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   Character Sheet
   Abilities: Power
   Breathe in Space: 3, Flight: 7, Gravity Immunity, Kinetic Projectiles: 7, Knockback Physics, Zero Mass Field: 7
   Abilities: Skill
   Clever Girl: 3, Delivery Girl: 3, First Aid: 3, Heads Up: 5, Twitchy Dodging: 3
   Abilities: Gear
   Aerial's Costume: 2, Ruth's Wheelchair: 2, Utility Pack: 1
   Custody Battle, Getting a Grip, No Off Switch, Rapid Bleeding
   Languages: English
   Gear: Aerial's Costume (2)

The suit is lightly armored, providing redundant protection against simple physical assault with a mix of hard armor over the vitals and padding for the limbs. The hard parts can resist light gunfire, while the padding is effective against small blades. It comes with a helmet that contains some electronic equipment, a visor to conceal her face while letting her see out, and a HUD to display information. It has cameras that can record in multiple directions, GPS, altimeter, cell reception, flashlight, satellite communication, emergency services band monitoring, air traffic control frequencies, and LEO database access. It can go about six hours on a charge. BoSA property, to be returned if no longer needed.

   Gear: Ruth's Wheelchair (2)

Sturdier and heavier than the common folding wheelchair, this one has a mutant inhibitor core that can neutralize mutant X-gene powers. The device can only be tuned to one subject at a time, which right now is Ruth, and even if re-tuned (she has no idea how to do that) it doesn't work on powers not derived from the mutant X-gene. The wheelchair itself isn't special, but it serves as a convenient cover. It's the core that's important. While sitting in the chair, she is completely depowered, making it significantly easier to conceal the nature of her mutation in her civilian identity. It has a running time of twelve hours between charges. BoSA property, to be returned if no longer needed.


Gear: Utility Pack (1)

A large waterproof backpack with multiple bulging zippered compartments. The pack contains a variety of goods of modest utility, such as ropes, thread, string, yarn, scissors, hole puncher, pens, pencils, shrink wrap, aluminum foil, ziplock bags, exacto knife, bag of glass marbles, bag of rubber bouncy balls, bottled water, first aid kit, masking tape, spray bottle of vinegar, box of baking soda, soap, clear tape, duct tape, velcro strips, taser, pepper spray, notebooks, maps, rubber bands, ball bearings, magnets, glue, sticky notes, headphones, sunshades, hygiene and toiletries, prepaid cell phone, dowel rods, flashlight, goggles, bug spray, metal wire, sturdy chains, empty sacks, nets, calling cards -- mostly tools, school and office supplies, and assorted mundane easily-purchased things that might come in handy. All tied on tethers to keep them together and in place inside the bag where she can find them quickly by touch.


Power: Breathe in Space (3)

She can breathe just fine in the vacuum of space as if it were regular atmosphere, and doesn't suffer any negative effects due to the temperatures, pressures, vacuum, or radiation of space travel. Her lungs fill with the nothing of space and she derives the necessary metabolic gasses from it to continue breathing normally, and paradoxically she can even be strangled or smothered to suffocate in space when prevented from breathing. If she has a communications device taken with her power, she can even hear it and talk back. Massless objects held with her power also benefit from the effect. This effect is continuous.


Power: Flight (7)

With conscious direction she can launch herself in a straight line at very high speeds, experiencing no air resistance, and leaving no wake. The air entering her field from the front becomes massless and is instantly diverted out of her way, and back together on the other side of her, before exiting the rear of the field and regaining its mass again. Her flight is silent and reactionless, and she can instantly change velocities, come to a sudden stop, and make sharp corners without having to spend any time accelerating or decelerating. While she can in theory choose any velocity shy of lightspeed to travel, she is limited by human reaction times and a diminishing level of return for effort expended. At relativistic speeds she experiences time dilation, her own perceptions slowing down compared to the time passing outside, which makes it even harder than usual to react. She is fast-moving, but not fast-acting. When flying quickly, she can't precisely time the turn to go down a side-street. As a consequence, she either makes short jerky movements in the air, or rapid straight line movement to a nearby surface that stops her. This effect is continuous.


Power: Gravity Immunity

Because of her lack of mass, she is unaffected by gravitational forces of all kinds, including the natural pull of the Earth and other celestial bodies. She can't escape gravitation strong enough to produce an event horizon, but she could go right up to the edge of the horizon and come back with no extra difficulty. Massless objects held with her power also benefit from the effect. This effect is continuous.


Power: Kinetic Projectiles (7)

By rushing towards a target, releasing a heavy object, and stopping, the object exits her field, regains its mass, and continues on its trajectory towards the target. This results in launching a projectile with a significant or even relativistic amount of kinetic energy. She's keenly aware of the destructive collateral damage potential in such a strike, which when combined with difficulty in aiming and reflexes to trigger, make hypervelocity strikes generally impractical. There's also the small matter of sufficiently fast objects instantly detonating into massive fusion fireballs in her own face when released in an atmosphere, which is clearly bad and so she won't do that.


Power: Knockback Physics

Because of her lack of mass, kinetic impacts and rapid accelerations or decelerations don't harm her. Instead she is pushed back or knocked aside effortlessly, or bumped to an instant stop with no collision damage for either her or the impacted object. When bullets hit her, they keep flying and shove her. When she slams into a wall, she simply stops immediately with no impact. When a blade is swung at her, she slides back along it without being cut. If backed against a wall, she's pushed out to one side. If trapped and unable to be pushed aside, the impact strikes true as if she were unprotected. Massless objects held with her power also benefit from the effect. This effect is continuous.


