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The Alchemist


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Alchemy: 7, Atomic Chemistry: 6, Energy Source: 6, Hidden Mind: 10/2, Ooze Physiology: 10, Variable Strength: 0-5

Abilities: Skill

Alchemist: 3, Chemist: 7, Teacher

Abilities: Stat

Strength: 4.5 Toughness: 6

Advantages: Alchemist/chemist

Flaws: Electrical, Forcefields, Inherent Weakness, Magic, Memory Core, Mental Rest, Ooze, Sample Required, Shift Delay, Strange Occurance, Teen Mind

Languages: English, German, and Spanish


Power: Alchemy (7)

Whatever substance the alchemist is made of, allows it to absorb, store, alter, process, mix and purifi matter and ingrediants at will, living or nonliving. He is able to do magical alchemy, such as turning tin into gold. His body can also take on the properties of any substances he has broken down and absorbed before such as water, steel, bark, etc. He however cannot take on a gas form, though he can produce it. Because of this he is able to create any kind of potion, gas, salve, etc, he or others might need. He can create containers from his goo like body in order to hold potions, gases and mixtures at will. He can spread over objects in order to transmute larger pieces his limit being a 10x10x10 cube (600 sqft)

Power: Atomic Chemistry (6)

His ability to altar and use matter happens chemicaly as well. This allow it other unique abilites, such as the ability to glow. It is also able to give off various forms of energy such as electric jolts or fireballs. It can also use this energy to fly and propell itself across the sky. It can reach a max speed of up to 500 mph /if/ it takes on a suitable form to help aid it. However converting matter into additional "fuel" at such speeds is extreamly difficult if not impossible and will use itself up faster then it can create fuel, as such can only maintain such speeds for at most an hour.

Power: Energy Source (6)

Whatever substance The Alchemist is made of acts as a generator of both magical and electrical energy. As such he or others can use him as a constant and unlimited energy source. He is also the idea substance for alchemical experiments, channeling spells of a 'transmutive' nature, and a living battary able to power many electronics.

Power: Hidden Mind (10/2)

Exception: People with access to magic, or can communicate with technology can possibly communicate with him, and him them.

Since the alchemist mind has in a way "turned inward" it is unaffected by even the most powerful telepathic effects. That is, there is no way for him to perceive the astral plane in any form. However, his entire body is his mind, and destroying physical parts of himself equates to losing memories, knowledge, etc. This also means he has the potential for a genuis intellect.

Power: Ooze Physiology (10)

The alchemist is made out of a very thick and viscous, ooze like substance. As such he can rearrange and altar himself to a remarkable degree, and even pull parts of himself togeather should be be torn apart.This allows The Alchemist to shapeshift, and is limited to his imagination and weight, and is even capable of having additional limbs.He can only reach a weight of up to one ton. If he wishes to be something smaller he can either a) condense himself or b)drop off excess matter.However he always has a very light hexgrid pattern on him, decerning him from the real thing

The Alchemist is nearly indestructable. This is mainly because one gram of this odd substance can absorb and turn matter into itself in order to regenerate. Conventional weapons such as guns or blades can't actually hurt him, and his body is similar to a non-newtonian fluid. Having no kind of dna he is unaffected by disease, can't age or even be poisoned. He can withstands temperatures as high as 2200 degrees fahrenheit, and as low as -30 degrees fahrenheit. He /physically/ has no need to breath, eat, or rest. Like his strength, this can vary depending on what material and form he is taking on (10-1)

The alchemist is also able to comfortably split himself into seven 'individuels'. Though this does allow him to multitask it does require great mental fortitude to maintain for extended periods if alot is happening. However if they have a host it is far easier to maintain. These individuels can take hosts of their own and grant them some of alchemists powers. Unless particularly strong willed he can take full control of their bodies at will and are always connected like a hive mind regardless of distance. He can have conversations with the host(s) but cannot gain/access their indivudual skills or memories. Note - Taking another player as a host is consent based.

Power: Variable Strength (0-5)

The Alchemist does have super human strength that is determined by two things. One is weight, two is material. In his "natural" state he can lift and carry about 3 tons. If he takes on another form of matter or shapeshifts this can be increased or decreased depending on what he takes on. Though the max he could ever lift is 5 tons regardless of the material

Skill: Alchemist (3)

Al has also ventured into alchemy of the magical variety hopeing to mix it with his current scientific research. He understands and is able to do basic alchemy, such as creating healing salves from unconvetional material.

Skill: Chemist (7)

Al is a chemist and biochemist, having been studying the field for years. He even manages to get his PhD from Harvard, graduating in the top 20 of his class, and contines to avidly study.

Skill: Teacher

Though not a legal teacher, he does enjoy teaching others. He has volounterred to teach classes or give demonstrations on chemistry, act as a mentor to students both children and adults.

Stat: Strength (4.5)

In his natural state, he can lift and carry up 3 tons.

