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Alfred T. Crane Pennyworth
Alfred Pennyworth
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Alfred Pennyworth

Quote-open Bruce: "What was in that shot, Alfred?"
Alfred: "Antibotics. There is always a risk of infection from burns as severe as yours..." (Bruce suddenly falls backwards, asleep.) "...and perhaps a strong sedative."
Tim: "He's going to be ticked when he wakes up."
Alfred: "I quake with fear, young Timothy."
-- Detective Comics #715

Tim Drake: "How can you put Bruce being in danger out of your mind?"
Alfred: "It's never out of my thoughts. Never. It consumes me. I spend each evening fearing the worst and praying for that feeling of relief I get when master Bruce returns, no matter his condition. Timothy, if you dwell on worse-case scenarios, you can worry yourself into an early grave."
-- "A Lonely Place Of Dying"

"...for years I've wondered what Bruce's tragic flaw might be. I believe I now know. He takes on too much. He feels responsible for every life those psychopaths have taken simply because he has MADE himself responsible."
-- Batman: Knightfall

As Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred is semi-famous among Gotham's elite for his ability to assemble a flawless social affair on short notice. Of course, Alfred too has his secrets.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 5, Detective: 6, Education: 5, Espionage: 8, Martial Arts: 5, Medicine: 5, Technology: 4, Vehicles: 6, Weaponry: 7

Advantages: Contacts, Duty, Support Expertise

Flaws: Duty, Stoicism, Stubborn

Languages: ASL, Cantonese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish


Skill: Athletics (5)

Alfred's athleticism has waned a bit with the years, but he remains in good shape, and his body is still trained in the coordination associated with basic athletic movement.

Skill: Detective (6)

Empathy: +2 when reading the emotions or motivations of others.

While Alfred does not approach his employer's level of investigative prowess, he is still a keen observer of the world around him, able to notice and retain details with great expertise.

One of Alfred's greatest skills is his ability to interact with others, including his ability to "read" their emotions. He can even often tell what is going on behind the mask of the Batman. As a trained stage actor, Alfred is quite adept at expressing himself. When it comes specifically to acting, he can be considered a true master of the craft.

Skill: Education (5)

Domesticism: +5 to all domestic skills.

Alfred has a classical education augmented by vast amounts of life experience and personal study, and as a result he possesses a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Also a capable outdoorsman, he could handle himself for a fairly extended period in a reasonably hospitable climate with minimal survival gear (or in a harsher one with more extensive preparations).

Perhaps the foremost of Alfred's various skills is the ability to meet the needs of his employers. Thus, he keeps an impeccable house, can whip up a gala event in the apparent blink of an eye, and is generally perceived as a miracle-worker within the realm of home, hearth, and handling members of high society.

Skill: Espionage (8)

Along with acting, Alfred is an expert in the arts of deception and disguise. In particular, he has an impeccable talent for imitation, enabling him to seemingly transform himself into the semblance of another person through boy language and near-perfect vocal mimicry.

Alfred was once able to sneak through enemy territory in broad daylight without being caught. He still retains those skills, even if these days they are more often put to use moving through a crowded ballroom without even ruffling the hem of a single gown. Even more so, he has quick fingers and is skilled at sleight-of-hand.

Skill: Martial Arts (5)

While Alfred's skill has dulled considerably since his heyday, he is still quite a skilled combatant when it comes to general personal defense. He is a multiple black belt practitioner of the combat styles once practiced by British intelligence operatives.

Skill: Medicine (5)

His time as a field medic taught Alfred basic medical skill, and he has since served as Batman's personal medic on a great number of occasions. Alfred does not quite qualify as a medical doctor, but when it comes to first response aid, he is among the best in the field.

Skill: Technology (4)

Alfred is neither an engineer nor an inventor, but he is very well versed in the uses, applications, and repairs associated with Batman's various equipment and devices. Much of the time, Alfred is called upon to play mechanic as well as all his other roles.

