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Allouette Gagnon
Eagle Girl
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Eagle Girl

Dilettante Vigilante


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Biofeedback: 4 Flight: 2

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 8, Combat: 4, Investigation: 4, Stealth: 3, Technology: 5

Abilities: Gear

Eagle Suit: 4, Sunstone: 4, Utility Belt: 3

Advantages: Wealth

Flaws: Glory Hound, Mutant, Sunstone Choker, Thrill Seeker

Languages: English and French


Gear: Eagle Suit (4)

Note : See Flight power

A costume made of advanced polymers, this suit includes a set of arm wings. It provides protection to low impact bullets and normal levels of heat, cold, or electricity. She can use the suit to glide through the air.

Gear: Utility Belt (3)

Note : The climbing/fighting claws only do 1 level of extra damage when worn.

Wears a utility belt with a variety of commonly useful gear such as lock picks, a forensics kit, flash grenades, smoke bombs, handcuffs, a police scanner, and even a swing line (though she rarely ever uses it for that). It also has on it "Talon" shaped throwing stars, "Eagle" Shaped Boomerangs, climbing/fighting claws and the grapnel for the swing line is shaped like an eagle's claw.

Power: Biofeedback (4)

Sunstone : Without the Sunstone, she is Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Toughness 2, and lacks the other abilities.

This power stems from the Psychokinetic Energies channeled through the Sunstone feeding back into Eagle Girl's system. While wearing the Sunstone, Eagle Girl has Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Toughness 3, Endurance 1, Speed 1, Healing 3, and Enhanced Vision 1.

Power: Flight (2)

Sunstone : Without the sunstone, the amount of energy she generates is insufficient to actually lift her body. It does, however, increase her acrobatics considerably, allow her to land safely after a 50 foot fall, and allow her to glide using an aerofoil that is aerodynamically insufficient to support her mass.

Eagle Girl has the ability to generate psychokinetic power, which is channeled through her body via the Sunstone to permit flight.

Skill: Combat (4)

Eagle Girl is a good fighter with nearly any kind of weapon, including bare hands and feet, though by no means as expert as many heroes.

Skill: Stealth (3)

Eagle Girl knows it sometimes pays to hide, and can be amazingly light on her feet.

Gear: Sunstone (4)

The day she found it was the day her life changed, it was a fragment of yellow crystal, nothing special to look at, but when she touched it energy filled her body. She analyzed it in a lab and discovered it was a rare form of amber though she was unable to find out how it grants her powers. At considerable expense, she bought a larger crystal that she wears on a choker. It would not function for anyone without some form of psychokinetic power, but for them it could provide enhanced ability to focus their energies. It has a negative impact on telepaths, creating a form of mental feedback that is painful to telepaths, possibly even damaging, but also very easy to detect and it does provide some protection from having one's mind read.

Skill: Acrobatics (8)

Flight Limited : If her mutant power is neutralized, her skill drops to 6.

A leading expert in acrobatics, in no small part to her flight ability.

Skill: Investigation (4)

Is a gifted amateur in the art of investigation. She knows how to find clues and do basic forensics and how to question a witness. She also knows enough to defer to a more skilled expert if one is available.

Skill: Technology (5)

Eagle Girl is skilled with technology, from hacking computers to picking locks to building her own gear. While not a world leader in the field, her skill is passable.


Advantage: Wealth

Eagle Girl is well off enough to afford to spend time fighting crime for thrills and glory, rather than working for a living. While not up with Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor or Tony Stark, she does not have to worry about paying the rent either.


Flaw: Glory Hound

Eagle Girl wants to be the center of attention. That was why she became an Acrobat, it is why she became a costumed vigilante. She tends to secretly resent when others are more noticed by the press, at least if the notice is positive.

Flaw: Mutant

Although she has not realized it herself, Eagle Girl is a mutant, and can have her mutation detected and neutralized.

Flaw: Sunstone Choker

Almost all Eagle Girl's powers come from the enhancement the sunstone provides her. Anyone who figures this out can possibly grab the choker away from her.

Flaw: Thrill Seeker

If fame is why she got into this, thrills are why she keeps doing it. There is NOTHING that compares to risking yourself against long odds to cheat death and snatch victory from the jaws of death. Eagle Girl tends to be fearless, and not in a good way because she takes risks she really should not.


Allouette Gagnon was born in New Brunswick in Canada, where her French-Canadian family has lived for generations. When she was 6 she was part of a gymnastics show, and one first place for her age group. She was so pleased that she knew she wanted to keep doing it. She worked hard, and did not realize that about the time she started maturing her subtle mutant power kicked in, letting her jump higher, spin faster, and flip further than her pure skill would allow. She became a world renown acrobat, wealthy in her own right. One tournament, she achieved gold, but it was pushed to the bottom of the news by a major superhero battle. She fixed on a new goal, she was going to become a super hero, that way SHE could steal the headlines. It would take more than just acrobatics, look at Nightwing...someone she acknowledged as her equal as an acrobat...he used martial arts and weapons and a whole bag of tricks. If she is going to be a hero, she needed to do the same. While she tried her best, Allouette kept falling short. A bit depressed, she wakled into a new age crystal shop and let a saleperson show her a yellow crystal that they claimed would resonate with her psychic vibrations. She felt drawn to the crystal and tentatively touched it. When she did, it felt as if energy was filling her body, making her stronger and faster. She bought the crystal and analyzed it, discovering that it was Sunstone Amber, amber formed from the sap of a rare tree that is intensely thermoflourescent. She spent some time finding a larger and clearer crystal that would focus her powers better, though she believes it is providing the powers, not focusing them. Not being properly tuned for telepaths, it also has a vicious telepathic dissonance she is unable to detect. Armed with her new Sunstone Choker and a costume, she set out to make a name for herself as a hero.


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