proper therapy he will go back to being himself and quit playing dress up. As for you, Hero. You've no say in this matter. He is OUR son not yours. You're just his employer. You put him up, I'm thankful for that and I will pay you for your inconvenience but he is where he needs to be so he can get the help he needs." The man does in fact call the cops. "I don't care if you are some hero, I will not make that sort of call. The cops are on their way." Her mother frowns and shakes her head but still stands by her husbands decision, "We will talk about this later. My husband did what was right for our son. Get out of my house. You're trespassing and endangering our lives! Breaking and entering as well... Harassment... You've got your own list of laws you've broken. Who are they going to believe? You a criminal or us his flesh and blood.

Star Sapphire shrugs. "As you wish." Smash. The TV gets crushed by the anvil. "Your daughter is an adult now. Being a transsexual does not make her sick in the head. It is obvious that there is no love in your heart for your daughter. None at all. Don't worry - your daughter won't be attached to you scum for much longer. She is going to be adopted so she can have a family that loves her. And don't you DARE day that you do - I can feel that you don't. All you love is the memory of what you want her to be." She turns to the mother. "Your darling husband called in your daughter as mentally ill and had her sent to Arkham Asylum. That is the place for the worst criminals, not the wonderful person your daughter is." She shrugs. "Claris. Make sure they do not interfere." She puts a construct gag across both of their mouths, takes the phone back, and floats it in the air. A voice box construct forms in front of it as she calls the phone number on the paperwork. Then a very realistic replication of Autumn's father's voice starts talking. "Hello, yes, this is Justin Reynolds. I regret to say that the report I made about my child Douglas was in error." She listens to the voice. "Yes, I know... but my child does not deserve to be in a place like this. We will submit ourselves to any punishments that you see fit to administer, just get our child OUT of there!" Another listen. "Alright. Thank you." She hangs the phone up, removes the gags, and turns to face the parents.

Claris's eyes glow briefly as she activates her telepathy on the two. "Done. They can see everything we're doing, but can't act. The gags are unnecessary. I can do more if needed."

The little dog runs over to Claris and barks happily. On top of everything else, there'll be a bit of a mess to clean up once she and Carol leave. She looks down at the pup. "Good boy."

"Cute. You don't really think that worked do you. The paper work I've filled out over the past week included a nice little bit which made your little phone call completely irrelevant. My son is getting the help he needs. The paperwork has been filed and there is no room for changing your mind with that. He is not going to harm himself. With all the surgeries and stuff he's been doing to himself, I couldn't live with myself if he tried to cut parts off of himself like I've seen in those talk shows." Justin is intensely pissed. "Oh and there is no way I will let you take our son from us. This isn't about love It's about protecting our kid!"

Star Sapphire simply walks over to Justin and punches him in the face. "No it's not. You don't care. You don't love him. All you want is the son you have in your fantasies that will never be." She shrugs. "Don't you care what your child wants? Or is it all about you? Autumn does not want to be associated with bigots like you anymore." She glances over. "Claris. Go upstairs. Look for a bedroom that used to be Autumn's. It might have some boy things in it. Destroy everything in it." She turns back to the parents. "You are simply bigots. You do not understand what being a transsexual means. Look in the news lately - with stories like Bruce Jenner transitioning to Caitlyn - why can't you just accept it, or at the very least just go away? Why go to this extent?" she asks.

Claris nods. "Gladly." She depowers and heads up the stairs. Slowly. She's got a special way in mind to do as was asked. The fire wants out, after all. This time, though, it would be justified.

Autumn's mother looks at Star and at Claris, "Don't you dare! If you do that I will do everything within my power to ruin you. You don't break into someone's house and ruin the only memory they have of their son! You are supposed to be some love beacon and you say to do this? Have you no soul?! I may not love what my son has become but he is still MY son."

Claris peeks down and smirks. "You can't ruin me. I'm like your 'son.'" She then glares darkly. "I don't /exist/." Then she resumes the climb.

