Ainsley Wallace Galt
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Quote-open '"One should never use magic for evil- for it will always come back on you threefold. But that doesn't mean I can't sock you one."' Quote-close

In her home lands, Ainsley Galt was a good cop and a shaman- a respected memeber of her community. She thought she understoond right and wrong, morality and mortality, until she was pulled through an anomaly into a completely different universe. She's gone from serving and protecting to scraping up a living as a homeless nomad. From peace officer to occasional theif just to survive. To her, this is simply a test, another grand lesson that she must learn on her shamanic path. The gods work in mysterious ways.



Tikal - E. S. Posthumus



Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Bonecrusher: 4 Built Tough: 4

Abilities: Attributes

Agile: 4, Animal Senses: 6, Stubborn: 3

Abilities: Powers

Magic Wielder: 4 Second Sight: 4

Abilities: Skills

Former Cop: 5

Abilities: Tech

Service Pistol: 1

Advantages: Scavenger

Flaws: Culture Shock, Inhuman Form, Loathed Species, No Identity

Languages: English


Attribute: Bonecrusher (4)

Ainsley is stronger than your average human, and can even hold her own against many professional strength trainers. Much of her strength is natural, she has thick, strong bones and good muscle tone, but she also makes it a point to keep herself in the best condition she can. Before arriving in this world she had to maintain her health for her job, now she has to keep it up for sheer survival. Like her four-legged cousins in this world, Ainsley also possesses the incredible jaw strength hyenas are known for. She can easily crush a human's arm in her teeth, and can crunch up most bones like they were saltine crackers.

Attribute: Built Tough (4)

Hyenas are tough animals by nature, with a high pain tolerance and thick builds. Ainsley is no exception, being able to shrug off a lot of hits and wounds. It makes her a formidable fighter, as she can take a beating and still bounce back. She heals quickly, and is resistant to many infections, which lessens her dependence on medical care. Ainsley also has a good endurance factor, and is able to keep moving or fighting long after other have tired.

Attributes: Agile (4)

Despite her seeming bulk, Ainsley can move with efficiency. She's reasonably nimble and light on her feet, able to corner well in a pursuit or move quickly out of danger's way.

Attributes: Animal Senses (6)

Ainsley is a humanoid animal, and has animal senses. Her large radar-dish ears can pick up sounds well above and out of the range of human hearing, and she can smell as well as any canine. Her daytime eyesight is average for a predatory plains hunter, but her night vision excels, allowing her to see even if there's only starlight available. She has the natural instincts to keep a close monitor on her environment, and is very alert. Little goes on in her immediate surroundings that she doesn't somehow detect.

Attributes: Stubborn (3)

Ainsley is hard headed and dominant, so she can be hard to sway, especially if she has her mind set on something. Her mother always told her that she would argue with a brick wall.

Powers: Magic Wielder (4)

The magic that Ainsley is able to perform isn't the flash-bang sort that others can muster, instead it's more of a background activity. Her skills are fairly wide-ranging, but everything that she is capable of takes time, preparation and often has a limited scope of effect. By focusing and pulling in energy, she can create spells and perform feats such as divination, warding and shielding. Her magic effects the spiritual, perceptual and mental aspects of the target more than the physical, though physical results can be obtained through a great deal of effort. She also has a good working knowledge of herbs and crystals, and can use them in various spells or potions that can both heal and hurt. Ainsley works strictly with the concept that all magic work done comes back on the wielder eventually, so that any negative work will eventually impact her negatively. Given this belief, it's almost unheard of that she would cast anything harmful against another living thing. Ainsley's magic work is not combat oriented, she can't throw bolts of energy or shield herself from physical blows.

Powers: Second Sight (4)

Being a shaman and user of magic, Ainsley possesses second sight. She can feel magic, 'see' auras and sense supernatural phenomena. Her second sight isn't as clear cut as simply seeing something, however, and it often comes as quick visions in her minds eye or vague feelings that take interpretation.

Skills: Former Cop (5)

Ainsley was a police officer back in her home dimension. She's been through the academy and graduated with honors. She is good at digging up facts, following trails of clues and picking out lies. She is a good marksman, able to handle a firearm with confidence, as well as being versed in street level brawling and self defense. She can also keep her cool in a variety of bad situations. She knows how to interrogate suspects and apprehend criminals, though her skills and teachings are largely based on tactics from her homeland, and some vary greatly from the tactics and techniques of this word.

