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Achilles of Thalarion
Troy, Akhilleus
The Olympian
18 (Reincarnated)

The Olympian

Quote-open "But you, Achilles, there is not a man in the world more blest than you."
-- Homer

A pawn in the games of the gods, the ancient hero Achilles was reborn into an immortal body by Zeus to mirror Diana of the Amazons. Chosen to go out into the modern world, Achilles was charged by Zeus to oppose evil, especially "the dictators and the warmongers." Now far from his home, Achilles seeks a new life as he pursues his quest.

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Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Divine Grace: 8, Enhanced Senses: 8, Flight: 7, Physique: 8, Regeneration: 7, Super Speed: 6

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 8, Charisma: 6, Combat: 9, Education: 6, Polyglot, Riding

Abilities: Gear

Armor: 6 Spear of Athena: 10

Advantages: Olympus Thalarion

Flaws: Blades, Conviction, Duty, Foreign, Overconfident

Languages: Ancient-Greek, English, and Greek


Gear: Armor (6)

Stats: Armor 6, Bracers 8, Helmet 8, Shield 10

Achilles bears the armor and shield forged for him by Hephaestus, the smith of the Greek pantheon. The metal resembles bronze, though it is in fact not quite any earthy alloy. It is also non-ferrous and resists manipulation by external forces, be they magic or science. Naturally, it is also quite resilient, and even if it takes battle damage, its own enchantment will restore it to functionality before terribly long (such as between scenes). The shield holds all the same properties as the armor, though it is also a work of art in and of itself, its intricate carvings described in verse by Homer. The images on the shield depict the Earth, ocean, and heavens; cities and estates; scenes of pastoral beauty, agriculture, and harvest; and depictions of merriment, such as a wedding and dances.

Gear: Spear of Athena (10)

Stats: Durability 10, Damage 1-10 (Varies with the strength put into it)

This divinely wrought spear holds many of the same properties as Achilles's armor, such as that it resists manipulation by external forces, be they magic or science. It also resists damage, essentially unbreakable, and it is said to be able to "pierce any substance." Like his armor, it can be summoned at will.

Power: Divine Grace (8)

Clothing: Achilles may manifest vestments, whether clothing or armor, such as suit his needs by will alone.

Iron Will: Forged in battle, tempered by the gods, Achilles has a psyche of nearly unsurpassed fortitude.

Achilles was reincarnated by Zeus and given the heart of a god, granting him divine power. This grants him many gifts, such as his enhanced physique and virtual immortality. One added perk is the ability to manifest whatever clothing he wants at a given time, enabling him to transform from civilian attire to his armor, for instance, with only a thought.

Power: Enhanced Senses (8)

Range: Limited to immediate vicinity

In his immediate area, Achilles is granted by divine grace a hyper-awareness of his surroundings. This makes it very difficult to sneak up on him, surprise attack him, or even pick-pocket him. Thus, though the range of his senses is not extended beyond those of a peak human, up close his perception is nearly perfect.

Power: Flight (7)

Granted divine power by Zeus, Achilles can fly unaided at supersonic speeds, approaching a maximum velocity of over 50,000 MPH. Pressing the limits of his speed affects him much as sprinting might, but thanks to his divine gift and strong regeneration, that means he almost never seems to tire.

Power: Physique (8)

As a result of his divine power, Achilles enjoys several physical, including class 8 strength, endurance, and toughness. Apart from his enhanced physique, he does not age, he is immune to illness and disease, and he is very difficult to kill. Even a spear through the heart would not kill him, though it would grievously wound him.

Power: Regeneration (7)

Out of combat, Achilles heals at a rate more than one hundred times faster than a normal human being, enabling him to recover from any wound or injury without fail. He does not generally scar, and he could eventually even regenerate missing body parts. In combat, he effectively regains one point of condition per every three rounds.

Power: Super Speed (6)

By divine grace, Achilles has reflexes fifty times those of a healthy, athletic human being. He can reach transonic speeds by sprinting, though it takes him up to a few seconds to accelerate and can cause sonic booms, so he often falls back on his enchanted flight instead.

Skill: Athletics (8)

While Achilles is a skilled athlete, he is more a warrior than an athlete. As such, rather than being trained at any particular game or athletic endeavor, his body is honed for combat, making him especially adept at maneuvers that involve those reflexes, such as evading attacks or the like.

Skill: Charisma (6)

Achilles has the strength of presence and charisma one would expect from a leader. He is much more a leader in battle than a statesman, but he has had some training in diplomacy as well.

Skill: Combat (9)

Achilles is a highly trained combatant, both with and without weapons. When unarmed, he tends to be a brawler, but his most trained ability focuses on grappling with opponents to gain the upper hand. There is virtually no ancient weapon with which Achilles has not developed an expertise. He is a fine swordsman, a skilled archer, and so on, but his greatest skill lies in wielding a spear, such as the Spear of Athena that was gifted to him by Zeus.

Skill: Education (6)

While the craft of war has been Achilles's major focus, he does have a classical education in the style of the ancient world. This includes a broad understanding of art and artistry, from painting or sculpting to writing or music. It includes philosophy, mathematics, and a variety of other older topics such as ancient methods of survival or basic medicine. He is especially knowledgeable about mythology, though he does tend to lack more recent knowledge, such as current events or how to use an iPhone.

Skill: Polyglot

Achilles speaks and understands Ancient Greek as his native tongue, but he also has full fluency in modern Greek and English.

Skill: Riding

Achilles is an experienced horseman and chariot driver, as well as knowing the ins and outs of taking care of horses, their gear, and associated trappings.


