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Quote-open.png "Virtue would go far if vanity did not keep it company."

- Francois de La Rochefoucauld


If one accepts that the Goddesses of old have a bit of a mixed reputation, behaviorally speaking, then perhaps Amora is just living up to some unfathomable alien standard. On the one hand, she’s an impossibly lovely creature with access to obscure knowledge and powerful secrets largely beyond the ken of mere mortals. On the other hand, she’s indisputably a selfish, vain, imperious being who frequently seems incapable of the simplest acts of empathy or compassion and is largely motivated only by the desire to secure and hold power for her own ends.

Frequently the villainess, there have also been moments where Amora has fought on the side of the angels, though generally for less than angelic and selfless reasons. Still, nobody can be all bad, right? Even otherworldly sorceresses must have some redeeming qualities tucked away somewhere...


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Dexterity: 5, Durability: 5, Pseudo Immortal, Regeneration: 3, Sorcery: 9, Stamina: 2, Strength: 6, Willpower: 8/6

Abilities: Skill

Magical Knowledge: 9

Abilities: Trait

Intellect: 4

Advantages: Tongues

Flaws: Arrogant, Bound, Golden Apples, Native Asgardian, Not a Fighter, Worship

Languages: An ability allows Amora to comprehend all languages.


Power: Dexterity (5)

Amora is an Asgardian, and as an Asgardian her physiology is far more advanced than any ordinary human being's. As a result, her dexterity and reflexes are considerably heightened - roughly twice peak human ability - allowing her to move with the sinuous grace of a cat and perform impressive feats of athletic ability effortlessly.

Power: Durability (5)

Amora is an Asgardian, and as an Asgardian her physiology is far more advanced than any ordinary human being's. Her bones are far denser and heavier, and her muscle fibers far stronger and more numerous, and as such she can readily withstand physical traumas that would kill a human with minimal damage.

Power: Pseudo Immortal (0)

As Amora is an Asgardian she is a 'god' but is not truly immortal. That is, she can be harmed and even killed (though it takes great effort) and she does, in fact, age albeit at an /extremely/ retarded rate. Asgardians are capable of living for potentially tens of thousands of years. She can retain this immortal status, however, only so long as she maintains a semi-regular diet of Golden Apples.

Power: Regeneration (3)

Due to the faster metabolism and more efficient healing processes, Amora can heal most minor wounds to her body in hours. More serious injuries, which might otherwise take weeks, heal in mere days. This can be enhanced through the application of magic.

Power: Sorcery (9)

Amora ranks amongst the most powerful sorcerors in all of Asgard, second perhaps to Karnilla who is second only to Odin himself. Part of this is innate talent for magic, part of this is Asgardian nature, and part of it is also because she has spent thousands of years learning from some of the best magicians Asgard has to offer. The things she can do include but are not limited to: healing, flight, forcefield and energy projection, wielding the elements, charming/enchanting, time distortion, teleportation, transformation, and more. Her strength, however, lies with Charm-based magics and her usage of this and this alone is far greater than the others. <This power tends to be very consent reliant, and in some cases may require staff approval for certain effects.>

Power: Stamina (2)

Due to her Asgardian physiology, Amora does not tire as easily as a typical Midgardian human does. She can exert herself for roughly a full 24 hours before her abilities begin to drop off.

Power: Strength (6)

Amora is an Asgardian, and as an Asgardian her physiology is far more advanced than any ordinary human being's. Her maximum lifting capacity tops out around 25 tons, typical for an Asgardian female.

Power: Willpower (8/6)

Through sheer natural willfulness, her otherwordly nature, and thousands of years of mystical study, Amora has come to possess an enormous innate resistence to direct magical assault (8) and a formidable resistance to psychic assault (6). It is still possible to assail her through these means but the difficulty for most beings is akin to trying to solve a Rubix Cube in the dark.

Skill: Magical Knowledge (9)

As Amora has spent the better part of two thousand years studying sorcery there is not much she has not seen. Typically even with the most strange arcane constructions, she will still have an inkling about how it works at least. With experimentation, this can quickly turn to working knowledge.

Trait: Intellect (4)

Amora is cunning and highly intelligent woman whose keen mind has helped her in many ways to become one of the greatest sorcerors in all of Asgard despite being seen by Karnilla as 'unfocused, sloppy, lazy'. She often uses her keen mind for all the wrong reasons: trickery, seduction, and devising stratagems to bring others low for her own benefit.


Advantage: Tongues

As a God of Asgard, Amora possesses the ability to understand spoken words by mortal creatures and other gods regardless of the language they are spoken in. This does not apply to the written word however.


Flaw: Arrogant

Amora is a supremely arrogant and vain-glorious woman who believes herself to be beneath absolutely no one else at anything. Ever. If she is, this must only be a temporary state as nothing nor no one can be greater than she. As this is such, she tends to underestimate her opponents and can even often get caught in the most dreaded of villain cliches: gloating about secret plans well before they've hatched.

Flaw: Bound

Amora is incapable of using her magics if her hands are bound and her mouth is gagged. She must be able to articulate, or express, a spell in a physical way for the world to respond to her will. This is a limitation inherent in traditional sorcery.

Flaw: Golden Apples

As Amora is an Asgardian, she must at least semi-regularly partake of the Golden Apples in order to retain all of the benefits her Asgardian status bestows. If she does not partake of this food, found only in Asgard, she will slowly lose the benefits of her Asgardian heritage and her aging will begin to accelerate. Eventually, she will die.

Flaw: Native Asgardian

As Amora is a native of Asgard, and as her sorcerous knowledge is native to Asgard as well, an extended period of time away from Asgard will cause her sorcerous power to slowly decline. It can take a few days before this becomes noticeable, but due to the nature of this flaw it tends to compound with the lack of Golden Apples.

Flaw: Not a Fighter

Despite the physical gifts bestowed by her Asgardian physiology, Amora prefers almost never to use them. Instead, she prefers to rely on lackeys or her magic to get her by. As a result, she has almost no fighting experience or skills. If pressed to fight, she could still lose to a weaker being just by virtue of not being able to fight them properly.

Flaw: Worship

As an arrogant and vain-glorious female deity, Amora has a 'soft spot' in her heart for reverence, flattery, or worship. Especially worship. Earnest, and sometimes even insincere, reverence will often curry the favors of the goddess more than anything else will. This could also be used against her by a particularly cunning foe...


Though Amora and her sister Lorelie’s parentage and early history is unknown, when she was still quite young Amora left her home and journeyed to the Norn province of Asgard to study magic under the tutelage of Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. Though she proved a naturally adept student, Karnilla eventually banished Amora because she proved impulsive and undisciplined in the Queen’s estimation. Undaunted, Amora continued her pursuit of magical power, pursuing every avenue of available knowledge through virtually any means necessary to achieve her ends.

In time Amora became one of the most powerful magic users in all of Asgard, with a particular talent for illusions and the mental manipulation of others. She was involved in a number of power struggles in Asgard, eventually being sent by Odin to Earth, along with her devoted companion Skurge the Executioner, to undermine Thor’s attachment to the human realm so that he will return home. After overstepping herself in Odin’s service, she was briefly banished to Earth along with Skurge where she continued to vigorously pursue her own self-interested goals when not working in concert with Loki, but eventually during one of the innumerable assaults on Asgard by outside forces, she managed to redeem herself in defense of her home sufficiently enough that her banishment has been lifted, though it is safe to say that she has still burnt many bridges back in her home world and thus frequently chooses to linger in Midgard where her infamy is less pronounced.


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