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Midnight Spezzzial
Rplog-icon.jpg Who: Wally West, Billy Batson, Autumn Merryweather, Claris Trayce
Where: Central Park, NYC
When: 9/12/2015
Tone: Heroic, Gritty
What: A Trip to an Ice Cream parlor is interrupted by a Trio of Mysterious Crates.

"Hey yall, How about we go get ice cream. My Treat. I figure I owe you all for what all I put you through recently." Autumn Merryweather has no presumptions that she hasn't been a problem for her friends. She also knows that right now she wants to be back on everyone's good side. Ice cream has never hurt in that regard. So she has sent word to everyone at the tower to meet her at Central park for Ice Cream and a chance to have a little fun. She's even suggested bringing flashlights for a little midnight capture the flag!

It is dark out. Night has fallen and the stars are filling the air. The late Summer night is warm but for once, not too humid. It's actually rather pleasant. Autumn is out of uniform and dressed for a good time as she arrives at the park and makes her way to the soft serve ice cream stand.

Claris didn't arrive with Autumn as one might expect - she'd made a stop prior to heading to the park. She's carrying a shopping bag - unmarked, but good material. There's no flashlight in the bag, of course. "You really think ice cream will work as a peace offering?" she says as she meets up with Autumn.

Billy was the eternal optimist in the ranks of the Titans and to him, what Autumn did wasn't as horrible (at least to him) and so he believed in her and forgave her immediately. Ice cream though, that's one of his weaknesses (same as girls) and so he said, "Gosh thanks Autumn, that sounds swell..." He follows the group into the park, happy to be part of the team and all is harmonious for now.

Wally arrives at the mere mention of treats. "sure yall" Wally says in his best midwest/southern accent.

"Titans fribbles and dinner? First round on shims the rest on Coach Flash?" Wally says looking around with a smile. "sort of like little league teams after the games. win lose or draw they go out together. Though just remember after this. Titans earn their fribbles." Wally says ominously but playfully.

Star Shimmer looks at Claris and shrugs, "It's better then nothing right." She smiles and gestures to the ice cream stand which also has a few Diner like items as well as pizza by the slice. "I am putting a 10 dollar limit on everyone. I am all for treating but I am not rich. Not yet anyway." She laughs. Then smirks a little. A violet ball of fur and flur appears on Flash's shoulder. It starts making the cutest purrs possible. "Oh I am so sorry. You said Fribbles, I thought you said Tribbles."

Claris sighs. "Let's hope." She sets the bag down on a nearby table, and as she does, the side droops a little and reveals some fabric - mostly black, with a few hints of crimson. She leans back against the table. "Too bad this place doesn't have beer. I'd prefer that over ice cream right now."

Billy shrugs and says, "I don't need much, ten dollars is more than I'd EVER spend on an ice cream cone..." Likely because he's always been poor and if he got ice cream it was something he fished out of the dumpster or some charitable person bought him one.

Wally smiles at the cute little construct. "no not tribble, Fribbles super thick milkshakes that come in any flavor they have in ice cream they are awesome. I'm gonna get a an orange cream one and a vanilla and a strawberry and a watermelon... and um I don't know i have to check the menu again..."

"huh hold on to you buns billy if if butt billy you gonna have an awesome time eating ice cream and haveing mediorce burgers!" Wally says as they are lead to a big booth to sit at.

A large truck comes rolling through the area. It's marked with "Central Park Grounds Keepers. A pair of men climb out of the cab and move to the back. Carefully the bring out a large crate. It's set on the ground and they move on. About a hundred yards from that point, they stop and repeat the process. Another crate. They do this one more time, another hundred yards away. Then they just drive off leaving the cargo.

Inside the resturant, Autumn waits her turn. Her attention is on the menu. "Hmmm, A shake does sound nice. Hmm, bacon cheeseburger, Onion rings, and a thick shake... chocolate peanut butter cup." She smiles and makes the tribble vanish.

