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Quote-open "Besides, you couldn't pay me enough to join the Avengers." Quote-close


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Dimension Hopping, Flight: 7, Invulnerability: 7, Superhuman Strength: 7

Abilities: Skill

Willpower: 6


Flaws: Abrasive, Bull Headed, Homeless, Identity Crisis, Reality Warping

Languages: English and Spanish


Power: Dimension Hopping (0)

By creating her signature star logo and kicking it, Miss America can open doorways into the multiverse and allow herself and others to travel through multiple dimensions.

Limitation: This power is only to be used for plot-starting when it is convenient for the storyteller to use it. This is not a power America will use on an everyday basis.

Power: Flight (7)

America is capable of flying at tremendous speeds with a great deal of accuracy.

Power: Invulnerability (7)

America is incredibly durable- she has shown to be bullet-proof, flame-retardant and able to withstand high energy blasts.

Power: Superhuman Strength (7)

Miss America is capable of incredible strength- from the ability to cause tremors by stomping on solid surfaces to tearing large metal doors off their hinges.

Skill: Willpower (6)

America is one of those individuals who have a steel-like will and drive. She is driven to live up to an ideal, despite what her jaded exterior may indicate, and very few things will veer her from the path once she has set a goal for herself. Hers is the kind of will that drives women to abandon a perfect utopia in search of people in need, and to travel the multiverse in order to set major wrongs right. The positive of this is that she is reliable and dependable to an almost superhuman level, but the other face of this virtue is that she can easily slip into being Bull Headed (see flaw of same name.)



Flaw: Abrasive

America might possibly have a soft, mushy filling. She might also be full of lava. Nobody really knows, because the young woman has a perpetually sarcastic, abrasive disposition. She is direct to the point of rudeness and is alien to subterfuge. Often, she is one to disparage fellow superheroes due to what she perceives to be trademark 'idiocy' and is disdainful to the idea of belonging to most supergroups.

This is not to say that it is impossible for her to like others, as in fact she often tends to like capable people with their heads in the right place, but she seldom lets them know that. Occasionally, she will let her guard down and partake in sentiment or an honest exchange. These moments are rare, however, and only happen with trusted allies with whom she has shared a lot.

The cause for such constant hostility is America's own insecurities. Despite being a formidable super-being, America is still a teenager a long ways from home who is trying to live up to a nearly-impossible standard. She is afraid that any show of weakness would make her stray from the path. This does not necessarily endear her to potential team-mates.

Flaw: Bull Headed

Once America settles on an opinion or a thought, it takes a titanic effort to change her mind. While she may have to occasionally ally herself with someone she suspects, she will be eternally suspicious and constantly vigilant. She will only accept such team-ups in the absence of any other choices, and will always be one breath away from jumping to conclusions in the face of even a slightly questionable action. America takes this approach nearly to everything she does.

Flaw: Homeless

America comes from an ideal dimension- an Utopia created by the Demiurge. It was her choice to leave her perfect home because there was nobody she could help there- no chance to live up to her image of heroism. Because of this choice, she has forever been severed from any path that could take her home. She can never go home again.

Flaw: Identity Crisis

America is a creation of the Demiurge. While she has never really worried about whether or not she is real (in her view, everybody was created by someone else at one point or another, after all, regardless of the method), that insecurity- her own identity has been based around the Demiurge's proximity. She has set a standard for herself to live by: the heroism of her two mothers and the image of her universe's Billy as the Demiurge. Her identity crisis stems from the insecurity of whether or not she could live up to that standard.

On top of all that? America Chavez has basically Met Her Maker- and she has basically ended up meeting a typical teenager, full of insecurities and riddled with doubt. This is the person who would create her and he is "an idiot, just like the rest of us," as she put it in her own words.

This is a cause of constant conflict for America, a self-doubt that she does not reveal to anyone else, but it does make her wonder whether her cause could be futile.

Flaw: Reality Warping

America Chavez is, basically, a thought construct created by the Demiurge. As such, she is susceptible to any magic or technology that can warp or re-shape reality- her powers can become impaired, or she herself can exhibit changes in her being, which will often require the aid of a reality warper to straighten out.


Miss America Chavez (nee America Chavez) was born to two mothers in an Utopian dimension created by the future Demiurge in her reality: Billy Kaplan. Her mothers perished while restoring stability to her dimension, saving it from collapse, and young America decided at that point to leave her perfect world behind in order to find a place where she could truly make a difference, a place in need of a hero. In her ten-year long career she has traveled the multiverse, joined up with several groups of heroes and fought against increasing threats, culminating with the defeat of the Mother Parasite on Earth 616. On the move again, America continues her search for worlds that need her, knowing that anywhere in the multiverse is only a kick or a punch away.


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