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Rplog-icon.jpg Who: Jessica Cruz, Billy Batson, Barry Allen, Jessica Drew
Felix Faust
When: 11-20-2015
Tone: Heroic

Charon, a forgotten part of Gotham, was often overlooked by citizens. This part of town didn't provide the home to buildings like Wayne Enterprises. Only places of note were trendy art shops, coffee shops and places like that, all of which had a clientele that only shopped there because "It was like another place before that place started to become superficial and trendy." Scattered amongst those buildings were many apartments too. Charon was a nice mishmash of citizens usually.

Only people out tonight were the hipsters, residents and everyone else that was considered to be "normal" by everyday standards. Walking amongst the people this evening was an older man. He had salt and pepper hair, with more salt than pepper, around the sides and back of his skull. Time and poor genetics did away with any hair on top. At a glance people would have guessed he was as old as mid to late fifties, easily in the sixties, but a spry man considering he moved like a forty year old. There was no cane. Even his suit was a little dapper with a dark blue jacket and slacks, and a dark golden yellow button up shirt that lacked a tie. Nothing about him appeared to be out of the ordinary until he reached into a pocket.

Pulling out a dark blue coif, nearly the same color as the suit, which was rimmed with gold, he slipped it on carefully. Engraved in the gold were sigils dedicated to old characters not even the best hipster in the area could have recognized, unless they happened to be schooled in the occult.

Thanks to the coif the man looked a little younger, but that may have been due to covering up the bald spot. With the faintest of whispers he said, "The Flame calls."

What happened next made him stand out, because that person would have stood out anywhere in Gotham by doing this. He pushed off the ground heading into the air. Floating above the streets with ease the man started to chant in a language no one was able to comprehend. Both hands became alit with a gold energy. Focusing the energy on a random citizen people bore witness to the random victim being surrounded by gold. As it spread and poured over him, the victim started to scream in pain. They were tearing at their head and hair. Muscle and skin started to expand. Flat teeth started to become pointy, razor sharp. Features started to drastically shift as a nose went inward, the jaw elongated, eyes became sunken, five toes on each foot became two with nasty talons on them and the heel, five fingers before four thick ones with similar talons to the toes. Breaking out of flesh, muscle and sinew bat like wings grew out of nowhere, big enough to carry the weight of whatever this time.

By now people were running and screaming. Unfortunately, some were not able to run fast enough as this energy hit another person, another and then another, until he had seven of these creatures that any random person would have been quick to call, "Demon" at a first glance.

The source behind it all said in a booming voice, "The flame demands sacrifice! Time to harvest!"

With a wave of his hands the demons started to rush toward buildings with the intent of plucking people out.

Gotham isn't really her turf, so to speak, but Spider-Woman is in town, mainly cause she's curious to follow up on what happened the last time she was in the area. And as it so happens, it seems like the recent past is rearing it's head again as she hears someone screaming about 'the flame'. She's thwipping her way towards the threat almost immediately.

"This can't be coincidence...." she mutters.

Great fear screams out from Gotham. Volthoom enjoysfeeding on fear...and increasing it, so he informs Power Ring. Jessica Cruz, resigned to what appens next, lets the ring fly her to the source. Dodging buildings by inches or less, heeping up her defenses...she arrives over the area and barely keeps from ompacting the ground hard enough to break her legs. Volthoom needs her afraid, and ake sure she stays that way when she uses his power.

The flash sighs, and smiles to the woman with him as he hears the screaming from a few streets down. "Sorry but I think we are going to have to try this another time." he tells her taking off his thick rim glasses and scarf and handing it to her before he runs off normally thinking to himself how slow this is. As soon as he is by himself, from his ring ejects a red suit which he puts on in a red blur before he blows past the people moving the other way. "Really... on date night." and sighs moving full speed towards the source himself.

It never fails, just as Billy was about to sit down in class and work on finishing up his dropped education at the Xavier Institute, he senses a disturbance in the F... err currents of magic. Someone is summoning something that normal humans shouldn't mess with. It's why he makes his excuses, walks out of the school and calls forth the magic lightning with his word, "SHAZAM!" transforming him into The World's Mightiest Mortal.

He blasts off in the direction of the disturbance, which leads him to this area of Gotham where the screams can be heard as he says, "Holy moley... that's not good! Gosh! We better get these people out the way!"

Everyone arrived in time to see the demons snagged people from restaurants, the few still open, apartments, and anywhere else there was a person to grab on this street. The people were frightened, scared and confused while being corralled into an area like sheep to a pen.

