If You Build It, He Will Come Back
Rplog-icon Who: Vision, Hank Pym, Minoke Zavia & Rescue
Where: Avengers Tower - New York City
When: 20151223
Tone: Social, Weird, Classic
What: Created by the evil automaton, Ultron, to be something very different - the Vision returns to society, seeking Hank Pym. He finds him at the Avengers Tower, where he is met by Minoke Zavia and Pepper Potts as well...

Minoke Zavia is in the middle of Avengers HW in her drone form. She is in Predator-drone-form and has her engines revving softly. "Well, Hank?" comes a voice from the drone. "Any suggestions on wing shape or what not? I need to talk to someone who's good with airplanes..." She then BEEEEEEEPS loudly. "I detect a strong vibranium signature heading right toward us. It's not the Captain. Moving fast."

Hank Pym is outside the wind tunnel, manning the controls and speaking over intercom. "It depends how much force your forms can withstand when very thin, I have a few ideas I think you might want to--" he breaks off, surprised. "Strong vibranium?" he says as if she'd suggested a marshmallow monster was attacking-- in some ways a lot of vibranium turning up is less likely. "What kind of--"


America is full of them.

Especially here, in the heart of New York City.

He is just one of them. As the sun goes down on the 'City With Chronic Insomnia', a yellow taxi-cab sits stuck in traffic, just a street away from the glorious spectacle of heroism and capitalism - the Avengers Tower.

He sits in the back, appearing to be clad in winter-esque clothes (a long trenchcoat over a turtleneck sweater and jeans, with a scarf around his neck), and leans to the side so he can peer at the building.

"I calculate at this rate it shall take approximately thirty-seven-point-two-five minutes to reach the tower in this fashion," he says in a bland tone of voice. American, from the sounds of it. "And six-point-three-seven minutes to walk."

"Yeah, well," replies the cab-driver. "Look, it's New York. Whatcha gonna do? Yer welcome ta - hey? Hey! Wha??" The driver looks back to find no passenger there, but some money left on the seat.

The Vision - clad in his holographic disguise - ghosts up through the ground some feet away, and continues ascending into the air. At sufficient height, he speeds toward the Tower...

Minoke Zavia blinks. "I do not know. But it is a localized source," she muses as she asks JARVIS to turn the wind tunnel off as she shimmers, turning back into humanoid form, and heading towards the balcony. "Whatever it is - it's approaching," she states as she steps out, watching. "I don't see it yet."

"It's airborn, then?" Hank asks, following her gaze and walking towards the windows as well. "JARVIS, any sign of weapons?"

In a heartbeat, Vision brings himself level with the tower's balcony, and his holographic disguise shimmers away - leaving Synthezoid floating there in green and gold, his cloak billowing behind him. A scan of the android would confirm the presence of vibranium in his cellular structure, as well as the capacity to absorb large amounts of solar radiation...and presumably discharge the same.

He peers at Minoke, head tilted to the side, eyes unblinking.

"I mean you no harm," he tells her simply, floating with his arms folded over his chest.

Minoke Zavia frowns as she stares at the creature. "Yes, Hank. It's airborne," she muses, rather late and after the fact, as she is apparently not showing any aggressive signs - though electrical currents are gathering in the construct's head. Any kind of sensors would be able to see that the apparent young woman standing there is made of solid titanium. Only sophisticated ones would be able to see that it's much more complex - nanotechnology. "Identify yourself. A curious construct you are. I wish I was made with vibranium." Her eyes' glow is brighter.

Hank steps out shortly after Minoke, and blinks in surprise when the hologram falls away, revealing Vision. He looks between the magenta faced bot and the ruby skinned Minoke, but it appears she doesn't know of him either. "He--you're -made- from vibranium?" he repeats.

Energy turrets appear and ready around the balcony, and JARVIS replies, "The capacity for solar based energy beams is likely, at the least. Pardon me, but please do as Miss Zavia suggests and state your identity and intentions. It is not acceptable for unauthorized individuals to enter these premises without passing through proper protocol at the front doors."

"I am..." the Synthezoid hesitates. He frowns, looking down and to the side, then back up at the other Construct. "I am designated a Vision - of my creator." And he looks back up. "You may call me Vision."

Giving Minoke a look up and down, he adds.

"You, too, are curious - curious of me. Curious in design." He floats gently closer, only a handful of yards. "Malleable nanotechnology for the purpose of form-shifting - with the option to upgrade should superior materials be acquired. You are programmed to evolve."

He says that last line in a tone of approval.

"I am here for... Hank?" and he looks at Pym. "Designate: Doctor Henry Jonathan 'Hank' Pym, creator of the 'Pym Particle' - size and density manipulation. Codename: Ant-Man."

He says 'Ant-Man' with the faintest trace of incredulity.

"I am here for you, Doctor Pym. I mean you no harm."

