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Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

The Swamp Thing is the current Avatar of the Green, sworn protector of everything it represents on planet Earth.

While the current Avatar has yet to establish a real presence to the public domain, extenuating circumstances have forced the Avatar to become more 'known' of late.

As a result, some may know who he is. Yet he is still mostly unknown to both the hero community and general public alike.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Chlorokinesis: 10, Flight: 3, Immortal, Super Strength: 5-10, The Green, Unique Physiology

Abilities: Skill

Biochemistry: 8 Combat: 5

Advantages: The Green The Swamp

Flaws: Deserts, Enemeis, Fire, Monster

Languages: English


Power: Chlorokinesis (10)

Damage 8: The maximum damage inflicted by Swamp Thing's plants is equivalent to conventional large-area destructive weaponry.

With his connection to the Green, the Swamp Thing has complete mastery and control over all plant life in the world. Whether it be growing a flower out of his hand or creating gigantic trunks of bending wood out of the ground, or even creating clones out of himself, he's able to do it.

In terms of raw numbers, it's difficult to put an upper limit onto this ability. However, he has been known to control a volume of plant life equivalent to a city block/aircraft carrier.

Power: Flight (3)

Capable of growing wings, the Swamp Thing is not just restricted to the ground. While he certainly isn't the quickest in the air, nor the most agile, he is still able to fly in a direct fashion from A to B.

Power: Immortal (*)

So long as there's some sort of vegetation left on Earth, the Swamp Thing will always have a vehicle to house his consciousness. Assuming that this is the case, it renders him effectively immortal. He can be burnt to a crisp, blown to bits, or even sent into space. However, he will always return through a flower, plant or tree.

Power: Super Strength (5-10)

In his regular 'resting' state, the Swamp Thing is a large creature capable of shattering stone and carrying very heavy objects. Should he need more, he is able to grow significantly through the power of The Green. When this happens, his strength increases. Capable of growing to the size of a mountain, the upper echelons are equally as mighty.

In order to reach his maximum size to gain this strength, the Swamp Thing must have access to a large array of vegetation in the immediate area. Something like a green valley or mountainside for him to amalgamate with, for example. He cannot simply grow indefinitely in a place like Metropolis, where the vegetation isn't nearly as available. Similarly in deserts and wastelands, he has troubles growing to his full size.

Power: The Green (*)

As the Avatar of the Green, Swamp Thing has a permanent connection to all things attached to it. In the case of the Earth, this means every blade of grass, flower petal or tree branch. Every single piece of vegetation shares a connection to The Green, much like how silken strands of a spider-web are inter-connected. This connection grants him not only the ability to have a near infinity knowledge on all plants and species, but it also allows him to appear nearly anywhere where there is vegetation.

Much like how a spider traverses the web it weaves, the Swamp Thing is able to dissolve into a plant and traverse along the web of The Green, and seemingly 'grow' out of any other plant in the world. Travelling this way can be done incredibly quickly, allowing Swamp Thing to literally pop up on different sides of the planet in mere minutes.

In a similar vein, Swamp Thing can also use the web of The Green to sense others. He can use any plant or leaf to report back to him, as if each plant has its own set of eyes and ears. This makes finding particular individuals much easier, as he only needs to enter a mediative state and concentrate on The Green to locate individuals. Naturally, this is restricted to where vegetation grows. He cannot, for instance, sense people if they are wandering in the deserts, or on the polar ice caps. Nor can he sense people flying high in the sky.

Power: Unique Physiology (*)

As the Avatar of the Green, there is literally nothing left of the old Alec Holland. All of his human remnants are gone, meaning his entire body is composed of plant-based cells. Things like the common cold or flu doesn't afflict him, and he's able to manipulate this physiology to form nearly any shape or form imaginable. In addition to this, he doesn't need to consume food or water. For Swamp Thing, he gains his energy as regular plants do; Photosynthesis.

Skill: Biochemistry (8)

Before he became Swamp Thing, Alec Holland was a leading biochemistry expert, specifically focussing on vegetation and plant life. While he no longer has his human body, he still has the same mind and is still considered to be a leading expert in the field.