To be on the safe side, the gold energy came from the floating The Mystic. Four more victims were changed and those four became guards to the humans. "Good," said The Mystic. "Keep going."

Demons started to pull in more. Spider-Woman, Flash, Power Woman and Captain Marvel (Shazam!) were all able to see what was happening. How these creatures were snagging people from their homes like property to be herded into the group that was seven going on fourteen strong now. A plan needed to be formed quickly.

Landing on a nearby wall, Spider-Woman frowns behind her mask, though it's nature as a full facemask-- minus her hair, which is readily visible- means it goes unseen. The golden energy seems to provide a fenced in area. But what it goesn't do is cover the air above them. Her first priority is civilians. Magic isn't quite her forte. She's in action immediately, using webbing from all ten of her fingers to try to snag as many people as she can and yoink them to safety.

Power Ring is much better at increasing fear than removing it...the guy at the center, he seems to be transforming some of the others into Demons...or echanting them with a demonic guise, or possibly bringing demons to possess them? Well, whatever he is doing, she thinkshe needs to be distracted. Jessica Crus creates a shotgun out of green magic and flies fown and blasts it towards the Mystic's face. she is pretty sure it will not really work to hurt him, but distract him it should.

Arriving on the scene Flash looks around before acting thinking the best way to handle this situation. Looking up he sees Spider-Woman on the wall and runs up in a blur climbing the wall and then circling her to keep his traction, but not too fast or he might create a vacum. "Hey how's it going.. looks like we got trouble down there. Oh that is pretty slick that should save a few people." his words come out really fast, almost to the point where they are hard to understand. "Well keep at it, I am going to see if some air will slow those big guys down. Good luck!" and with that he is just a blur again running back down the wall and not even stoping as he starts running at an even faster speed around the demons the humans are being yanked away from. His goal is to not get close to them, but to run around them so fast they are pulled together into a vacum restraining them.

Well, this is definitely not something that mortals should have to deal with. Captain Marvel (Shazam) is going to have to do something about this. The Mystic is the one controlling them, but that's the secondary problem, the first problem is that to save all the people he's going to have to unravel the spell the Mystic used to summon the creature in the first place and reserve it or the people might be stuck in demon form.

Billy mutters, "Holy moley, I just can't catch a break, can I?" He pauses to consult the Wisdom of Solomon to figure out a counter-spell to unsummon the demon and reverse the transformations taking place as he calls forth the magic lightning to his fingertips and attempts to zap the demons with it, wanting to see how effective he'll be stopping them as he calls out, "SHAZAM!"

As Spider-Woman let the web-lines from ten figures came out, on the four guards ground stay in place safe one. That one, plus two others that were in the middle of harvesting more people went to help remove the webbing by cutting through it. The claws made quick work of the webbing, granted one person was snagged out o formation. Now, the three demons were moving full tilt at Spider-Woma they were looking to hold her still. That was the intent anyway.

A flash of energy went up as magic met the energy from Vlthoom. The skies were cascaded in yellow and green for a moment. The eyes of the floating Mystic looked at Power Ring. His eyes flashed purple for a moment beore he said, "I will sacrifice you, somehow."

Then the Flash made it to Spider-Woman before the demons went for her. A red and yellow blur streaked up to a group of three demons working together. The man had enough room to circle around, but it was going take some time. Eventually, the winds were whipping threatening to pull the Demons and human's upward alike. Fancy footwork was going to be needed here.

Solomon's Wisdom was able to ind the counterpsell. First, it was going to need some incantation in another language. That particular tongue needed to be spot on. Second, if Billy's work with magic, in a traditional sense, was still new he was going to need time to digest everything that was needed int his situation because it was not a beginner spell. Plus there was a matter of needing to do it for every demon. That may have taken a toll on the man, but it could have been done with some time.

As her webbing is extremely durable, to be able to cut through it means these things are stronger than most human and in some cases even superhuman norms. But that doesn't stop Spider-Woman from trying again to yoink people to safety wiith new weblines. She's no weakling, but right now, she's bettyer suited to getting the civilians out of the lione of fire while the others throw down. Once the people are safe, THEN she'll jump into teh fight.

