Bleez's Vacation
Rplog-icon Who: Bleez Steve_Rogers Niran_Saranos Peggy_Carter Martin_Kavanagh Natalia_Romanova Phyla-Vell
Where: SHIELD Helicarrier, Flight Deck
When: 11/18/2015
Tone: Gritty, Dark, Weird
What: A Red Lantern comes to Earth. This can only be trouble.

Bleez had to have a vacation. Atrocitus was getting really irrational, even for a Red. So she simply told her ring to block all communications, grabbed her lantern, and flew towards the last plce she had some fun. Earth. A streak of bright red light would streak across the sky - and stop suddenly as the 'angel of death' saw what looks like some kind of floating fortress. Curiuos, she flies over to it and lands hard on it, letting a small aircraft break her fall. She ponders. "Hmmmm. Crunchy," she croons softly, still glowing with ruby light as she stretches out in the ruins of a Cessna.

Having been medically cleared (with instructions to take it easy), and psychologically given the thumbs up, Peggy now basically has the status of a high level diplomat or visiting envoy to SHIELD. She can't get in all the hidden nitty gritties, but she keeps being passed from Agent to Agent to be shown around the helicarrier and take in all the glory that SHIELD has become. She's in a green dress she borrowed from somewhere. It's just a bit big on her, but neatly cinched with a belt. Her brown hair has been pinned back in old fashioned finger waves and a touch of lipstick helps complete the picture of feeling like her old self. She walks next to a man she only just met, high heels clicking smoothly on metal floors as they come into the hangar bay. She's about to say something, thoroughly impressed with the sheer size of it, but then there is something -- someone -- crashed into one of the Cesnas. "... What in bloody hell..." She breathes out, not even armed yet or she'd be pulling out a gun. Her stance immediately goes on the defensive.Geiger wasn't... quite sure to make of their... new guest that's wandering around the helicarrier. She'd had enough vetting by some very imporant first party sources to generally be who she said she was (though, those sources might be less than objective, given the connection). And their was the current status, too, which meant command might not know what to do with them, either. Someone who technically had position and rank over goddamn Hill, she couldn't be expected to just slip in like she was back from a vacation. Who knows if she'd /want/ to go back. So, it may have been a bit of an insult, but the agent she'd been transfered to currently was only going by a code name (Geiger, in this case), with a balaclava covered face, and with eyes, hair, and voice that were most obviously fake. He look ocver to the flight deck, sweeping an arm out. "We're able to support a number of craft from here. Primarily Quinjets for long range operations, but also a mix of drones and other aircraft. That Cessna for-"

His voice, modified with an electronic timbre, catches as something slames into it. He stares for just a moment. "For instance." He manages. "I flew that here. Not that I'm the best pilot." He notes, hand going to the grip of the TAR-21 handing on an assault sling in front of him, while another moves to attempt to grip Peggy's should and press her back. "Behind me, ma'am, now."

Natasha Romanov wasn;t wearing her Black Widow unform right now - she was in a standard SHIELD uniforn, withlight ceramic armor. It was a new design, and she has agreed to wear it about to judge its effectiveness as discreet armor. When she spots Agent Carter and her escort )one of the Geigers, she notes wryly) she almost calls out a greeting - but then someone lands on a Cessna and breaks it. "Oh for - can we have one week where something doesn;t get wrecked?" she complains, sounding exaperated. She sighs, and double checks her bracers, making sure her Widow Bites are ready to go. She draws her pistol smoothly. "Identify youself!" she calls to the crashlander.

Captain America steps out onto the flight deck himself...out of uniform, but with the shield on one arm...apparently he saw what was going on through the Helicarrier's systems. He walks over, not runs, walks, calmly, towards a position near the Widow. Then he notices, Geiger can handle protecting her, although he *does* put himself on that side of Natasha.

Bleez glances over at the four people that are oh so quickly showing up. "Oh, hi there," she chirps happily as she rises up, floating above the wrecked plane. She has blue skin, and creepy bonelike wings, and is glowing with a red aura. There is an emblem on her chest - looks a bit like a bull. She winks at Captain America - hey, he's cute for a human - and uses a few hard-light constructs to gather the plane debris all together, then flops back down on it, lounging happily on it. "You can call me Bleez, lady with the oh so pretty hair," she coooos as she wiggles around on the debris pile, making herself comfortable. She, oddly, senses no true rage in anybody here. Kinda disappointing. "I like this floating fortress."

