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Anastasia Cisarovna
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Born Anastasia DeCobray, her family was known for catering to all the royalty and upper-class, as they were part of that. It did not take her long to switch her stances - by that I mean, she has awesome posture while holding heavy artillery. It doesn't matter how close you are to Baroness, if it comes down to you and her she wont hesitate to pull the trigger.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Academic Disciplines: 4, Capable Pilot: 4, Hand-To-Hand: 5, Intelligence Op: 8, Weapons Expertise: 6

Advantages: Contacts, Dual Citizenship, Freedom Group, Wealth, Worldly

Flaws: Known Terrorist, Life of Danger, Socially Flawed

Languages: English, French, German, Latin, Mandarin, Romani, Russian, and Spanish


Skill: Academic Disciplines (4)

The benefit of a very privileged upbringing the Baroness is highly educated in the fields of social sciences which includes communication studies, diplomacy, international relations, law, economics, sociology, psychology and history; especially where it pertains to activism. She very well could have a degree in several of these if she didn't believe she had a higher calling or at least a more hands on one.

Skill: Capable Pilot (4)

Combat time spent in areas considered inhospitable for females did not stop the Baroness from taking action. She is a woman who thoroughly enjoys conflict of all kinds even if she cannot be in the thick of it, as such she learned to make herself useful beyond her usual methods and one of those was by acting as a pilot. She has been instructed in use of armored personal carriers, light armored combat platforms, several personalized aerial combat vessels and helicopters.

Skill: Hand-To-Hand (5)

Highly trained and experienced in CQB, the Baroness' style emphasizes towards quick, efficient and deadly. Primarily focusing on disarms, disabling and violently incapacitating or even killing. Although she is capable of taking on several common 'street-level' opponents at once she prefers not to engage in melee combat instead resorting to manipulation, henchmen or weapons. Baroness is well trained in Savate,Taee Kwan Do and Sambo.

Skill: Intelligence Op (8)

Military strategy, counter-intelligence, warfare doctrination, forgery, sabotage, tactics, investigation, use of intelligence technology such as and surveillence systems, interrogation, spy network administration, infiltration, covert ops, disguise and impersonation. The espionage super spy game itself is the Baroness' arena and it is one she takes great pride in.

Skill: Weapons Expertise (6)

The Baroness is well educated and a veteran in the use of weapons and munitions of all kinds such handguns, knives, fencing, machine guns and even mounted vehicular weaponry. She excels in the use of and is a qualified expert (by military standards) with assault rifles and submachine guns.


Advantage: Contacts

Baroness has managed to keep a very good base of informational and resource connections, coupled with her money and reputation she has a size-able catalogue of eyes, ears, and mouths that she can count on from time to time for some form of assistance or otherwise. This extends from one country to the next and if she needs to drop a line for a new firearm, some inside info or a new job generally all she has to do is toss a hook out.

Advantage: Dual Citizenship

The Baroness is a recognized citizen of the United States of America but also holds citizenship in a non-descript East European country somewhere near the Balkans and Latveria where she was born and raised.

Advantage: Freedom Group

Muller-Stromberg Freedom Group is an assortment of mercenaries and henchmen that stylize themselves as 'revolutionists' that at times work for the Baroness. Their agenda is lashing out at oppressive countries and the wealthy when not being employed as guns for hire (which they use for funding of their more 'noble' pursuits). Each and every one of them are wanted men and can be connected to terrorist acts on oil refineries, dams, air bases and various other key locations all across Europe. Their typical attire is rather basic kevlar armor with AK-47s, M16s, standard sidearms and personel grade explosives with no distinctive insignia or symbol of allegiance. None of them are outstanding or exceptional beyond their misplaced loyalty to the Baroness.

Advantage: Wealth

Being the spoiled offspring of wealthy European aristrocrats paid off greatly and literally. With her considerable wealth and resources she can attain just about anything within reason. She has several bank accounts abroad and overseas, owns stock in several prominent to small companies and is worth a pretty healthy penny herself.

Advantage: Worldly

Baroness has had the money to fund travel, education, resource gathering and "sight-seeing" she has been from one end of the world to the other and back again. Coupled with first hand experience in to other cultures, languages and it also gives her a broad range of knowledge and general information about various places around the world, shes been to Madripoor, all over Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, Japan and of course all over the Americas, even Canada.


Flaw: Known Terrorist

Though not openly announced and she goes at great lengths to keep this a secret she has been blacklisted on several foreign countries and if crimes ever catch up to her she could become a world recognized face. This means she generally has to keep very low-key.

Flaw: Life of Danger

Baroness can never just 'settle'; be it settling down or remaining in one place, or standing still. If something needs done she will go do it at whatever cost and leave those behind that need and or desire her presence at the time - possibly leaving her alone at inopportune moments, and leaving her group at their opportune time.

Flaw: Socially Flawed

Crazy? Sadistic? Evil? Manipulative? Yes to all of the above. She has a hard time dealing with other people and lacks emotion on many levels that should be natural to most human beings. This makes it very hard to keep up the ruse of 'everyday jane' that she is sometimes forced to wear. When it comes down to it the Baroness is not a very nice lady and would soon as eat your face as give you a hug.


As a young girl Anastasia Cisarovna was raised to be the prime sight to those in higher society and the standards of even that were upped by the death of her brother a dedicated humanitarian. The sights being set on her to be her parents' one and only path to 'social redemption'. Finding that her father had gone so far as to arrange a marriage for her Anastasia left them, the final words at her back being the scorn of her father and comparing her to her brother who he wished was alive in her stead.

During her schooling in Rome, while passing a rally on the streets she got her first introduction to uprising and rebellion against those of 'more privileged station' and their oppressive country. Already fueled by a bitterness and hatred Anastasia invests herself in to radical activism with a group of revolutionaries called the Muller-Stromberg Freedom Group. Dedicating time, wealth and effort to the cause even proving her loyalty with the ultimate sacrifice of her own parents by murdering them in a fiery blaze. That was the last and only moment Anastasia ever showed hesitation in her new life.

For several years after this incident she ran with these "revolutionaries" as the leaders right hand woman and partner but soon even he would send her away. Separating her again from what she had come to know only furthering her bitterness and resent. It is within this span of time she decided to take the initiative and embrace what she had become undergoing training in a secret facility ran by a Warsaw Pact Intelligence agency. Here she honed the skills she learned while with the Revolutionaries and added on to them becoming a formidable spy, saboteur and tactician.

Some time after Anastasia changed her name from Cisarovna to DeCobray and began traveling all over the world to many different countries as a mercenary, terrorist, spy-for-hire, contract killer, corporate espionage expert all the while taking aliases, fighting, training, forging alliances, making enemies and earning her name as well as her place in the world with her newly earned moniker; The Baroness.


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