Power Ring taunts, "Better men than you have tried." She is halfway bluffing, she is frightened...and needs the fear. The Paradox of the power ring, she can NEVER be confident of victory, because her own confidence would keep her from winning. Volthoom suggests turning his own demons agaist the mystic, or at least creating construct demons against him. It seems a resonable idea, so Jessica lets the demons be created. The illusions displace the images of the real demons, asfar as the mystic's point of view, so it seems like his own demons have turned andare coming for him. This is a complex effect, so Jessica is worried about maintaining it, her defenses, and her flight all t the same time. She strains ser will...

Flash sighs, "Never easy.. " as he continues to run, thankfully he hasn't gotten the big guy upstairs throwing lightning focus yet, so he continues to run. His goal now is to toss everyone, Demon and human, into the air he yells at Spider-woman.. "Get who you can I will get the rest!" a small fall like this shouldn't really hurt anyone, and he would make sure to brace the falls of even the demons if he could. As he runs he zips off for just a moment to stand next to Shazam leans on him. "Wheew.. Tough work out there how is it going buddy!.. Oh hold on to that thought.." and zips back just catching the first falling person again before they hit the ground with a small air current running around again to keep the others up.

Well that's going to definitely be a bit of a pickle, he'd hoped the counterspell would have been simple and only needed to be done on the original summon. As he looks at the number of guards being created he grimaces. He glances into the sky and thinks that it might behoove him to see if he can't use the weather to help power the spell and make it more effective and able to do it all at once.

He calls down to the group, "Hey guys! Can you do me a BIG FAVOR? Can you get them to gather up in one spot? I'm going to do a counterspell that should change them back, which will allow us to stop the creep who summoned the demon in the first place. It's going to take a lot of time though..." It's also going to take him out of the battle for the time being because being so complex and time-consuming he's going to have to focus all his attention on it.

Billy tugs at the streams of magic to create a storm over Gotham. The clouds begin to mass over the city as rain begins to pour and thunder and lightning flash in the distance. He lands on a building where he can overlook the scene and clears his throat, and starts to do the spell, moving his hands in arcane motions while a magic circle forms underneath him and a corresponding circle made out of magic lightning forms underneath the demons as he speaks in a strange language, the language of the Gods. The tongue is difficult, and Billy is forced to take his time as tone and inflection on syllables are important and one mistake might make things worse instead of better. It's going to take him at least 5 minutes to complete the spell and then call the huge lightning bolt from the sky to activate the ritual and magic circle to complete it.

Spider-Woman was going to have to figure out what place was "safe," because right now she was going to need to move the people the next street over or very far away on this street. There was no place that would have been safe in the immediate area.

Power Ring created a demon made of her ring' spower and resource, the trouble with some illusions and casters, there were ways to see through them. The Mystic was able to feel where his magic went, what was infused with it. This Demon wasn't infused with his own.

"I'm not impressed," and with that the man waved a hand. Bright light illuminated from the spell as he was trying to simply blind Power Ring. Since it looked her powers were based upon sight. At the very least he was presuming a spell o creation may have been concentration based. Thus, he was trying to remove something from play on her end.

Flash was able to cause everyone to rise. All of the people were falling down like normal people, but out of the three demons only one managed to catch himself thanks to the wings. The other two fell unceremoniously and looked to have wounded pride more than anything else.

Time was going to be the big thing needed, but the magical storm came with the utmost ease. Thunder crackled after lightning flashed. Water was pouring down upon everything thing. Now, there was a plan in motion. Everyone was going to have to follow it.

Seeing as this street is decidedly UNsafe, Spidey hauls ass, working to get everyone to at least the next street or so over, making sure to get them as far away from the weirdo demon things as possible before returning. With civilians out of the way, she';s free to fight, and does so, taking advantage of the fact that the weird guy who seems to be in charge is distracted by Power Ring, she tries to web his eyes, hoping that blinding him will help out her fellow heroes. Power Ring has a task, to buy time. Distract the enemy, make im concentrate on her so the others can finish their job. Naturally tha makes her the target, the most dangerous position, the one that frightens her most, the one that gives her most power. She can feel for fear without straining herself, she sees if she can detect what this mystic is afraid of. While dodging about and defending herself with a green force shield...and listening to Volthoom suggest frightening the crowd to generate more power to use.

Flash chuckles and points at the few that fell, and then looks up.. "Dang it there has always got to be one." He looks around a bit, and finds the webbing that was cut before as he blurs over to it. He picks it up carfully and gives it a nice tug, then a small grin. Blurring again he runs out to get the straglers, trying to pull in all the demons to one spot he blurs up to one slaps it in the back with the other end of the line, and then blurs again pulling the previous one to the next.. then the next.. If he see's them about to cut it he stats vibrating the line extending the speed aura over it to deflect the blow.