As her masked escort gently directs her to get behind him, Peggy makes a small sound in her throat and frowns, "I'm fully capable of protecting myself, but if you have a spare pistol, this would be the time to hand it over. Just in case." Peggy isn't moving back as instructed. She's never moved back for a man giving orders and she's certainly not going to start now. Any awe she was feeling over the sheer size of the base has been cut short by this very strange occurance. She doesn't recognize the woman, but she certainly recognizes Steve, a small flare of jealousy in her as the blue skinned woman winks at him. But it's still not rage. Very few things make Peggy rage. "I would recommend you explain yourself *right now*, young lady, or you are going to find yourself in a far worse position than your current choice of chaise lounge." Peggy's clipped voice has the stern tone of a school teacher or a drill sergeant.

Geiger certainly does get a little rankled at a few things. The demonic woman who's just smashed his ride out of here (Lord, he'd have to parachute into the Hudson to get back to station, wasn't he?), and was acting like she was paying it a compliment and hadn't decided to nestle down into a helicarrier run by Paranoid spies. And certainly at the woman who they were supposed to keep from slipping on the deck and getting her face cut up by nonskid or falling 20 thousand feet into the ocean. Who wasn't being very coperative. "I'm sure you are, ma'am, but my orders are to keep you out of harm's way until you... damn it." He mutters under his breath, as she moves forward to address the person in a voice that, /admittedly/, would take many to task. His gloved hand fumbles down to a velcro'd thigh holster, ripping it off, drawing a M&Pc Compact, and handing the smaller holdout over to Peggy as unobstrsively as possible.

As much as it irked him, trying to take control of this situation from the dethaw'd popcicle would have been a problem in a tense sitation such as this. So the next best thing was to provide subordinate intimidation. Shifting feet to keep himself in front of her, but to the left, obviosly the body guard for a very important person.

"The lady had some very salient points. Mind answering them? Before we demonstrate the 'Fortress' bit?"

Natasha Romanov smiles a bit at Bleez. "Aww, aren't you sweet?" she says pleasantly, but doesn't lower her pistol at all. "You've got a rather impresive helmet, Miss Bleez." She's actually kind of honest about that - she wouldn;t wear Bleez's helm, but it does look cool. Like a punk biker helmet. "So, why are you dropping in for an unexpected visit?" To Cap she whispers 'Recognize that sigil? Is she somesort of Lantern?"

Captain America doesn't lower the shield - but it's not a weapon. He murmurs, "It's a similar sigil, and she did demonstrate flight." The "wings" she has don't seem to be capable of explaining that. Needless to say, his eyes drift to her hands, though, looking for a ring.

Bleez glances at everyone, stretching. And, indeed, on her right ring finger, is a strange red ring with the same 'bull' emblem. "Wow. You Terrans are both dumb and hard of hearing. How you made this primitive flying fortress is beyond me. No wonder the Greens are such a lackluster organization - they keep recruiting from this backwater." She shrugs. "I TOLD you all that I came here for vacation, and this fortress intrigued me. Perhaps I'll claim it for my lord when he comes - which he will eventually. Oh, and I have to investigate rumors of a juvenile Violet who's here too."

The gun is accepted surreptitiously, fingertips expertly wrapping around the handle and settling into the trigger, though she keeps it pointed at the floor for the moment. Always practice gun safety, kids, even when there is an insane blue alien on your deck! Peggy's back stiffens further as she hears those words, settling into a stern line with Geiger at her side. Her jaw tightens some, but the implications of the strange woman's words were that she was not from this planet and that's just not something Peggy Carter can entirely comprehend right now. "Well, you are intruding on private property and if you care to continue that 'vacation,' you'd best move on quickly, or your journey will not be very relaxing, Ma'am." Sweating or not, Peggy certainly doesn't show it on the surface. She's the same clipped, commanding and assured woman as ever.

The TAR-21 Geiger holds moves up from the tactically ready position, just a few inches, but remains pointed more or less at the deck. His mouth, if it could be seen underneath the mask her wears, sets into a thin line at both the talking and the threats. There's a voice chattering in his ear, though, and that says that maybe demonstrating how little pushovers their were here would be rather ineffective. "I hope we've met your satisfaction. Why don't you get a few selfies and then jump off the deck, then? We don't want any trouble. We really don't. I'm sure you don't like plasma, either, so let's keep this... winwin, all right?"

Natasha Romanov frowns. The Captain's comments, plus Bleez's own, settle things in her mind. "Great. I'm guessing... that 'Red Light' means bad news?" she mutters to Steve, before glancing over at Bleez again. "Honestly, we're pretty dull as hosts. Your 'lord' - and I know I shouldn;t assume, but - if he's like you, ma'am, he might not want to bother with us."