Power: Zero Mass Field (7)

A skintight mass neutralization field surrounds and suffuses her body. She has no mass, inertia, nor weight, and lives in Zero-G. The field extends very slightly out from her body's surface, far enough to take hold of small particles such as sand, dust, air, and other such atmospheric components, and render them massless as well. The field extends out around objects she holds or wears, the field spreading along the surface of those objects from her body. The effect chain-reacts and can propagate down straps and tethers when pulled taut, until those items are completely enclosed as well and rendered massless. She can hold a total of about 125 tons at once. Objects too massive to be affected disrupt the edges of her field and anchor her to the object by the tether instead of being lifted. Chain of effect must be contiguous, and objects that are released, dropped, or cut free immediately regain their full mass as the field breaks instantly. This is the primary effect that leads to all other powers. This effect is continuous.


Skill: Clever Girl (3)

The bag of tricks runs fairly deep. From scattering marbles across the floor to trip people, letting herself be pulled in a circle to tie someone up, using aluminum foil to deflect a laser beam, launching bouncy balls at significant speeds as a nonlethal area suppression, or just circling the site recording everything - she works outside the box frequently, making use of her mobility. When things go bad and she starts to panic, she could take more extreme measures as she focuses only on making sure her friends make it out safely.


Skill: Delivery Girl (3)

She can carry objects. Quickly. Large objects. Into space. In zero-G preservation. If you need something delivered quickly, you can call Aerial. If you have supplies that need to get to the International Space Station, she can drop those in the airlock for you. If you have injured that need to be taken to the hospital without being jostled around, she's on her way. If you have just invented the super fragile plot device that must be protected from any shocks and forces on its way to the final phlebotinum - well, she has a perfect way to do that. Just sign here.


Skill: First Aid (3)

Though a novice, she knows the basic principles to handle CPR (though performing it is troublesome), to stop bleeding, to know when someone has a spinal injury and shouldn't be moved (and when her power can make it safer to do so). She can't set bones or do stitches or anything like that, but she knows about disinfecting wounds, treating heat stroke, exhaustion, hypothermia, and the other basics.


Skill: Heads Up (5)

Most people only rarely look higher than they can reach. Even most people who fly still fight ingrained human instinct to be right-side up, to have a preferred direction of down, to look for danger in particular directions. She doesn't have a down, she's in Zero-G. In her mind, she's stationary and it's the rest of the universe that moves and turns around her. Her power bounces her around enough that she's always checking her position, orientation, and surroundings to keep up. She keeps careful watch and notes details, wary and vigilant for the threat she has to react to, or changes in the situation that need to be reported, observing from multiple angles to make sure everything is recorded on camera.


Skill: Twitchy Dodging (3)

Many of her abilities are limited by her reflexes and reaction times. Successfully aiming a throw requires three separate acts of will, to approach the target, to release the projectile, to stop herself. Successfully navigating a street means aiming for a particular spot on a wall or floor, shooting to it, then getting her bearings and shooting to the next stop. Just evading something takes a thought to start moving and another thought to stop. So that's what she's been training. She moves in response to seeing the barrel of a gun, incoming projectiles, and on unexpected vectors, without needing to accelerate. She rarely sits still, is tough to predict, and she's hard to hit if she's paying attention, because she doesn't need to avoid the laser beam, she just needs to avoid being in front of where you're aiming the gun.


Flaw: Custody Battle

A three-way custody battle is underway for control of Ruth Maxwell. On one hand we have the mother, Katherine Maxwell, arguing that Ruth should not be allowed to fight crime and that the father cannot take care of her properly. On the other we have the father Carter Maxwell, in deteriorating health, who claims that Katherine is abusive towards Ruth and has inflicted hate crimes and trauma on the girl. And in the third case, Ruth herself, trying to push with Carter's reluctant approval to become an emancipated minor to avoid having to return to her mother's custody if her father's condition becomes fatal. Paperwork and motions are being pushed back and forth, and while they might resolve one way or the other at any time, running out the clock until Ruth comes of age might be viable in its own right.


Flaw: Getting a Grip

Because she has no mass or inertia, she cannot push or pull things normally. If she flew into a partially-open door at the speed of sound, she would abruptly stop on impact and the door wouldn't budge - though she could toss a book at it. If the door is closed, she can't turn the knob without bracing herself securely, and would instead spin in the air. She can't punch her way through a paper barrier, and would be pushed back by it. Typing on a keyboard requires a firm hold to push buttons instead of being pushed away by buttons.


Flaw: No Off Switch

Many of her powers are continuous, and can't be deliberately turned off. She sleeps tethered to objects to avoid floating up into the sky and out into space. She can't walk along the ground like a normal person. She can't balance a book on her head without being slammed flat to the floor under it. Someone bumping casually into her will set her into motion unless she reacts quickly. Someone who throws a lasso around her gets taken by her power whether she wants to or not. She's a fairly obvious super without her wheelchair.


Flaw: Rapid Bleeding

Isolated living cells of her body possess the same massless qualities and field generation as the whole, but on a smaller scale. This means blood won't clot a wound closed without pressure, and it continues to float out of the wound and away from her body in a fine mist until the blood cells die and fall. Even minor cuts need to be treated with pressure until they clot.



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