Billy continues to speak and move his hands in the motions necessary to continue the spell. The going is slow as he's forced to pause and make sure the words are spoken correctly. Sweat pours from his brow as he knows a mistake could potentially not only backfire, but bring to earth one of the Greater Demons and that would be bad.

The magic circle begins to be more distinct and more symbols appear as each transformed human have a magic circle now under them. Lightning crackles around Billy and his eyes begin to take on a golden glow as the magic flows through him. The winds howl and the waves begin to pound at the shores of Gotham Harbour in the distance as the storm worsens and Billy continues to chant, hopefully the heroes can hold on without him before he's done (and that Batman won't get mad at him for all the blown windows and power outages due to the lightning storm).

Spider Woman's webline was easily dodged by flying out of the way. However, he wouldn't have expected a ray blast. Again, there was no fear on this person like the last. The fear was nonexistent. As the ring went to reach out or ear, it was hard to find anything. It wa slik she was looking or a blank slate. Flash moved like lightening. Between his moves nad the vibration Demons were rallied. First one was smacked, the demon let out an annoyed noise and tried to run after a hero. The process continued until four were after him. Seconds later they were bound together with left over Spider-Woman webbing.

Seven more were still out there. Well, technically three if Barry placed the four bound demons near the ones playing guards to humans, which would have set up eight out of the twelve in a close approximation. The three others were still out there.

Billy was moving his hands around. He needed to maintain the spell, just keep the power going for the other three to come. That was needed.

Spider Woman's webline was easily dodged by flying out of the way. However, he wouldn't have expected a ray blast. Again, there was no fear on this person like the last. The fear was nonexistent. As the ring went to reach out or ear, it was hard to find anything. It wa slik she was looking or a blank slate. Power Ring found nothing. There was nothing to latch onto. Bright lights went around her forcefield causing light to spill out. She may not have been blinded, but her eyes were probably in pain.

Flash moved like lightening. Between his moves nad the vibration Demons were rallied. First one was smacked, the demon let out an annoyed noise and tried to run after a hero. The process continued until four were after him. Seconds later they were bound together with left over Spider-Woman webbing.

Seven more were still out there. Well, technically three if Barry placed the four bound demons near the ones playing guards to humans, which would have set up eight out of the twelve in a close approximation. The three others were still out there.

Billy was moving his hands around. He needed to maintain the spell, just keep the power going for the other three to come. That was needed.

Well, that was a bust. But still, the civilians are out of harm's way, so now Spidey shows off her own fighting skills. While nowhere as fast as Flash, she's no slouch either, and between her speed and her webbing, she's basically a demented airborne superball, moving all ove rthe place, trying to hem the weird guy in, if not knock his block off with a flying kick or punch or two, if she can manage to nail him a few times.

Power Ring remembers, a blank mind like this was what she encountered when she ran into the gre guy. Well, perhaps there is something she can do...if this guy is like the last. She instructs Volthoom to draw in all fear nearby and feed it through her to channel into one massive jolt to feed to the Mystic. A shock brought the other creaure out, perhaps a shock can awaken the real personality of this one. she Lets the fear in, feeling it with allher being, quacking with the collected fear of all the crowd, then aims the fear and releases it...

Flash was on crowd control now, Zipping away for just a moment he comes back with... a leg of chicken. "Yumm.. comon guys. Yummy chicken" he tries to luring them back waving the chicken in the air, but he keeps just out of reach bluring away when they get too close. "Ya know it is getting a bit crowded down here!" he notes as he takes a bite of the chicken. He seems to be bluring more now then he was before. "Stay.." he adds tossing the chicken leg, or whats left of it after he had ate most of it between them, and takes off again.. Up the side of the building he goes, until at the top he leaps his angle taking him right by Spider-Woman "We got to stop meeting like this.. Do you mind shooting your web till I tell you to stop?" he asks her with a wink as he grabs what little webbing is out and falls.. Holding on to the web, he waves his other hand creating a small cyclone below him.. His goal is to land, take off again and bring back the other four with the Webbing he is "Borrowing" from Spider-Woman and grab the other four dragging them back before the original group disperse again!

Billy has a few drops of sweat fall to the ground and sizzle as it hits, indicative of just how much power he was pulling. The spell is really complex and the words are extremely tongue-twisty, and the motions with his hands are intricate and precise and more symbols appear around the magic circles on the ground and they begin to rise to waist level on Billy and the changed humans.

