The Jade Knight

Portrayed by Nathan Fillion
Alan Ladd Wellington Scott
Formerly, Green Lantern
Appears 30s


"And I shall shed my light over dark evil,
for the dark things cannot stand the light."

Alan Scott has worn many masks over the course of his lifetime.

In his civilian guise, he is currently known as the CEO of the Gotham Broadcasting Company. He is widely believed to be the grandson of the Alan Scott who was active in broadcasting during World War II.

Once renowned as Earth's original Green Lantern, his youth has been revitalized and now he joins the younger generation of heroes as the Jade Knight called Sentinel.

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Music: TBA

RP Likes: Classic / Comedic / Heroic / Social / Weird


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Starheart, Physiology: 5, Willpower: 8, Empowered Senses, Flight: 7, Forcefield: 7, Force Manipulation: 9, Phasing: 6, Photokinesis: 6

Abilities: Skill

Businessman: 8, Engineer: 6, Martial Artist: 5

Abilities: Gear

Armor: 2 Power Ring

Advantages: Fame & Influence, Media Empire, Wealth

Flaws: Fame, Green Growing Things, Mystic Beacon

Languages: An ability allows Alan Scott to comprehend all languages.


Gear: Armor (2)

Alan's costume offers a minor defense augmentation, mostly helping to absorb impacts and such. It also gives him a tiny bit of defense against wooden weapons, which can penetrate his powers due to his "Green Growing Things" flaw.

Gear: Power Ring

Alan's power ring used to serve as a focus for his abilities as the Green Lantern. Now the ring is defunct, but he keeps it as an affectation--partly out of memory and respect for the past, partly because many of his enemies wrongly assume that it is the focus of his power. However, after meeting many Green Lanterns from the far reaches of space, Alan has retooled his Power Ring to mimic some of the basic functions of the Oan lanterns, allowing him to use it as a communication device, a tracker for his energy constructs, and a universal translator. The ring also remains a repository of mystical knowledge gained over Alan's years as a hero, serving as a wellspring of experiences that he can tap, recovering fine details from memories otherwise grown distant and dusty.

Power: Empowered Senses

Alan's physical senses are several times stronger than a peak human's, but they do not reach the scale of many other superhuman senses. However, he does have a great sensitivity to energy flows, particularly energies of a cosmic or mystic nature. This allows him to perceive the flows and movements of such energies, perhaps even granting him insight or understanding into various phenomena.

Power: Flight (7)

Alan can reach hypersonic speeds while flying within a planetary atmosphere. Outside of a planet's gravity well, he can use his Force Manipulation to accelerate himself to far greater speeds. He has been known to travel swiftly to the Moon with this ability, though it is plausible that he could go farther if he wished, as the Starheart is itself from a distant extraplanetary origin.

Power: Forcefield (7)

Separate from his energy constructs, Alan can manifest a forcefield around his body. Existing just a millimeter or so above his skin, this field exists to protect his manifest shape from harm. When empowered as Sentinel, he keeps it active at nearly all times. The field can be penetrated by objects his powers are weak against (see flaws) or can be destroyed with sufficient sustained assault.

Power: Force Manipulation (9)

Like the abilities of the Green Lanterns, Alan is able to manifest constructs of solid green energy by force of his will. Without pressing the limits of his will, he can manifest energy emissions or constructs that rank at an 8 on the scale of Strength, Toughness, Arsenal, Heat, Electricity, Sound, or divided between any combination of these. Usually, these are energy blasts on the Arsenal scale, simple constructs based on the Strength scale for offense, or simple constructs based on the Toughness scale for defense.

Larger or more complex effects generally lack the raw power of more focused effects, so while Alan can reach the raw intensity of an ICBM or MIRV, he cannot easily replicate their scale and true impact. To achieve an effect that is both so large and impactful would require a Push effect. In addition, while his constructs can mimic the function of various simple machines, but they cannot produce any effect that the Starheart's energies cannot already create. Under normal circumstances, the constructs fade as soon as Alan ceases to concentrate on them, but if he takes special time and effort, they can remain in place indefinitely.

Power: Phasing (6)

By willing his manifested molecules to shift out of "phase" with other solid matter, Alan can easily pass through most solid objects. He can pass through a few feet of even a very dense material with ease, but extended distances through dense solids or any distance through superdense materials provide him with more challenging obstacles.

Power: Photokinesis (6)

Alan can bend and shape light, creating either holographic images or rendering himself invisible along the electromagnetic spectrum. Complex illusions are not something at which he specializes, but he has been able to use this light manipulation to hypnotize subjects in the past.

Power: Physiology (5)

Alan is physically stronger and tougher than a normal human, his physical traits each rating at a 5, and his body is resistant to aging, illness, toxins, and the other frailties of humankind. He can exist indefinitely without food, water, air, or other such requirements because his physical being is comprised of the power of the Starheart. While he can certainly be damaged, he recovers swiftly, and given time he can even regenerate his body, such as reforming lost limbs or organs, so long as there is sufficient energy remaining to him.

Power: Starheart

The source of Alan's power is the Starheart, a wellspring of cosmic, mystic power billions of years old. Originally empowered by only a shard of the Starheart, Alan has since absorbed the energy into himself, becoming one with it. All of Alan's current powers result from his having become one with the Starheart.