Captain America is murmuring into his comlink. He nods to something unheard, then glances at Natasha, then turns his attention to Bleez. "Whoever your lord is, he might find this world...perhaps interesting, but certainly *not* one where he wants to make trouble." Great. He could really...honestly? He's wishing for a Hulk. A Hulk would be so useful right now, if only for the intimidation value.

The sound of something tapping into the communications can be heard on comms before an unknown voice speaks into the SHIELD comms. "She is a red lantern, high ranking if she is capable of doing more then raging mindlessly. They are a group which get stronger the madder they get. They harness the power of rage and can do the same things as green lanterns as well as spew red plasma." The Hybrid ranger lands on the flight deck, the center of it's palms glowing. "What are your orders, Giants?"

Bleez raises an eyebrow as she sees the new person showing up. All the humans immediately become unimportant. Nobody's angry enough really to be interesting. "Identify," she snaps. A harsh male voice with alien cadences comes from Bleez's hand. "Subject identified as a Deltian from Sector 667, known for their miniscule stature and symbiotic link with their, to them, giant mech suits." She then ponders. "Well. Something of interest on this backwater after all. Still wonder why the Greens and Violets like this place so much." She glances at Geiger. "And I do like plasma, very much," she states as she turns to the wreched Cessna - and apparently throws up on it - burning plasma comes from her mouth and starts melting the Cessna down. Bleez uses constructs to reshape it into a throne-like object and perches hersrelf on it, spreading her wings wide. "What is your name, little man?" she croons, licking her lips.

Puking? She's puking now? Peggy's nose wrinkles as she watches the woman, "Well, that's just not couth..." She mutters, still slightly scolding. However, the classic agent seems to have accepted that the little gun Martin passed her is probably going to do very little, she keeping it lowered to the floor but not quite holstering it yet. The sight of Niran draws another arched brow, but there's very little can *do*. So she watches, finally murmuring into her communicatory.

Geiger flicks his head slightly at the communication comes through. He worked in Gotham, so he was used to a certain degree of unavoidable penetration in your communication by much more well-funded people. On the Helicarrier, however, it was a bit.. jarring. Though certainly very helpful... as help as it could be, given the fact they didn't have a lot of actions they could bring aganist her. "I'm glad you two have some knowledge about each other. Why don't you talk it out? Have a conversation? Off this helicarrier. Becuase we all have a lot of paper work to do." He says, lowering the gun furthur, attempting to look nonchalent. It was... hard to let something just sit on the helicarrier deck and lounge in a throne, but you did have to look at it like a spy. Sometimes you shot your way through a problem. Other times, you talked your way through it.

"Yes. Endless paperwork. Oh the joy." Somehow Natasha is smirking at that - probably faking it, but she's actually one of the few agents who can sometimes skip their homework. So, she's probably just being cheeky. Defense mechanisms and all that. She lowers her gun, finally holstering it. "Us puny humans are boring."

Captain America glances at Natasha. "Definitely. Didn't she already say this planet's a backwater?" Which Cap is entirely happy about - humanity's not ready to take a major role in the galaxy quite yet.

"Ranger Niran of the Deltia Imperial Ranger Corps, and you have no authority here, Lantern." The robot-like being says on an intercom. "Lanterns are nothing but technological thugs. Some may try and use their rings for some sense of right, but red lanterns and yellow lanterns are nothing more then psychopaths needing to be put down." He says on intercom.

Bleez nods. "Yeah - you guys _are_ boring," she muses softly. "I'm almost falling asleep listening to your prattle. Then the alien speaks. And INSTANTLY Bleez's mood changes. She stares at Niran, plasma frothing at her mouth. And she roars. "How DARE you associate me with those rapist BASTARDS!" she yells, echoed by her ring chanting, "Rage... rage... RAGE... RAGE... RRRRAAAGGGEEE!!!" With only a few second's warning, Bleez charges at Niran with a mighty roar, spewing plasma and simply trying to punch him to death - and the plasma would make a mess of the flight deck.

Being in a space where not one, but two, aliens are fighting does *not* seem like a wise choice to Peggy Carter. She'd not call it a retreat, just a shift of focus. "...Paperwork, yes?" She clips out, frowning just a heartbeat up to the altercation that has started, but then she turns on the ball of her foot and quickly moves to the side hall where they entered. She'll monitor the comms and help if she can but, right now, she's getting out of the direct line of fire and sight of the group.