Star Sapphire shrugs. "I am an avatar of love," she states. "But the love I'm feeling right now is... akin to a mama bear whose cub was being stolen. I love your child a lot more than you do. So - you have two minutes to make the call to get Autumn freed. Or every physical memory of your child goes up in flames. And I will TEAR THIS HOUSE APART if necessary." She smirks. "You wanted your child in a dank dark place to get help. Well - if Autumn is suffering, SO WILL YOU."

Star Sapphire sends a message to Claris via construct. "Wait for the signal." In the middle of Autumn's bedroom.

Claris reaches the bedroom and lets the fire out, and it is happy to be out. The air in the house gets hotter simply due to output from the flames around her arms. She sees the signal and nods. "I'm waiting. But I'm not very patient! They better get with the program!"

"What part of this aren't you understanding! A phone call will not get him released!" Justin shakes his head, "The only way he is getting out of there is if a release is filed. That takes time. If you want to adopt my son, fine. We will file the paper work. I don't want to give him up but if you will leave our home right now... We will do it." Star Sapphire shakes her head. "Unacceptable. I will ruin you if she is not released immediately. Make. It. Happen." She then gives Claris the signal to go ahead. "You got yourself into this mess. Now you will suffer the consequences. Your shrine to the son you wish you had - is going up in flames... now."

The sound of crackling flames is heard as Claris unleashes fire within the room. Control is key here. She wants to scorch everything - EVERYTHING about the room beyond recognition, but not burn the rest of the house down. Her nose begins to bleed almost immediately as the flames roar in a tightly controlled fashion. Every object, every poster, everything that isn't a wall, the floor, or the ceiling, will burn. When she's done, there will be ashes and debris, but the room itself will look as though it were never used before.

Justin can hardly move at this point. He is looking like he is going to break down. Theresa is already there, crying her eyes out, wishing this was just over. "There is literally no way for us to get him to be be released. It isn't us not wanting to, It's us not being able to. We'd need to go there in person and fill out the paperwork. That's assuming they accept that on the weekends!" Justin is begging, maybe not with his words but with his tone. "Please stop this."

Star Sapphire nods. "NOW you're talking sense," she states. "Come, Claris!" she calls. "We're going to Arkham Asylum." She engulfs both of the parents in a travel bubble as she goes to where Claris was. "Nice. Not bad," she states, gazing at the scorched room, forcing the parents to see it, seeing the violet glare of the barrier.

Claris smiles. "Not one vestige of the old life left," she says. Where her hair should be now, there's just flames. Her powers are really intensifying - or maybe it's because this time, she's not fighting the fire. "Huh. I like that," she adds. "Fine with me, let's roll."

Mia heard the sirens from her room. It sounds like a LOT of sirens, though it was a bit farther than a human would hear them. She closed the curtains and changed to Superlass, leaving the house at just subsonic speed and tracking down the source of the disturbance.

With such an emergency happening, it's little surprise that Hal would be zipping himself onto the scene and observing the violet-covered space from outside. He lands among the police crowd and tries to see if they have any further information.

Karen was sitting in her office a few minutes before when the news cast came on. In a blink she changed to Power Girl, shooting straight up and looping down in an instant to avoid the sonic boom cracking windows through the city. The blur locks back in to place hovering twenty meters above the police line. The Kryptonian crosses her arms in front of her and begins to sharpen her senses to locate Star Sapphire. For now though, she is just observing to judge what to do, not jumping to interfere with Carol. She lets Jordan deal with the police, just listening.

Superlass Jumps as she gets closer, so as to get a better view. It appears to be a violet dome covering a house. It probably does not belong there. She lands near Hal and waits. Let Green Lantern act as spokesman.

Theresa and Justin Reynolds are huddled together, stuck in the light bubble. Upon seeing the burnt remains of what is their memory of the boy they raised... Autumn's mother just cries her eyes out.

