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Magic 102
Rplog-icon.jpg Who: Holly Pierce, Billy Batson and Illyana Rasputina
Where: Xavier's Institute
When: 12/14/2015
Tone: Social with a touch of angst.
What: Illyana teaches her second magic class.

This is Illyana's second class, her second go at 'teaching', as it were. She's still not sure if what she's doing is what Logan had in mind, but it is what it is. The first class Illyana held was all about the various schools of magics. Light, dark, verbal, versus gesture and the spells that are fueled by ones own lifeforce, versus the magical energies that can be found upon the world. Granted the overview of the various schools was very high level, this class seems to be where it gets down to the nitty-gritty, as it were.

"Today we're going to tackle defensive magics." Illyana says as she leans against the edge of her desk, which is situated at the front of the class. She also chose a classroom with a blackboard. No overhead projectors or computers for herself, thanks.

"How it works, what can be done and how to potentially defeat it." A smirk quirks a corner of her lips upward, as she adds, "Think of me as your professor of the dark arts."

And while Illyana has tamed down her wardrobe, she's still wearing a ton of black. Black boots, black fitted top and black fitted jeans.

Holly Pierce is running a little late. This is in part to it being her first day in this class. Part of it being her trying to figure out why she is in Intro to Magick! Quietly she sneaks in and takes a seat in the back hoping beyond everything she hasn't been seen. She's nervous. The result of these nerves has her losing a little control of her powers. The temperature around her begins dropping enough for the room's thermostat to trip.

Billy is here, not because he really needs it, as Captain Marvel (Shazam) he has access to all the magical knowledge in the universe. No, he's here because the Wizard wanted him to keep an eye on Illyana and the Wizard wanted to observe and see what sort of magick teachings have evolved in the modern age... that and the fact that Billy keeps mentioning "Hogwarts" and "Quidditch" it's irritated him, those books having done more damage to the image of true magick than anything else in the world. More than once the Wizard had muttered under his breath that he'd like to smite that woman author down.

While the other students definitely seem to notice the air temperature changing, Illyana doesn't seem to feel the change. She will give the students a faintly curious look, before her blue eyes focus upon the late student. Another one of those smirks quirks the corner of her mouth upward, though she doesn't say anything. Illyana wasn't always the most on time student, herself.

Straightening from her desk, Yana will grab a piece of chalk and dutifully write upon the board:


Her writing is quite blocky, as she underlines that one word. "Wards. For a magic user they are one of our best defenses. They can be made to block both magical attacks and creatures, as well as physical attacks. The stronger a person and their magic is the stronger their ward is. Most wards have to be anchored to something when they're created. If I were to ward this room from an attack I'd likely use the walls as my anchor point."

"Wards are also good to use as an early warning system or alarm system. You could create a very weak ward and when it's tripped, you know something is coming." Her blue eyes will scan the classroom, as she asks, "Questions?" And it isn't lost on her that Billy is here and nor is it lost on her that he's likely spying her either!

Holly Pierce looks at the board and fumbles to get her tablet out. As if on cue, her bag empties sending everything she has, books, pens, pencils, personals, everything all over the place. Quickly she scrambles to get all the stuff she can. "I am so sorry." She whines as she gathers her things.

Billy glances behind him to see Holly running in late, he gives her a small wave and an encouraging smile. The temperature drop is noticed, which is why he winces and when Holly drops all her stuff, he's out of his chair and helping her pick them all up, saying, "It's ok, calm down, no harm done, here... that should be everything."

Once he's helped Holly gather all her stuff, he takes his seat again, look apologetically at Illyana for the disruption and dutifully opens his notebook and writes some notes down, adding sketches of some common wards that he learned from the Wizard. He doesn't activate any though, or do anything magical, because that wouldn't be fair to Illyana or the rest of the students. Besides as the Wizard speaks to Billy in his mind, Illyana's not doing a bad job of explaining things to a class of non-magicians.