Skill: Combat (5)

While it took a little bit of time to get used to his new body and learn to fight properly, Swamp Thing is now able to very much hold his own when it comes to physical combat. He's raw in technique, but overcomes flashy moves with brutal hits and direct attacks. These moves combine well with his powers, making him a now serious threat for most close quarter fighters.


Advantage: The Green

While The Green allows Swamp Thing to connect to all vegetation on Earth, it also serves as a hub of information and resources that begin from when the world was in its infancy. These bits of information are accessed by visiting and talking to the previous Avatars that Swamp Thing has decided not to imprison. Given enough time, he could likely answer any question about the history of earth.

Advantage: The Swamp

The Swamp is Swamp Thing's 'place of power'. Located in Louisiana, the swamp sits next to an old house that he used to live in. While the house still holds Swamp Thing's guests, the swamp is essentially one of his main portals to The Green itself. It's where he is at his strongest, and is normally where he can be found by those looking for him.


Flaw: Deserts

The Swamp Thing has access to his powers on pretty much any place on the planet that has vegetation, meaning that he is at his weakest in deserts. Great tundra plains of sand or rock have few plants sprouting, and the polar caps are devoid of them completely. While he could perhaps fly over these areas, they mostly remain 'out of reach' from The Green's feel and senses.

Flaw: Enemeis

While The Green itself has enemies as old as the earth itself (such as The Rot, or The Grey), Swamp Thing himself has formulated an impressive list of foes. In particular, he has captured and imprisoned many of the old Avatars of the Green due to corruption, any of which would love to get back at him.

Flaw: Fire

As one would expect from one made of plants, the Swamp Thing is extremely vulnerable to fire. While it doesn't kill him outright, the quick burning process is extremely painful for him and is a very quick and easy way to reduce him to ash in mere moments.

Flaw: Monster

When everything is all said and done, the Swamp Thing isn't human. He looks roughly like a humanoid, but his monstrous figure makes it very difficult for him to appear randomly in public places. Things can get lonely for him, but it's something he is slowly learning to deal with.


Alec Holland was born in Louisiana to two parents and no siblings. His life was settled, with the family never opting to uproot and move interstate. As a result, his upbringing was quite stable and regular. He attended school, did well in the sciences and eventually went to College majoring in biochemistry. During his College years he thrived, even with the divorce and separation of his parents. After graduation he moved back into his old family home, now empty on account of his mother and father not only splitting, but moving far away.

Here he began his research and the creation of a bio-restorative formula. A number of years were spent on this project, though it was never finished on account of steadily gaining more and more memories of a previous life. Noting that his exposure to vegetation triggered these thoughts, he quit everything, packed up and moved to Texas to become a carpenter.

For a while, life as a carpenter did the trick. The memories appeared to slow, before they came back worse than ever. At this point, an emissary of the Green came to him, explaining to him that he was meant to become the next Avatar of the Green, but was prevented from merging completely due to his actual death years before.

As it turns out, Alec himself died when developing his restorative formula back in Louisiana. On fire and burning alive, he stumbled into the swamp near his home and perished. The Green, seeing this as an opportunity, took his consciousness and re-formed his body with no memory of this event, hoping to create an Avatar that is both human and vegetation.

Alec, upset and angry at this news that he had in fact died, fled from Texas in a state of disbelief. Eventually he returned back home, where he was attacked by a band of monsters representing The Black. What followed was a string of events that essentially forced Alex to fully embrace his role as the Swamp Thing to combat these forces, and in doing so was mortally wounded. Before death, the Green once again transferred his consciousness and transformed him, allowing him to become the elemental King he was destined to be. No more human body. Just the Avatar.

As the Avatar, or Swamp Thing, he began to protect The Green from all its enemies. As the weeks wore on though, Alec learned that quite a lot of the ex-Avatars who now resided in The Green had become corrupt. In an action that had never before been seen by an Avatar, he attacked his old comrades and imprisoned them deep within The Green's foundations. Only those that were free from corruption were kept free, allowed to wander as they always had.


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