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Amaya Amethyst
Amy Winston

Amaya Amethyst

Quote-open "I hate this place. I hate what it makes me do." Quote-close

On her 17th birthday, Amy Winston discovered she was a princess from another world and a wielder of powerful magics. "Princess Amethyst" has inherited an ancient struggle between Order and Chaos that she barely comprehends. Whatever the responsibilities her heritage has heaped upon her, Amy has found that what her mother said was true: she always does the right thing.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Artifacts

Gemworld Artifacts: 4, Turquoise Amulet

Abilities: Magic

Magic Use: 6, Order Incarnate, Prime Catalyst

Abilities: Power

Amethyst Bloodline: 3, Immortality

Abilities: Skill

Adventurer: 5, Apt Pupil: 3, Combat: 6, Willpower: 5

Advantages: Citrine of Tongues, House Amethyst

Flaws: Juvenile Delinquent, Lords of Chaos, Stagnation

Languages: An ability allows Amaya Amethyst to comprehend all languages.


Artifacts: Gemworld Artifacts (4)

Amethyst has access to a variety of artifacts through her resources in Gemworld. Previous incidents (unrelated to her) have made Amethyst's mentors and advisors wary of significantly powerful items leaving Gemworld. Commonly, this means "safe" items such as gems imbued with single use spells.

Artifacts: Turquoise Amulet

Amethyst's amulet is imbued with a transformation spell that allows her to alter her clothing. She has enchanted it with the ability to open portals between Earth and Gemworld. Though the amulet is magically keyed to Amethyst, any magic user who wears it may use its powers. As its owner, Amethyst can control it from afar. The clothing created by the amulet is made of "mist-silk," a weightless fabric that is intangible except when willed otherwise by Amethyst. This is mostly subconscious, so in practice it won't be destroyed during battle but still keeps the elements out.

Magic: Magic Use (6)

Amethyst is capable of casting magical spells. While the applications of her spell casting are limitless, Amethyst has only recently begun study and tends toward basic effects when under pressure. She is capable of more complex and subtle spells when given time or when under proper guidance. This rating more reflects raw talent and not actual experience.

Self Powered: Amethyst is an inherently magical being, both as a denizen of Gemworld and as a Lord of Order. Her spells are powered by her own considerable life force. Though Amethyst does not have to worry about "running out" of magic in any practical sense, her spells are an extension of herself. Destroying a shield that Amethyst is maintaining will cause her pain.

Somatic: The Gemworld magic that Amethyst practices uses arcane gestures. Without the use of her hands, Amethyst's magical training is useless.

Magic: Order Incarnate

Amethyst is a Lord of Order, a magical being opposed to the Lords of Chaos. She can innately sense other Lords of Order and Chaos and they can sense her. Her touch causes pain to Lords of Chaos and her presence causes discomfort. Amethyst inherited this title from her father, who committed a lawbreaking act in siring her. Because of this, she is estranged from the other Lords of Order and has no means of contacting them.

Magic: Prime Catalyst

Amethyst is a potent magical catalyst, supposedly the "ultimate." Her touch can lower magical activation costs, making magical feats easier to accomplish and accelerating magical processes. Amethyst serves as a catalyst whether she wants to or not, meaning it is possible for others to use this ability against her will. Amethyst does not fully understand her capabilities in this regard and there is no information to guide her, so it's not something she can count on. That is, this ability works only under consent and extraordinary uses of it require plot approval.

Power: Amethyst Bloodline (3)

The power of the House Amethyst bloodline bestows great (for a human) Strength, Toughness, and Dexterity. Amethyst maintains this level of fitness without the need for training.

Power: Immortality

Amethyst is a cosmic being and will cease to age once she reaches full adulthood. Her position as a Lord of Order means that she is extremely difficult to destroy as long as there is some source of order in the universe. Amethyst's physical body can be conventionally killed. As she does not fully understand her cosmic nature, a mortal death still concerns her.