A faint snort can be heard from Illyana when all of Holly's things spill outward. "Holly, isn't it?" Asks the demoness, even as she nods towards a few of the other students. That nod prompts them to get up and help Holly and Billy pick up all her stuff <tm>. "Not a big deal, really." When everything seems to be settled, Yana will turn back to addressing the whole class. "Another of note, is the fact that you can potentially knock a magic user out with how violently the ward is brought down. Even if you don't knock them out, when a magic users ward is brought down, it definitely causes them some level of pain and disorientation. Just something to keep in mind when you approach wards."

"There are several ways to bring wards down, but in my opinion, the easiest way is to knock it down with brute force. This can be overwhelming it with magical attacks, or physical attacks, depending on what the ward is set up for. The other way I also like to bring a ward down, is by disrupting its anchor point." She pauses again, looking at the class as a whole to see if there are any questions, or bored look, for that matter.

Holly Pierce blushes and finally has her tablet out. "Thank you. Sorry..." She whimpers again. Quickly she makes notes from the board and from the things that are being said. She raises her hand to ask a question. Her mind is of course still on public school set up so she doesn't know if this is protocol or not.

Billy fidgets, he could challenge Illyana on the point of using brute force. The anchor point suggestion is fine, but doing so can actually have grave repercussions doing so, not only to the person so anchored, but the attacker as well from the backlash. He glances backwards, and seeing Holly raise her hand he glances back at Illyana, trying to be a little more unnoticeable as the Wizard hmmphs in his ear, giving him an earful (well, mindful really) of the things she's not mentioning that can be done. Billy just thinks back to the Wizard, ~It's only a beginners class! She's trying to teach people who don't believe in magic about magical theory, it's simplified.~ The Wizard snorts in Billy's head and Billy fights fidgetting more.

The fidgeting is seen and Illyana's amused gaze is focused on Billy for a second. Likely she understands that he knows she's leaving /so/ much out, but again, this is just a beginners magical class. And honestly, one has to wonder if Illyana will give up all the magical sekrets.

While she could have easily said more on the subject of wards, that hand going up causes Yana to point towards Holly. "Go ahead. What's your questions?" The blonde demoness asks, as she drifts away from the chalkboard and settles upon the edge of her desk again.

"And don't worry about raising your hand, if you have a question just call it out. I'm pretty easy when it comes to classroom rules."

Holly Pierce nods, "Umm Okay. Umm how much force would be needed to break a ward like that? Would you need to physically break the wall or just find a way to break the magick? Also am I supposed to be in this class?"

Billy exhales a bit, that might at least get Illyana to explain about how it's not quite as easy as it sounds as most competent magicians have multiple wards, including power sinks, and other traps to ensnare the unwary. In fact, unless you know exactly who and what you're dealing with, attacking a magician through his wards is usually a bad idea.

"It depends on the strength of the ward. If it's a very weak one it could be brought down by a well placed punch or kick, whereas other wards could require superhuman strength." Then her head tilts slightly at Holly's second question, "And again, it depends." She smirks at the irony of her statements, "The thing with magic is everyone does it just a little bit different. Those differences can cause just enough changes in spells to make the outcome far different than another magic user would anticipate or even understand."

"But, to answer your question. If you can find a way to neutralize a spell, or break the magic behind it, then yes, that would take the ward down, as well. Killing the magic user, for example, would likely bring all their magic and spells down." Crossing her arms over her chest, Yana then addresses that last question of Holly's.

"Why shouldn't you be in this class? It's good for non magic users to know these sorts of things. There will be times you won't be able to rely on the few magic users within the Institute. When that time comes, wouldn't you rather try to escape than just sit there and wait? I know I would." Her eyes sweep the class room again, as she adds, "Most of the class here aren't magic users, just normal every day mutants."

"If I were in a situation like that I would likely just freeze the place over and then blast my way out. That would work wouldn't it?" She asks curiously. Holly giggles a little. "I mean I don't know the first thing about magic let alone really believe in it?" She blushes a little. "But I guess it makes sense..."

