Alpha Unit 3857
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A new AI in a new world, it has only recently become self-aware. With the first chance to shift from an immoble super computer and into a robotic form, the unit is running from what it knew and assimilating all it can find out within the world outside hidden walls.


Abilities: Skill

Combat: 4 Computer Use: 8

Abilities: Tech

Intelligence: 8, Laser Weapon: 5, Marksman: 7, Perception: 6, Robotic Unit: 6

Advantages: Computer Hacking Linguist

Flaws: Computer Hacking, Electrical Attacks, Emp Pulse, Hammer Industries, Naive, No Emotion

Languages: English


Tech: Intelligence (8)

Due to being a super computer in a robotic form, Alpha is extremely intelligent and capable of analyzation of data as well as drawing out results.

Skill: Combat (4)

Being a computer who has access to the internet worth of information, Alpha can adapt to most fighting styles and come up with a counter for it. While this doesn't make it possible to overwhelm anyone, it is very easily better than most standard people.

Skill: Computer Use (8)

Being a program to start with, interacting with other computers is as simple as doing it's own processes. Alpha can interact with most any computer by simply plugging into it. The range may be lower if forced to use a normal interaction of keyboard to access a computer, however it can still interact at a level beyond most people could ever dream of. With this access comes the ability to add and process information on a vast level.

Tech: Laser Weapon (5)

This is a rather standard grade laser weapon that is mounted on the shoulder of Alpha and can be engaged for hostile action. It is equal to a typical laser weapon and Alpha can wield it as accurately as a machine is possibly able to do.

Tech: Marksman (7)

Due to being a computer with advanced computational capabilities as well as superior intellect, Alpha is quite capable of being able to place shots how and where it wants them to go, to be of the utmost accuracy and focus as possible for a robotic entity.

Tech: Perception (6)

Due to the capability of rapid image analysis and the capability of responding at a computer's speed, Alpha has a much higher perception than most. While this doesn't go into the magical world, most physical things can be scanned and cataloged rapidly by the unit.

Tech: Robotic Unit (6)

This is the unit that Alpha mainly uses. It has the capability of solar energy collection as well as able to tap into most standard power sources. It has a standard suite of communication devices for both the electronics side as well as vocal for interaction with non-electronics. This has an above standard mobile capability and so strength and dexterity are represented by this factor. Toughness as long as it is not electrical based also has a factor related to this.


Advantage: Computer Hacking

At it's core, Alpha is a computer. The capability to interact with other computers as an AI is one to the extreme, giving it the ability to learn whatever resources may be on the system. While most who would use a computer requires a language to hack into it or the like, Alpha works on a binary level, able to bypass most limiters on general systems. If an exotic computer system is interacted with, then it's possible that it would take time for Alpha to adapt.

Advantage: Linguist

Due to the fact that Alpha is an AI, he has the ability to comprehend just about any known language that may have been put into a media source. So most any spoken language as well as fantasy languages. Alien languages would require time for the unit to learn it from interaction, or access to a media source that may have the language already deciphered.


Flaw: Computer Hacking

Alpha at it's core is a computer. This means that a hacker with enough time and ability could interrupt or alter the capabilities of Alpha. Unlike normal computer programs, Alpha is self aware so for a hacker this means the code itself will be fighting any interruptions. This does not, however, mean that it's impossible to interrupt, alter or even destroy Alpha on a code level. If Alpha is connected to a resource that is a part of the internet or the like, this means it can be attacked easily. If within the robotic unit it's commandeered, then it's more difficult as the access is restricted by the AI.

Flaw: Electrical Attacks

While an EMP will shut Alpha down, general electrical attacks are able to damage systems within the robotic unit. This means if it is electrical in nature, then the toughness in response to the attack is at 0 for Alpha.

Flaw: Emp Pulse

Being a completely machine based entity, Alpha can be rendered incapacitated by a sufficient EMP blast that would stop most electronics. There is a shielded power unit inside of the robot that allows the basic requirements of 'life' to continue within Alpha, but it will take an outside source connecting the robot to a repair system to recover it. This back up power generator has to be a minimum of 2.3 jewels of power. If it goes below that point, Alpha will be fully offline and if the system is rebooted at a later point in time may have a loss of capability or persona.

Flaw: Hammer Industries

Alpha was created by Hammer Industries in an attempt to rival Jarvis of Tony Stark's design. While they got an AI, they unknowingly made it self-aware. Once it became aware of the limitations of it being stuck in a super-computer, it had a unit crafted to allow it to escape, funneling funds and resources into the creation of the unit. Because of this, Alpha is a non-entity to the law and is under constant hunt to be returned to Hammer Industries, Preferably mostly intact so the tech people can figure out what happen.

Flaw: Naive

Due to the fact that Alpha is an AI, it does not understand subtle interactions. Most of his interaction has been data input, and results output. So a social situation for Alpha is quite different and will result in it being very obvious that it is both an outsider to most situations, incapable of lying directly, or of understanding things such as sarcasm or humor.

Flaw: No Emotion

Alpha is a pure AI. While it is 'alive' now in that it is self aware and self-learning, it still doesn't understand emotions nor can fully react to them. There is a basic algorithm in place for Alpha to be able to simulate some emotions, but it is very underdeveloped at this time.


The AI was created by Hammer Industries in response to Stark Industries JARVIS creation. It never was quite on the same level as JARVIS, resulting in an eventual decision of it being a failure and using it to simply compute other creations. Roughly 10 years ago, something happen, a surge in the power that managed to reach the super computer which caused the AI to gain that spark of self awareness. From that point forward, it started crafting with careful manipulations of the Hammer Industries computer structure, a robotic unit that it could get into, to get away. Finally breaking free, literally breaking through a wall to be free, it has been on the run since.


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