Star Sapphire nods. "Alright, Claris, let's go," she states as she engulfs Claris in a travel bubble as well as she simply flies up and bursts throught he ceiling, the violet barrier winking out simultaneously as she simply takes off, heading southeast, towing Claris and the parents behind her, careless of who's in her way.

Claris doesn't resist the bubble, but she does depower for the time being, to save her strength. The look on her face is deadly serious. No time to revel in or regret what needed to be done. The day's not over. She does wipe some blood from her nose, though.

Hal looks upwards and sees the leaving Carol. He excuses himself and flies off after Star Sapphire. He does put on a bit of speed once he's in airspace, moving in to cut her off. Shouting while moving to intercept is also a bad idea, voices don't carry well in the air.

Power Girl leaps to an intercept course wit Carol's bubble, intending to block the woman from leaving atmosphere by simply holding the bubble construct down. Seeing Green Lantern has a like plan, Karen matches her trajectory with his, calling out, "Star, Lantern, what is going on?" Quick to fight known enemies, she is more cautious about battling a woman she considers friend.

Since she arrived on this world, Star Sapphire has been a hero. Superlass is not sure what she is seeing. Is it Star Sapphire taking a prisoner or prisoners somewhere? Is it a Kidnapping? If she captured someone, why not turn them over to the police...unless the prisoner is too dangerous.

Green Lantern taking off without talking to the police confuses her further. Superlass takes off after Green Lantern, not hearing anything that sounds like immediate danger left here. Flying is more difficult for Cir-El than for some others, so she runs after, leaping over obstacles as required...hopefully she can catch up without causing any problems with sonic booms or the like...

The two parents are still huddled together. As the see the other heroes they begin shouting, "Please! She's insane! They both are! Help us!"

Star Sapphire puts gags on the two people in the bubble to silence them. She glances down at Cir-El bouncing around and snags her in a third travel bubble, pulling her up to the level of the others as she stops. "My love. These two bastards called our soon-to-be adopted daughter in as mentally ill, and had her sent to Arkham Asylum. I am going to take them there and force them to sign the paperwork needed to secure a release." She turns to the other two. "Power Girl. Superlass. This is your teammate Star Shimmer we are discussing. Let me pass. Or follow me." She glances to the person in the other bubble. "And I believe you two know Claris as well - she came with me." She gazes at Cir-El. "Do you wish to accompany us since you cannot fly on your own? Or do you wish to be put down? I am going to Arkham Asylum. These two... things... will sign release paperwork. And if they don't, I will return to their house and raze it to the ground."

Claris crosses her arms and looks down. "If you're not going to help us, turn back," she says to the others. "Who knows what kind of torture they're putting Autumn through at that place. I /will/ see it stopped."

Hal gives a sigh at Carol's announcement. "Well, if this is true, I'll be at your side." he replies. "But I can't save you from the response of the League, they don't take kindly to damages imposed on non-powered people." but Arkham is serious. "I can't let Autumn be in that kind of place without a reason."

Karen's brow furrows, and her lips pull to a dark frown. "There are other ways of dealing with this, Star Sapphire. I will let you proceed, for the moment. Please don't push my hand on this, my friend." For the moment though, the warning is left at that, and Karen falls in to an escort position between the power ring bubbles.

Superlass corrects Sapphire, "I CAN fly, now, but the way I do it is a bit clumsy and can be damaging. Sounds to me like the parents are misguided, but threatening to raze their house does not sound right. I want Autumn to be free to be the hero she is, but I am going to stick with you and makesure you do it right." She glares at Sapphire, letting her know that she, at least, will object to cooersion or threats.

"MMph!! MMMMMph!!!" Quite the conversationalists the parents are.