Billy just needs a few moments more as the storm is now a tempest and the clang of the warning bells in the harbour let people know to stay indoors as the waves are now peaking over the docks and swamping the harbour and into the lower streets. Billy can't worry about that now, as he needs the storm to use as a conductor as he builds up the biggest lightning bolt seen in the city in decades....

The Mystic was an excellent magician, one of the kind people would have gone to any lengths to train from. A fighter, he was not. While he tried to fly out of the way of one of Spider-Woman's kicks were dodged, if she readied a counter attack it would have connected. And that was a noticeable chink in The Mystic's skillset, his lack of fighting prowess.

As he was busy trying to handle Spider-Woman, Power Ring charged up her attack. There was a lot of fear to feed off of now. Energy went into her ring and shot out in violent emerald light that bathed most of the street in green. Suddenly, the man in the blue suit fell to the ground.

Smoke rose from his body, but he stood up. Somehow, his coif managed to stay on too. "What's going on?" he cried out, his voice was a little different. "My name is Felix Faust and I -DEMAND- to know what's going on!?!"

His eyes went over Shazam. Growling, both hands went together and they shined red as if he was going to attack the man. For those that were there last time Dj vu. Like before, Faust started to clutch his head. Pain was surging through his body as he was screaming, "I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE OVER AGA-" a second later he was making a choking noise. Faust's eyes glowed purple as he looked at everyone, "The Flame requires sacrifices," the voice sounded of again, but not entirely like last time.

Again, he was floating in the air. However, too much time had passed to stop Flash. A red and yellow blur was gathering up the remaining demons, and some chicken that came from only the Scarlet Speedster knew where. All three of the remaining demons were rounded up.

Now, the good thing about the spell was the fact it wasn't going to hurt humans. However, the bad thing was Shazam had a choice. Either focus the spell and try to get everyone closer, or just let it all loose into one big Area of Effect. The latter was more intense on his system, it may have even removed him from the situation together because this was a bit more advanced than calling lightning. Between the spell and the storm, he may have wanted sleep for a few days. However, all the demons were in a close enougha rea to let a big spell loose as the remaining demons were near the four guards.

As Flash moved, Faust could see what was happening. The mind controlled man tried to shoot at the webbing. Someone was going to need to distract him so Shazam was able to pull this off.

Spinning webs? Can she spin webs? Can SHE spin WEBS?! Of course she can. It's in the name, isn't it? And so Spider-Woman pretty much sends webs all over the place. Let Flash use them if he has a plan.

She wants to know where that chicken came from though. She's getting hungry.

Power Ring is pretty tired, she did break the spell, but it reasserted itself. So, for now, back to distracting Felix Faust. She Decides to take a cue from Spider-Woman and starts flying around Faust spinning threads behind her, wrapping them around him, forming a green coccoon. Not that ut will hold him, it is not really intendedto...distract him and possibly blind him to what is going on...Volthoom is not really happy with this plan, it is not inspiing fear...it is taking a lot of concentration...her guard may be a bit weak.

The flash starts tieing them up, yanking the demons out of the line of fire as he watches the bolt slowly pass him. He followed it a little dragging the Demons he had currently behind him for a moment just looking at it that science part of his mind tring to decipher what it was before he realized.. Oh yea.. saving the town. And blurred back. He was there, grabing a line then there, each time the line of demons got longer and longer until even when he moved some at the end didn't as he appeared beside Faust and slapped him.. Slapped him hard.. the kinda of back-handed slap one would have to check his teeth after.. "For goodness sake man snap out of it... Your a magian not a puppet!" thankfully Power Ring had held him in place, and was wrapping him up further. Zipping back Flash did something no-one might of seen going.. He started moving faster... and faster.... and faster. Soon he litterally disapeared as the demons were wound up in one giant mess of spider-webbing, and poof Flash was back.. Though he was stopped breathing hard.. "Wheeew.. I need a vacation!" he panted out looking around seeing some of the chicken he brought got tied up in the webbing as well.. "Dang it... there goes my supper!" He looks up at Spider-Girl.. "You owe me lunch!" he speaks out in a loud voice.

Never let it be said that Billy was afraid of a bit of self-sacrifice. He was chosen by the Gods to be the Champion of Magic and protector of mortals because of his good heart. He had many examples to look up to, friends who showed him what a true hero is. Heroes like the League and his friends the Titans. It's why he could see that he wasn't going to be able to do it the easy way.