Tech: Service Pistol (1)

Ainsley still has her service pistol, the same one she carried on her homeworld. It's through great effort that she's managed to keep a hold of the weapon, which is equivalent and compatible with a .45 caliber Smith and Wesson model 1911.


Advantage: Scavenger

The evolution of Ainsley's species in her own universe luckily hasn't done away with her ability to survive as a scavenger. She has a cast-iron stomach, and can eat things that would sicken most anyone, or anything, else. She can consume bones with no ill effects, as well as raw meat. Naturally she prefers to eat fresh, properly prepared meals, but given her current status she often has to rely on this advantage.


Flaw: Culture Shock

Ainsley isn't from this world. While her dimension is very similar, and by sheer luck and coincidence she speaks the same language, it's not the same. Her world was populated by humanoid animals of many species, and had a completely different political and social structure. Technology is different, and finding clothing that fits is a real pain. She's been here long enough that she has mostly acclimated, but it will never be home and she is very stuck in her ways.

Flaw: Inhuman Form

While in her home dimension Ainsley is pretty normal, she's far from average in this world. Being a bipedal, fur-covered animal isn't something that blends in well or is warmly accepted among modern society, even with specials and mutants gaining more acceptance. A trench coat and fedora can only hide so much, and even in the shadows her outline is plainly non-human. This makes her a target for hate crimes, and limits a lot of opportunities. Blending in is simply not an option.

Flaw: Loathed Species

It's one thing to look like a wild animal in a human-ruled world. It's another to be a wild animal that is almost universally hated and feared. While a wolf might be seen as noble, or a big cat seen as majestic, hyenas are usually loathed. Considered dirty, vicious, vile and cowardly, they have few fans. With such a bad reputation for her four legged cousins, Ainsley is likely to have to work twice as hard to gain any sort of trust or respect.

Flaw: No Identity

Ainsley had respect and a job back home. Here? She's a nobody. The ID and badge she still carries are nothing but useless mementos, as she has no authority, influence or even a record. Without official identification she can't hold legal, steady work, get a driver's license, a place to live or partake in a lot of other things that average folks take for granted. It leaves her essentially a drifter, sleeping wherever she finds shelter and scraping by however she can.


Ainsley Galt's life started out normally- at least for her world. The only child of a book publisher and her husband, Ainsley was raised in a stable, well-off household. Her great aunt was the community shaman, and it was through that relative that Ainsley received her training to take over the position. It looked like the young hyena was on the right track to take over her parents' printing business and become the community shaman when her path changed dramatically. At age 12 she discovered detective stories when the publishing company picked up a contract to publish a series based on a fictional investigator. Ainsley started reading through the books as fast as she could get her paws on them, and when the supply ran out, she reread them all again. The books fueled an interest in law enforcement, and soon she was making plans to join the police academy when she had finished with school. Ainsley's mother tried to convince her to change her mind and take over the printing business, but the young hyena was determined. She did continue learning the shamanic ways under the tutelage of her great aunt, who encouraged Ainsley to attempt to combine her interest in the law and her spiritual teachings.

After Ainsley had finished school she applied for, and was accepted into the police academy. In the academy she excelled, quickly proving herself to be an apt investigator. The young cop quickly learned that the reality of police work was nothing like the adventure stories of her youth, but she still enjoyed the challenge. Like her great aunt had suggested, she did her best to combine her shamanic training with her police work. She used her unique talents to help solve cases, and soon gained a reputation for both being a good cop, and a spooky character. Many of the less spiritually inclined members of the force viewed her with reserve or suspicion. The Witch-Doctor Detective was soon well known, for better or worse, across the city.

While looking over a crime scene in a rail yard on the outskirts of the city late one night, the detective was caught in a strange anomaly. At first it seemed like nothing more than a severe electrical storm, but while trying to usher the crime lab techs to safety Ainsley was sucked through some sort of a vortex. When she woke up she was in a land that seemed similar, yet terribly different, from where she had come from. She found herself in parallel universe inhabited by strange, ape-like creatures, and even a few like her. A place of super-powered individuals, the likes of which were only fiction in her world, and even aliens from other planets. At least, by some stroke of incredible luck, they seem to speak the same language she does.

Now Ainsley Galt has been in this strange land for a year, but the culture shock still hasn't completely worn off.


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File:Fern Fiddlehead.jpg
Fern Fiddlehead

Fern is the first kind soul that Ainsley has met since arriving in New York City not long ago. Fern gave the homeless hyena a sandwich and a bag of Funyons, and as they say, once you feed a feral animal they're hard to get rid of.


Ainsley Galt's Wanted List
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