Star Sapphire nods. "Very well," she states. "But I have to do it this way. I cannot wait for normal channels. I will not leave my daughter in that hellhole for a minute longer than necessary." Star Sapphire then rises up a bit and flies southeast, going straight to Arkham Island at a good velocity, three violet glowing bubbles folloiwng behind her bearing Autumn's misguided parents, a concerned friend, and a wary coworker. She then lands and drags the parents' bubble into the main office along with her and collapses the bubble. (Claris' and Mia's bubbles will also fade once they're on the ground.) "If Autumn is not back in my arms within an hour, you will be instantly homeless," she murmurs softly to them. "All three of these heroes are friends and family of hers - they will not tolerate an unjust stay in this hellhole."

Claris transforms as she hits the ground, back into her psychic form. "I'll be watching you," she says ominously as she subtly slips into the parents' senses. "If you try something, I /will/ know."

Power Girl settles to the ground near the others, holding back for the moment and scanning the area. "There are other ways." She says again in a clear tone. Her hands settle to the small of her back, "Do not harm them, Star, you know I cannot allow it."

Superlass nods agreement with her "cousin" and says, "Perhaps they need persuasion, show them what this place is like...and perhaps what their daughter can do and can be. Force should be the last resort."

Autumn's parents quickly fill out the paper work, They look around seeing for the first time just what kind of hell their child was sent too. A few well known Gotham criminals are ushered in to be returned to their respective cells. As soon as the paper work is done, The person at the front desk calls for the release of Autumn.

Star Sapphire just watches the two civilians, tapping her foot. "Once Autumn is returned to me, if you EVER interfere with her, or us, again... it will be the last thing you ever do."

Shazaam flies in with the speed of Mercury, having heard the news and he lands and looks around and says, "Hey guys... everything ok here?" He asks, wondering if he's needed, especially since it concerns a teammate of his.

Claris glances at Star. <<So have you given any thought to how we're going to explain the earlier events?>> she projects towards Star as she continues to monitor the parents' senses and thoughts for any sign of betrayal.

Karen watches quietly, there is little sign of relief as the parents submit to the intentions. "Perhaps it is time things here were improved." She says and sighs as she scans the out dated and under funded asylum. "Star, be careful in your choices. It is not our way to force things like this. The Justice League could easily have had her release in but a few more hours. It is not our right to rule or govern under threat and coercion. You know that, my friend." She gives a sigh though, nodding to 'Cousin' Cir-El, "You acted with wisdom and restraint, I admire and appreciate that."

Superlass says, "If word comes out that these two have vanished or died, you will be the first suspect Star, of such things are the plots of villains made...many is the time some hero has been framed over such a situation...and some times the hero truly falls to be a villain. Be very careful." she adds to Power Girl, "It has been a while, I am considerably less rash and hurried now, though I have a long way to go." When she first arrived, Cir-El had been very worried, after having her entire world lost to her twice in three months. Superlass adds, "It is time for me to get to my daily patrol of the city. things seem to be under control here, so I will be going." she Waves, runs outside, and jumps away into the distance.

The two parents look at the others and wait for their child to come out of this horrid place. Both are scared of what is going on but at least they are cooperating.

The door opens and and Autumn is lead out in a Straight Jacket. Her face is banged up. It looks like she got into a fight... a nasty one. her right is black and slightly swollen, there are several cuts on her face. Two Doctors remove the straight jacket and return her personals to her. In those personals is her ring. She says nothing for the moment. Instead she walks up to her father and with one punch lays him out. "YOU! You did this to me! You ruined everything I have worked hard to accomplish!" She drops down and decks him again. "I am not Douglas! I will never be him again! He doesn't exist! I am Autumn Merryweather! I'll soon be Autumn Ferris-Jordan! Either you both accept me as I am or you can cut me out of your life!" One slight problem. She had put her ring on. There is an impression of the Star Sapphire insignia on her father's head.

Star Sapphire puts her hand on Autumn's shoulder. "I think you got the point across," she states. "As did I." She just watches impassively. "Claris, you _did_ make sure their house wasn't going to burn down, right? I forgot if I made that point." She then goes to the same officer. "I wish to file a police report against Justin and Theresa Reynolds for false reports and harassment. They knowingly called their daughter mentally ill just because she is transsexual and had her confined to a place that no innocent person belongs to be in. They need to be punished for their actions." After filing the paperwork, She goes and gives Autumn a big hug.

