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The Chained Man
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The Chained Man

Abigail Warren was born and raised in Discord City, NV. She gained powers at the age of 14, and almost immediately set about using them to cause problems. The exploits of her villainous alter-ego, The Chained Man, were widely televised, up until the supposed defeat and capture of The Chained Man about a year ago.

In truth, Abigail was not captured, but let a body double take her place while she bided her time. She's recently moved to New York City with plans to turn it into the new staging grounds for her plans to wrest control of the world from the normal humans who currently run things.


Abilities: Attributes

Intelligence: 5

Abilities: Powers

Full Metal Jacket: 3, Metal Control: 9, Metal Skin: 8, Multiple Limbs, Super Strength: 7

Abilities: Skills

Climbing: 5, Combat: 5, Computers: 5

Abilities: Tech

Chained Man's Mask

Advantages: Ambidextrous, Minions, Secret Identity, Wayside Organization

Flaws: Conductive, Heavy, Human Prejudice, Low Magnetism, Theatrics, Wanted Criminal

Languages: English


Attributes: Intelligence (5)

While not as smart as she once was, Abigail is still more intelligent than your average person, capable of quick thinking and more than decent reasoning skills.

Powers: Full Metal Jacket (3)

Much in the same way Abigail can produce chains and other melee weapons from her body, she can also produce small spheres of metal that she can fire off at high velocity, not unlike a gun. These bullets can come from any point on her body, and can fire with the speed and power of a military-grade machine gun.

Powers: Metal Control (9)

Abigail is capable of producing, shaping, and controlling an unknown ferrous metallic substance, and projecting it through her skin. Most often, she creates long, mobile chains which she can use as long range weapons, or primitive grasping tools, though it is not the only shape she can make.

The metal constructs she creates can only be controlled so long as they are still attached to her body, and have a toughness rating of 9, as opposed to the toughness rating of 8 that it provides Abigail's body with naturally. When destroyed, the metal will last for one hour in the open air after being separated from Abigail's body before rusting away.

       Abigail's chains are her primary source of super strength, with a strength rating of 9 for lifting and for purposes of holding onto things already grabbed, though they still only retain the rank of 7 for striking.
       Blades, or other weapons created via Metal Shaping work off of Abigail's super strength power.

Powers: Metal Skin (8)

Abigail's skin and muscle is infused with metal, and though it still feels normal to normal tactile senses, it is incredibly resilient to most forms of damage.

Powers: Multiple Limbs (*)

Abigail can create multiple grasping limbs -- usually in the form of exceptionally long chains -- to strike, grapple, climb, or lift and throw objects. The extra limbs have a limited range of 100 feet from her body, and work off of her super strength to lift and throw objects.

Powers: Super Strength (7)

Abigail's muscles and bones have been infused with metal, granting her superhuman strength, easily enough to destroy lesser metals.

Skills: Climbing (5)

Thanks to the addition of multiple limbs, Abigail can climb with relative ease. This includes perfectly vertical surfaces, as long as they're weak enough for her to make indentations in with her strength.

Skills: Combat (5)

Abigail is skilled at fighting hand to hand, though her skill really comes into play when using her chains in combat, attacking from a decent range. When using her hands and feet, Abigail's combat skill is 3. When using her chains or other longer limbs to fight, it is closer to 5.

Skills: Computers (5)

Abigail knows her way around computer systems, and can hack into most security systems with relative ease, so long as there aren't any particularly high tech security measures in place.

Tech: Chained Man's Mask (*)

The mask worn by The Chained Man may look plain from the outside, but it's packed with all sorts of devices that are used in most operations when in uniform as The Chained Man.

X-Ray Vision - The Mask provides access to X-ray vision, allowing the user to see the skeletal structures of living creatures, or through solid walls at limited ranges.

Thermal Vision - The Mask provides access to thermal vision, allowing The Chained Man to see lingering heat signatures.

HUD - The Mask has an internal Heads Up Display that has a small tactical map of the area and is networked up to a computer that can relay information to the mask's display when requested. The mask can also assign a target and determind direction and distance to that target.

Mental Shield - The mask provides a weak mental shield to the user, granting anyone wearing it an additional 5 levels of Will for resisting mental effects.

Voice Modulator - The Mask allows the wearer to change their voice, creating a deep, gutteral voice regardless of what the user's normal tone and pitch may be.


Advantage: Ambidextrous

Abigail can both hands equally as well. Beyond that, this advantage allows her to use multiple chains for grasping or striking without any issues what-so-ever, keeping track of each one individually.

Advantage: Minions

The Chained Man has a small circle of fairly potent superhumans who are subservient to him for various reasons -- mostly because they agree, in whole or in part, with his ideals. Though some are just in it for the money.

Advantage: Secret Identity

Nobody really knows who The Chained Man is. Abigail has managed to create a persona that is as far away from her as possible, and most respected professionals assume that The Chained Man is actually a 6'3" man in his early to mid thirties.

Advantage: Wayside Organization

The Wayside Organization is a relatively small terrorist organization operating within the United States. It has small cells all over the country, consisting mostly of low level superhumans, and the occasional normal person seeking superhuman powers of their own. The organization is dedicated to putting superhumans in a position of power over normal people, effectively turning normals into second class citizens, and making superhumans the new norm.


Flaw: Conductive

All the metal inside Abigail is highly conductive, causing electricity to be particularly effective when dealing with her.

Flaw: Heavy

The metal produced by Abigail is incredibly heavy, and so while a normal girl Abigail's size might only be a little under 120 pounds, Abigail herself weighs closer to 4000.