Stat: Toughness (6)

He cannot be hurt in his natural state by most most weapons, and even resists heavy military weapons


Advantage: Alchemist/chemist

Al has many perks for being both an alchemist and a chemist. He has ties to suppliers that can provide chemicals or reagents. He has also been appointed a secluded laboratory to work from that doubles as his home


Flaw: Electrical

Although he can generate electricity himself, it can also be used agaist him. A powerful constant current can render him unable to shapeshift or use his alchemical abilities. People who can communicate or interface with technology can possibly be able to influence though not control him mentaly.

Flaw: Forcefields

Because the alchemist is able to absorb and convert matter, he is very hard to contain. However being contained in a strong forcefield of almost any kind bascily ensures his capture. This has also lead to a semi-rational fear of telekinitics or anyone that can do such things.

Flaw: Inherent Weakness

The alchemist gains all the benifits and weaknessess of whatever substance he mimics, overshadowing his own natural strengths or weaknessess. Example if he simulates wood you could in theory burn him to death, or if water can boil him into nothingness.

Flaw: Magic

The Alchemist is particularly affected by magic. This is becuase he was partialy created by magic. As such he can be hurt or destroyed by magic, things inbued with magic or things that are inherently magic. He can also be mentaly influenced or even controlled through magical means.

Flaw: Memory Core

This core is a hex like gem that contains who he is as a person (personality, mannerism, likes and dislikes, etc). If destroyed somehow along with large portions of his body, he will basicly become a new person, weather for better or for worse. If he dosn't have a memory core at the time, then destroying parts of him can have potentialy the same effect. A memory core can be made or unmade at will, but take at least one day to form one.

Flaw: Mental Rest

Despite the fact that he has no need of physical rest, he does need mental rest. While 'asleep' his body may act upon his subconsious thoughts since it never rests. Days that are mentaly taxing make it harder for him to use his abilities or even interact normally.

Flaw: Ooze

The alchemist is made out of a thick, viscous, goo like substance, and it's something he can't completly hide. As such, everyday social interactions can be difficult or arkward to deal with, even more so if he can't quite keep it togeather.

Flaw: Sample Required

The alchemist cannot mimic something unless he has had a chance to properly and peacefully break down at least one pound of whatever it may be. The break down process for getting the matter into 'memory' takes at least a week.

Flaw: Shift Delay

Despite the fact he can take on the properties of other forms of matter, it does take time to actualy change, and even longer if he wasn't in his 'natural' form to start with. A full complete change through his entire body takes 30 minutes, while partial changes are quicker, it would still take at least 5 minuets for just his outer layer to change.

Flaw: Strange Occurance

Since the alchemist does generate both magical and electrical energy, odd occurances out of his control can happen around him. Such as the lights turning off or on, or attracting and causing things of a 'supernatural' nature to occure. There's even a chance he can help his enemies accidently by impowering them.

Flaw: Teen Mind

Although he is not a teenager, the result of the experiment that cause the alchemist to be born, resulted in a person with a teen like mentality. He is prone to being overly emotional, takes unessary risks, seems to have a lack in centration, and can give in to peer pressure. It's not uncommon for folks to tell him to act his age, which often alienates him from folks in his own age group.


Albert Louis Schmidt was born to Cielo Torres and Gearge Breitbarth in germany. Due to the upheaval over mutants and other supers, the two were never officaly married, something that never sat right with Albert. He came from a poor area that wasn't the best, but also not the worst. Both his parents believed in education, making sure Albert learned how speak the language of both his heritages. Seeing heros go up agaist the odds on T.V also inspired him to try and go beyound his circumstances, and education was the lock, science the door and he the key. This was highly encouraged by his parents, and on his own he took an interest in chemisty and magic both, as he got older. By the time the 2000s had come around, the world was getting into an uproar over the mutant problem. His own father was eventualy killed in a riot after a debate over mutant registration got out of hand. The loss was hard on both his and his mother, but it only drove him to study harder and become the best he can, to break the boundry between humans and supers. While attending college in Harvard, the bombing of Genosha took place that sent him almost into depression wondering what had become of the world. The constitution helped to bring him back up, to make him feel hope about the world again. Eventually he did get his PhD in both Biochemistry and Chemistry. Though he still had a fashionation with magic, especialy alchemy and continued to study and even create alchemical potions and effects. Compared to chemistry he was a mere amature with alchemy. But even so, he took a very bold step and decided to try and combine the two to create a substance that could be used for both. He spent days working out what kind of polymers would be best, which regeants would be the most stable, and how to carefully combine the two. Well, he did it, and created a thick ooze that for some reason had a light hexgrid pattern colored black with veins of gold. As it turns out this substance was semi-sentient and alive, but Albert had already gone to bed to tired to realize this. The goo began to explore and grow as it absorb matter. Eventualy it found Albert, and latched onto and spread over Albert like some symbiote. This of course work him up, but he couldn't speak as he was gagged and eventualy knocked out. It eventualy absorbed his mind and body, and when Albert awoke, he discovered he had become a new being entirely. Despite his new circumstances, he is doing his best to copt with his new form and even study it's capabilities as he now looks to find where he might belong in this world.


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