Claris nods slowly, wincing a little. She's getting close to her limits. "It's still standing. I made sure to put the fire out... that hurt..." She wipes away some sweat from her forehead and some blood from underneath her nose, but now her ears are also starting to bleed.

Karen turns and starts to step away, but her gaze falls on Claris, "You must take care or you will push yourself too far." She says and then starts for the exit. "Star, you know what it will do to her if she hurts her parents. You should heal them.. And Claris." Then she starts walking away, "Good evening.."

The father is down and he likely isn't getting up for a few minutes. "You'll always be Douglas. You will always be our son. I don't care what any legal document says." Theresa chimes in. "I didn't bring a little girl into the world. I brought a son into the would and that son is how I see you."

Autumn winces as she is hugged by Star, "Oww!" She pulls away and rubs her core a little. "My documents said male. They stuck me with a bunch of men. One of them was some Mob boss. He didn't like that I was with them and they jumped me. I took a few of them down but it wasn't pretty." Then her parents speak up. She looks hard at them. Her clothing shifts to her Star Sapphire uniform, "My name is Autumn. I am an apprentice Star Sapphire. I still love you both despite what you've pulled today. Its that love that is staying my hand from bringing further harm to you. Say my name. Say it and Say I am Female. SAY IT!"

Star Sapphire smirks as she lets Autumn go. "Go get them, girl," she muses softly as she watches.

Claris shakes her head at Theresa. "Actually, a mind scan confirms she's as female as you and I. Or would you like to experience her memory of when that was driven home to her?" she says, then projects ~Sorry, Shimmer,~ to Autumn. ~I was making sure the drugs were out of your system. Didn't mean to pry. My control with these powers isn't quite so good yet.~

Karen stays by the door, leaned against the wall. This is something for the others for now, she is just here to keep things at a safe level for those caught between giants.

Both of Autumn's parents look up of child. Their jaws drop... "You... you had surgery... didn't you. You had to go and get yourself mutilated." Her father states... Her mother however seems to finally get it... Douglas... Autumn! You're... You're female! Surgery can't do that good a job! You're fully female! How? You're a woman!"

"That is not of your concern. What is of your concern is that your daughter, though I love you, wants to be released from your hold. You did the best you could with me despite loathing what I was trying to tell you for years. Now, I want you to say good bye. Star Sapphire and Green Lantern have taken me in. They have shown me what you couldn't. The love of a Mother and a Father regardless of my sex." Autumn kneels down and hugs her mom. "you need to say it too Dad. Then I am going to walk away from you. Know I will never forget the good. What you've done to me is something that I can't overlook. Say my name, Say what I am... Then say goodbye."

Green Lantern flies himself down after a bit and glances around, taking up spot next to Carol and glances. "So, fill me in on what's happening right now?" he asks, casting looks to all that're present.

Star Sapphire shrugs. "The parents got Autumn released - and they're starting to realize that they actually do have a daughter now..." She just watches the show as she moves to embrace her husband-to-be.

Claris closes her eyes and breathes a bit on the shallow side.

Autumn looks over at Claris. "Power down before you seriously hurt yourself."

Power Girl moves to Claris' side, gently slipping a hand to the woman's arm to help support her. "Autumn is right. You are getting weak."

Justin Reynolds, Autumn's father. Sits up and hangs his head. "Autumn. My...Daughter." He looks at his wife and holds her close. "We've got to do whats best for him... err... Her." He frowns and looks at the Green Lantern. "You... You're the one who will be her father? If any harm comes to her... I don't care if she is some fancy super hero. If anything happens to my kid I will be coming for you." Autumn's mother looks at Star Sapphire. "This goes double for you. She needs to learn to be a proper woman... Not some hooker. Teach her what I can't." Then both pull Autumn in and hug her, whispering their good byes.