"I' have a double bacon burger meal with extra bacon and cheese and bqq sauce and a1 and I'll take cheese bacon bbq and beef on the fries and I'll start of with a large orange cream Fribble!" Wally says with a smile and his mouth watering. "no worrys shimmy, i'll pay for mine"

"huh... chocolate peanut butter cups shake a shimmy shimmy cocopuff shake?"

Billy glances at the menu and blinks at all the prices and huhs, "Wow, so expensive..." He decides to just get a deluxe cheeseburger, fries and soda.

Star Shimmer turns her attention to Claris, "Oh... We will have to remedy that." She looks at the menu with her. "Okay this place has burgers, dogs, Pizza slices." She rattles off the extensive list of ice creams and how they are prepared. "All sorts of goodies. You pick what you want and thats it."

Star Shimmer just looks at Flash for that...

Claris growls softly. "It's like chicken scratch... ugh. Just... four of whatever burger that's cheap, I don't care." She sighs and goes to sit back at the table she was leaning against earlier. "Huh. Wonder what's going on over there..." she says softly as she observes the trucks unloading crates.

Billy glances at Claris and says, "Holy moley... you MUST be hungry if you're that annoyed!" He observes and then glances to where the girl indicated. He raises an eyebrow, "Well... that's a pretty unusual place to put crates... I hope someone picks them up or they might end up stolen."

Wally sulks as his pun falls flat.

"Anyway come on billy splurge man indulge be a kid!" Wally says nudging Billy. Star Shimmer laughs a little, "What can I say, Bad pun was bad!" She winks and looks at the waitress, "Umm bacon cheeseburger fixed for me, four bacon cheeseburgers for her. I want a chocolate peanutbutter cup shake and get her a cotton candy shake."

Outside, the crates pop open in unison. Nothing seems to be happening beyond that though. Three large yellow machines are in the opened crates. You say, “should we grab Kory a mustard shake when we go?” Claris raises an eyebrow as the crates pop open. She gets up. "I'm going to the little girls' room quick, be right back," she says as she grabs the bag and heads out of sight. The quickness with which she's doing so suggests she might feel suspicious about something - she's not running, but she is walking fast. Then again, she may just really need to go. Who knows?

Billy order his modest meal and then blinks at the yellow machines that pop out and says, "Uh... is that a good or bad sign, do you think?" He asks Wally as he scratches his head, studying the machines.

Wally is blissfully unaware of the things distracting the rest of the group he just happily sips his fribble that just arrived. Several passers by seem to stop in their tracks as they move past the unassuming yellow machines. They turn and proceed to attack a few homeless people. Those homeless people quickly are pulled closer to the machines. Slowly they get up and go after a few others.

Autumn gives a smile as her food is brought around as well as Claris' and Billy's. She takes a bite out of her sandwich and her eyes fall on what is going on outside. "Wally, We got work to do!" Quickly her clothing changes to her Star Sapphire uniform. Claris re-emerges wearing the new outfit and flying in her wind form. The outfit... well. It's a solid black skintight bodysuit, covered by a loose, short crimson tank, and a loose belt, some gloves, and short boots all sharing the same color. She drops down near Shimmer. "Looks like you had the same idea," she says. "Are those people out of their minds?" she asks as she sees one of the attacks.

Billy blinks and says, "Holy moley... that's definitely not good!" Food all but forgotten, he turns and quickly heads to the back door and hides in the alleyway waiting for an opportunity to not be spotted and then looks up into the sky and calls forth the magic lightning as he says his magic word, "SHAZAM!" The lightning hits Billy and transforms him into the World's Mightiest Mortal and lands by the team and says, "I think our first order of business is to get rid of those machines..."

Wally looks over and sips harder on his shake gets some brain freeze. "ah aaaaaahhhh rrrrr go titans!" he waves them off. Wally keeps sipping on his shake trying to finish it fast. Keeping a watchful eye on the events outside, but knowing he can be there instantly if he wished so why not finish the shake.