Of all the times for a bright, golden yellow streak to flare to life across the nighttime sky. It takes a moment for Quasar to home in on the signal sent by Regan Wyngarde, but once she finds it she heads forward at full speed. The description she was given is not particularly reassuring, but she still holds out hope that things can be defused... and when she gets close enough, well... so much for that thought! Maybe! << SHIELD helicarrier, >> comes the broadcast - because she's not just going to shout down at people - << This is Quasar. I've been told you need assistance with... Well, that. >> Her frown can be felt as she speaks. She's not seen such as Blee before. Her own adventures have been either merciful in that regard, or just focused away from Lantern types.

Martin Kavanaugh says, "Martin watches Peggy leaves for paperwork. That was the best plan, in this case. Bore her to death, get her to leave, and think about ways to inflect larger amounts of pain for if and whne she came back. But then that Ranger arrives (If there was an issue about Jurisdiction, both of these goddamn morons were to blame), and says some things, which /really/ piss off the red rage demon that's able to spew plasam. And that's just going to cause too much damage. At least Meta support had finally arrived... /Invited/ support, anyway, as he flicks to the open channel. <<Quasar, this is SHIELD AIC. Support may be required. Remain orbiting, but do not persue belligerents if they leave area of responsibility. Which would be->> He stops, as the kalaxon sounds, quickly moving over to the corridor and gripping the bars on the walls to brace..

Right before the helicarriers engines to port increase thrust, and the engines to starboard decrease, tilting the deck by a somewhat irresponsible 15 degrees, If everyone had prepared (which they should have) then their sohuldn't be a problem to crew... and both of these people could fly.


Natasha Romanov was ready for a sudden tilt of the deck, as she heard over the com channel. Noft that that helped her look graceful. She drops to the floor, bracing hard. "Oh funb. I really don;t wanna lose my grip, right now..." she mutters casually.

Captain America braces a little more gracefully...even if he's still got the shield in one hand. Of course, if he starts to slide he could probably hoook it onto something. He's done that before.

The plasma was easy to absorb, as soon as it hit the glowing disk in the palm, it converted it to energy which doubled reactor stores. Course while he was busy absorbing it, he was open to be punched by the thing. He activates engines to full speed plus the energy he absorbed from her. "Not really making yourself much better!" The intercom comes from the machine as it speeds off away from the helicarrier, slow enough to draw Bleez but fast enough to try and keep ahead of her.

Unfortunately, the reinforcements SHIELD called is quite possibly the WORST choice possible. "YELLOW! SINESTRO SCUM! EXTERMINATE! RAGE! KILL! DESTROY!" shouts Bleez's ring, echoed moments later by the Angel of Death. As Niran flies away - Bleez ignores him. He only insulted her. But now she can get vengeance. Bleez changes course and flies high speed right at Quasar, shrieking in bloodrage as she spews a bolt of plasma, which can melt through most metals, catch fire in space, oh, and eats constructs for breakfast. Homicidal rage is in the Red's eyes.

Bleez is still chasing down Phyla-Vell, shooting energy bolts and horking plasma at her. However, several things are nagging at her that is starting to erode Bleez's blood-rage. The uniform for one, not the hated demonic outfit that she knows and loathes. The fact that no attempt was made to attack or frighten Bleez, and the fleeing. As Bleez's head clears, the attacks slow, and she demands an analysis. Now in a more clear voice, matching new new calmness, her ring states, "Construct patterns are not based on the emotional spectrum, but are generated by quantum fields." "Are you SURE?" she growls, her mouth still glowing. "Affirmative. Construct patterns are not consistent with any known Lantern energy signature and have a quantum nature to them." Bleez sighs softly. And she decides to take action as she uses her recovering wits to put up a large red wall in front of Quasar to try to get her to stop. Bleez is holding her arms out at her side, to signify that she has no more intentions to fight.

There are easy ways around such a wall. But again, she doesn't enjoy retreating. She turns, lifting her arms with the intent to defend herself... and stops. All right. She can recognize that gesture. It's universal enough. Though perhaps a little disbelieving. After all, she's been tricked before. "You want to talk, now?" she asks, one eyebrow lifting. "My name is Quasar. I help protect this planet." Because the last time she used the 'Protector of the Universe' line on someone, what she got back was snickering. A lot of snickering. Thanks for nothing, Epoch.