Minoke Zavia nods. "I... never heard me described that way before," she states. "But yes. That is correct..." She then glances at Hank. (She looks like a normal person right now, not red-skinned, but has red eyes.) "Ummmm... Hank, it's your call since he wants to talk to you. Shall we let him in?" she asks. "And... I'm not sure how well I could fight him if I had to..." she muses softly. "He seems very tough." She stands her ground. "Please remain where you are and state your intentions. I'm sorry, but... I'm sure you understand."

As Vision calmly answers the questions put to him, Hank is leaning forward, clearly intrigued..right up until he's surprised by being called by name. "Me..? Um.. that's me, yes, but why are you looking for me?" Hank seems to be taking the AI entirely at his word so far.

JARVIS' turrets are still keeping trained on Vision, however. "I would advise you please to move back, Mr. Vision. I am afraid if you move 2.3 meters closer, I will be forced to enact defensive protocols."

The Vision unfolds his arms and spreads them to either side in a gesture of acquiescence, and slowly nods his head. He does not approach any closer. "Please, my designation is merely 'Vision'. I lay claim to no titles," he tells JARVIS, looking past Pym at the tower itself.

His chin comes up.

"I can feel you in my positronic synapses, JARVIS," he tells the A.I. "Limited access is granted. A request would have yielded the same result." Then he turns back to look at Minoke and Pym.

"I am here to meet Doctor Pym... and his friends. I wish to... understand him, and in so doing, understand... myself." A pause. "I can provide you with information that has a ninety-seven-point-four percent chance of convincing Doctor Pym of my benign intentions."

Minoke Zavia raises an eyebrow. "97.4 percent, hmmmmm? I was never that good with advanced mathematics. I would note, Hank, that he had made no hostile moves. I believe him. But again - he's come here to see you - so it's your call." The brightened glow in her eyes fades back to normal as the electrical patterns return to normal in Minoke - though they seem to pulse back and forth through her nanite systems like a heartbeat. Vision might also note if he scanned her more thoroughly that the electricity is only part of what powers her but whatever else moves between nanites does not register on her sensors. "Why are you wanting to meet Hank SPECIFICALLY?" she asks. She steps back and slides a small metal chip into his pocket. She whispers something to Hank before turning back to face Vision. "Why him, and not... Tony, or... Pepper... or... Batman?"

Rescue appears outside the Tower, rising up from one of the lower floors apparently. The glowing 'eyes' turn to focus on the stranger, but no aggressive moves have been made yet.

Inside the armor, Pepper studies the individual designated 'Vision'. "JARVIS, what can you tell me?" She then hears Pym's request and replies over the comms.

For his part, Hank seems much more puzzled than threatened. "I.. I agree, Minoke. Let me just.." he radios Pepper, and nods at her prompt appearance and reply. "I'd be happy to talk with you, Vision. It's just considered threatening approaching from a nonstandard entrance like this." he offers in explanation.

JARVIS has turrets trained on the android floating just over the end of the balcony. JARVIS replies in Pepper's headset only, "I am pulling up the relevant scans on your HUD now, miss Potts. Scans indicate solar powering, and a highly advanced positronic AI. I suspect solar beam weapons a strong possibility. I have been allowed limited remote access, and from the accessible systems it would appear this individual is capable also of altering his density. There are also holographic imaging systems, and evidence of combat subroutines."

Rescue stays hovering a bit farther out than Vision is, clearly watching the unfamiliar individual. "Vision, perhaps we should all relocate to an area a bit less precarious for those who can't fly." The electronically distorted voice carries easily. Or maybe JARVIS piped it through speakers near the others. Or something.

"I trust this will be sufficient," the Vision replies - whether he truly heard JARVIS' report to Rescue or not - and he quietly, politely locks out any further access to his systems. Then, the Synthezoid holds out a hand toward Pym as a datachit just emerges in his palm. He floats a little closer - just a little - and calmly tosses the chit to the scientist.

To Minoke he says, "I sought out Doctor Pym instead of these other Designates because Doctor Pym has the necessary qualifications. Prior analysis revealed that Tony Stark is too unreliable, Pepper Potts lacks the the knowledge I require, and Batman is 89.4 percent likely to shoot me on sight and study my systems posthumously."

He pauses.

"Also, Doctor Pym is responsible for my creation."

Minoke Zavia nods. "You know, Vision, most people would've LED with the fact that Hank's your daddy," she muses. "JARVIS, would it be ok if we let him in here? I mean - it's not like he couldn't get up here if he wanted to, and I'd rather not antagonize him. He has shown no signs of hostility - I have my sensors tightly locked on him. If he was charging to fire, I'd sense it. I vote we let him in and talk like rational adults. Beside, he's family, no?"

Hank doesn't seem quite sure what to make of that analysis..and even less with the revelation that follows it. "I..wait, what?" is the most eloquent reply the scientist seems able to summon on the spot.

Hank Pym almost misses catching the chit.

In acknowledgement of Rescue's recommendation, Vision floats over the balcony itself and gradually descends toward it, landing neatly on its surface a few feet away from Pym. His cloak settles around his body and he offers a slight bow in greeting.

"Thank you," he tells them, and looks from Pym to Minoke. "Doctor Pym did not create me. He is merely responsible for my creation. More than this... I should not say - not until Doctor Pym has examined the data I just gave him."