Outside the numbers are growing. "Okay you all take two I'll go after the third. No point destroying everything without knowing what they are doing right? Be careful! That mob is looking like trouble." With that she darts outside to the third machine.

Claris flies toward the first machine at high speed. She fires a bolt of lightning near it, hopefully scaring off anyone who is curious about it and getting close. "Feels like spring!" she remarks as she gets close... and sneezes. "Like pollen or something!"

Wally finish his shake as his food arrives. "ok look I gotta deal with something outside we will be back keep it warm, keep it tight. no matter that happens keep it tight!"

The FLash zips through the area incapsitating the hostile people. "ok it's that this is not gona contain unless we can shut offf what ever those things are. let's do that asap, while we keep the peace"

Billy looks around and uses his familiarity with magic to find out whether or not the devices are a magic spell or construct or the like. If not, he'll fly and try and pick one up and with the strength of Hercules, tries to throw it into space towards the sun.

The people are quickly taken down by the Flash. Occassionally they speak in a very drone like manner, "All will serve Her." A few others, "You will beeee like us."

The first thing Shimmer does is put a dome around the device and herself. Creating what looks like the jaws of life, she tears into the device, searching for something... Anything. Suddenly, a strange powder begins pouring out and filling the air in the dome. She quickly scans it. It's times like this that she is ever thankful for her field around her that keeps her safe. As soon as the ring fills her in her eyes go wide. "Listen, Do not breathe around the machines! Cover your faces! It's pheromones... Extra terrestrial in origin."

The moment Claris sensed the pollen, her fate was sealed. She doesn't even realize what's happening until it's too late, there's no chance whatever to resist. A normal person could probably fight this. She can't. Her face looks like it's been drained of all emotion. "...All will serve Her..." And being controlled, all bets are off. There's no restraint from her whatsoever as the air around Shimmer and the machine she's trying to contain - both within /and/ outside the dome - are suddenly hit with a tight, swirling wind like that found in a tornado - but stronger. Stronger than even a F5, swirling at 400 miles per hour, easy.

Billy blinks and says, "HOLY MOLEY! That's not good..." as he sees his teammate Claris get affected by the pollen and turn into a vicious virago that's created a whirlwind in Central Park that's stronger than the biggest natural tornado on record (good thing it's not a sharknado... that would be epically bad (in more ways than one)). Billy then says, "Ok... breathing in pollen equal VERY BAD IDEA! I'll try and deal with the other machine, Flash, can you handle the tornado and Claris?" Billy makes sure he takes a deep breath of fresh and pollen free air before he flies to try and smash the last machine, holding his breath the entire time.

The Flash snaps straight itn to crowd control mod he start zipping anyone and everyone he could carry far outside the assumed radius of the machine's pheromone cloud. and he starts puttting up road block signs to keep more prople from woandering in. "I'm clearing the area guys do what you gotta do"

The young Sapphire could potentially be in the worst possible place for a major weather event. In a dome, with huge piece of debris. The machine is lifted up and starts banging around hitting her and the wills wildly. "Dammit! Any idea's to stop a major tornado?! I will get the machines!" The dome comes down and concentrated pheromones go up into the funnel. "Crap!" Lifting off, she uses her ring to wrap up the machines and upward she goes. A groan can be heard across the channel "These things are heavy. Taking them somewhere safe!" "Momma, Sorry for what I'm about to do!"

As Shimmer lets the dome down, the tornado spreads out at the top, showering a much wider area with the pheremone pollen. As soon as most of the pollen is away, the air is going to start getting very hot.

That heat is courtesy of Claris, whose body is now beginning to exhibit properties of both her wind and fire forms simultaneously, and it's taking its toll. She's already beginning to bleed profusely from her nose and ears, as if she'd been using her abilities all day at what is normally full tilt. "...You will beeeee like us... You will serve Her... You will serve Zazzala..." She snaps the fingers on each hand. To Flash, it will look and feel like a small firebomb is going off in front of his face as she ignites the air in front of him as he runs - imprecisely, though, due to his speed. Before Shimmer can get out of range, she'll also experience another such firebomb, this one near her eyes in an attempt to blind her.