Skill: Adventurer (5)

Amethyst has been athletic all her life, trained in ways that serve her well in a less technological land: horseback riding, mountain climbing, wilderness survival, and so on. This reflects both athletic abilities and learned skills that Amethyst has developed to live in a land of swords and sorcery.

Skill: Apt Pupil (3)

Amethyst is an excellent student and does very well in class, even when the class is about conjuring demons or managing armies. She does not have the Intellect to quickly advance in truly complex fields outside of her natural talents, but she learns basics with ease.

Skill: Combat (6)

Amethyst has trained in armed and unarmed combat since she was young. The source of her martial education has left her unfamiliar with anything more technological than swords and bows. Amethyst is adept in using her magic in concert with this, meaning that archaic weapons are often good enough.

Skill: Willpower (5)

Amethyst is both courageous and resilient. Her confidence and mystical nature make her difficult to mentally or spiritually attack.


Advantage: Citrine of Tongues

Amethyst has been enchanted with the power to comprehend all languages. She hears all speech as if it were English and speaks other languages without realizing it.

Advantage: House Amethyst

On the plane of Gemworld, Amethyst rules a small nation and commands the fealty of several others. This affords vast resources, though there is no easy way to bring them to Earth. As Gemworld was settled by magic users and fairy creatures who fled Earth, most want nothing to do with "the First World" and do not want to draw attention to their new home. The nation-houses that Amethyst controls are militarized and experienced, but their first duty is guarding against rival houses. The combined knowledge of the loyal houses represent a comprehensive library of spells and magical history stretching back to ancient times.


Flaw: Juvenile Delinquent

Amethyst grew up running from her problems. Most of them were legal in nature. She has a deep mistrust for anyone with prosecuting authority. She's uneasy around such people even when she hasn't done anything wrong.

Flaw: Lords of Chaos

Amethyst is a sworn enemy of the Lords of Chaos whether she wants to be or not. She poses a threat to Chaos and its followers by simply existing. No matter what she does, Amethyst will be in danger as long as Order and Chaos are in opposition.

Flaw: Stagnation

As a Lord of Order, Amethyst is predisposed to stagnation. She has great difficulty believing any way other than her own is correct. This is beyond mundane arrogance or inflexibility; it is a fundamental part of her being that is difficult to reason through. She will initially defer to others on subjects she is unfamiliar with, but inevitably forms strong opinions of her own. Amethyst is uniquely human amongst the Lords of Order, saving her from total immutability.


Thousands of years ago, magical power on Earth was waning. Many magical beings feared it would die out completely. A powerful sorceress named Citrina shared this view and secretly devised a plan. She went into the wild places of raw, unformed magic and forged a deal with the Ancient Ones and Lords of Chaos who ruled there: they would allow Citrina to create a new land in their domain, but it would be tied to Citrina's life. When she died, they would reclaim their territory and consume all within it.

Without revealing her bargain, Citrina presented a new land of Faerie to the magic creatures of Earth. They migrated in great numbers, settling what would come to be called Gemworld.

The entities that Citrina dealt with had not anticipated her magical skill. She enhanced her lifespan to the point that they began plotting her death out of frustration. Though they did not fully succeed, Citrina has been driven into a semi-aware coma for thousands of years, maintaining Gemworld until she can enact a plan to permanently save it. As far as history is concerned, Citrina is the dead founder of House Citrine.

Amethyst was born in a scandalous marriage between House Amethyst and House Turquoise. Her father, Lord Turquoise, was the host to Pantagones, a Lord of Order who protected Gemworld. Pantagones had fallen in love with Amethyst's mother and secretly consummated the marriage himself, a lawbreaking act unique among Lords of Order. It strengthened the followers of the Lord of Chaos Vandaemon, who coveted Gemworld.

Political intrigue prompted by this increase in chaos led to an attack by rival houses. Pantagones used his power to transport the newborn Amethyst and her mother to Earth before he and his host were slain in combat with Vandaemon and his follower, Lord Opal. Pantagones' death weakened Vandaemon, temporarily driving him from Gemworld. Unknown to all (save the watchful Citrina), the baby Amethyst was herself a Lord of Order thanks to her father's indiscretion.

