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Quote-open "One disintegrated coffee table by you-know-who and the jig is up!" Quote-close

Power Pack attack! It's been a while since anyone's heard that battle cry. But now, one quarter of that famous foursome is back in action. Alex Power spends his days as a (slightly above) average highschool student and his nights (after homework, natch) fighting for JUSTICE. Evil-doers, beware! (Part of) the Pack is back!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Brawling

Combat: 5

Abilities: Power

Gravity Manipulation: 7-9, Healing: 6, Limited Invulnerable: 5

Advantages: Kymellian Costume, Smartship Friday

Flaws: Enemies, Family, Pack Bond, Temper

Languages: English, Latin, French, Spanish, and Z'narx


Brawling: Combat (5)

Years of fighting threats of all levels, many times with just his bare fists, has made Alex more than proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Even powerless, he could stand toe-to-toe with a professional and have a decent chance of still being on his feet at the end.

POWER: Healing (6)

All of Power Pack have the ability to heal themselves by transferring life force, usually on an subconscious level. It works much better when the four are united, but Alex has demonstrated his capability to access this power on his own.

POWER: Limited Invulnerable (5)

While not as durable as Superman or Colossus, Alex has demonstrated the ability to withstand impacts far greater than a regular human being. He still takes damage from these blows, and usually requires a period of recovery time to heal from them.

Power: Gravity Manipulation (7-9)

Other Uses: Some other uses are simulating hypersonic flight, super strength, durabilty and agility.

Alex has the ability to project gravity fields that allow him to increase or decrease the weight of himself, as well as people or objects near him. With ease, he can direct the gravitational pull of one or multiple objects to simulate telekinesis. These fields are more or less invisible, although those with keen senses would sense the minute, dark, shimmering distortion that is their footprint. Originally, he had to be in contact with the person or item to extend his own field around them, but time and experience have matured his ability. (although contact does ease the ability considerably).

The upward limit of this ability has yet to be reached, although in the past Alex has managed to manipulate his own gravity field to resist a tractor beam equivalent to twenty times Earth's gravity. With greater concentration, he could even create miniature black holes and alter gravity at a massive scale, in theory, at least (he's never actually tried it before).


Advantage: Kymellian Costume

Made with Kymellian tech with unstable molecules, this costume is very durable. With a simple command, it appears from and disappears to an extradimensional space, altering itself for specific necessities such as space travel or underwater adventures. It also contains a built in communicator/translator and an xtradimensional pocket with a capacity of about 12 cubic feet, provided what can be stored can pass through the foot-long opening.

Advantage: Smartship Friday

Friday is a starship which is controlled by a computer system so advanced that it is effectively sentient, with a human-like personality. Friday acts as a well-meaning mentor and advisor to the Power Pack. He has a limited ability to change shape. Mostly this is done to provide for needs and comfort. Friday is also able to travel through different environments including underwater.


Flaw: Enemies

As a former member of Power Pack, Alex shares their enemy list, which spans from perfectly human old middle school bullies to supervillains and on to members of an alien race known as the Z'Narx.

Flaw: Family

Alex feels very responsible for his siblings, even as they approach adulthood, and is equally very protective of them. Sometimes his concern for his siblings and parents clouds his judgement, and he makes rash decisions.

Flaw: Pack Bond

The Power Pack is a family affair, and the siblings have shared much in their lifetime. They share an origin, and have even swapped powers from time to time. Consequently, some of their secondary powers lessen when not in proximity to each other.

Flaw: Temper

Alex is very bright, but he gets frustrated very easily. Often this manifests itself in violent verbal outbursts and shows of temper that can be detrimental to the task at hand.


Alex Power was born to two caring parents, Margaret and James Power. The firstborn child lived a mostly normal life for a boy of his status. His parents were never insanely wealthy, but they had no lack in money and were always more well-off than most families. He and his siblings' lives changed forever when their father, Dr. James Power, a physicist who worked for the United States, was tasked by the the government to produce a large amount of energies by combining matter and anti-matter.

An alien Kymellian named Aelfyre Whitemane learned his father's discovery and intended to stop it as he found out that the device would end up destroying the entire planet and possibly more. And then there was another alien race, called the 'Snarks, who planned to take this device and use it to conquer inhabited worlds. Soon the Snarks kidnapped Alex's parents attempting to force Dr. Power to reveal the secret of his device. Whitemane was able to save the Powers children, including Alex, from being captured, but was fatally injured while trying to save them. Dying, Whitemane gave one of his powers to each of the four Power children and told them to use their new abilities to save their world.

Alex received the power to control gravity, and took up the name Zero-G. The four children called themselves the Power Pack. They defeated the Snarks, rescued their parents, and destroyed Dr. Power's dangerous matter/anti-matter converter, saving the Earth from destruction. The four children continued to have adventures as Power Pack, assisted by Whitemane's Kymellian Smartship, Friday. Good things came to end when they disbanded after series of arguments to do their own things.


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