Skill: Vehicles (6)

Not only does Alfred repair the various Bat-vehicles on a routine basis, he is quite skilled at driving, piloting, or otherwise operating them. He's also quite a fair wheelman when it comes to more conventional automobiles and aircraft.

Skill: Weaponry (7)

Once a flawless marksman, Alfred is still quite a good shot, though these days he prefers a trusty shotgun to an easily concealed pistol or submachine gun. He is also proficient with various exotic and ancient weapons, and he has sparred often enough with Bruce over the years to keep his skills quite sharp.


Advantage: Contacts

Alfred is quite well-connected in certain circles. He has old ties to various government and military agents in the United Kingdom, as well as a few old friends from his former theatre company. Most notably, of course, he has Batman and his extended "family," upon whom Alfred can always rely.

Advantage: Duty

Alfred is dedicated to the well-being of Bruce and the others in his charge. He worries a great deal about the members of his family, and he is of course deeply devoted to them. Though he do anything for them, all too often he must simply sit at home and hope that they are all right. A weaker man could not handle such a nightly strain.

Advantage: Support Expertise

It takes a true, rare rapport with others to always seem to anticipate their needs before said others are aware of them. That, however, is Alfred's forté. He has honed his skills in this area so well that he often seems like quite a miracle worker when acting in his supporting role for Batman, Bruce Wayne, or any of the other identities that float around in his life.


Flaw: Duty

Alfred carries the constant burden of his duty to family, a burden he carries quite willingly but that weighs on him no less heavily for it. He is devoted to them and would do anything for them, but all too often he must simply sit at home and hope that they are all right. A weaker man could not handle such a nightly strain.

Flaw: Stoicism

Beyond merely stubborn and reluctant to show weakness that might distract his charges from their cause, Alfred is downright stoic. He puts up an unflinching front even at the bleakest of times so as to avoid putting any burdens on Batman or the others. Often, he hides his fears behind a prim demeanor and his rapier wit.

Flaw: Stubborn

Perhaps a weakness of Alfred's is that, when he has his mind set, he is quite stubborn; he can give even Batman a formidable challenge, often winning the tests of wills and convincing even the Dark Knight that "Alfred knows best." Very few people can boast staring down the Batman and fully expecting him to bow to their wishes.


Alfred Pennyworth was born the son of a butler and of an actress. His father came from a long line of butlers, in fact, and the Pennyworths were regarded as the best butlers one could have in all of Britain. Young Alfred grew up under the strict social bindings of the most traditional British lifestyle. At university, he became aware of what he saw as widespread global suffering and injustice, so he joined The Corps of Her Majesty's Royal Marines in hopes of doing good in the world. He showed certain uncommon aptitudes, however, and soon found himself in training to serve in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI5. He was an active intelligence agent for much of the 1970s, and he likely would have done so for longer, but an encounter with dangerous terrorist elements required him to go into protective hiding by the dawn of the 1980s. He returned to college as a theatre student, preferring to hide out in the open, and upon his graduation joined a renowned troupe of players. For a few years, he was quite happy in his new life, but then Alfred heard the news that his father was dying.

The dying wish of Alfred's father was to take over the "Pennyworth tradition," which meant, in this case, serving Thomas and Martha Wayne. As a point of honor, Alfred gave up his career, moved to America, and took up his father's service to the Wayne family. He became particularly close to their young son, Bruce. Life was fairly steady and normal in the Wayne household until that fateful night when the family went out to take in a film. After the death of Bruce's parents, Alfred took it upon himself to become the boy's official guardian, and in time he watched the boy's transformation into a very driven young man. When Batman was born, Alfred took yet another role upon himself, taking a supporting role in Batman's crusade against crime. Alfred has also been close to the Robins of the family, especially Richard Grayson, though his role seems never to change, no matter what happens to the Bat-Family. Butler, doctor, confidant, friend, guardian: this is Alfred Pennyworth.


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