Power: Willpower (8)

Alan's force of will is the only "power" he holds that is not granted by the Starheart, though mastering control over that power has certainly refined his will to degrees unknown by most other beings. His mental discipline and force of will make him virtually indomitable, resistant to any form of incursion upon his mind. However, he is not immune to telepathy or mental communication. His mind may be all but inviolate from influence and resistant to direct psychic attack, but he has no "thought screen" to keep telepaths from looking. On the other hand, he can fight against them if he focuses on doing so. As a result, reading his surface thoughts is fairly easy, but looking more deeply may cause him to resist.

Skill: Businessman (8)

Alan has a natural talent when it comes to business, having built his empire from scratch by buying failing broadcasting stations and newspapers and making them successful. He was one of the first to integrate the internet into his business model and millions of people can stream his news reports wirelessly via GBC's very own satellite.

Skill: Engineer (6)

Alan formerly worked as an engineer, specializing in radios, before he moved into business ventures. As a result of that plus his years of experience, learning new technologies as they have emerged, Alan is a very capable user of technology, tinkerer, and otherwise gadget-friendly individual. He is capable of using and repairing most conventional forms of technology, though he is far from an innovative designer or inventor.

Skill: Martial Artist (5)

A devotee of the philosophy 'a healthy mind in a healthy body', Alan's studied the martial arts less for defense (he has security after all) and more for fitness. That being said, he has a black belt in karate and has recently added krav maga to his repertoire.


Advantage: Fame & Influence

With wealth and success comes fame. With an international media empire comes even more fame. He might not be recognizable to the average person, but they probably know him by name. Those who cater to the wealthy certainly do. He's rich, famous and handsome. He also owns an international media empire. He can kill stories or make sure they get heard by as many people as possible. Politicians like to be on his good side and while he can't be bought, he does have a strong sense of justice. Beware the bard with an axe to grind.

Advantage: Media Empire

Gotham Broadcasting Corporation was built up by Alan starting with a single television studio in Gotham but now includes broadcasting studios from coast to coast in the US, though the corporate headquarters remain in Gotham. GBC is starting to develop a strong reputation not only for original programming but for news reporting as well. It's always been Alan's intention to build the company up to be on par with, if not surpass, the big networks and even CNN. The corporation has just recently launched its own satellite into orbit in another step toward that goal. In addition to broadcast and cable news, GBC has recently purchased a controlling interest of the Daily Planet's stock. This puts GBC's CEO (Alan) on the Daily Planet's Board of Directors. The acquistition announces GBC's intent and commitment to becoming a major player in the field of journalism. Needless to say, being the owner and CEO of GBC confers many benefits.

Advantage: Wealth

Alan is incredibly wealthy. Aside from the wealth of his family, he's made his own fortune. Private jets, yachts, penthouses all over the world... It's good to be the king.


Flaw: Fame

Being famous does have its downside. He only has the privacy he can make or buy. He doesn't have the comfort of knowing his mistakes won't be headline news to rivals. Among other things, his lovelife is the subject of gossip. He doesn't mind at all being publically out and wouldn't change it if he could but it does get old at times.

Flaw: Green Growing Things

When the Starheart bonded with Alan, it used the Earth much as Oa used the Central Power Battery for the Green Lantern Corps. As a result, Alan's body and power are mingled with the mystic energies of the Earth's elemental being. This makes the Earth a focal point for his power, but a side effect of this is that the energies of the Starheart have attuned to the "green, growing things of Earth." This makes Alan very sensitive to the ecological state of the planet, and he certainly has trouble using his powers the natural world--flora in particular. In practical terms, this means that Alan's Force Manipulation ability is reduced by 2 against most forms of planet matter--anything that once had root systems in the ground. The wood of trees, the most mystically potent rooted plants on Earth, affect him far more greatly. His energy projection powers cannot directly affect wood, whether in the forms of blasts, constructs, or his forcefield. Notably, this limitation only holds true for native plants grown on Earth.

Flaw: Mystic Beacon

Whether in costume or out, Alan radiates powerful mystic energy. It's not that he uses magic; he doesn't. For all intents and purposes, he IS magic, infused with the green, growing, life energy of the planet.


In ancient times, a fragment of the Starheart came to Earth. It was fashioned into a lamp, which later became a lantern, which was in turn found by Alan Scott on a train during World War II. The lamp saved his life, granting him the power of the Green Flame of Life. He became the Green Lantern, a hero in his own time and for many years to come, serving as an active member of the original Justice Society of America. He also lived, as did countless men in those days, a closeted life--always passing as "normal" to his comrades--and he had a wife. He also had children, though that was more complicated. His power slowed his aging, and he outlived his wife, but time marched on. He grew old.

Yet, old age did not take him then, for the Starheart that had sent a portion of itself to Earth so long ago reached the planet, threatening to destroy it. To prevent this, Alan sought the aid of others and was able, eventually, to absorb the Starheart into himself, becoming one being with it, irrevocably fused. It took him some time to recover, but when he did it was in a body revitalized to its prime, now immune to the ravages of time. Effectively having been given a new lease on life, Alan set about establishing a new identity for himself, parleying his healthy finances and a lifetime's knowledge of broadcasting into a mass media empire. He caught up with the times. And he took up a new heroic mantle for a new era: Sentinel.


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    The Hellfire Club

    Alan Scott is a member of the Hellfire Club.

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    Bureau of Superhuman Affairs

    Alan Scott is a registered hero with the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.


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