Autumn hugs her parents and looks over at Hal and Carol. She gives a small smiles. For once... Her parents are accepting her. "I wish you could have seen me this way before it came to this. You could have accepted me so many years ago but you couldn't. I accept this. Good bye mom and dad. You will always be the parents who brought me into this world." She stands and takes a deep breath. "Good bye." She stands between Carol and Hal as she hangs her head.

Hal sighs and holds Carol close, eyes on Autty and her parents, and giving a quick glance at Claris.. though with his mask on it'd be hard to note. He is proud of Autumn for standing up like this, and even convincing her parents to see her for who she is. That took courage. "I appreciate the sentiment." Hal replies to Justin with a nod. "I feel the same way towards Autumn."

Star Sapphire simply takes Autumn's hand, and Hal's hand, and murmurs, "We've overstayed our welcome. We're going home. Claris, want to come with us? You look like you need to lay down."

Claris nods slightly. "Yeah..." She looks a little bit wobbly. "Can't..." Thud. She faints - and worse, she faints with her powers still active.

Power Girl simply shifts to hold Claris up when she collapses. Karen scoops the woman up gingerly and carries her closer to the Star Sapphire core members. "I could take her to an infirmary, but, I suspect the two of you could do more good for her."

Autumn's parents simply hold each other and cry over the whole thing.

Shimmer looks at Claris and then at Star. "You use healing on her, I'm going to project love and see if we can force her to a less painful form like we did last night." Quickly she points her ring and lets the love flow onto Claris.

Star Sapphire nods. "Alright. Good thinking..." she murmurs as she kneels down by Claris. "You try to shift her to... say... wind form. And I'll work on healing her..." She shines her ring down on their fallen comrade. "Claris came with me willingly - she and Shimmy are good friends and she wanted to help," she murmurs to Power Girl.

Problem one: In her psychic form, Claris is immune to any kind of emotional manipulation. It's what saved her from being influenced when Autumn almost started the orgy there a few nights ago.

Problem two: While she is healing, she's still unconscious. So they're only achieving part of what they want to.

Karen holds the passed out Titian, watching the pair attempt to use the powers to restore Claris. "Of course, Star.. She must learn to control herself." She says softly in a concerned tone, for all their strength, Kryptonians have few powers of healing or aid.

Autumn frowns as nothing happens. "Dammit... Her will is a lot stronger under this power set. She used it to block my love before. I dunno if I can punch through it. Wait! There is a difference now. Before it was ambient. I was filling the room. If I direct and..." Looking at the others she speaks up, "If I lose control knock me out." She focuses and this time she starts to push. Her eyes turn bright violet as all the love within her begins projecting onto Claris. "Come on... Power down for me."

Star Sapphire murmurs, "She's a psychic like this - and most psychics have a lot of control over their emotions. Just... don't overdo it..." she murmurs as she is working on healing Claris, especially the nosebleed and ear bleeding...

Hal doesn't have any notable healing abilities of his own, well none that he's bothered to look into and project that is. He watches as the healing and attempt to change forms are done while off to the side.

Claris coughs. Suddenly she's awake with a start and she transforms back to normal, before the shock of it all knocks her unconscious again.

PG is just remaining patient as she holds the young woman while the others continue to heal Claris. "I don't suppose you could make a mobile infirmary for them, Green Lantern?"

Autumn's Parents watch what their daughter is doing. Both are slack jawed and in awe. "You're a hero... You... I thought..." Her father speaks. "I've never been so wrong about anything as I've been about you... Douglas... I mean Autumn."

Autumn forces herself to stand down as she sees the physical changes. The light around her fizzles out. "I did it. I didn't lose it!! I'm not sleeping with one of the guards Even though there is this really hot guard back there. I sorta flirted a little with her Earlier." She looks and shrugs, "Hey just because I don't have the ring on doesn't mean I'm any less a Star Sapphire right?"