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Not much is known about Osiris or Amon. Those in the know, however, would remember a former slave who was granted powers by his brother-in-law, Black Adam, and an accepted member of the Black Marvel Family.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Courage of Mehen: 7, Power of Aton, Speed of Heru: 7, Stamina of Shu, Strength of Amon: 8, Wisdom of Zehuti

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 4

Advantages: Black Marvel Family Kahndaq Royalty

Flaws: Crippled, Electricity, Family, Gags, Overpowered, Slave

Languages: An ability allows Amon Tomaz to comprehend all languages.


Power: Courage of Mehen (7)

The portion of power he received from Black Adam imbues Amon with the courage of the Egyptian serpent god Mehen, which provides Osiris with a nearly inhuman degree of inner strength, protecting him from outside manipulation and mental domination especially from telepathic and mystical sources.

Power: Power of Aton

Aton is the Egyptian god of creation. It is he who provides the magical fury that manifests itself both in the bolt of lightning that empowers (and depowers) Amon and the rest of the Marvels. Should he summon the lightning and dodge it, it can be used as a weapon. Should that weapon strike a Marvel (Captain Marvel and his family) or a Black Marvel (Black Adam and his family) they will be depowered rather than hurt by it.

These is however, a secondary and highly beneficial 'side effect' of the ability. While it does provide the vast magical empowerment.. it also 'resets' the wielder upon transformation. Any injuries, no matter how severe are 'erased' from the host body at the moment of lightning impact. Unfortunately.. this does not apply to Amon's severd spine in his unempowered state.

Transformation Bolt

Heat: 7 Electricity: 7 Arsenal: 6 Magic Damage: 6

Power: Speed of Heru (7)

Thanks to his divine empowerment, Amon has a portion of the Speed of Heru at his disposal. While not 'quite' as fast as his benefactor.. Amon is still superhumanly fast, able to run and fly at hypersonic speeds, upwards of Mach 60.

Power: Stamina of Shu

Gifted with divine endurance by the ancient Egyptian God Shu, Amon has become like Black Adam. He need not eat, nor drink, nor breathe, nor sleep to sustain himself. All his body's physical needs are augmented and sustained by the divine essense that empowers him.

This gift of divine stamina means that Osiris is capable of surviving in the crushing depths of the sea, and in hard vaccum as well. His body has become immune to harm by all but the most advanced weaponry or superhuman ability. While transformed, the passage of time means nothing to him. He is effectively immortal, like all the other Marvels, Black and otherwise.

Endurance:8 Toughness:7

Power: Strength of Amon (8)

Channeling the divine strength of the very god he was named for, Amon's physical prowess becomes awe inspiring. And though he receives only a portion of the gods power, he is still capable of sundering steel like tissue paper. At it's upper levels, Amon has the physical strength few can match, capable of lifting and carrying around 250 tons.

Power: Wisdom of Zehuti

Unlike most of his gifts, Amon has direct access to the council of the gods even as Black Adam does.. And with thier wisdom being channeled into his mind directly when he needs them, Amon enjoys many benefits, just as Black Adam does, however slightly different.

He's easily capable of comprehending abstract concepts and understanding any language spoken under Sol. As well, he has access to a vast and divine knowledge bank that stretches back into the far reaches of time itself which he can mine for information at any given moment. Unfortunately for Amon, his mind, while empowered, is still that of a mortal which means that, while he can tap into the knowledge of Zehuti anytime he wishes, he can't maintain all the information on his own and must actually /activate/ this ability to gain the counsel of the gods.

In terms of plot.. Amon will only know what players and staff WANT him to know.

Skill: Combat (4)

Through his constant link to the wisdom of Zehuti, and to his mentor Black Adam, Amon is quickly becoming a capable combatant, though he has nearly no training whatsoever. Being guided as to how and where to hit his opponents, Amon can fight well, if awkwardly, as even information channeled directly into his mind takes a moment to process.


Advantage: Black Marvel Family

Amon is the third and final member of the Black Marvel Family. His brother-in-law is the original champion of Shazam and the leader of an entire country. His sister is the reborn goddess, Isis, able to control all of the elements. This has its obvious benefits.

Advantage: Kahndaq Royalty

In Kahndaq, Amon commands a great deal of respect. He is the brother to the queen, after all. He has many privilege and instant access to the palace. If he ever wanted to, he could command its people and have a very good chance of getting them to do what he wants.


Flaw: Crippled

Due to the horrific beating he received at the hands of Intergang's thugs.. upon his refusal to convert and join their ranks, Amon is actually a parapalegic. He has no feeling or use of anything below his navel. Fortunately.. Black Adam's power negates this while he is Osiris.

Flaw: Electricity

Like his fellow Marvels, Osiris is vunerable to high levels of electric current.. high enough to mimic lightning anyway. Sufficient voltage will 'force' a transformation, turning Osiris back into Amon. A deadly proposition given that Amon is a parapalegic..

Flaw: Family

Amon Tomaz lost his parents at a very young age, sold into slavery by his wicked uncle. The only family Amon has left is his sister Adrianna. And he will protect her no matter to the cost to himself or anyone else. His devotion to his sister is blind, absolute, and eternal... The normally passive young man will tear the world apart to protect her, powers or no.

Flaw: Gags

Being that Amon's power comes down from the heavens when he speaks his benefactors name.. if he is unable to speak.. then calling down that power is impossible. This is rarely ever an issue though, as Osiris prefers to remain Osiris at all times.. for many reasons. This is just one.

Flaw: Overpowered

Amon is new to the superhero thing, and like his mentor Black Adam.. he stays powered all the time due to the various benefits it gives him. However.. unlike his mentor, who has had five millenia honing the use of his powers.. Amon is brand new, and tends to over exert, breaking things in the process. But he wants to help, he really does.

Flaw: Slave

Amon was a slave from early childhood into his late teens, shipped around the world with his fellows slaves like cargo, packed into containers for maximum volume. After his rescue and 're-education' by Black Adam.. Amon finally learned he could help the world. Rid it of evil things like slavery. But the scars are still there.. he's still adjusting.


Amon Tomaz was born into a very harsh life. Living in poverty in Egypt, the boy was raised by little other than his sister Adrianna. It was a difficult and hard life, yet he only needed the little freedom he had and his sister. At a young age he lost both as he was kidnapped off the streets to be a slave.

The boy spent years in an Intergang camp. The Intergang did not intend to force him into labor per se, but rather brainwash him into joining their ranks. Unlike the other children, he always resisted their attempts and tried to run away. Alas, it ended the same way every time and he would be severely beaten for his efforts. Once his plans of escape became to much to deal with and the Intergang made sure he would never walk again.

Just soon after this extremely savage beating, Adrianna now the reborn goddess, Isis, found and saved him with the help of her new husband Black Adam, the leader of Kahndaq. Sadly his wounds and injuries were too deep for his sister's new powers to fully heal and it looked like the boy would never walk again.

Black Adam had an idea, however. The man bestowed Amon a portion of the immense power of SHAZAM. All of his previous wounds were healed and Amon was reincarnated as Osiris!!! He became the third and final member of the Black Marvel Family and went on to help those he could. He finally had a family.

After some time, the boredom of Adam's role as leader of Kahndaq caught up to Amon and he decided he needed to leave and make his own mark on the world.


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