Advantage: Olympus

Achilles was reincarnated by the power of Zeus, granting him a strong connection to the pantheon of Olympian gods. Because of this, he retains their favor so long as he honors them and follows the duties they set out for him. This favor may include guidance, insight, or even overt aid when the occasion calls for it, but the decision is theirs whether they will aid him, not his own, no matter what his connection to Zeus might be.

Advantage: Thalarion

Much like Themyscira, the island Diana and the Amazons call home, Achilles was reborn on the isle of Thalarion, home to the Gargareans -- the main counterparts of Amazons. This second "paradise island" is the true home of Achilles, a place of refuge and support where a crystal city stands beside a river of gold. Winged horses and lions occupy the island and are used as mounts by many of the Gargareans. Achilles is also heir to the throne of Thalarion, effectively the son of their king, Jason, and as such he has all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that come along with it.


Flaw: Blades

While Achilles is very resilient man, he is vulnerable to swords, knives, and other blades. While it's much harder to run a sword through him than most people due to his denser physical being, his skin has no immunity to being cut, and he does in fact bleed.

Flaw: Conviction

Achilles can only utilize his strength at full power when he is fully confident of himself. When his conviction is low, his strength reduces.

  • -3 - Self-doubting, lacking conviction in his actions
  • -2 - Uncertain, questioning himself
  • -1 - Determined in the face of doubt
  • +0 - Normal

Flaw: Duty

Achilles has been sent to battle oppression and warfare in the world at the command of Zeus. This is no tall order, and it prevents him from settling into an easy life in the mortal world. Everything he does must serve this command in some fashion, lest he incur the wrath of the gods, leaving Achilles little time for any kind of a life of his own.

Flaw: Foreign

Not only is Achilles not from America, he's not even from this millennium. Having been originally born Before the Common Era and more recently having been reborn on the isle of Thalarion, Achilles is quite ignorant of the ways of the world. He has only a vague idea how to operate in the culture he's been thrust into.

Flaw: Overconfident

A lifetime of power, position, and accomplishment would be enough to give a man a strong sense of confidence, but when one considers that he was virtually invulnerable before and has yet another chance at life, now, Achilles has a tendency to believe there's nothing he cannot face. Naturally, this means he would face unwise odds, give insufficient heed to his own safety, and all the usual side effects of overconfidence.


Achilles, the son of Thetis and Peleus, but it was spoken by all that his father was none other than the God Zeus himself. How else could his ability in battle be explained, as if touched by the Gods himself. It was said, that when he was born, he was dipped in the River Styx, held by his heel; thus making his heal the only vulnerable spot on his body to mortal weapons.

In the Great Trojan war, Achilles is wronged by King Agamemnon of the Greeks and refuses to assist them in their battle against the Trojans. He had won a woman in battle named Briseis, but the King had demanded that Achilles turn her over to him. Achilles begged his mother to ask Zeus to assist the Trojans to gain ground in the battle, so that Achilles could regain his honor.

Zeus interferes and the Trojans begin to gain the advantage. King Agamemnon realizes this and does all he can to appease the warrior, even returning the woman Achilles loved to him; it was not enough, Achilles was not to be appeased. To try and rally the Greeks, Achilles good friend Patroclus put on Achilles’ armor and charged into battle, only to be killed by Hector. The news of his good friends death would be what would urge Achilles back into battle. Thetis would ask Hephaestus to make him a new shield: The Shield of Achilles. Achilles goes on a killing rage, spilling the blood of many a Trojan, but keeping his eyes always open for Hector, the slayer of his dear friend. In fact, his rage is so great that Zeus actually sends the Gods down to the battle to try and restrain and slow him, lest Troy be sacked before it was supposed to. This was proof that Achilles’ rage could tempt fate itself.

Eventually, Achilles catches up to Hector, with a little persuasion from Athena herself, and their fight ensues. In the end, Achilles is victorious and despite the request from Hector to have his body be treated with respect, Achilles drags it behind a chariot. Before the battle is over, Achilles is killed by an arrow to his vulnerable heal; shot by the Prince of Troy: Paris. It was widely rumored that the God Apollo guided the arrow himself that struck the Great Warrior; a rumor that was later confirmed and admitted by the Sun God. The interference by the Gods, although frowned upon was not reprimanded. The treatment of Hector’s body after his death appalled Apollo and he wished to continue to aid the Trojans.

Achilles was dead. Zeus’ great warrior would be only mentioned in legend and classrooms around the world; that was until about 2 decades ago. Zeus felt the need for another strong warrior to be brought back to Earth; one much like Diana, the Amazon known as wonder woman. Diana had decided that she needed the Gods help to rescue her mother from Themyscira. None of the Greek Gods would help her. Diana sought out Kane Milohai; a Hawaiian God. Kane ended up taking in Diana as a sort of Adopted daughter, and earned her loyalty. Sometime later, Zeus needed the services of Diana and came to can, fist asking, but then demanding that the Hawaiian God turn Diana’s loyalty over to him; Kane refused. There was an epic battle, and in the end Zeus came out victorious and ripped Kane’s heart from his body.

It would be with Kane’s heart, a divine fire, and the soul of an ancient warrior, that Zeus would bring Achilles back; granting him powers and abilities of a God. After all, he had the heart of a God beating in his chest.

Achilles owes his born again life to Zeus, and as a result is at his command and ordered to fulfill any request or duty asked of him. Thus, he exists to aid the people of the world and specifically now those in New York City and Metropolis. How will he do? The Greatest Warrior the world has even known plans on making his presence known, and striking fear into anyone on the wrong side of the law.


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