Bleez just watches you. "You wield yellow light... but... it is _not_ the yellow light of fear... I would understand this contradiction..." she states, arms crossed, her skeletal wings spread wide, as her whole body is glowing in red light. "You are like a Lantern, but you are not. I do not understand." The construct becomes a bubble surrounding the two glowing ladies.

Phyla-Vell casts a wary glance at the red bubble surrounding the two of them. Oh, this could go bad in so many ways. "You're not the first one to mistake me for a Latern," she admits. She can understand why. She nods her head in the direction of the Helicarrier, however, which already seems to be leaving them behind. "I'll talk, but you have to promise me right now you'll leave them be." Too many lives on that ship, and Phyla already wonders if she could do enough to make sure they're all safe.

Bleez shrugs. "I don't care about that thing anymore. All the humans on it are boring, and it's too loud for me to want to stay on there for long, not to mention way too meltable to be a base for us. But if I ever get my hands on that little midget, I'll tear his suit apart." She stares at you. "So - what are you then? My ring told me there's some kind of quantum energy at work? Not quite sure what that means." "It is a..." "Shut up, ring." The ring shuts up after only getting three words out.

Both brows lift, Phyla's gaze on the ring. Those things talk? How useful would that be, instead of the vague half-sentences she gets from Epoch? "A different energy source. Similar enough to your ring and the others out there, I suppose," she readily admits. With a hand she gestures, and a glow surrounds the hand. In this case all she does is created a golden sphere in her hand before dismissing it.

Bleez nods. "Well. I hope I didn't hurt you too much. You are not an appropriate target for my rage." The bubble disappears. "Though I was able to let off some steam - or plasma." She shrugs.

Phyla-Vell shakes her head. "I'm fine. I'm glad nobody got hurt. I wasn't wanting anything to come to blows." She was here as a deterrent, called in because maybe she recognized this person or knew what to do. But she didn't recognize Bleez. At least she was able to help, if only inadvertantly. "I hope you understand it if I say I'm glad I'm not the target." That plasma is a scary thing. She would not want to be the real target of Bleez's rage at all.

Bleez smirks. "The true targets of my rage is the Sinestro Corps, the Yellow Lanterns. Just because I wouldn't sleep with one of htem, they abducted me, and make me a sex slave. Tortured me. Ripped my wings off. When the outrage got toos trong - my precious came to me," she states kissing her wing. "And my first act was to spew that plasma down the throat of my rapist. Burning him from the inside out. Oh, I relive it every night when I sleep - happy dreams."

The fact that Phyla's expression does not twist into some combination of horror, anger, and disgust is a testament to her control. She does letting herself go with disgust, though. Just the one. "I've... heard stories, but I never thought they would..." She frowns. Words fail her. She can't even imagine the mindset it would... A slow shake of her head. "I'm sorry," she says simply. From her tone, she means it. Though clearly Bleez somewhat.. enjoys the new mindset from the ring, or that the ring has brought on... Phyla is still sorry.

Bleez stares at you. "Your pity is unwanted," she states. "Now - I'm on vacation - and it's off to a great start. I gotta find somewhere else to play. Any suggesitions?" she asks, a feral grin on her face.

"I'm spoken for," is Phyla's initial, quick answer. Because that grin... "...that depends on what you're looking for. I can recommend an asteroid out in what the Green Lanterns called Sector 218. Popular as a resort all around. Casinos, bars. The whole deal." Pama only knows why people prefer going there, but Phyla isn't going to judge. Hell, she hangs around a colony carved from a giant head and keeps a tree, talking raccoon, telepathic dog, and bald monk as companions.

Bleez snorts. "I'm staying on Earth for now. For one, I have to say hi to an old friend. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll just go find the tallest building nearby and amke it my lair. That sounds like fun."

"Try not to spook anyone in the process." Because then others will be called in, like she was. And things will get messy. She opens her mouth to add something else, but then... she frowns. A gem on one of her bracers flashes. Warning, incoming call! "...Which one? Rakker?" The frown deepens. Wonderful. "I'll meet you back at Knowhere." Her gaze lifts, alighting on Bleez anew. "Maybe I'll see you later during your... vacation. Enjoy your stay - it is a nice planet." Cardinal Rakker. Phyla does not like the Universal Church of Truth. Last time, they were futzing with bits of frozen time. She offers the skeletal-winged woman a hand. "It was... interesting to meet you... Red Lantern." She's guessing. By the colours and the mentions of Lanterns, after all.

Bleez nods. "It was a pleasure to see someone use yellow light responsibly," she croons. "I'll have my ring keep a passive scan for your quantum energy so we won't have this kind of... mistake... again."

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