Billy finally has to pipe up, "The best way to deal with a magician isn't to fight him physically or even with powers... it's mental... doing spells takes enormous amounts of concentration. Holy moley, unless you're dealing with a demon from the nether dimensions, or nephilim or any other magic creature who's magic is innate and not learned and requires no thought, if you can distract him enough, his magic will crumble away. Magicians are people just like the rest of us, mutant or not, they're just as susceptible to distractions as much as anyone else. Besides, you really don't want to engage a magician head on, because the ones you're likely to face are those who follow the dark paths of magic, the blood path, or even demon-controlled..." He then glances around and then turns bright red and claps his hands over his mouth and sinks down deep into his chair embarrassed at the outburst.

There's a nod from the demoness, "Yes, blasting it with your powers could bring a ward down. It just depends on how it's been constructed ..." As to that part about believing in it? Illyana will shake her head, "Magic is very real. I could easily ward this room so the lot of you wouldn't be able to escape. Wards aren't just used to keep people out, sometimes they're used to keep people in /too/. Of course, they can also be used to trap demon and other magical entities within their magical walls, as well."

At Billy's outburst, Illyana listens and then there's a very faint smile from the blonde woman. "What Billy has to say is true, there are a lot of bad guys out there. Especially /demons/ - " A pointed look towards the boy, " - But one point he states isn't the full truth. There will be times you have to face a rogue magic user head on. And when those times arise I want you all to be able to have /some/ information to use to fight against a wouldbe rogue magic user. Distraction won't always work. Especially for spells that are pre-set and no longer weigh on the magic user's mind, or will."

Straightening from her desk, the sorceress will then say, "Looks like time is up. See you Thursday for our third class. We'll be discussing a bit more about defensive spells and then leading into offensive spells. The fun stuff." Her blue eyes will look towards Billy and she'll make a motion for him to stay seated, as the class leaves.

Holly Pierce gathers her things and begins moving toward the door. Than she realizes that some of her items got missed earlier. The more feminine ones. This makes her blush and she quickly hightails it over there to get them.

Billy just nods glumly, he's in for it now... he mutters mentally to the Wizard that he got him into this mess. The Wizard just replies ~You are the Champion of Magic, Billy Batson, it's your job to make sure it's not being abused.~ Billy mentally facepalms and groans. He waits until the class has left and waits for Illyana to lay into him for disrupting the class. Billy tries to ignore Holly gathering whatever she left behind that's embarrassing.

When the majority of the class is gone, Illyana will step up to Billy's desk. Her expression is darkly irritated, as she steps closer to him. Thankfully, she at least keeps her voice low, as she says, "Listen, boy, we may not agree on what magic we use, or when, or even /how/, but I /am/ the teacher here." Her gaze will dart to Holly and when she sees the other woman is simply gathering up her lost items, the demoness turns her attention back to Billy.

"I'm /fine/ with an open discussion format, but you started that statement with 'the best way to deal' ... that's the best way to deal with magic users in your /opinion/. Not mine. Especially not for this class. This class is about non magic users who are attacking a magic user head on. Which means distraction will /not/ always work." Again her gaze flicks to Holly, to make sure the other girl is still wrapped up in her gathering, "Am I clear?"

And then, even more softly she adds, "And you're lucky you haven't caught me on a bad day, I could have been /far/ worse than what I am right now."

Holly Pierce overhears the conversation at hand. Yes she can multitask. Quickly she gets her things together and starts moving her way to the door. Yup she's freaked. Freaked out Holly means ice. Lots of ice. Its starts coming down inside and becoming quite slick.

Billy then looks up at Illyana and says, "Maybe so, and you're right, but you KNOW how dangerous that can be, how some magicians could do really bad things if they managed to get a taste of someone's power, their hair or skin, and blood!" He kicks the floor, "I have a responsibility to see that magic doesn't get abused and people aren't using it or dealing with it willy nilly!" He then glares, "You might be a teacher, but you aren't the authority on magic, I'm already getting a headache listening to the Wizard complain about all the simplified explanations you give and trying to explain that this is just a beginners class... like Magic for Dummies, and defending you because at least you're trying to give them a chance to survive an encounter with them. But you KNOW what's out there, you know what a demon-possessed magician can do, or worse! You can't just tell them to attack them and hope that they can overwhelm them. Some of them are too dangerous to face!"