Well, Captain Marvel (Shazam) wasn't made for the easy path, if this was going to knock him out and as long as it works and saves Gotham and the world, then it will be worth it. He flies up into the eye of the tempest, the wind howling and buffeting him as he is high in the sky directly over the area where the demons are and he calls forth the lightning intending to use his own body to activate the spell. His word is almost drowned out by the fierceness of the storm as he says his magic word, "SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!"

There is a silence then, as the winds die and a sense of eerieness would prevade the area as the sky lights up and a lightning bolt of a magnitude never seen flashes through the clouds, strikes Captain Marvel (Shazam) and strangely, gathers even more size and strength as it hits the exact center of the huge magic circle on the ground. residual bolts snake out of the main one and hit the circles covering all the demons, activating the counterspell to change them back into human.

The clouds part slowly and a ray of sunshine stabs downwards, like the gates of heaven opening, drawing the evil from the ground, forcing it to retreat to the shadows where it belongs as a young boy floats in the sky, no longer Captain Marvel, held by invisible hands before his body floats down and lands gently on the street below, the storm dispersing as if it was never there, bathing Gotham in it's first bit of really good weather in a very long time. Billy Batson now, lies unconscious, perhaps he was a victim or just a civilian that got caught in the nightmare. Either way, the boy will not wake and will likely be in a state of deep sleep for 3 days or more.

Faust was getting slowed by the caccoon as it moved around him. Trying to lash out with magic was becoming harder to do. Evil eyes were tossed to Barry with the taunts that made him struggle more.A split second later Shazam's words caused white light to cascade over everything. The light alone at first made it seem like the sun was coming out, then it was high noon during the winter, fall, spring and then summer before the light was just too much to bare. As the energy collided into the ground the sound was explosive. Some of the civilians were even deafened by it temporarily.

A ringing would have been in the ears of everyone fortunate enough to hear. Whether they saw the young man float down, or if they opened their eyes to see him, Shazam was no longer around nor were the demons. All that remained were the people, in various states of shock, the heroes and the caster, who was out cold thanks to the output of energy plus the mental struggle. People were utterly shocked by what happened. This was clearly going to make the paper too.

"Like hell! You're the one who brought food without any for the rest of us! You went and made me hungry. You owe ME lunch!" Spider-Woman retorts as she bounces down from a few acrobatic flips and the industrious use of a wall. "Seriously. What kind of dick brings food into a fight and doesn't share, huh?" she says, putting her hands on her hips imperiously. And then giant lightning bolt and massive boom of thunder. "HOLY $#!^!" Cue the champion of the Spider-Clan covering her ears in pain for a minute before it fades to a dull ringing. "What in the name of anything that MOVES was THAT?!" The shock wave from the massive lightning strike is not only audibleas a missive thunderclap, it is palpable as a wave of displaced air that strikes the flying Power Ring while her defenses are low from her concentration on controlling her ring. She is flung back like a leaf on a storm wind and slams into a building the opposite direction from where the blast came down. She hits the ground alresdu unconscious from the impact.

Flash grins, "Fine.. Fine.. Hope you like spicey food because it is the last buffet that will let me.." boom there goes his ears as Flash grabs the sides of his head.. He looks up from the ground at Spider-Woman.. "Whaaaat?" pointing to his ears as he moves back to check the people make sure they are alright. He sees the boy passed out, "Didn't see him sneaking around... must of been one of the demons." he picks him up, and moves back.. "Jesh kid.. what do they feed ya." he gets out, as he fireman carries him back to the others. "Anyone lose a teen.. Not you you look creepy." he says steping by some people and chuckles. "Anyone?" though he leans him up on the side of a building he points at Spider-woman then points at his eyes, then at the boy as he.. "Slowly" superspeeds up to where the other one was at. "Falling like flies around here." he stops panding a bit before he picks her up too. moving her back down off the building... then Faust. He grins.. "Awww... villians look so sweet when they are sleeping." he adds with a chuckle.

In his sleep, Billy can hear the voice of the Wizard in his head, "Good work Billy Batson, you have done well." Billy's lips curve into a smile as he leans against that wall, sleeping the sleep of the dead, a well deserved rest for the boy who was the World's Mightiest Mortal. The wall seems to shimmer and as Barry turns away, Billy would vanish into the ether. He would end up on the subway train that would take him to the Rock of Eternity where he could recover in peace.