Claris has lost her damn mind and is trying to set The air in fron of the Flash on fire. "rrrrr I got burger getting cold can we not with this right now?" The Flash's hands seem to vibrate and suddunt he's throwing a volley of concntrated ait balls he calls force spheres in front of him to clear a but of a path. thought the Flash seems to just streak right through the flames he runs straight at Claris and seems to be setting up for a high speed punch but when he gets into view for it can bee seen if you slow down the tape thathe's charging a force sphere and whips it at Claris's head mid strid as he approaches her.

Star Shimmer is on her way into the upper atmosphere. Suddenly FIYAH!! She closes her eyes tight. Thats going to burn. She continues climbing higher and higher... Until.. Suddenly things become much lighter. Her eyes opened. They are burnt but she can at least see a little bit. Around the Earth and the sun rises. Her field blots out some of the sunlight as she kicks it into high gear. Suddenly she is burning past Venus and well on her way towards the sun.

Suddenly, anyone who has been affected by the machines just drops. It's as though whatever they were hooked up to just disconnects, leaving them like powered down variants of themselves. Meanwhile, Sitting ontop of the very restuant everyone was eating at, A man speaks on a cell phone. "Everything is fully functional. We are just about ready, My Queen." With that he vanishes into the darkness.

It's not Flash's attack that ends up felling Claris, even though it hurt like hell. It's not even the shock of whatever was controlling her being broken. She falls down and depowers, clutching her chest and coughing up blood before she collapses to the ground. Everything she was whipping up naturally stops - the wind dies down, the temperature drops.

Wally looks around sees the danger has passed it's time to to go munch "alright titans clean up and lets get some milkshakes in us"

"I'd be happy to join in. In fact I will need one when I get back. It's getting kinda hot here." The message takes several minutes to actually reach Earth. Shimmer is finally close enough to the sun to insure nothing stops what she is doing. With a quick swing the machines are suddenly nothing more then a memory.

Claris isn't moving, she's barely breathing, and if she were conscious, she'd probably be kicking herself about what type of fiasco this thing turned into.

It takes about thirty minutes for Star Shimmer to return from her solar vacay. Much of the cleanup is done. The police have arrived and they've called in the paramedics. They are swarming around, helping people and making sure everyone is alive. Shimmer comes in for a landing. "Oh this is good. Whats the deal with her." The Star Sapphire states in a facetious tone.

By now, Claris's breathing has stopped. The paramedics working on her are doing so frantically, with the urgency reserved for working on someone who wouldn't survive the ambulance trip. IV's are hooked up, the portable defibrilator's been deployed, the works. "She's had a /massive/ heart attack," one of them replies. "Clear!" Zap. No response. "Come on, come on..."

Star Shimmer closes her eyes and focuses. "I'm so going to need to recharge after all of this." Healing violet light begins flowing over Claris. She knows it won't do much. Still she is trying her hardest. "Come on, hon. Come back to us."

It takes a lot, but Claris's heart restarts and she begins to breathe again, weakly. She doesn't regain consciousness, though. "I need three units of O negative over here!" the paramedic shouts, before looking to Shimmer. "I don't know how you did it. She's been clinically dead for about five minutes." He takes off his hat and wipes a bead of sweat away from his forehead. "I saw what she was doing. No one person should have all that power. I think her body gave up on her." He looks over the damage. "Hate to say it, but good thing, too. Things could have been a lot worse."

Star Shimmer nods, "She's very special. I'd ather not go into just why she can do what she does. She does however need help. What I can tell you is She is with the Titans. She's one of the good guys. Those devices... if there is any word of them appearing again, get word to us. This is a major issue."