Flaw: Human Prejudice

Abigail not only dislikes normal people... she views them as weak, cowardly, and hateful creatures. As far as she's concerned, even the greatest of normal human heroes amount to nothing. She hides it well when not in costume, but when she dons the mantle of The Chained Man, her hatred for mankind is harshly evident.

Flaw: Low Magnetism

Abigail's body, being infused with metal, is slightly magnetic. Strong magnetism, while not completely incapacitating her, will cause her to move slugishly and tire easily.

Flaw: Theatrics

The Chained Man is fond of theatrics. Grand entrances, daring escapes, unexpected strikes and banter. But he always has to keep a menacing aura about him as well. Sometimes, being so conscious about appearances and impressions makes him lose track of the really important things... like whether or not some of the would-be heroes have snuck around behind him.

Flaw: Wanted Criminal

The Chained Man is wanted for terrorist activities in Discord City, NV. Though he was supposedly caught once before, his recent resurfacing in New York City has several law enforcement agencies on the lookout. Anyone who would have been paying attention to the news two to four years ago is welcome to recognize the name and appearance of The Chained Man from televised news broadcasts during the time of his attacks in Discord City.


Abigail Warren was born into a small family, with a single mother and an older sister, in the city of Discord City, NV.

When Abigail was 14 years old, Discord City became the staging ground for a series of chemical attacks. Though the chemical attacks were initially thought to be a terrorist attack, there were no fatalities as a direct result of the chemical. Instead, a significant portion of the population mutated, gaining abilities on the level of mid-range superpowers. Abigail wasn't among those who received powers, however... her sister, Ashley Warren, was. Ashley Warren became a relatively high powered seer, who against her will would receive visions of the future.

The media coverage of the explosive superhuman population growth, along with the expansive coverage of Ashley Warren's precognitive abilities, soon brought in superhuman hate groups. Groups of normal people, who believed that all superhumans -- not just mutants or aliens -- should be exterminated. Extremists made short work of a good portion of Discord City's superhuman population. Among their targets was Ashley Warren, whom they executed during a live broadcast, just as she finished voicing her final vision, words that stuck with Abigail even as she grew older -- 'The World will be in Chains'.

Shortly after her sister's death, Abigail took up with a local group of superheroes. Abigail acted with their group, helping behind the scenes while they handled a slowly rising population of super villains. Soon enough, they discovered the hideout of the supervillain who had created the superhuman formula, and after defeating him, brought back his research, sealing it along with a new experimental form of the formula away within a vault.

Abigail waited for her heroic allies to help her get revenge for her sister's murder... but after a few months, it became increasingly apparent that they had no desire to go after the anti-superhuman groups. Abigail would have to find a way to get her revenge all on her own. And so she turned her attention to the superhuman formula locked away in the vault. It only took a couple days before Abigail hacked into the vault's security system, opened it, and took the formula for herself. A week later, she finally used it, becoming the first superhuman in Discord City to willingly gain superpowers.

The experimental formula was stronger than the original, granting her power beyond what her heroic allies might have been able to pull off... But it had a side effect. Abigail's initially superior intelligence dropped off. Certainly she was still intelligent, but she simply couldn't process complicated information on a whim any longer. In exchange, she became stronger... more resilient... and gained the ability to project and control a strange metallic substance from her body, initially thought to be iron, but later determined to be some sort of alloy.

Abigail kept her powers a secret from her heroic allies, plotting out ways to get to her sister's killers without drawing attention to herself. She came up with the idea to construct an alternate identity of her own. She constructed the identity of The Chained Man. Her costume would hide her body... and of course she'd need a mask. Second were a pair of boots that would increase her height by a good six inches, without being too obvious. And finally there was the mask, used to hide her face. It was of course built with many different gadgets inside of it to make up for many of the powers she didn't gain from the superhuman formula... not to mention a voice modulator to make give her a deep, menacing voice, instead of the voice of a little girl.

As Abigail, she stuck with her superhero allies. She kept track of their movements, all the while hunting for her sister's killers. As her 'friends' brought superhumans to justice, she went in as The Chained Man, broke them free, and enlisted them in helping her. The Chained Man became widely televised, displaying his powers and making televised threats against anti-superhuman extremists. But soon it became apparent that it wouldn't help to destroy them. There would just be more to fill their places, hunt down other superhumans, kill the families and friends of more innocent people just because those that they killed were different.

After a year, The Chained Man's focus was no longer on finding the extremists who killed Abigail's sister. It was on removing the humans who created from power, and taking that power for herself. She used her superhuman allies to wage war against the city, eventually being labelled a terrorist as her frequent attacks nearly brought the city to ruin.

After a time, it became apparent that simply taking a city such as Discord, would not give her a good staging point for her takeover. If she took the city, it would be easy for the Government of the United States to simply wipe the city -- and herself -- off the face of the map. She needed a better place to stage her attack from... or perhaps multiple places. Places that the human governments couldn't so easily afford to lose. Abigail decided to take a break and reconsider her position. She faked her capture, sending in a small-time minion with the general build of The Chained Man into an area scheduled to be raided by the police and of course, Discord City's heroes. There, he would allow himself to be defeated, demasked, and delivered to jail, with the promise that The Chained Man would come and rescue him when it was safe to do so.

News quickly spread about The Chained Man's capture, and Abigail put aside her super villain persona, temporarily, as she finished out school and moved out of the city to go to college in New York. She never did free her body double.


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