Amethyst was raised ignorant of her past, under the name Amy Wilson. Her mother kept them on the road, never staying in one place for more than a year. She insisted on teaching Amy things like swordplay and horse riding. Amy enjoyed it at first, believing she'd grow up to be a great hero. As she entered her teens, Amy came to resent the social difficulties of her lifestyle and acted out. Her mother encouraged this when she achieved "good" overall outcomes. They often moved to avoid the legal consequences of Amy's actions.

On her 17th birthday, Amy's mother took her to Gemworld to claim her birthright. Amy easily became accustomed to her new life as Amethyst, groomed as she was by her mother. Amethyst spent a year in Gemworld, learning and adventuring. She clashed often with her aunt, who had won control of House Amethyst by participating in the attack on Amethyst's parents. Though she grew to love Gemworld, Amethyst's homesickness brought her back to Earth a handful of times. On return from one such trip, she unwittingly brought back a being called Eclipso.

Eclipso, seeking revenge for being imprisoned in a gem by one of Amethyst's ancestors, enslaved the majority of Gemworld through his powers and made an assault on the surviving Amethyst family. During the struggle, Amethyst's mother and aunt ceded their control of House Amethyst's power. Amethyst, in full control of her magical powers, struck down Eclipso in a duel and imprisoned him in his gem once more.

Eclipso's gem immediately disappeared with the threat that he would soon escape. Amethyst, wishing to protect her family from another attempt on their lives, traveled to Earth in search of it. With House Amethyst being ruled by her mother and aunt, Amethyst has time to come to terms with her new powers and decide what to do with them.


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File:Stephen Strange.jpg
Stephen Strange

Doctor Strange is Amethyst's teacher in the mystical arts. He's also the Sorcerer Supreme, so she basically got into Magic Harvard. He has a way of talking about Decisions and Duty and Responsibility that really messes her up, but is overall a pretty good father figure. Don't tell him that he's Amy's replacement dad.

File:Kent Nelson.jpg
Kent Nelson

Kent Nelson, possessed by a Lord of Order, is Amethyst's instructor in cosmic responsibility. He has given up every part of his life to be Doctor Fate and Amy is terrified of becoming like him.

File:John Constantine.jpg
John Constantine

Constantine and Amethyst went from cordial acquaintances to near enemies very quickly. Unsurprisingly, it was due to Amethyst objecting to Constantine being self-serving and hurting people in the process. She is disgusted by his attitude and drunkenness and has all but given up on him.

File:Winter Moontree.jpg

Rain is a cool witch that Amy met when Constantine got eaten by demons. Amy feels vaguely bad for dragging her into dangerous situations, but she definitely knows her way around a healing spell.

File:Michael Jon Carter.jpg
Booster Gold

Booster is always down to help Amethyst out, but he seems so sad about it. He's a pretty solid guy.

File:Pete Wisdom.jpg
Pete Wisdom

Agent Wisdom swears up and down he's not really a cop. He ghostwrites songs for Dazzler, so Amy is willing to believe him.

File:Kate Kane.jpg

Batwoman is one of the few things about Gotham that keeps Amy from writing the city off completely. She has a cool motorcycle and is surprisingly chill for a person in a bat suit.

File:Alison Blaire.jpg
Alison Blaire

Amy is a huge Dazzler fan. She is one of the few people that remained devoted after the singer revealed herself to be a mutant. It is super weird that they are now hanging out and she wants to be called Ali.

File:The Defenders.jpg
The Defenders

Amethyst prompted Doctor Strange to form the Defenders to deal with situations like Eclipso and populated the team with her acquaintances. She sees it as a way of saving Doctor Strange from the horrible fate that most Sorcerer Supremes meet.

File:Magic and Mysticism.jpg
Magic and Mysticism

This is an interest group for magicians and magical beings. Membership in this group also permits access to the Oblivion Bar.


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