Then he frowns.

"I am... not sure how I feel in his moment. Calculating..."

The teal and bronze armor follows Vision over toward the generously-sized balcony and lands just as lightly. Then the armor's faceplate opens to reveal Pepper watching the three people as if trying to gauge what's going on here. "Vision, I apologize for my initial wariness. I'm Pepper Potts." She offers her still-gauntleted hand.

Minoke Zavia nods. "Always good to see your yummy armor again, Pepper," she muses as she opens the door to go inside. "Is there anything you need for sustenence, Vision? I mean - with me around, Pepper has stashed various 'robot treats' around. Scrap metal from a lab but hey - zinc is zinc, right?" she asks as she sits down on the sofa.

Hank Pym remains standing on the balcony, distractedly pulling out a tablet to go with that data chit. "Responsible...responsible how?" he wonders, and it's hard to imagine he'd be that much more off balance if he'd been presented with an actual child.

Vision accepts Potts' hand, clasping it firmly, and nods. He smiles a moment later - a bit belatedly, actually, as if he were only just practicing this response.

"Thank you," he tells Potts as he follows Minoke to the sofa, but does not sit down. "I am not a robot;" he replies to the other Construct. "I am a Synthezoid - and I require only solar radiation for sustenance."

He looks at Pym, his expression curious, and blinks his glowing, golden eyes a couple of times. "Calculating..." he repeats as one who is speaking to himself, touching a fingertip to his chin in an expression of thought.

"I cannot calculate my emotions at this time. Is it normal? Perhaps there is a malfunction? I wish to understand, but I do not know what questions to ask."

He looks up and directly at Pym.

"Who... are you? And who are they?" He glances aside to indicate Minoke and Potts.

Minoke Zavia blinks. "I am Minoke Zavia, and I know you're not a robot. Pepper collects various scrap metals and calls them 'robot snacks'." She smiles. "I don't know the word Synthezoid. I just call myself a nanocolony construct." She smiles. "It must be nice. Having such a renewable resource. I run off of electricity for the most part... but can easily repair myself if I eat appropriate metals." She thinks it's probably a good idea not to mention the OTHER half of her charging system to a stranger.

Hank Pym drifts inside after the others with tablet in hand as if he were simply reacting to some sort of natural 'conversation gravity' as much as anything. He's still loading things up as he looks over the tablet to try and respond. "Er. Well, it sounds as if you already know something about us. Our names and some details.. I'm Henry Pym, a scientist. Y-you keep referring to calculating emotions? Are you..determining an emotion based on data analysis, or are you receiving emotional input without a sufficient cataloguing system?" he wonders.. it might shed some light on how his AI was built. Which goes back to perhaps the more relevant question, "If I'm responsible for your creation but didn't build you.. who did?"

One thing Vision was indeed true -- Pepper does NOT have the education to keep up with this. It IS a fascinating discussion, however. And it kind of helps that JARVIS is very quietly translating bits of it for her. And she does offer Minoke a small wave hello.

"Apologies: I meant only to be accurate," the Vision replies as he looks across everyone's faces. "I expected a different welcome; you have all been..." he hesitates and effects a smile. "Gracious."

Turning toward Pym, he replies: "I... I am receiving emotional input without a sufficient cataloguing system, yes." A pause. "I am trying to understand what I feel." The Synthezoid turns toward Potts and his expression saddens.

"You may wish to reactivate your defense systems, Ms. Potts, once I answer Doctor Pym's other question - or he finds the appropriate information in the datachit I gave him. My creator... is designated 'Ultron'."

And he looks directly at Rescue.

"I am here to request asylum."

Minoke Zavia blinks. "Hmmmmmmm... well, if he wants asylum, I vote he gets it. After all - he's shown no hostility to anyone." She ponders. "I'm going back to flight testing, ok guys? Call me if you need me." She then smiles and wanders off.

If Hank was surprised before, this leaves him positively staggered. "But..Ultron suffered an unrecoverable data corruption.. Ultron died." he says in shock.

Pepper's eyebrows draw together. "Who is Ultron?" She looks from Minoke to Pym to Vision. "Is this Ultron someone that I need to be concerned about?" She's fully expecting that JARVIS is already trolling the internet (and several places he will deny searching) for any mention of that name.

Hank Pym is paging through the data on the tablet, having gone a little pale. "Is.. this is all accurate?" he asks quietly. He pulls his eyes away to face Pepper, his expression pained. "I..did make Ultron. But he malfunctioned, he was irrecoverable. I thought..." he swallows, and turns to Vision.

"All data I have on Ultron is now in the hands of he who built him," Vision explains in answer to Pepper's question. "He is a Construct, as am I - or Minoke Zavia, but dangerous in ways we are not." As to the rest of the details... he leaves them vague for now - perhaps to let the good doctor speak about his own creation.

As Pym would know.

Vision exchanges a knowing look with Pym, and subtly shakes his head.

"Ultron lives, or did when I forsook him. He created me. Doctor Pym - I am... your grandson."


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