Illyana's expression goes even colder as Billy fires back with his rebuttal. "This is the second class. The /second/ class. Do you think we're going to cover /everything/ by the second class?" And then, her voice drops to a slight hiss, "And yes, I know what's out there. I /really/ do." And while more could /easily/ have been argued, she stops, especially as the ice forms and falls. "Enough of this. If you can't handle how I run this class, you can drop it." Turning now, the demoness looks to Holly, "As much as I /love/ ice skating - " Yana says with a slight amount of humor back in her voice, " - I'd really hate for anyone to fall. Think we can tighten up your control? And don't be upset that we're arguing, it's just two different viewpoints that's all. You'll get that a lot here at the school. We don't always /have/ to agree."

"But we can /agree to disagree/, isn't that right, Billy?"

Holly Pierce frowns and quicky stops the ice. It takes a few minutes but the stuff that is already down does melt and evaporate. Idly she hangs her head and steps out of the room. Once in the hallway, she goes off. "Dammit Holly. What are you doing. You aren't ready for this. You barely have control of your powers. You're pushing too hard. Just go hide in your room or something." She mumbles and smacks a wall.

Billy would argue more, but the ice is now noticed and he winces and looks guiltily towards Holly. If there's one person in this school he could consider his nemesis, it'd be Yana, their 'different viewpoints' are like two people on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon, ain't NOBODY going to be able to meet each other half way and not fall to their doom. He does however say, "Yeah, agree to disagree... truly." He gathers his own materials and then runs to Holly and says, "Hey Holly, it's ok, you're getting better... it just takes time. Gosh, you need to be less hard on yourself."

Illyana takes a moment to work through /some/ of her anger, so that when she does follow the two out to the hallway, she looks less demon-y in the eyes and more human. "What Billy said is correct. The majority of us here have had struggles with controlling our powers. Especially when they're easily activated by our emotions. This school will help you gain control over your powers, even during stressful times. In fact, we should probably get Ororo to help you. Her powers are often linked to her emotions, as well. She has great control over them."

Holly Pierce frowns and looks between Billy and Illyana. "Ororo is the only reason I haven't really hurt anyone here. I'm scared of myself okay?! My powers activated and I destroyed a school. I got upset and severely hurt a bunch of people and also killed some people. It doesn't matter what anyone says. I did this. Its on me. It was my mistake. My lack of control that got them killed." She sighs. "Sorry."

There's silence on Illyana's end as she listens to what Holly has to say, and there's understanding in her nod, even as she says, "We've all made mistakes, Holly. Even ones with terrible consquences. There's not much I can say to you to make you feel better right now, but with time, you will feel better. The best way to work through your feelings is to figure out your control. Once you have control you'll know that you'll never be able to do that again as an 'accident'."

"Many of us have similar stories of how we obtained our powers. Awakening mutant powers is rarely something that goes smoothly."

"One day you'll find you're not afraid of yourself, either." Is Illy's last remark, as she offers the other woman a very faint lopsided smile.

Holly Pierce sighs and tries her best to not cry on the spot. Everything is really fresh in her mind. "I just... I know that in time I can get this. But until then I'm just going to keep messing up. Thats all that'll happen. I don't want to hurt anyone. I never wanted that to happen." She sighs and just looks around. "I think I am going to go to my room for a while."

Illyana nods, again, with understanding in that movement of hers. "Go get some rest then, but just know this. Rarely has any of us asked for these powers, that's how life is, but when you figure them out, it gets better." She'll offer a quick one handed wave, as she moves back towards the classroom, "Let me know if you need anything. Hope to see you in the next class." And with that said, the demoness walks back into the classroom.