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Agent Brand

Quote-open "You think I crossed the line. There is no line!" Quote-close

Abigail Brand is a no-nonsense, fun killing, b*tch. But you also want her on your side. Because she's a capable, strong-willed, highly efficient and effective b*tch As an Agent of SHIELD she has developed a reputation for being ruthless and successful. An operation with her at the helm succeeds, even if she does break some rules and some laws along the way. She doesn't make friends well, because she doesn't want friends. Friends get in the way of her job. You don't have to like her to know she's the woman to get the job done. If you need the job done right. Go to someone else. If you need the job done now! Go to Agent Brand, just don't ask her how she did it, you won't like the answer.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Branding: 5

Abilities: Skill

Alien Tongue, Combat: 6, Specialist: 8

Abilities: Gear

Arsenal: 6 Uniform: 4

Advantages: Alien Parentage, Expediter, S.W.O.R.D.

Flaws: Alien Family, Not Burned Yet, No Nonsense, Obvious Features

Languages: English, Japanese, Kree, Martian, Russian, Shi'ar, Skrull, Spanish, and Z'narx


Gear: Arsenal (6)

As a high ranked agent of SHIELD Agent Brand has access to much of the advanced gadgets and gear and they can be requested for specific missions or operations.

Gear: Uniform (4)

Agent Brand's SHIELD uniform also provides limited protection from damage and small arms fire. However as the uniform takes more damage, the effectiveness of it's protection drops.

Power: Branding (5)

Brand's mutant ability is what inspired her namesake. She can generate a blue-flame like substance from her hands. This substance burns so hot that it can burn through many metals on contact. Agent Brand can control the intensity and heat output of the flame by thought.

Skill: Alien Tongue

Her half-alien nature has gifted her with a larynx and tongue designed to speak languages that normal humans cannot speak. It has also given her an "ear" for alien languages, making it rather easy for her to pick them up.

Skill: Combat (6)

As a Combat & Espionage specialist, Agent Brand also has extensive training in combat. She's rated on every weapon that fires a bullet or holds an edge and knows multiple forms of martial arts.

Skill: Specialist (8)

Brand is a SHIELD Combat & Espionage specialist. She has been trained extensively in strategy and tactics involving espionage operations. She can access a situation in an instant and adapt to fit that situation. In addition to this she's also a practiced liar, a skilled infiltrator, and damn good spy.


Advantage: Alien Parentage

Abigail is not human. At least not entirely. Her father was an extraterrestrial as are her half-siblings. As a result she is much more comfortable around things and people of extraterrestrial origin. She has become something of an expert within SHIELD when dealing with the Alien because of this.

Advantage: Expediter

When SHIELD needs to get something done, let Agent Brand do it, it'll get done. She has a reputation in the Agency for being the person to go to when an operation is considered difficult or viewed as impossible. As a result she is usually granted some leeway here and there. Various SHIELD agents look the other way when she is on an operation. Basically whenever she is working a job, she has a few connections that lets her cut through the red tape so she doesn't have wait as long as others.

Advantage: S.W.O.R.D.

A department of SHIELD, SWORD is Abigail Brand's own pet project. It stands for Sentient World Observation and Response Department and basically is the department in SHIELD that deals with alien threats and immigrants to the planet Earth. Abigail Brand's dual nature makes her uniquely qualified to run such a department. It has its own resources such as space ships, alien technology and an still being built orbital space station called "The Peak" (codename SOS VII) and a research department called "Pandora's Box."

While Brand does run this department, at this point it is still operated by SHIELD meaning that she doesn't have full autonomy. On top of running SWORD she is still a SHIELD agent and has her own missions and responsibilities as a SHIELD specialist.


Flaw: Alien Family

Being half-alien has disadvantages too. Certain members of her family are rather prone to getting into trouble and dragging her into the situation, or hoping to use her connections and skills to help their own schemes. While Brand is quick to say she doesn't care, she usually ends up helping anyways even if she complains the whole time. Its safe to say that Agent Brand doesn't care much for family reunions.

Flaw: Not Burned Yet

Abigail Brand is on the very edge. The problem with being on the edge is that it means every one in your organization is watching you. Yes, Agent Brand has ways to keep her handler and the higher ups off her back so she can do her job. But 'having ways' only takes things so far. She's still is beholden to the leaders of SHIELD and those leaders can call on her whenever they want. Being one of the most effective agents makes he being called on a common occurrence. As much as she has her own personal goals, those goals will rarely coincide with what SHIELD wants from her.

Flaw: No Nonsense

Agent Brand has little time for messing around, having fun, quipping or any of the other things that normal people do. Even when she's not on the job, she's on the job and very rarely lets loose. When things start getting less serious and relaxed she tends to make them more serious and up-tight. People could call her a stick-in-the-mud, but mostly they just call her a bitch.

Flaw: Obvious Features

Due to her mixed heritage Brand has naturally green hair. While it can be hidden with hair dye and wigs, she rarely does so unless on a job that requires her to be incognito. It makes her very easy to identify.

Also, against standard protocol for SHIELD Specialists, Abigail has two tattoos that can identify her to anyone who knows her. They are the words "Grace" and "Anna" tattooed on her upper arms. She refuses to discuss what these tattoos are or why someone who is so by-the-book and uptight like her would get them.



Agent Brand is the result of the pairing of an extraterrestrial <REDACTED> and a human woman named <REDACTED>. Green Hair and Eyes seem to be inherited from father. X-Gene tested positive.

Agent Brand attended school in <REDACTED> where she excelled in her classes exhibiting a talent for problem solving and physical activities. After high-school she was recruited by SHIELD agent <REDACTED> She was put in the Specialist training program overseen by <REDACTED> and excelled there as well. She was one of the top Agents in her class and was a rising star in the agency despite behavioral and attitude problems.

Her defining mission was when she lead an ops team against a group of terrorists who were holding a SHIELD installation in <REDACTED>. The op was successful but at the cost of many agent's lives and Agent Brand had the terrorists executed after surrendering citing that they had no usefulness as prisoners as they had already surrendered information about <REDACTED>.

Since then she has a reputation for getting the mission done no matter what the cost. On multiple occasions operations that were viewed as impossible have been given to Brand and she has always succeeded.

She is a great asset to the organization but her personality and behavior have kept her from being given to much responsibility past handling operations.


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    Abigail Brand is an agent of SHIELD and head of the internal department called S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department)

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